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Comedian Jamie Kilstein (Conan, Showtime) brings together misfits and outcasts from around the world to feel less crazy together.

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Comedian Jamie Kilstein (Conan, Showtime) brings together misfits and outcasts from around the world to feel less crazy together.

    Pete Holmes! Finding God in the horrors of NYC comedy

    Pete Holmes! Finding God in the horrors of NYC comedy

    This is my favorite episode to date. Pete Holes (You made it weird, HBO Crashing) and I started together, resented each other, helped each other, split, he got famous, and now we have more in common than ever. 

    From spiritual teachings to a lot of saying I'm sorry to stories you guys have never good it's a good one. 

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    • 1 hr 54 min
    Trevor Hall: Chill Out And Find God

    Trevor Hall: Chill Out And Find God

    One of my favorite musicians and humans Trevor Hall comes on for an epic podcast about happiness, god, selling out, making art and so much f*****g more. 

    Check out his new album NEXT WEEK called In and Through The Body or pre-order now https://www.trevorhallmusic.com/

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    • 1 hr 31 min
    JIMMY JACOBS: Stop Giving your Power Away!

    JIMMY JACOBS: Stop Giving your Power Away!

    Jimmy Jacobs is a brilliant writer, pro wrestler, and now life coach to me! We talk about...

    Getting over your b******t

    Battling codependency and having healthy relationships with yourself

    Why society is f****d AND HOW TO FIX IT!

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    • 1 hr 15 min
    I took mushrooms and learned how to be happy

    I took mushrooms and learned how to be happy

    Good news! I took mushrooms this weekend and through all the b******t and bad news figured out how to be happy.

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    • 2 min
    Vic Gracie: Give Girls Pockets!

    Vic Gracie: Give Girls Pockets!

    Model, jiujitsuer, dancer for Rhianna, and badass thinker Vic Gracie came on the podcast to talk everything from healthy relationships, expectations of women, self defense, and being nice. 

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    • 1 hr 23 min
    John Joseph - Get your shit together and don't be a dick to animals

    John Joseph - Get your shit together and don't be a dick to animals

    John Joseph from the Cromags comes on to talk about being a plant based athlete.
    How the Bad Brains made him vegan.
    NYC during COVID
    How being a Monk beat playing in front of thousands of people and so much more!

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    • 52 min

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5
215 Ratings

215 Ratings

mosesdog ,

Funny Rocket Science

Here’s someone who says conservatives and liberals can talk in a civil open manner. He says we can actually learn from each other and not get defensive or call names. Imagine that!!!! Rocket Science!

Mike7314 ,


Shameful disclosure: I have problems so I've developed a sick fascination with this guy and his podcast. I'm okay with saying what I'm about to say because he is well documented as not being a nice person and refusing accountability for his harmful behavior towards others, and if you actually pay attention to the stuff he says on his own podcast, rather than taking at face value his superficial and ever-changing facade, absolutely nothing about him now suggests that his behavior has changed. I'm not gonna pretend this is a reality check or something, because he's not capable and at this point he will never change.

He is profoundly unwell, but over the years has dug himself too deep in a hole of delusions, denial and avoidance to ever crawl his way out to face reality and personal accountability. He loves to talk about his depression, but he very noticeably never ever refers to seeking professional help, and he never acknowledges that chronic depression is a pathological feature and is not simply caused by loneliness, the state of the world, other people being s****y, lack of "spirituality" or oneness with nature, etc. (I'm no stranger to mental illness myself, but am not a psychiatrist so will avoid armchair diagnosing him.) I mean, if he acknowledged that he is mentally ill and choosing not to seek treatment, people dealing with similar issues might decide to save their money for an actual mental health professional rather than support the lifestyle of a low-effort wannabe "coach"/"artist". I won't even get into his constant habit of referring to his podcast and 3-minute social media videos as art and unironically comparing himself to real artists; suffice to say it's just another one of his grandiose delusions.

I would bet money that either he has never been to a mental health professional, or he did once, couldn't bear hearing the truth, and never went back. This would explain why he never acknowledges the existence of therapy when talking about depression, nor recommends it as an element of "self help".

Anyway, if you are a boring loser like me and are fascinated by such people, pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the slow motion trainwreck! In fairness, I give it 3 stars because it really is entertaining and interesting, just not in the way he tells himself it is.

Abby Lou You ,

Relatable & Refreshing

As someone who has dealt with depression/anxiety since I was 14, I get a sick sense of comfort listening to Jamie casually joke about his experience with it, ha!
To be completely transparent, if you get easily offended, this podcast isn’t for you. He covers a lot of subjects, and he doesn’t hold his punches. But he doesn’t pretend to be perfect, either!
Refreshing to hear someone else just trying to do their best is this insane world. Thank you for the chuckles and smiles you bring into my life!

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