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Welcome to Kifarucast! Here we discuss everything from backpack hunting, gear, tactics, long distance shooting, traditional and compound shooting, Tenkara, food prep, etc

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Welcome to Kifarucast! Here we discuss everything from backpack hunting, gear, tactics, long distance shooting, traditional and compound shooting, Tenkara, food prep, etc

    Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society

    Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society

    John Legnard, board member of RMBS, joins the podcast to discuss what the organization does, and how you can help.  This is a great episode for anyone wondering what its like to hunt sheep in the high country of Colorado.
    As a 501(c)(3) conservation organization, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of bighorn sheep populations in Colorado and throughout the west.  We promote scientific wildlife management and educate the public about the natural history and conservation needs of bighorn sheep. 
    OUR MISSIONThe RMBS exists to promote the science-based management of the bighorn sheep, educate the public about their life and habitat, and assure the sportsman’s rights in proper opportunities.

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    Colorado Bowhunters Association

    Colorado Bowhunters Association

    The Colorado Bowhunters Association is in the middle of a revamp online and in their magazine.  They need your help to create engaging and informative content for bowhunters in Colorado.  If you have a great hunting story to share as well as great photos, get a hold of TREVON STOLTZFUS
    Why you should support the CBA.
    Hunting and fishing are forms of outdoor recreation as are hiking, rock climbing, biking, and 4-wheeling. Not everyone however, participates in outdoor recreation activities but those that do are often passionate about their involvement.
    Bowhunters can probably be characterized as one of the more passionate groups of outdoor enthusiasts. We dearly love the outdoors and the wild things that reside within it. We are a diverse and extended family who regards bow hunting as a perfect union of man and the natural world. Our love for bow hunting and the scenes that accompany the privilege can only be understood by those that relish the environs as deeply as we do. We are literally drawn to nature…autumn arriving like a golden chariot piercing the pure air and azure sky on contrails of yesterday’s dreams and tomorrow’s promises. Our treks into the tall grasses and deep forest quench an ancient urge that others cannot apprehend. Yet, defeating our quarry isn't nearly as important as having had the opportunity to be among them… having had the opportunity to be part of something greater than ourselves.
    There are those however, that totally disregard our passion for the outdoors and are financially motivated to take those freedoms from us. Organizations like HSUS, PETA, and others are determined to destroy hunting starting with archers…and will go to any means to accomplish their goals.
    If you bowhunt in Colorado and are not currently a member of the CBA ... please consider joining today. We need your support to protect the privilege so many enjoy. Here are some other reasons to join:
    Six issues of The Colorado Bowhunter magazine every year
    Drawing entries for free bows and other top prizes
    Personal input to season structures and other state regulations
    Special information mailings on CBA events and 3-D shoots
    Personal identification as a valued member and conservationist
    Access to future "members only" features on the CBA website

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    Fieldcraft Survival: Mike Glover

    Fieldcraft Survival: Mike Glover

    Mike Glover, CEO of Fieldcraft Survival, joins the podcast for an enlightening discussion covering everyday survival skills.
    Mike Glover (IG: @mike.a.glover):
    Mike spent 18-years in the US Army and as a government contractor for OGA. He served as a SGM in Special Forces in various positions and deployed multiple times to combat theaters. He is an expert in Counter-Terrorism, Security, and Crisis Management Operations and is the host of the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast on iTunes, and Soundcloud. He is an avid outdoorsman, overland enthusiast, traveler, and hunter. He has a bachelor's degree in Homeland Security and resides in Heber City, UT where he is the CEO of Fieldcraft Survival.
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    Wyman Meinzer

    Wyman Meinzer

    INTRODUCING WYMAN MEINZEROfficial Photographer Of The State Of Texas
    Wyman Meinzer is the only official State Photographer of Texas, named so in 1997 by the Texas State Legislature and then Gov. George W. Bush, an honor he still holds today. He was raised on the League Ranch, a 27,000-acre ranch in the rolling plains of Texas. Since then, he has traveled to every corner of this great state and all points in between in search of the first and last rays of sunlight in its magnificent sweep across the Texas landscape.
    YETI Presents: Chasing Light - YouTube
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    Jeff Lander

    Jeff Lander

    Jeff Lander, owner of Primitive Outfitting, joins the podcast to discuss hunting opportunities in Canada once the borders open, the current political landscape and its affect on hunting, and anti hunting conglomerates buying hunting companies.
    ABOUT PRIMITIVE OUTFITTINGPrimitive Outfitting offers quality bow and rifle hunts in British Columbia for trophy Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Moose, and Elk. Bowhunting is our specialty and our passion, thus will be offering primarily bow hunts for these animals.
    Our area boasts some of the highest densities of grizzly, black bear, and moose in the province. Our BC operation is located in east central BC, straight west of Jasper National Park, between McBride and Prince George. The hunting area is 980 sq. miles of pristine mountains and valleys. Our attention to detail and hard work will make this hunt one you will not forget!
    Our Alberta operation will continue to produce some of the best bowhunting for mule deer in North America. Shed antler hunting (whitetail and mule deer) will continue to be a popular early spring ritual, and again spots are limited.          
    Whatever your dream hunt is, Primitive Outfitting is prepared to make it memorable, enjoyable, and successful.
    If you have any questions please contact Jeff Lander (outfitter)
    Jeff Lander, originally from Washington State, moved to British Columbia in 1988 and resides in BC with his wife Lana. Jeff has bowhunted most of his life and decided in 1994 to pursue his passion with making it his job.
    Jeff and his three daughters, Rachel, Kirsten and Lisse, have been living in Alberta since 1996 where he started outfitting whitetail deer, mule deer and waterfowl.
    In 2005, Jeff acquired an outfitting concession in British Columbia to pursue his dream of guiding bowhunters to grizzlies, black bear and moose.
    While Jeff prefers to hunt with traditional equipment, he primarily guides hunters who use compound bows, and occasional rifle hunters. Jeff's hunting experience and easy going attitude will make your hunt enjoyable and one to remember.
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    Big Chino Outfitters

    Big Chino Outfitters

    Mike, Jr, and JP, from Big Chino Outfitters, tell their story and quash social media rumors on their hunt for Paddles, a much sought after Antelope in Arizona.
    The Arizona Trophy Elk, Antelope, Mule and Coues Deer Specialists! Established in 1987, BCO has been fortunate to be able to assist big game Trophy Hunters in Arizona and Sonora Mexico in taking some of the largest Trophy Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer and Coues Deer in the Southwest. Specializing in Arizona Over The Counter Archery Mule Deer Hunts, Trophy Antelope Hunts on Private Land, as well as Trophy Elk Hunts in Northern AZ Units 1,3A,3C, 7, 8, 9, 10, 23,27 and the Limited Opportunity Hunts in units 17,18,19, and 20 in AZ.
    In some units and hunts we have Private Land Access that is exclusive to Big Chino Outfitters and their clients, in which allows the proper management for older class animals and limited hunt pressure. We also offer incredible lodging on site with Wi-FI, Private Bedrooms, Showers, Satellite TV, Cell Service all on the private ranch with an outstanding Chef cooking and incredible Southwest Cuisine. 
    We are a family owned and operated outfit that is committed to providing not only the highest quality hunts, but also ensuring that we maintain a close, friendly atmosphere with small sized camps and with a limited number of hunters. This ensures that everybody that hunts with Big Chino Outfitters will get the best opportunity at harvesting the highest quality animal in the area you hunt.
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