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Designing your dream life is the ultimate experience. Rhonda Cimorelli shares her "tid-bits" for inspiration and interviews Mompreneurs from across the world. They share tips, ideas and life lessons. Topics include, How to create a business from your passion; The value of Self Care; Effective Communication; Life challenges and Tips for Life/Work Balance.

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Designing your dream life is the ultimate experience. Rhonda Cimorelli shares her "tid-bits" for inspiration and interviews Mompreneurs from across the world. They share tips, ideas and life lessons. Topics include, How to create a business from your passion; The value of Self Care; Effective Communication; Life challenges and Tips for Life/Work Balance.

    What do channeling & sacrifice have in common?

    What do channeling & sacrifice have in common?

    Rebecca Dawson is an International Speaker, Author and Channeller from Perth, Australia. As a guest, Rebecca and Rhonda speak candidly about consciousness, sacrifice and more.

    Rebecca, thank you for joining me.  I know you are coming miles away so please take a moment to introduce yourself and let us know where you are located.

    Hi, my name is Rebecca and I'm joining from Perth in Western Australia, on the other side of the world from where you are;  it's nighttime here.I think 2020 has changed how some of us are doing things. So normally,  I'm a channeler and a speaker.  I run workshops and tours and I go around the world and speak to people about what's happening with consciousness and how it's shifting for us and how our experience on the planet is shifting. This year for me, I'm at home and I'm playing from home and connecting with  people from home, which I think is an experience many of us are having in this  year. And just finding new, interesting creative things to explore with consciousness.

    You've said a couple of things that I think my listeners may or may not be familiar with. So if it's okay, let's dive into a few of these words  that you said. You said you were a channeler. Tell us what that is.

    I think, different people have different ideas about what channeling is.  Sometimes we say that it's bringing through something that's beyond us or a higher consciousness than what we are and delivering it through our expressions into this world. I sometimes artists say that they channel beautiful artwork or writers channel certain pieces of wisdom or, or some beautiful privates. For me, I'm a voice channel. So for about 20, 25 years now, I've been bringing through information about  earth and humanity and how our  reality works and I do that through lectures and I write books and I run courses and workshops. So as a voice channel, I never know what we're going to be exploring or talking about. I love answering people's questions and I always learned to expect the unexpected, but it's a real privilege and an honor  to be able to do that because I'm always understanding things in a deeper  and richer way.

    Connect with Rebecca at RebeccaDawson.net

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    Behavioral Change Expert _ Adele Spraggon

    Behavioral Change Expert _ Adele Spraggon

    ...your perception of where you're looking from as opposed to what you're looking at and it can distort things. _ Rhonda Cimorelli

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    How to Self-Care in 2021

    How to Self-Care in 2021

    Did you know that when you do not cleans your face at night, your skin ages approximately 14 days?

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    Interview with Daria Dillard Stone

    Interview with Daria Dillard Stone

    Theme : She never gave up"

    If you or someone you know has been struggling during the 2020 pandemic, don't miss this special interview with Daria Dillard Stone, the founder of Sharing Ministries. Daria shares her journey from the depths of grief to becoming a successful speaker and business woman.

    Register for Vision 2 Victory 2020 here

    You can reach Daria at the following addresses: daria@sharing-ministries.com or daria@sharingministriesinternational.com

    To learn more about the Transform Mastermind group, or to become a member, check out our page

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    How To Be Happier in 2020

    How To Be Happier in 2020

    Today's topic is all about you and some interesting perspectives that I would really like for you to consider. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had someone in your life who made you feel very, very tired when you're around them, perhaps really drained, depressed, sad, less than excited and happy. We all have had those people in our lives. My next question is how do you feel when you spend a lot of time with that person Do you feel like, Oh my God, I can't wait til they go home. I can't wait till I go home. Oh my God. I feel it. My life is over.

    I'm going to guess you said yes, because we've all had those people in our lives. We have all had those people who are draining because all they do is they groan and they moan about their pain and their past and their spouse and their life and their work and on and on and on. So, now let me ask you a question. Do you have someone or some somebodies in your life that when you're around him, her or them, you feel excited? You feel like there's opportunity. There's possibilities. That's because they believe in you. They respect you and they want the best for you. Now, I hope that you have some people in your life like this, because I know I do. And if you can identify this person or people in your life now, I want to ask you, how does it make you feel

    How do you behave when you're with these people? Do you feel like there's possibilities? Like I just can't wait to get on my next project! LikeI can accomplish this task; and where you know, it's okay to step outside my comfort zone that way, because I do have a cheering crowd and a bunch of cheerleaders! I do hope that you have somebody like this. Now I'm going to take a moment and talk about what's going on, in what we'll call "reality right now". So, we are approximately,four months into this pandemic thing and everywhere you look, there's something on the news. It's constantly about the pandemic and the Corona virus and how bad it is and how many people are sick and how many people are dying. The podcast today is not about the politics. That's not where I'm going.

    Your thoughts, your beliefs. They belong to you. I'm not here to change them. I don't want to change them. I don't care. What I do want to bring to your attention now is when you watch the news, are you watching it once a day, twice a day, do you have it on 24 seven In other words, are you being informed or inundated? And when you watch the news, I don't care what station that you watch. Again, that's your choice, your preference. I'm not here to debate that today, but I do want to ask you to think about this. Whether you're informed or inundated, and I want you to consider becoming aware of how you feel when you're watching this information. Are you feeling sad? Are you feeling depressed? Do you feel anxiety, worry, fear, doubt? What are those feelings that you're feeling from the news?

    Are you excited? Do you want to get on board with the negativity that's happening? Do you want to stand up? Do you want other people to hear your voice, your opinion? How is the news making you feel? Okay, let's go back to the very first scenario I asked you about, if you have a friend or a group of friends who make you feel tired and exhausted and perhaps sad or depressed when you're around them. How often do you let these people into your space? Yes, I did say how often do you Let them into your space Because guess what It's your space, your bubble, your choice. So, how often are you allowing these people or person into your space? Now, What if,… what if you cut that down into a quarter of the amount, how would that make you feel? Would it have the same impact or effect on your daily life or weekly

    I'm going to guess. No. Because now you don't have the weight, the pressure of this person or people or group that make you feel sad, depressed, fretful,

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    How To Exercise Consistently

    How To Exercise Consistently

    Tools and resources to love your life, not just live your life.

    • 16 min

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