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A live vinyl radio show that airs weekly on 91.7 FM WMWM Salem featuring an eclectic mix of experimental sounds, worldly folk, extreme metal, old Americana, and non-music strangeness.

A Thick Mist Justin Snow

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A live vinyl radio show that airs weekly on 91.7 FM WMWM Salem featuring an eclectic mix of experimental sounds, worldly folk, extreme metal, old Americana, and non-music strangeness.

    Episode 114

    Episode 114


    This was the first at-home live broadcast I’ve ever done, so it might feel/sound a little different than the usual A Thick Mist episodes that are recorded live at WMWM. It worked out pretty ok, though, and I will definitely be doing more live shows from home, hopefully on a weekly basis. This episode aired from 8-10 (ET) on Saturday night and I’ll probably continue with that time. You can listen at mixlr.com/justinsnow

    For those curious about the setup in case you also might want to try live broadcasting, I’m only using two pieces of free software: the Mixlr app for broadcasting to Mixlr and Mixxx for playing music which I basically just use to crossfade and stuff. Mixxx outputs directly to Mixlr so it’s super simple. I use an external mic but that’s not required.

    Music-wise, this episode is pretty cool, with new Jeremy Bible (!!!!), the debut from Apologist, some classic Rev. Gary Davis, Aurora Borealis recordings, Indian chants, Tolowa dances, and some new killer doom out of Boston by Sea.


    Air date: March 28, 2020

    Background music: Nadi Qamar – Ode To The Shrines Of Buddha (from The Nuru Taa African Musical Idiom)

    Talk break

    Wolvserpent – Serpent (from Blood Seed)

    Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz – Azax Attra (from Desert Equations: Azax Attra)

    Talk break

    Jeremy Bible – Human Savagery (from Human Savagery)

    Stephen P. McGreevy – Eves River Auroral Chorus (from Electric Enigma: The VLF Recordings Of Stephen P. McGreevy)

    Apologist – Haks (from Dirt Road)

    Alison Knowles – Descending Clogs Event (from Frijoles Canyon)

    Su Tissue – 2nd Movement (from Salon De Musique)

    Talk break

    Loren Bommelyn, Sam Lopez, & Walter Richards, Sr. – Ceremonial Dance (from Songs Of Love, Luck, Animals, And Magic: Music Of The Yurok And Tolowa Indians)

    Nyrabakiga – Cor Corora (Long Version) (from Cor Corora)

    Eleh – Overt Too (from Living Space)

    Talk break

    The Cult Of Brighter Death Now – Promises Of Death (from No Decency)

    Sea – Penumbra (from Impermanence)

    Reverend Gary Davis – Devil’s Dream (from Pure Religion & Bad Company)

    Unknown artist – In Praise Of Guru Nanak (from Religious Chants From India: Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu)

    Talk break

    • 2 hr 5 min
    Episode 113

    Episode 113


    Did you know there’s a song with lyrics written/sung in Black Speech, the language spoken by the Nazgûl in Lord of the Rings? Because that’s f*****g awesome. Also, the short-lived closing piece of martial industrial alongside Native American chants is pretty excellent imo.


    Air date: February, 19, 2020

    Background music: Unknown artists – Untitled locked grooves (from RRR500)

    00:00:00 Talk break

    Ilmestys – Demo 1 (from The Noose Hangs From Heaven)

    Natural Snow Buildings – Kadja Bosou (from Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches)

    Side B (from The Edge Of The Meadow)

    00:32:30 Talk break

    Catherine Madsen & The Greater Lansing Spinsters Guild – Menstruation Ritual / Kote (from The Patience Of Love)

    Hama – Wassa (from Houmeissa)

    Summoning – Mirdautas Vras (from Oath Bound)

    Gandalf – The Keeper Of The Old Forest (from Visions)

    01:02:01 Talk break

    Aeoliah – Tien Fu: Heaven’s Gate / Mahavira (from The Light Of Tao)

    Read by Zia Mohyeddin, translated by Swami Prabhavananda & Christopher Isherwood – Side B (excerpt) (from Selections From The Bhagavad-Gita: The Song Of God)

    Bantu Glee Singers – Jim Takata Kanjani (from Mbube Roots: Zulu Choral Music From South Africa, 1930s-1960s)

    01:29:15 Talk break

    Agalloch – She Painted Fire Across The Skyline (from Pale Folklore)

    Apoptose – Calanda (from Blutopfer)

    William Horncloud – I’m Remembering You (from William Horncloud Sings Sioux Rabbit Songs)

    01:56:55 Talk break

    • 1 hr 59 min
    Episode 112

    Episode 112


    New Panopticon, old Fred McDowell, Native American chants, new Post Scriptvm, old La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela, talking without a larynx, strange locked grooves, strange vocalizations, old fado, old Oliveros/Dempster drone, and all sorts of other cool shit.


    Air date: February 12, 2020

    Background music: Hototogisu & Burning Star Core – Side A (from Hototogisu & Burning Star Core)

    00:00:00 Talk break

    Panopticon – Rune’s Heart (from Nechochwen / Panopticon Split)

    Mississippi Fred McDowell – You Drove Me From Your Door (from Long Way From Home)

    00:27:20 Talk break

    Pauline Oliveros & Stuart Dempster – Ione (from Deep Listening)

    Unknown Native American musicians – Side B (from Chants Of The Native American Church Of North America)

    Parabuccal Speech / Singing Voice (from Speech After The Removal Of The Larynx)

    Post Scriptvm – Rat In The Crown (from Variola Vera)

    Amalia Rodrigues – Sombra (from Haunting Fire Of The Fado)

    00:57:50 Talk break

    La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela / The Theatre Of Eternal Music – Drift Study 14 VII 73 9 : 27 : 27 – 10 : 06 : 41 PM NYC (from Dream House 78’17”)

    Roger Reynolds – Voicespace IV: The Palace (from Voicespace)

    I. N. Marlor – Barbara Allen (from I’m On My Journey Home: Vocal Styles And Resources In Folk Music)

    01:28:27 Talk break

    Side B (excerpt) (from Tower Communications)

    Unknown artist – Untitled locked groove (from RRR 100)

    SubRosa – Stonecarver (from No Help From The Mighty Ones)

    Terror Cell Unit – God Will Forgive Us But God Will Never Forgive You (from God Took Everything Away From Us & Now We Will Take Everything From You)

    02:01:20 Talk break

    • 2 hr 4 min
    Episode 111

    Episode 111


    New Eluvium, new Turk Dietrich & Duane Pitre collab (First Tone), new Mamiffer, new Tim Macuga (HANL) project (Consumer), new age piano, Holocaust despair, Russian chorus, and Gullah sermons.


    Air date: February 5, 2020

    Background music: Russell Haswell – Nutrino Hunter (from 37 Minute Workout)

    00:00:00 Talk break

    Vril Jäger – Celestial Bliss (from Celestial Bliss)

    Mamiffer – Hymn Of Eros (from The Brilliant Tabernacle)

    00:26:00 Talk break

    Eluvium – Virga I (from Virga I)

    Virginia M. Geraty – Rebus Tuh Rebulashun (from Maum Chrish’ Chaa’stun. A Gullah Story By Virginia M. Geraty)

    Jay Arrigo – The Joy Of Being (excerpt) (from Organic Synthesis)

    Side B (excerpt) (from Nights Of Love In Lesbos)

    00:59:50 Talk break

    Anhedonist – Inherent Opprobrium (from Netherwards)

    Sarah Gorby – Tzien Sich Machnes Far Tribene (Marching Toward Death) (from Songs Of The Ghetto)

    Consumer – In Computers Pt. 1 (from In Computers)

    01:31:50 Talk break

    First Tone – Reaction 2 (from Reactions)

    Piatnitsky Women’s Chorus – The Gusli Serenade (from Russian Choral Music)

    James Roosevelt – Side B (from A Fireside Chat On Social Security And Medicare)

    Fleurety – Fragmenter Av En Fortid (from Min Tid Skal Komme)

    Orthrelm – Untitled 1 / 2 / 5 (from Trans Atlantic Asthma Attack)

    01:59:40 Talk break

    • 2 hr 1 min
    Episode 110 – Top Metal Records Of 2019

    Episode 110 – Top Metal Records Of 2019


    I played a bunch of my favorite metal records. The full Top 27 list is here, so consider this episode a 2-hour highlight reel.


    Air date: January 29, 2020

    Background music: False – The Serpent Sting, The Smell Of Goat (from Portent)

    00:00:00 Talk break

    Mizmor – Cairn To God (from Cairn)

    Astronoid – I Dream In Lines (from Astronoid)

    Nusquama – De Aarde Dorst (from Horizon Ontheemt)

    00:31:00 Talk break

    Big Brave – Holding Pattern (from A Gaze Among Them)

    Ragana – Waiting / The Tower (from We Know That The Heavens Are Empty)

    00:57:40 Talk break

    Il’Ithil – Mother Protect Her From Harm (from On This Day We Were Reborn In A Shroud Of Light And Shadow)

    Tvar – Палач (Executioner) (from Tvar)

    Night’s Threshold – Feasting In Your Fears (from Deep Within The Night)

    Borda’s Rope – My Axe Soaked With Paikra’s Gore (from Across The Black Deltaruin)

    01:31:00 Talk break

    Sutekh Hexen – Torrential (from Sutekh Hexen)

    Crawl – A Broken Lich (from Necrotic Fear)

    Bull Of Apis, Bull Of Bronze – What Awaits Us (A Void Is But An Open Mouth) (from Offerings Of Flesh And Gold)

    Sadness – I Want To Be With You (from I Want To Be There)

    02:01:30 Talk break

    • 2 hr 2 min
    Episode 109 – Top Drone Records Of 2019

    Episode 109 – Top Drone Records Of 2019


    I played a bunch of my favorite drone records. The full Top 27 list is here, so consider this episode a 2-hour highlight reel.


    Air date: January 22, 2020

    Background music: Jessica Ekomane – Solid Of Revolution (from Multivocal)

    00:00:00 Talk break

    Mára – Sangre De Cristo I-VII (from Here Behold Your Own)

    00:27:48 Talk break

    Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria – Fight The Good Fight (from are SING, SINCK, SING)

    Kali Malone – Spectacle Of Ritual (from The Sacrificial Code)

    Maria W Horn – Konvektion (from Epistasis)

    00:59:46 Talk break

    J. Pavone String Ensemble – By And Large (from Brick And Mortar)

    William Engelen – Announcing (from Today, The Organ Has Played Beautifully Again)

    Sarah Louise – Late Night Healing Choir (from Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars)

    Jen Kutler – Meg Noe (from Disembodied)

    01:25:53 Talk break

    Microtub – Chronic Shift (from Chronic Shift)

    Ellen Arkbro – Chords For Organ (from Chords)

    Mondkopf – Growing (from How Deep Is Our Love?)

    02:06:49 Talk break

    • 2 hr 8 min

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