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Join us in creating a network to share knowledge, educate, and entertain the masses, one story at a time…

2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone Mochee

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Join us in creating a network to share knowledge, educate, and entertain the masses, one story at a time…

    Kinesiology, Fitness, and Rehabilitation, with guest Magda

    Kinesiology, Fitness, and Rehabilitation, with guest Magda

    Magda is a Registered Kinesiologist in Toronto and teaches exercise therapy courses for manual therapists as well as working in clinics, and with professional athletes. We had a conversation with her about why she decided to get into this career, her thoughts on fitness and rehabilitation, and of course some funny tangents about life. Check out this conversation to learn more about why you should have a kinesiologist in your back pocket and look out for Magda’s exercise courses which will be listed on conedinstitute.com as online learning.


    • 1 hr 38 min
    The Ridiculousness of Local Regulations , with guest Roxana

    The Ridiculousness of Local Regulations , with guest Roxana

    Roxana is a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in Virginia who emailed us about a local ordinance that quietly passed which has LMTs in certain counties feeling defeated and overwhelmed. The Massage Therapists affected by these local regulations feel they are being punished and lumped into a category they do not belong. As healthcare professionals they do not want to be categorized with certain adult industries. Roxana is doing everything she can do to raise awareness of what is happening around her because she says it’s happening elsewhere and it isn’t right. Roxana Paduretu can be contacted online if you want to get involved or learn more.


    • 1 hr 3 min
    A Chat with a Champion, with guest Melanie

    A Chat with a Champion, with guest Melanie

    The Canadian Massage Championships took place in Laval, Quebec at the beginning of the month. We have had talks with organizers, competitors, judges, and even critics of the championships in the past and this episode we met Melanie. Melanie is an Ontario therapist who decided to compete and here in Ontario, there has been mixed feelings about the motives behind the event. Listen to Melanie’s experience as a RMT, why she decided to compete, what she took away, and how it will change her practice.

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Under the Sheets: A Personal Story With guest Max

    Under the Sheets: A Personal Story With guest Max

    Trigger warning. This episode is a personal story from a Massage Therapist who has had a very traumatic experience that we all pray would never happen to us.


    • 1 hr 2 min
    Myoskeletal Alignment, with Guest Nate

    Myoskeletal Alignment, with Guest Nate

    Nate is a musician turned massage therapist, turned massage therapy educator. He is an upcoming presenter at the Canadian Massage Conference where he will be bringing Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. Nate traded in touring as a musician to touring as an educator and he truly loves what he does! Mark and Nate have a lot in common. Listen to Amanda being the third wheel with this new bromance. Check out https://erikdalton.com/ for upcoming course dates in a tropical destination or in a city near you!


    • 1 hr 26 min
    Having an Online Presence, with Guest Rebekah

    Having an Online Presence, with Guest Rebekah

    Rebekah is a soon-to-be LMT in New York who has created a community of followers primarily on TikTok through her videos following her through Massage College. She originally set out to be a Phyical Therapist but decided to take the path of Massage Therapy instead. She noticed that the perception of Massage Therapy online, in her own circle, and through the public’s eyes was not what she wanted to portray. Her TikToks educate people on what massage is, what the education and clinicals are really like, and what to expect when you see a therapist. We talked about the positives that have come from her social media, the hate, keeping yourself safe, privacy concerns, and what her goals are. Follow Rebekah @healedbyparis on all social platforms.


    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

dinglepeggy ,

LOve it!

Love all the great information I get. Many thanks.

AlabamaStandstill ,

Apparently I’m a low bar teacher

As a recently quit teacher considering a career change, I just so happened to choose my first episode as the one where the hosts have just dropped their kids off for the first day of school. The episode starts with a discussion about whether or not consumers should leave bad reviews on social media advertisements. That being said, I definitely see the irony in leaving this one star review.

I am leaving this review because within the first 10 to 15 minutes, one of the hosts said that the collective mentality amongst teachers is to do the bare minimum.

I left teaching because I could not keep giving my nights and weekends to my job while ignoring my own own family. I will learn about the career of massage therapy somewhere else.

Just a piece of advice to the hosts: maybe try not to crap on entire professions. Teachers could perhaps be your best clients because they are so tired and achy from standing on their feet all day and sitting with poor posture in front of their computers every night and weekend to write lesson plans no one reads only to be told how lazy they are. Just a thought.

CAgirl8208 ,

Entertaining, informative content for massage therapists

I am a CMT in California and love hearing all of the "infotainment" in this podcast! It sounds like Canada is ahead of the USA in terms of the basic education people in our field receive. I like that the hosts are also Registered Kinesiologists because I also have an exercise physiology/training background. I have one tiny piece of feedback regarding the March 11 2021 episode, which covered many topics. But this point applies to a lot of comments I hear by Americans as well. People think that if a platform such as Facebook/ Instagram/Twitter takes down their content because it is considered controversial or offensive, their "free speech" rights are being violated. The same complaints were made when the company that owns the Dr. Suess books decided to discontinue a few of their titles because content was deemed outdated/racist by the company. Regardless of your or my opinion, these are private companies, not the government. So they can decide to block content, remove products, etc. Nobody has an inhererent "right to free speech" on privately owned platforms. Americans confuse this all the time with the First Amendment. So if Instagram pulls down somebody's video showing people how to get through an airport without a mask during a pandemic, that is their right. You can agree or disagree with their decision, and go off the platform in protest, but they are not violating a person's legal rights.
Keep up the good work! I hope to attend one of your trainings someday.

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