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Expert guests, NFT project reviews, and conversations about how to approach NFTs whether you have one or one hundred NFTs. Projects/topics: Art Blocks, ZED RUN, Rarible, Meebits,

All About Affordable NFTs All About Affordable NFTs

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Expert guests, NFT project reviews, and conversations about how to approach NFTs whether you have one or one hundred NFTs. Projects/topics: Art Blocks, ZED RUN, Rarible, Meebits,

    Will you be my Friend.tech | Project: Cyber Bandits & Nicol Vella

    Will you be my Friend.tech | Project: Cyber Bandits & Nicol Vella

    Will you be my Friend.tech

    Friend.tech: Genuine Game-Changer or Just Another Passing Trend?

    From the network
    Cyber Bandit #3235 (Unique) 
    Cyber Bandits is a project by artist Michael Reeder. Utilizing clippings from actual physical paintings and digitally rendered elements, Reeder has built a catalog of imagery to specifically be run through a generator to create the Cyber Bandits. 
    Nicole Vella: https://app.brightmoments.io/collections/0x0a1bbd57033f57e7b6743621b79fcb9eb2ce3676/58 
    OpenSea Will Make Creator Royalties Optional for NFT Trades - Decrypt 
    Yuga Labs to Block NFT Trades on OpenSea Over Creator Royalties

    Federal Judge Confirms That AI Art Cannot Be Copyrighted

    Inside Sam Spratt's Cult of Luci and The Monument Game 
    NFT Platform Recur to Shut Down Despite $50M Raise and Big Name Backers - Decrypt  
    DeGods Leave Polygon, Move y00ts to Ethereum, and Return $3 Million Grant!
    The NFT Market Has Tanked. So Why Is This Major Hollywood Talent Agency Still Betting Big on Web3 Artists? 

    Bright Moments, Gotham to Host Live Minting of Nicole Vella's “If You Could Do It All Again”  

    1kx leads $5 million seed round for generative art NFT platform fxhash | The Block  

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    Is a big loss for SEC a BIG win for NFTs?

    Is a big loss for SEC a BIG win for NFTs?

    Is a big loss for SEC a BIG win for NFTs? 

    The token (XRP) itself is not a security.
    Ripple’s sale of XRP on crypto exchanges isn’t a securities offering.
    A token is completely separate from the investment contract. This is a legal thing the crypto industry’s been fighting for.

    This potentially clears a road for NFT projects that issue tokens. 
    Not a final ruling though, and Congress may weigh in…
    SEC still targeting 68 other tokens as securities. https://cointelegraph.com/news/sec-labels-61-cryptocurrencies-securities-after-binance-suit 

    OpenSea Deals: Trade NFTs 
    Opepen Edition NFTs
    Jackson Pollock Studio’s NFT Project Mints Out in 32 minutes
    Moonbirds’ 200-day reveal
    Doodles Real World Play Camp in Chicago
    More Squiggles minted
    ApeFest to HongKong
    Floor App to Launch NFT Trading Apps, absorb 30% fees
    Melania Trump NFT may violate NASA policy
    Melania Trump Has Released an Apollo 11-Themed NFT That May Violate NASA’s Merchandising Policy

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    How Low Will NFT Floors Go? What is causing it...

    How Low Will NFT Floors Go? What is causing it...

    Azuki NFT collections ends Elemental mint with $37.5 million | The Block Angry Azuki Elementals Holders Unite to Demand $39 Million Refund, Lose Thousands More in Subsequent Hack 

    NFT Startup Autograph, Co-Founded by Tom Brady, Shifts Focus and Removes Crypto Language Dior Is Latest Luxury Brand to Embrace Tokenized Fashion—But Won't Say 'NFT' 

    Political NFTs Sneak into American Homes: Has Trumps 2024 Campaign Already Begun? 
    Fxhash 2.0 Debuts Ethereum Integration and On-Chain Minting
    Sotheby's launches blockchain-fueled program for generative artists  
    Beeple’s New—and Very Risqué—NFT Is the Artist’s First Work to Enter a Museum’s Permanent Collection
    An AI-Generated Nude Just Sold for $340,000. So, Why Are People Angry?

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    The Next Wave: Real-world collectibles as NFTs
    “Someone just took a $14,500 loan on two Rolexes at 12% APR from a complete stranger all on-chain
    The Rolexes were sent to an escrow company who then sent back NFTs representing ownership of the watches
    The borrower can then use those NFTs to tap into global liquidity rather than taking a predatory loan at their local pawn shop
    If they default? The lender can use the NFTs to redeem the watches
    One of the most obvious and easy to understand use cases of NFTs”

    This development has the potential to disrupt pawn shops and similar businesses in several ways:
    **Greater Accessibility:** By tokenizing physical assets, owners worldwide can access liquidity, eliminating geographical barriers that exist with traditional pawn shops. This could potentially broaden the client base for such financial services.
    **Fair Rates:** Traditional pawn shops are often criticized for their high interest rates and unfavorable terms. By contrast, the described DeFi system offers relatively low interest rates and transparent terms, which could attract individuals who would otherwise use pawn shops.
    **Security and Trust:** The use of blockchain technology provides a transparent, secure, and trustless environment. This contrasts with pawn shops, where the value assessment can be subjective, and there's a trust risk in leaving your assets with a third party.
    **Market Expansion:** Tokenization opens the door to a much larger market of physical assets that can be used as collateral. This could potentially disrupt pawn shops by offering a more extensive selection of accepted collateral.
    **Efficiency:** The process of tokenizing assets and securing a loan could be more efficient and faster than traditional pawn shop transactions, which often require physical appraisals and paperwork.
    As for NFT adoption, this development could be a significant boost:
    **Real-World Utility:** NFTs are often associated with digital art or virtual real estate. By introducing a use case that involves physical assets, more people might see the utility of NFTs, thus driving wider adoption.
    **Expanding Market:** By allowing physical assets to be tokenized and used in DeFi, the market for NFTs could expand significantly. This could attract more participants, including those who own valuable physical assets and are seeking liquidity.
    **Driving Innovation:** This novel use of NFTs could spark further innovation in the space, with more types of physical assets being tokenized. This, in turn, could lead to more use cases, further driving adoption.
    **Education and Awareness:** As news about these types of transactions spread, more people might become aware of NFTs and their potential uses. This could lead to a better understanding of the technology and its benefits, driving adoption.
    **Integration with DeFi:** This development also highlights how NFTs can be integrated with other blockchain technologies like DeFi. This could lead to new synergies and drive adoption as users see the wide range of possibilities that arise from these integrations.

    SEC Sues Coinbase Over Alleged Securities Violations (Updated) SEC Labels 10 Tokens Securities in Binance Lawsuit

    MoonPay gave Hollywood celebs Bored Apes to promote itself: sources 
    Dmitri Cherniak's Ringers #879, 'The Goose,' Just Sold for $5.4 Million 
    Generative Artist Emily Xie Has Created a Series of 100 NFTs Based on a 100-Year-Old Quilt in LACMA’s Collection
    FEWOCiOUS Unlocks the Sole of NFT Art with Adidas Sneakers 
    Louis Vuitton Selling $41K NFTs That Can’t Be Resold
    Introducing the MVP Soulbound Token: Celebrating Exceptional Community Members
    A New Frontier for Bitcoin? Recursive Inscriptions Explained     

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    Apple VR Enters the Metaverse: Time to FOMO into MANA & SAND!!!!!!

    Apple VR Enters the Metaverse: Time to FOMO into MANA & SAND!!!!!!

    Don’t call it a comeback: Apple VR and Metaverse
    Signal the Jim Cramer buy buy buy button on Metaverse. A sure signal to be careful before FOMOing in. 

    Nike Sells Over $1M of Digital Shoes 

    Unleashing the Future: Nike and EA SPORTS Redefine Utility and Gaming with NFTs | NFT CULTURE 

    3AC Grails Round Two: Sotheby’s to Host Largest Ever Live Auction of Digital Art Art Blocks Resurgence? Collections See Revival Following Sotheby’s 3AC Sale 

    FEWOCiOUS Unveils Stellar New 'FEWOS' NFT Collection 

    $PSYOP Creator Served Legal Notice via NFT from Law Partner

    Shaq Finally Served During Heat-Celtics Series... at Old FTX Arena - Blockworks

    Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs Hop into the World of Reddit - NFT Plazas   

    Epic Games adds 20 NFT Titles to Level up its Roster 

    Bitcoin NFTs Gain Momentum with the BRC-721E Token Standard | NFT CULTURE 

    Fingerprints DAO Announces Maschine Collection in Partnership with Mercedes-Benz 

    Wash tracking on cryptoslam https://www.cryptoslam.io/

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    Meme Coin Craze Begets NFT Season

    Meme Coin Craze Begets NFT Season

    Meme coins and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as fascinating elements in the world of cryptocurrency, each uniquely intertwining aspects of pop culture, humor, and creativity with blockchain technology. Meme coins, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have gripped global attention, gaining a community-driven momentum that propels them into the mainstream spotlight. This surge in interest often seems to preface an upswing in NFTs, a phenomenon that could be attributed to the growing interest in unconventional and playful components of the crypto universe that these meme coins symbolize.
    Dogecoin's Daily Transaction Reached Lifetime Highs After 'DRC-20' Tokens Introduced  
    Historically, significant interest in meme coins has preceded an NFT boom. A prominent example of this trend was seen in late 2020 and early 2021 when the Dogecoin craze was swiftly followed by an NFT frenzy, where digital art, collectibles, and more were being bought and sold at staggering prices. This pattern not only reflects buyer behavior but also the transition of artists, creators, and developers from the meme coin space to the NFT arena, bringing along their innovation and fan base. Thus, while not a rigid rule, the symbiotic relationship between meme coins and NFTs in the crypto landscape is a captivating trend to observe and analyze.News
    Pudgy Penguins Releases Toy Line, Earns $500,000 in 48 HoursPudgy Penguins Raise $9M Amidst NFT Bear Market 

    The Block: Active NFT traders drops to lowest point since 2021 as FOMO wanes
    Bitcoin Frogs outpaces Bored Apes to become hottest NFT collection during past 24 hours  
    Checks Elements: Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital Art with NFTs 
    What is ERC721-C and Why Should You Care? 
    Ledger Seed Recovery Feature Raises Eyebrows 
    Transforming Dust Into Prizes: LooksRare's NFT Raffle Hits the Market - Blockworks 
    Moonbirds and Spotify Launch NFT Gated Playlist 
    Axie Infinity Rolls Out ‘Lite' Version of Crypto Game on Apple App Store - Decrypt 

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