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The podcast of Comedian Joe Rogan..

The Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan

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    • 4.8, 1.5 tn betyg

The podcast of Comedian Joe Rogan..


4.8 av 5
1.5 tn betyg

1.5 tn betyg

Sinz96 ,

Best podcast

Tons of super interesting conversations, I especially enjoy the ones with scientists.

Dre_Dubz ,

Makes me smarter

This podcast is great. I’m not really interested in Joe’s interviews with fighters, but I love when he has scientists. I’ve learned so much about topics I previously knew nothing about, like artificial intelligence, genetically modified humans, and basically where we are headed as a human race. Many of it freaks me out, but it’s good to know. I highly recommend his interview with Forrest Galante 👍🏻
I also love how all the commercials are at the beginning so you can skip them!

Appiano Gentile ,

Ads ads ads

Wanted to listen the Tool singer’s interview but the dude went on for seven (7!) minutes doing lame ads with a bunch of unbelievable (as in full of bs) claims and even lamer emphases and voice twists. I gave up and deleted the episode. Good night.

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