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Expert guests, NFT project reviews, and conversations about how to approach NFTs whether you have one or one hundred NFTs. Projects/topics: Art Blocks, ZED RUN, Rarible, Meebits,

All About Affordable NFTs All About Affordable NFTs

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Expert guests, NFT project reviews, and conversations about how to approach NFTs whether you have one or one hundred NFTs. Projects/topics: Art Blocks, ZED RUN, Rarible, Meebits,

    NFT PREDICTIONS EPISODE - Crystal ball time | Project: Bankless NFTs

    NFT PREDICTIONS EPISODE - Crystal ball time | Project: Bankless NFTs

    Theme: Predictions for 2023

    Type of NFTs up, down, flat
    PFPsDown (except yuga)

    GamesFlat, to up based on blockchain going into mainstream gaming companies

    MusicFlat, we need to see larger wallet adoption to overlap with listeners

    Events/PoapUp. Watch out ticketmaster 

    Corporate Up. 

    “Art”Up/flat. Marketing tools and ability of artists is going up. 

    SportsDown.   but bullish on NCAA nft 



    Other trends:
    1 new project a quarter topping $10M in launch and initial activity
    YUGA drops from top spots in top 10 with only 2 projects remaining (punks/Apes)
    Polygon dominates as layer 2 upgrade to ETH comes, this crushes other layer 
    ETH guesses $2,400 EOY and high of $3,500
    Punks - 80ETH vs 90ETH 
    BAYC - 60TH vs 50ETH

    Project: https://collectibles.bankless.com/genesis 
    NFT News
    Yuga Labs' Sewer Pass NFT Collection Nets Over $6M in Sales in Just Hours 
    Blocks Blur, Sudo
    The first “Bored Ape” NFT game costs $2,300+ for three weeks of play
    Hack via malware served by Google Ads 
    SFMOMA Acquires Their First NFT – ARTnews.com
    Beeple Teases an Event 3/11/23 (Likely in SC) | NFT CULTURE  
    Rarible Unveils NFT Marketplace Builder That’s 100% Free
    Optimism Blockchain Sees Surge in NFT Mints - NFTgators 
    First National Geographic NFT Launch Meets Massive Backlash, Technical Issues - Decrypt
    The Tribeca Film Festival Adopts VIP NFT Passes   

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    NFT Draft Season - Platforms Compete for Projects

    NFT Draft Season - Platforms Compete for Projects

    Theme: NFT Draft Season - Platforms compete for Projects
    Tis the season to be poachings, Polygon won this without having the highest bidPolygon Paid y00ts NFT Collection $3 Million to Leave Solana - Decrypt 

    Did initial headlines/narratives mislead people to thinking Polygon was chosen organically?https://magiceden.io/marketplace/y00ts?activeTab=stats

    Reasons to leave Solana?
    Who else might be targeted?
    What happens to these assets - are they bridged?

    Warning this is a scam: https://opensea.io/collection/the-rugradio-origin-reveal-pass 
    NFT News
    China state-backed NFT trading platform to launch on Jan. 1 
    Fanatic sells 60% stake in Candy Digital amid ‘imploding NFT market’ 
    The Block: Early Facebook investor and Proof CEO Kevin Rose signs with Hollywood's UTA: Exclusive 
    Logan Paul's CryptoZoo NFT Game Accused Of Being A Scam: What Happened? 
    Manchester United accused of copying work of NFT artist DesLucrece 
    ApeFest Severs Ties with NFT NYC
    Rough summary
    [00:00:00] audio1487909992: Today on all about affordable NFTs, we're talking about the NFT draft season when platforms compete for projects, so we'll get to that in a little bit, talking. Talking about how Polygon made some moves in, uh, the 2023 draft season, which I didn't know was a thing. Anyway, Andrew, how's it going? How's the break?
    [00:01:05] What's new in your wallet? Happy, happy New Year, George. Good to Happy New Year. Good to talk NFTs again. I feel like, man, it's, it's been been a little bit longer than usual since we talked, and man, I am, I'm lost in the nft. It's taking, it's, it's taken me, you know, I've been up all night trying to just study to what's been going on to get ready for this podcast.
    [00:01:24] Well, I have to hand it to you. You officially accomplished something that we thought was just out of the realm of what we would do, which is an outsider interview. You brought in a couple experts, so if you've been listening, go. Past two episodes. Past two episodes, we had some great guests on. Uh, and really from that data perspective, uh, I liked how they were looking at the actual data profiles of, you know, hos versus flippers and how you could actually like see some of those things from, uh, from their different dune dashboards.
    [00:01:58] So thanks for doing. Yeah. Finally got the, those, those first interviews on. You know, if you have been listening, you may have noticed that, uh, that we talked intro wasn't quite accurate until now. Now we can say that we've had guests on, so we're good. Yeah. To, to a year. Let's not, let's not raise it. Uh, all right.
    [00:02:18] So what's going on? What's, what you've been active in, in your N F T trading? Any, anything going on in your wallet? What's up, George? Well, I'll say I did some end of year aggressive, so the biggest thing in my wallet really was end of year aggressive harvesting. Just like good, taking a hard look at the things that frankly just didn't perform.
    [00:02:36] I pruned them and. It looks like I accidentally pruned a little too hard. I left one, uh, floating out there. Rug radio, which we'll we'll talk about today. There, there's a rug radio re reveal pass, so, uh, looks like I accidentally sold that for 0.1 below the floor. So, uh, it's been exactly 10 days before making a mistake in N F T trading this year.
    [00:03:00] I think that's a new record for me. 10 days is, yeah. Yeah. I mean, pretty good. It hasn't doubled yet. I Exactly. I can't listen into this. Hey, if it was one of you, if it was one of you who bought it, you know, because you know how things go when George sells. It must be going up. Um, oh God, please, please again, if you want hot tips.
    [00:03:19] Uh, it's like the, uh, I'm like the, the, the Jim Kramer of this stuff where it's like, if I'm doing the thing, just go the opposite direction and you're in a good. The reverse portfolio , the reverse reverse portfolio. Um, yeah, so there's your, there's your hot tip for 2023. So far, uh, an

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    Understanding Wash Trading & NFT Trends | Interview: DragonFly

    Understanding Wash Trading & NFT Trends | Interview: DragonFly

    Hildobby Interview
    Hildobby is a data wizard currently working at DragonFly, one of the earliest and most successful crypto venture capital funds. Additionally, hildobby is a prolific Dune wizard, having created dozens of incredibly useful dashboards covering a broad range of crypto topics, including his recently updated NFT dashboard for comparing topline metrics of popular collections.
    Collection (via Hildobby): Overpriced Gin
    Why hildobby left a master’s program for crypto
    How many trades/traders really account for most wash trading volume in NFTs?
    How racing to build airdrop dashboards helped hildobby gain traction
    What he sees as the coming trends in the NFT industry
    Hildobby’s NFT Overview Dashboard
    Rough Transcript:
    [00:00:00] Rantum: All right. We are here with our second guest and I have made the mistake already of, uh, you know, talking to, to Hil Dbi for, uh, uh, about, for, for too long without recording. So we are back to record. I'm very excited to have Hil Dbi on Hil. DBI is a. Data Wizard. He currently works at Dragonfly, one of the earliest, most successful crypto venture capital funds.
    [00:01:08] Uh, additionally Hilda, he's a prolific dune wizard. Uh, he's created dozens of incredibly useful dashboards, maybe more. Um, they've been a big help to me. I use his queries often to, to help my work. He's influenced a lot of what I've done and I'm super excited to have Hilda on. ,
    [00:01:26] Hildobby: thank you for having me. Um, I'm, uh, very happy to be talking to a fellow, uh, prolific dune wizard.
    [00:01:33] Uh, we've been shoulder, shoulder on the, on the June, uh, leaderboard lately. Uh, I mean, for the past, quite a, quite a while now. Uh, so yeah, it's, it's, it's really cool to, to be hoing onto your podcast.
    [00:01:45] Rantum: Awesome. Well, tell me a little bit how you got interested in crypto. What, what led you to where you are now?
    [00:01:52] Hildobby: Um, so I started, uh, after, after my bachelor in end of 2018, I, um, was looking for an internship and I found, uh, an internship at a company called Caico, which is a, a cryptocurrency data provider for, uh, off chain data. So, uh, sorry, central exchange data. Um, and that's where I really. Uh, more about what this blockchain space is and took an interest for it.
    [00:02:16] Um, at the end, uh, I, uh, thought I wanted to, I, I, I realized I wanted to do a master's before, uh, moving onto, uh, the, um, the work life. So I went to Amsterdam where I did, uh, uh, masters in computational science, which is, uh, uh, modeling, uh, yeah, data science modeling, basical. Which was super interesting. I really loved it.
    [00:02:42] And halfway through my masters, I discovered June, and I'm, I'm a very curious person, so I like to learn things by doing. And so I started to play around with the blockchain data by just, just as a side hobby inside project to understand it better. Um, at the time it, June wasn't as big as, it wasn't even remotely as big as it is now.
    [00:03:06] So it was a much smaller, much more niche kind of, Space. Um, and I was also frustrated by the fact that if you looked on Twitter, all the charts you could see were just technical analysis charts, uh, going Exactly. I thought, I thought surely with this, with this whole blockchain thing being open to the public and everything being, uh, just easy to, to.
    [00:03:32] uh, there should be more data on this available free for free. Uh, you know, there's, there are some data platforms. I think, uh, at the time, uh, the biggest work platform were probably like glass node and, and stuff like this. Mm-hmm. where, um, and then there's um, coin geco, coin market cap and stuff like this.
    [00:03:49] But there wasn't really deeper analytics, uh, uh, much more deeper than this. And that's also because at the time the space wasn't necessarily as mature and there wasn't all this. , you know, the defi boom had not happened yet. Um, wait, no. The defi boom just had, just happened. Sorry. Uh, and, b

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    Anatomy of a HODLR - Using Dune to Decide | Interview: Block199.io

    Anatomy of a HODLR - Using Dune to Decide | Interview: Block199.io

    Block199.io Interview
    For our very first guest podcast, Rantum spoke with ElBarto_crypto  a Dune wizard and crypto data scientist, working on research at Block119.io. Recently, he’s researched and published on topics like NFT Hodler segmentation, airdrops, and NFT wash trading. 
    How to check if a collection is made of hodlers or flippers
    Check wash trading volume for collections & platforms
    What tools el_barto uses to use to analyze collections
    What topics he plans to research next
    Rough Transcript
    [00:00:00] Rantum: All right. Uh, here we are. I, this is ran. Andrew, here I am with our very first guest. We've talked about this on the, if you've listened for a little while, we've talked about this on the intro for a long time, that we would have guests, we've, uh, yet to actually do that and. Well, that's up until today. Uh, we've had, uh, we have a data sign, another data scientist joining us today.
    [00:01:06] He actually reached out his Alberto Crypto as he goes by on Twitter. On Twitter. He reached out, uh, and asked to, to be a guest on the podcast. And, you know, I, I felt like we really needed to, to actually do it. So here we are. Welcome to the show, El Baro Crypto .
    [00:01:24] Elbarto Crypto: Gne. Well, thanks for having me. I've realized in life if you just asked people enough, they either get sick of you or they let you do something.
    [00:01:30] So in this case, I'm glad to be the latter.
    [00:01:33] Rantum: Yeah, yeah. Really excited to actually do this. You know, it's a good needy, you know, little instigator to, to make it happen. . Perfect. I love it. So tell me a little bit about yourself. How'd you get where you are? How'd you get into crypto?
    [00:01:48] Elbarto Crypto: Yeah, so I am actually a data scientist by trade.
    [00:01:51] I worked in marketing analytics for probably a little longer than a decade, doing everything from segmentation, machine learning just writing basic SQL queries. Got to spend a lot of time doing customer analytics for very large brands, uh, in the marketing space and. Sort of caught the Bitcoin bug in like end of 2014 ish and you couldn't do really anything at that point.
    [00:02:17] You could just send Bitcoin to each other and that was, that was fun. . And then yeah, Ethereum ICO came. Um, once again, people still just, you know, sending Ether around, maybe trading on XX Ether Delta, these crazy, um, underground exchanges. Uh, but once for, for a while, you know, really the only thing you could do is, is not get caught up in a scam or an ICO scam.
    [00:02:39] And then, uh, right around 2019, I believe it was, um, dune Analytics launched and that was like sort of. . That was sort of like the great equalizer for data scientists because now all of a sudden you have this platform that you could tap into to query the blockchain, you know, for free, honestly. And that was like the, the most beautiful thing.
    [00:02:58] You could just easily share careers with people, share dashboards with people. Then this Analytics community, sort of, joined around that. And then other products like SEN launched, um, flip side crypto, a lot of these, you know, data open blockchain on, on BigQuery. And so now all of a sudden you, you know, you didn't have to worry about data engineering running your own validator, running your own node.
    [00:03:18] You could just. Query data and you build, you know, beautiful data sets. And, uh, I think a lot of things like in the marketing analytics background, definitely applied to crypto just in terms of, you know, user retention who's actually using products, machine learning, things like that. So yeah, absolutely.
    [00:03:34] It's been a very natural transition to, uh, to analyzing data. And now, uh, now. It's gotten crazy. analyze a lot of data on Yeah. Yeah. , it's, it's a lot of fun though. Meet a lot of the people like yourself. So, yeah,
    [00:03:46] Rantum: similar background. I was, I did a lot in, in e-commerce, analytics, marketing, uh, for this and, y

    • 37 min
    2022 In Review - How Did Predictions Do? | Project: Etch by Deca

    2022 In Review - How Did Predictions Do? | Project: Etch by Deca

    Theme: What we got wrong? Look back at predictions and the year in NFTs
    How did our predictions pan out? 
    Coinbase NFT
    World cup
    NFT tracking tool value (NFTs as SAS)
    Don’t trust solana
    The MERGE will boost the market

    Project: Etch by Deca 
    NFT News
    Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon Among Celebrities Sued Over BAYC Endorsements 
    O.G. Audio App Winamp Adds Ethereum and Polygon Music NFT Support - Decrypt 
    NFT Minting Goes Stratospheric on Sound.xyz 
    Apple Plans to Allow External iOS Apps in Potential Boon for Crypto, NFTs - Decrypt 
    Rough Transcript:
    [00:00:00] today on all about affordable NFTs, what went wrong, celebrated our wins, right? What went wrong? What went so wrong? We're looking back at our predictions, uh, and, and the year in NFTs a little bit. . I think this is what I like about the episode we did a little while back that just reviewed every single project that we recommended and just held up the mirror, and this is kind of doing that, but with what we were speculating about around this time last year, December, January, periods of time, and seeing how it either held up or didn't.
    [00:01:16] Uh, gosh. Anything new in your wallet? What's going on for, for you? Right.
    [00:01:21] Uh, no, nothing too new in my wallet. Recently, I talked a bit about that edge project. Haven't done much, uh, much else since then. Um, You know, I guess, uh, you know, looking at, uh, looking at moving some of the, the, the mistakes that I've made, you know, those, uh, end of year, uh, tax harvest, tax loss harvesting, so working on that a bit, but that's, uh, you know, that's not that exciting to talk about the, the lose the losses, right?
    [00:01:50] No, but I guess that's, that's true. I've also been doing a lot of, moving of, of pieces that I had. I, I think it's super important because, you know, I, I look back and there were moments where, Liquidating staked coins to buy NFTs. And like both went down, but at the moment of liquidation, those coins were actually worth quite a bit.
    [00:02:08] So really spend some time doing that because frankly, it's locked on the blockchain and if you don't do it now, you're gonna kick yourself to earn tax time. So, you know, go back, uh, and, and really, uh, look through those, look through those losses. And also think about any moments, like, I'm, I'm thinking back to my Peg Axi stuff where I was like, you know, VIS was pumping that was like that, like fake coin.
    [00:02:30] these like, uh, flying horses threw off and I couldn't believe how much money he was coming in. Sorry, which, which fake coin from which horses? Which fake coin? This is from Pey? Uh, not, uh, no, no. Not my, my very legitimate horse racing. Um, on Zed, which I love. But no, but like, here's the thing. Those coins were worth a lot.
    [00:02:50] I was getting them, I was selling them, but then I was like half of those money I was using to buy more stupid flying horses. Um, and so the part I saved, I don't regret, but the part I spent technically, those were taxable events. I bought an asset then, then went down. So just play that out in your mind as you're like doing your your N F T harvest.
    [00:03:09] Yeah, we talked about this a bit more on a recent episode, so if you didn't give that a listen, you know, because it said taxes in the, the title, um, might wanna go back and just give it a, a quick listen as you're, uh, getting towards the end of the year here. Yeah, yeah. I, that's true. All right. What have we got in the news?
    [00:03:27] Oh, right. So, man, we talked about some of the. It's the big grifts that were happening in. Man, this looks a bit , a bit like some of the ones, some of the items that we talked about in that last episode. But there are, uh, people coming after Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, uh, for their basey, the, their board ape endorsements.
    [00:03:49] I'm not saying that those are related, but man, this does, uh, it doesn't look great and it, there were a lot of suspicions

    • 40 min
    Art of the Steal - How to Create the PERFECT NFT Grift

    Art of the Steal - How to Create the PERFECT NFT Grift

    Theme: How to run the perfect NFT Grift 

    Extreme anonymity OR Extreme Celebrity with attention
    Us vs them
    10k or less batch (so you can control high % of assets)
    Credible NFT whale or influencer
    Over subscribed WL - must sell out
    High creator fee, 10% or more
    Proof of winners, Ponzi round of wash trading on rare items
    Hyped moment in the future that is exciting and nonspecific
    Tokens and staking
    Unrevealed art and then passible art
    Outside investment news to the company
    Exclusive social entry
    Nonredeemable Utility events
    Second and third round of NFTS 

    Project: CollectTrumpCards  
    NFT News
    The Block: Magic Eden bolsters gaming support via Polygon NFT minting and trading 
    The Block: Magic Eden introduces discount and rewards system for marketplace users 
    Flow Hits New Low After NFT Trading Craters, Dapper Downsizes - Decrypt 
    MetaMask Mobile Users Can Now Buy ETH Using PayPal - Blockworks  
    Animoca Brands To Launch PFP NFT Collection: Mocaverse 
    Donald Trump's 'major announcement' is a cringey line of $99 NFTs — of himself 
    Rough Transcript:
    [00:00:00] Today on all about affordable NFTs, we're just gonna cover hypothetically how, how you'd run the perfect N F T grift. It's like, how would you do it? What are the elements? What would it look like? What would you need? So first off, Andrew, what is, uh, what's going on in your wallet? What's. Oh man. So I playing or I played around Alene.
    [00:01:10] Oh, I think it minted a couple. One in my main wallet of this. Uh, well, I don't know, I should get into the maybe next project, next episode. Um, we've talked, look, there's this cool project from Deca. Deca has been doing some cool stuff. Um, they have one from, um, that's. Matt Cain, cool artist called Etch. I've been playing around with it.
    [00:01:32] You can MIT these. They're like, I dunno, they're very cheap to mit, but they, you can combine them with, um, with NFTs that you already own and then add words to them. Um, deck has done a, done some interesting projects they definitely work with, with impressive artists. And they come back to these projects to eventually close these things.
    [00:01:53] And, um, so I take a look at them. If you're, uh, , you know, I dunno. Maybe I can get into it more another time, but that's something I've been playing with anyway. New in my wallet. . Yeah. Spoiler alert. We may feature it in our next, uh, next episode a bit more. Uh, Daven and Daven have to buy something new. Yeah, they're, they're cool, they're cheap.
    [00:02:13] They're, I think they're like oh, oh eight. Nice. All right. I'm happy to say I've, uh, I foamed in, uh, I missed my reserve price because I just fell asleep at the wheel. But I, I foamed in, I got myself one of the, uh, one of the cock punch, uh, little roosters. Uh, after seeing that, uh, Tim Ferris was like legit starting that podcast, launched actual episodes is creating content around it.
    [00:02:39] And also, uh, I kind of like was pulled in after I saw that even on his main podcast, he's using his ad. To promote it, uh, which is, you know, is pretty sizable. So if he continues to do that, that ad space just has value in and of itself as an attention. and you know, he's talking to Steven Presfield, the guy wrote that.
    [00:03:00] You gonna have to skip six minutes now before I start listening. . Hell. Yep. 17 minutes in, you get 30 seconds of content. Uh, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It's valuable. It's because people listen to themed into it. Yeah. IED into it. Um, yeah, I just took a look. Those, those, uh, etch pieces are 0.008, which as we, as we look at this right now is about $10.
    [00:03:24] Um, so, you know, don't, they're not going to go up a lot in value immediately. This is something that, you know, you can get them for that price. Obviously people are going to just keep getting, uh, new ones. Um, I think the idea would be for what you could potentially do with these, what they might

    • 42 min

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