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19Stories is about women and men working in various creative endeavors.
We talk about the challenges, successes, and fears they’ve faced and what they did to press-on & press-through to a future filled with joy and hope.

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19Stories is about women and men working in various creative endeavors.
We talk about the challenges, successes, and fears they’ve faced and what they did to press-on & press-through to a future filled with joy and hope.

    Episode 56: Nic Redman

    Episode 56: Nic Redman

    It’s hard to believe we are well into the first quarter of 2023 especially since  my guest, Nic Redman, first chatted with me at the end of 2021 in episode 37 along with her co-host and creator of the longest running, most listened to and reviewed podcast in the UK, ‘The Voiceover Social’ 
    Since then, Nic and Leah created and published the highly lauded “The Voiceover Career Planner '', which is now in its second edition. Nic then went on to create "The Voice Deck”, which offers 38 vocal warm-up cards and she is now about to release her highly anticipated book ‘On the Mic: Voice training tips and tricks for voiceover artists, podcasters, speakers and presenters’. 
    For those yet familiar with Nic, she is a native of Northern Ireland and an internationally successful VoiceOver artist, podcaster, voice and accent coach. She holds a BA in Performing Arts, an MA degree in Music Theatre and another MA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, in Voice Studies.  Nic has taught at many of the major drama schools in the UK. She is also the founder of the Voice & Accent Hub group on Facebook, created to offer tailored voice & accent coaching to specific groups of voice users and writes/hosts The Voice Coach Podcast offering even more in spoken voice training.
    Her passion is in sharing her knowledge and experience in a fun, accessible, “non-faffy” way.
    So let’s find out exactly what the heck “non-faffy" means by welcoming Nic Redman once again to 19 Stories…
    If you'd like to get on the waitlist for 'On the Mic , or follow Nic Redman on her social media sites, you may do so via the following:
    Website: nicolaredman.com
    'On the Mic' waitlist:  https://nicolaredman.com/on-the-mic-book/
    Facebook:  The Voioce and Accent Hub
    The Voice Coach Podcast:  https://nicolaredman.com/the-voice-coach-podcast/
    Instagram: @nicredvoice
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    To record a voicegram: https://www.cherylholling.com/19stories-podcast
    To contact me via VO work, I can be reached via my website: cheryl@cherylholling.com
    See you next time :-)

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    Encore Presentation: Nic Redman & Leah Marks

    Encore Presentation: Nic Redman & Leah Marks

    It's hard to believe that it's been well over a year since Nic Redman and Leah Marks joined me back in November of 2021 for Episode 37.
    So much crazy success has transpired for both of these dynamic women and Nic Redman will be joining me next week to chat about something very exciting that she's been up to.
    For those who have yet to listen to Ep 37, Nic and Leah are the co-hosts and creators of the Longest running, most listened to and reviewed podcast in the UK, ‘The Voiceover Social’,  which won the Inspiration Award at this years One Voice Awards, and was also was Runner up in the 2021 International Women’s Podcast Awards, a 2021 British Podcasts Awards Nominee, a Finalist in the 2021 ’Podcasting for Business Awards’ and a SOVAS Arts Awards Nominee.
    Separately, they are a treasure trove of talent as well. Originally hailing from Manchester, England, Leah Marks has amassed quite the voiceover career including appearances in several Radio 4 plays,TV commercials,  news reporter on BBC Radio Manchester, and is the voice of the BBC Civilisations augmented reality app, which has been downloaded a quarter of a million times.
    Nic Redman, is a native of Northern Ireland and an internationally successful VoiceOver artist, podcaster and voice/accent coach. She has taught voice, accents and VO at many of the major drama schools in the UK. She is the founder of Voice & Accent Hub group on Facebook, created to offer tailored voice & accent coaching to specific groups of voice users and writes/hosts The Voice Coach Podcast offering even more in spoken voice training.
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    Also, make sure to come back next week for Nic's solo Episode.  It's one you won't want to miss!
    To reach Leah Marks directly:
    Business email Address: leah@leahmarks.co.uk  or listen@thevosocial (the podcast)
    Business website(s): www.leahmarks.co.uk (me) or www.thevosocial.com (the podcast)
    Twitter: @thevosocial
    To reach Nic Redman directly:
    Business website(s): https://nicolaredman.com/
      or www.thevosocial.com (the podcast)
    Twitter: @thevosocial

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    Episode 55: Brad Vinikow

    Episode 55: Brad Vinikow

    TRUSTWORTHY. NATURAL. SMOOTH. VERSATILE. These are some of the adjectives used to describe the voice of the guest joining me today.
    Brad Vinikow, is a full-time voice over artist, producer, musician, composer, video producer, editor and one heck of a nice person to boot.  He has recorded thousands of radio and television commercials, sales/ trade show/ eLearning videos plus several audiobooks. Brad has also voiced multiple characters for videogames including ‘Legion of Heroes’ and ‘Blade and Soul’. His documentary narration includes the fascinating 2019 two-part documentary "Apollo: Back to the Moon", celebrating the 50th anniversary of humanity’s greatest achievement in space that Brad voiced for The National Geographic Channel.
    He is the founder of IMPACT Communications Group, a full-service production company specializing in voice over and video production for businesses of all sizes.
    Brad is also the founder of My Voiceover Business Builder which provides tips, techniques and tools to help voice talent be successful.
    But with all of Brad’s aforementioned success, it’s his love of music that has been the foundation for joy in his life - and what he believes is his ‘purpose’ for being on this planet. Brad has shared his musical talent on recordings, live concerts and for 7 years as the keyboardist with Ray Sidney and Firm Foundation for the ‘House of Blues Sunday Gospel Brunch’.
    “Rather than clutter social media with every detail of my day-to-day life, I'd rather just share a few highlights now and then,” says Brad. So, to chat about some of those highlights and to introduce the only person I’ve ever known to get paid for saying “this ain’t your momma’s wool”, I’d like to welcome Brad Vinikow to 19 Stories.
    Per Brad's generous offer to receive a copy of his original song ‘Thank Ya’ – and a link to the music video for it via email, which will be mastered and finished in February 2023, write to him at: Voice@BradsVO.com
    To listen to Brad's voice over demos or contact him for work, visit his website at: https://www.bradsvo.com/ 
    If you have a story idea for Cheryl, or would like to contact her for voice work, host a podcast you have, or to record your intros/outros or midroll, you may contact her at:  cherylholling.com or
    Email her at: 19stories@soundsatchelstudios.com
    Follow her on Instagram: @cherylhollingvo
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    Episode 54: Rob Reider

    Episode 54: Rob Reider

    If the voice of the guest joining me today sounds familiar, it’s because since 1979 Rob Reider has been the most sought-after air show announcer in the US. and is the recipient of the International Council of AirShows “Sword of Excellence” - the highest award an air show professional can receive.  
    As a pilot, Rob has applied his knowledge of flying as the host of the podcast “I Learned About Flying From That”,  which is the audio version of the most widely-read column in the 97-year history of ‘Flying’ magazine.  
    The podcast currently has well over 250,000 downloads since it debuted in December of 2020. Rob has also been the voice for Sporty’s Pilot Shop “Learn to Fly” eLearning video series since 1987, the most widely used pilot training program on the planet.
    Drawing from both his actingchops, which began in high school and continued in musical theater roles at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music, Rob brings his announcing skills to the world of audiobooks and specializes in thrillers and non-fiction genres.  His extensive knowledge of aviation and the military has attracted the attention of authors who need his experience and expertise to bring their words to life.  
    Rob is also the owner and founder of Fifth Force Productions and has enjoyed a 13-year television career in the midwest and has 5 Regional Emmys to show for it. Add to that, he’s an accomplished guitarist and we have a very intriguing man to chat with. Rob Reider, welcome to 19 stories.
    You may contact Rob directly via the following:
    Business email:
    Business website:
    To purchase books Rob has narrated for Audible:
    ACX Profile:
    To contact Cheryl regarding a story idea or to hire her for voice work; inclusing podcast hosting or to record your podcasts intro/outro, you can do so through her website: https://www.cherylholling.com  or via her email:19stories@soundsatchelstudios.com
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    Episode 53: Debbie Weiss

    Episode 53: Debbie Weiss

    My guest, Debbie Weiss is an author, writer, and former lawyer who started writing after she lost her husband George in 2013.  He was, as she says, her one and only love since high school;  from prom–to cancer, and she had to start building a new life at age fifty, but didn’t know how. She knew she wanted to find love again, but soon discovered the absurdity that is dating at midlife.
    Debbie began writing the award-winning blog, The Hungover Widow in 2016 in an effort to dispense empathy and advice on grief and dating after loss.
    When she was first widowed, she wanted a book about women like her, who realized they'd disappeared into their marriage, and who needed, at fifty, to learn to be alone for the first time. Debbie wanted a full-hearted, darkly funny, unvarnished account of becoming your true self at middle age. That book didn’t exist so eventually she went back to college, earned her MFA in 2020, in creative  nonfiction from Saint Mary’s College of California and wrote that book herself.  Available As Is: a Midlife widow’s Search for Love was just released this September 2022.  Debbie’s greatest desire in releasing her memoir is to offer hope that life indeed can get better after a devastating loss. It just takes way longer than you think it will, and may not look the way you expected. 
    She’s also written essays that have been published in The New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, HuffPost, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Elle Decor, and Reader’s Digest, among other publications. 
    You may contact Debbie Weiss regarding speaking engagements or book signings via:
    Business email Address: 
    Business website: 
    Facebook Author page: https://www.facebook.com/debbieweissauthor/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/debbie_weiss_author/

    Amazon: Available As Is
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    To contact Cheryl regarding a story idea or to hire her for voice work, including podcast hosting or to record your podcasts intro/outro, you can do so through her website: www.cherylholling.com or via her email: 19stories@soundsatchelstudios.com

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    Episode 52: Clara Harris & Sandy Maxx

    Episode 52: Clara Harris & Sandy Maxx

    Clara Harris, may be familiar to you as she was my guest, in what seems like ages ago, for Episode 20.   She is an actor, writer, and artist educator with over two decades’ of experience on stage, screen and behind the mic in the world of audio drama & as a fellow podcaster and voice actor. 
     She recently returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; the world's largest arts & media festival where she produced and performed her solo show, This Moment in America, a live recorded audio drama and sonic collage of the American psyche.  Clara makes This Moment in America workshops and live performances available for touring here in the U.S.
    She is also the creative force behind Swamp Witch Studio and producer of its audio drama podcast, Night Owl Theater. 
    My other guest, Sandy Maxx, is joining 19Stories for the first time and is definitely giving this host a run for her money as she is a multimedia broadcast professional with extensive experience in radio, television, and content creation. She’s the  two-time Emmy-nominated and award winning host and producer of The Arts Page, which airs on Milwaukee PBS and  is now in its 10th season. 
    Sandy spends her afternoons on the air at 96.5 WKLH-FM and is involved in a variety of live event productions.  As a fellow podcaster, she hosts ‘Downton Blabbey; a podcast for Downton Abbey fans to share all things Downton.  Sandy is an arts enthusiast who believes in the power of creativity to connect people, build community and create important conversations of which Sandy has hosted 1,000’s of during her illustrious career. Several of these conversations happened during her jaunt across the pond to the Edinbrugh Fringe Festival to attend This Moment in America and to also meet up with her life-long friend Vince Gatten to chat about his starring role in the show The Golfer.  Then as any self described “incurable Anglophile” would do, she and Clara headed over to Highclere Castle for a 1920s-themed cocktail party before landing in London, England just as the passing of Queen Elizabeth was announced. Although this was a different kind of story for Sandy, she seized this historic moment and reached back to her audience stateside via a live report from Buckingham Palace with the production expertise of Clara Harris as her producer.
    Listen in as these two dynamic women share about their individual projects and their most recent trips to the UK, performing and attending at The Fringe Festival and being in London during the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
    If you enjoyed this episode, remember to Like, Share and Review. It is much appreciated.
    You may contact Clara via the following avenues:
    thismomentinamerica.org (project website)
    For script/performance rights to Monster in Me: https://www.pioneerdrama.com/SearchDetail.asp?PC=MONSTERINM&src=def
    National New Play Network profile: https://newplayexchange.org/users/1395/clara-harris
    Podcast (Night Owl Theatre) https://podfollow.com/nightowltheatre/home
    YouTube “ugly” link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVBug4WDu83PNVZLRK9rImg
    IG @swampwitchstudio
    FB @swampwitchstudio
    TW @swampwitchst
    To watch the news story on Queen Elizabeth II as referenced in this episode:
    To contact Sandy:
    Business email Address: info@sandymaxx.com
    Business website(s): https://www.sandymaxx.com
    Milwaukee PBS: https://www.milwaukeepbs.org/local-programs/the-arts-page/
    96.5 WKLH: https://wklh.com/profile/sandy-maxx
    Throwback 102.3: https://throwback1023.com/on-air/sandy-maxx
    Downton Blabbey: https://www.sandymaxx.com/downton-abbey
    Instagram: @sandymaxx  https://www.instagram.com/sandymaxx/
    Twitter: @sandymaxx  https://twitter.com/sandymaxx
    Downton Blabbey
    Facebook: DowntonBlabbey https://www.facebook.com/DowntonBlabbey
    Instagram: @downtonblabbey https://www.instagram.com/downtonblabbey/
    Twitter: @downton_blabbey https://twitter.com/Downton_Blabbey

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Voxchops ,

A treasure trove 🤩

Whether I know who the interviewee is or not, Cheryl always invites on really interesting people, so I can be guaranteed an great listen. Cheryl’s interview style is really great, deeply connected and polished at the same time. So glad I found this treasure trove, I’m still working my way through the archives.

Jimmy IV ~ SexyCoolLounge ,

Amazing Podcast / 6 Stars

Cheryl Holling has a unique and cool vibe that caught my ear the moment I heard her speak. This podcast not only has an inspiring message, but highlights sharing experiences with others. Sharing someone’s story can heal someone else and give others permission to acknowledge their own story as well.

To rate this podcast with 5stars, in my opinion doesn’t do it justice so I’m giving it 6 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and I’m recommending you follow 19Stories: from Fear to Hope and have it on your podcast playlist.

Jimmy IV

Prov.31:8 ,

Praise for 19Stories

Cheryl has such a warm voice .... she invites you into a virtual living room where you prop up your feet, wrap your hands around a cup of amazing coffee and sink back into the experience of her stories.

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