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The world's best board game review show.

    Podcast #103: Welcome to the Ketchup Age

    Podcast #103: Welcome to the Ketchup Age

    Look out! Podcast #103 is charging towards your fragile human body like the untameable beast of content that it well and truly is. Be shocked, as we wrangle with Clinic! Gasp in horror as we consume Irish Gauge… whole! And last but not least, be kind of bummed out as we talk about why Maracaibo is... a bit bad?

    This episode also features fleeting special guest appearances from Clipcut Parks, Food Chain Magnate’s latest expansion; The Ketchup Mechanism, and two games with ‘letter’s in their name. Technically all the games have letters in their name, but these ones literally have letters in their name. You’ll see what we mean.

    We also talk a little about recent video reviews! Well, one video review, because Quinns got so excited about the prospect of playing Azul: Summer Pavilion, that he forgot to talk about his review. It has that effect on people.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Podcast #102: Frankenstein’s Goat Dilemma

    Podcast #102: Frankenstein’s Goat Dilemma

    In this episode of the podcast we dive back into Suburbia, explore The King’s Dilemma, and dabble with Abomination and Finger Guns at High Noon as well as plenty of others. We also have a rather lovely reading of Tactics and Tactility by Ava Fortfox, as a break from all of this ghastly pod-wrestling.

    4:03 Chocolate Factory
    8:51 Abomination
    14:23 Finger Guns at High Noon
    20:14 Goat ‘n’ Goat
    25:07 Suburbia Deluxe Edition
    33:49 Vindication
    47:28 The King’s Dilemma
    59:39 Caylus
    01:06:23 Tactics and Tactility
    01:10:44 War of Whispers
    01:18:31 Undaunted Normandy

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Podcast #101: Donkeys Behind Enemy Lines

    Podcast #101: Donkeys Behind Enemy Lines

    Recorded live at PAX Unplugged 2019, Matt and Quinns rattle through a plethora of games! Roads & Boats, Vadoran Gardens, Slide Quest, War of the Worlds, Fantastic Factories, Paranormal Detectives, Blitzkrieg!, Ecos: First Continent, Valley of the Kings, Medium, Confident, and Bus.

    Also available to watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/aJT_r7WynKg

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Podcast #100: International Trouser Accidents

    Podcast #100: International Trouser Accidents

    Matt and Quinns are briefly joined by Pip for an sleep-deprived natter about some interesting games. Obscurio (16:14) sounds like Wizard-Dixit with traitors, and incredibly summoned a cheer from the crowd simply for use of the word “acetate”. Tumblin’ Dice (21:05) got a little love, but probably deserves more than anyone can give it, before Matt then went on to talk about playing the award-winning RPG Mothership (24:50) - a sci-fi horror system that conveys the relatable experience of waking up after a very long time and immediately being attacked by stress.

    We were thrilled to find that many of those who’d managed to check it out at SHUX finally understood the hype from our review of Blood on the Clocktower (35:13) - a beautiful beast that is more than the sum of its frankly dastardly parts.

    Delving into Vast: the Mysterious Manor (39:58) - an asymmetrical game in which you can literally play as the mysterious manor - left us with mixed feelings about pacing but strong feelings towards skeletons, before we finally talked about food and/or animals with Yum Yum Island (45:36) and Nickelodeon Splat Attack! (50:06).

    Apologies for the quality of the audio in this episode - we had some issues with the room that we weren’t able to resolve. If you’d like to listen to this episode with “moving pictures”, you can also watch it on Youtube!

    • 54 min
    Podcast #99.9 - My Hungry, Sleepy Civilization

    Podcast #99.9 - My Hungry, Sleepy Civilization

    In what is still definitely *not* our 100th episode, Quinns and intern Ben summon the energy to discuss their 12 hour game of Western Empires (02:32) and the byzantine challenge of Cloudspire (18:05). With these massive games discussed and dusted, there's talk of lighter stuff: Skulk Hollow (29:38), Teotihuacan: City of Gods (37:05), Yokai (43:06), Detective Club (46:57),
    and Combo Fighter (53:06).

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Podcast #99¾ - Running from the Board Game Police

    Podcast #99¾ - Running from the Board Game Police

    In this episode, Matt, Quinns and Ben report live from a secret hideout. Matt's been breaking the rules of Gloomhaven (discussed at 26:54) while Quinns has been ignoring the laws of Bunny Kingdom: In the Sky (50:12), and the cops could bust them at any moment.

    The group also discuss the Undo games (02:56), Super Motherload (10:05), ShipShape (20:42), Lords of Hellas (36:20) and Cerberus(48:02).

    • 58 min

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