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The podcast on Google for Education & Android. This is Mr.G's journey in Educational Technology while learning from different EdTech Leaders.

ACEd Tech Mr.G @eduGOOGdroid

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The podcast on Google for Education & Android. This is Mr.G's journey in Educational Technology while learning from different EdTech Leaders.

    G Suite Workspace Edu with Dr. Jackson

    G Suite Workspace Edu with Dr. Jackson

    For complete Show Notes, visit: https://wke.lt/w/s/4P5KTH

    Chrome under attack for second time this month — here's what to do

    Grow with Google

    Discover professional certificates developed by Google and designed to connect you to over 100 top employers who are hiring for related roles.

    Recorder for Google Pixel instantly transforms audio into text so you can search, edit and share your favorite audio moments. And it all works offline too.

    Google Workspace for Education rebrand toolkit

    Learn to code with Grasshopper, now in Spanish

    More options for learning with Google Workspace for Education


    Basic Tools
    100TB Total* (June 2022)


    Advanced security, audits, rules, & BigQuery logs
    100TB Total* (January 2022)

    Teaching and Learning UPGRADE

    Google Meet Upgrades: 250 paricipants, 10k viewers, Q&A, Polls, Breakouts, etc.
    Classroom Upgrades: add-ons (coming soon), originality report, student work repository.
    Storage Upgreade - TBD


    Standard + Upgrade
    Meet 100k viewers
    Enhanced domain search and support

    Google Cloud solutions can help schools improve the student experience, from matriculation to graduation.

    Run Photoshop or AutoCAD from a Chromebook using Virtual Desktops

    Provide support and answer questions using a virtual agent

    A peek at what’s next for Google Classroom

    Rich text formatting
    Originality reports in new languages
    Submit by Scanning to PDF
    Classroom Android app to work offline
    Track student engagement

    Google CS First integrates Scratch without having to go to a different website or create another account.

    Learn about new safety and engagement features in Google Meet.

    Coming Soon (Some are paid features0

    End Meeting for all including breakout rooms
    Mute all & prevent un-muting
    More control on mobile devices
    Raise your hand with emojis
    Breakout rooms from Calendar
    Live captions in new languages
    Attendance reports

    Chromebooks get an education refresh

    New features for schools and educators, like a native screen recorder.

    Pre-Provision Tokens for Zero Touch Enrollment

    "Learn with Google Arts & Culture" brings together lesson plans, technologies and tips for educators in one place.

    Version History is coming to Jamboard!


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    Chat with Sandy and Karen

    Chat with Sandy and Karen

    Livestream will be available by others here:    After editing, we will air the podcast.

    Guest info (anything you want to share, feel free to add):

    High School CTE Teacher

    Google for Education Certified Trainer & Innovator

    Leader for Google Educator Group of South Texas

    Ambassador to WeVideo, Flipgrid, Wakelet, & DonorsChoose

    Social media contacts:

    (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website):

    Twitter @eduGOOGdroid



    Today’s guest is Mr. G, who will be talking to us about how to create a Choose your own Adventure slide deck or form.

    Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, what you do.

    I have a podcast called ACEd Tech.

    I recently graduated from the Google Innovator Academy #VIA20

    I’m just generally passionate about EdTech

    (If you want to change any of these questions, go ahead. Please add any questions you would like us to ask.) Example: Ask me about …..my garden…..


    How are you doing? What would you like to chat about today?

    There are ways to create a choose-your-own-adventure games using Google Slides or Google Forms

    You created choose your own adventure with google forms tell us about that.

    At first, breakout edu was popular. Then, digital breakouts were created. On Google Forms, a breakout which may include a “password” may not work because it can be easily hacked. Instead, a choose-your-own-adventure would make it better.

    What prompted you to create this?

    Based on my Google Innovator project, I tried to create a game on Google Forms.

    How does it work?

    In Google Forms…

    In Google Slides ...

    How can others get involved in this?

    Here’s a link to one I made using forms: https://forms.gle/Q4kJLHLQR1iGWPcKA

    With Google Slides and Google Forms it will take practice and patience.

    Here’s a link to my student using Google Slides https://preview.tinyurl.com/tyca21

    Do you have other topics you would like to chat about?

    Join your local Google Educator Group. If you want to investigate what a GEG is, GEG-SOUTX link is here: https://geg.soutx.us/join

    Please add the links to any resources here.


    Podcast Outline:

    1st week of the month:

    2nd week of the month:

    3rd week of the month: Let’s Talk about TED. Agree upon a TED Talk, new or old, then take two different perspectives. Discuss and analyze the Talk.

    Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed the show, please leave us a comment to let us know.

    Odd episodes: Please don’t forget to subscribe to hear more about what is going on in education - on both sides of the Pond.

    Remember we are always looking for guests to share the great things they are doing in their classrooms, so if you know someone who likes to chat, or if you’d like to be a guest again, please visit Guest form link and complete the contact form to let us know. Thanks!


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    • 53 min
    Lexend Google Fonts with Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup

    Lexend Google Fonts with Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup

    Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup
    Bonnie is the founder of LEXEND and the creator of the LEXEND fonts. She has a particular interest in reading performance, typography, perception, cognition, and the visual field.

    ACEd Topic

    Lexend — Change the way the world reads.

    The tool is Lexend fonts.
    The purpose is to improve an individual's reading experience, including the experience of those with dyslexia, struggling readers, early readers, multi language learners, for eye strain, aging eye readers, visually impaired readers...and just simply you and me!


    Google Fonts

    Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography

    Where Lexend fonts are available

    ...Many More

    ACEd App

    Helperbird: Accessibility & Dyslexia Software


    Read, understand and navigate the content of the web easier with Helperbird. Including immersive reader


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    • 27 min
    FamilyBookform with Carey Furze

    FamilyBookform with Carey Furze

    FamilyBookform is an education technology product for Social Emotional Learning Projects. Children complete story collecting projects to create books and complete curriculum aligned SEL Projects.

    Ambassador code is: 6KFM6P

    Carey created FamilyBookform as a writing & communication tool for students to easily collect personal oral stories, family histories & photos, using speech-to-text & collaboration, to create polished books for personalized PBL. The process is educational, developing Social Emotional learning & 21st century skills. Their content enriches lessons & books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted or sold to families. The books are emotional & valuable, for everyone involved.

    Sunrise TV 2018

    Write of Passage pilot featured on Channel 7 TV. Students interview aged care residents to help collate their life stories into personalised memoir books. Pr...

    Teachers signup free & can create a free Collaborative class book, automatically collect student's content to create a printable digital book:


    Family Communication Projects | FamilyBookform

    FamilyBookform is an education technology product for Social Emotional Learning Projects. Children complete story collecting projects to create books and complete curriculum aligned SEL Projects.

    FamilyBookform: integrated into Google Classroom, available on Chromebooks & any device connected to WiFi.

    FamilyBookform is an alternative to Word/Docs for scaffolding & documenting PBL. Students collect oral stories, using speech-to-text (any language) & collaboration, to automatically create printable digital books of great value. Student's have agency & the process is educational. Student's content enriches existing classes, and books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted or sold. Businesses can sponsor projects, so it's free for schools. Free to try.

    The Collaborative Class book is proving very popular and would be a perfect blended learning project for schools returning in the Fall: COVID-19 & Me Automatically collect student's contributions into a Class book. Featured in ISTEs Spring Literacy Journal:


    Blakehurst High 'COVID-19 & Me' Book
    Explore how the FamilyBookform online tool facilitates the framework of 'Universal Design Learning' to save you time in delivering personalised and differentiated Project Based learning to enrich curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments. Presented by Carey Furze, Fouder of FamilyBookform.


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    WeVideo with Bruce Reicher

    WeVideo with Bruce Reicher

    Bruce Reicher

    Hawthorne, NJ USA
    Upper Saddle River Schools/ Cavallini Middle School

    Technology Teacher
    Computer Apps Teacher (Digital Leadership, Python Coding and Video Production)

    Google Level 1 and 2, Ambassador for Wakelet, WeVideo, Codesters and Brainpop
    Board Of Education Member for the Hawthorne Board of Education Since 2013.


    The Bruce Reicher PD page is all about sharing all the resources I have from various PD sessions. My philosophy is to learn, teach, share and repeat. I'm excited that I've written a book with Paula Neidlinger and Randy Tomes that's called Scripted "An Educators Guide to Media In The Classroom".


    😁Dad, Husband😁, Author 🎥 Tech Teacher 💻Sportcaster 🎤 Presenter & BOE. Google Certified Teacher. Brainpop, Wevideo 🎬Wakelet Ambassador🏄‍♂️. My Own Views

    Bruce Reicher - Facebook


    Dad, Husband, Technology teacher, BOE member, trainer and author.

    breicher (@reicher) - Wakelet


    Public Collections from breicher. Dad, Husband, Author, Technology Teacher. State presenter & BOE member. Wakelet Ambassador, Brainpop CBE, Google Certified Level 1&2. @icodeinschool Codesters & @Wevideo Ambassador Knick & Met Fan, My Own Views. Proud member of local board of education.

    Mr. Reicher (@breicher) - Wakelet


    Public Collections from Mr. Reicher. Mr. Reicher has been a teacher at Cavallini Middle School for 13 years and teaching for 25 years. He teaches Digital Leadership, Python Coding and Video Production. His students produce a live daily news show called CTV.

    Bruce Reicher - Technology Teacher - Upper Saddle River Schools | LinkedIn


    View Bruce Reicher's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Bruce has 3 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and...

    ACEd Topic
    WeVideo let's you create videos, screencasts, podcasts and GIF's. WeVideo works on any device including Chromebooks.
    Presentation - Show all the cool things that WeVideo can do

    @breicher - WeVideo


    WeVideo is an online website that makes creating videos and podcasts easy. You can use WeVideo on any device and it will remember the work you've done when you switch devices. It has simple tools like storyboard up to power tools like creating a green screen video with multiple tracks.

    #1 Online Video Editor — Start Editing Videos Free | WeVideo


    Edit online faster & easier than ever. Use stock footage, animated titles & green screening. No software to download/install. Start now!

    2018-2019 CTV Shows – Google Drive

    ScriptEd Visit

    Scripted Educators (@ScriptedEdu) - Wakelet


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    • 37 min
    Jamboard with Kim Mattina

    Jamboard with Kim Mattina

    Kim Mattina

    Hi, my name is Kim Mattina, and I am a Google Certified Trainer and Educator, a Gold Product Expert for the Google for Education team, and the host of my own show, The Suite Talk. I am from New Jersey and I am a middle school technology teacher in southern New Jersey.

    ACEd Topic
    Visit my website, www.thesuitetalk.com and click on the Jamboard page. You will see my Ideaboard 4 Jamboard, and my Wakelet Collection.

    Get on the Jamboard Train! - Wakelet

    This collection will contain resources to help and support educators who are using or need inspiration about Jamboard.



    If you know me, you know that I LOVE Jamboard. I am so thankful that my district purchased one for me this year. Although there are a few features I still need to explore, I learn something new every time I use it, and I fall in love with it even more.

    Apps smash Jamboard with Google Keep, Equatio, and Screencastify.

    ACEd App
    Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder


    The #1 screen recorder for Chrome. Capture, edit and share videos in seconds.


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    • 25 min

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