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Join us as we discuss recovery from alcohol and drug addiction free from dogma and religion.

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Join us as we discuss recovery from alcohol and drug addiction free from dogma and religion.

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4.5 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

J504818920 ,

My favorite Recovery Podcast

This podcast has been absolutely essential to my Recovery. Though of us that have a secular take on Recovery can often leave meetings feeling alienated or worse not welcome. This podcast has been my saving grace during those times. I find other Recovery podcast can be overly enthusiastic or juvenille. John S. is an amazing interviewer, incredibly respectful of all forms of Recovery and has a calm presence that is truly insightful and soothing. Definitely worth checking out.

Tuna Ketchup ,

This is not AA

Alcoholics Anonymous is the program of recovery outlined in the book of the same name, first published, as is condescendingly mentioned in nearly every episode of this podcast, in 1939.

The only purpose of the program Alcoholics Anonymous is to get you connected to a power greater than yourself. That is literally the one and only point of the 12 Steps.

Not wanting that is fine. Not needing that is even better. But why take the name of a spiritual program of action and just twist it into whatever you would prefer it to be? Why not start your own fellowship? Write your own book? Call it something else? Why assert your will and wishes rather than let Alcoholics Anonymous be Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous is the the program in the book the host and guests of this podcast glibly thumb their nose at. If it is “too closed off” or strict for you, maybe it isn’t for you?

JeDrCo ,

Continue the connections

It's great to be able to listen to sober people all over the world and there experiences with living life. I enjoy hearing the interviews.

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