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An actual play, mother-child family friendly podcast.

Allison Underland Nerdsmith

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An actual play, mother-child family friendly podcast.

    Ep. 004: Interlude - The DnD Game...

    Ep. 004: Interlude - The DnD Game...

    This special cross over event episode was streamed and recorded on December 30th, 2018. This live twitch Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition game features the following: 

    Lucia from All Ages RPG

    Kendall from Allison Underland

    Sam & Birdie from Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters

    Robin from Tavern Tales Junior

    and Amara as the Dungeon Master from A Quest for Magic and Steele

    Special Thanks to Kyle Gould for editing

    • 1 hr 53 min
    Ep. 003: The Crumbling Portal

    Ep. 003: The Crumbling Portal

    Allison comes face to face with the monster that terrorizes Glen Ellen every 25 years. Can she stop it before its too late?

    • 41 min
    Ep. 002: Snicker-Snack

    Ep. 002: Snicker-Snack

    Allison is ready to venture out into the woods to get to the bottom of these attacks.  With Billy and the others there, will they all get out unscathed?

    • 32 min
    Ep. 001: Allison Underland PI

    Ep. 001: Allison Underland PI

    Join Kendall and Tessa and they explore and play together in a family-friendly, actual play Monster of the Week podcast. 

    Allison Underland, a 16 year old paranormal investigator, takes to the streets of Glen Ellen, California in a search for the strange and mysterious.

    • 33 min
    Trailer: Allison Underland: PI

    Trailer: Allison Underland: PI

    Allison Underland has always loved the stories of Wonderland, a trait she shares with her mother, Christine. But after an ill-fated trip to that realm through her mother’s mirror, the real world has seemed a little unnatural. Armed with knowledge, a little magic, and her trusty Jeep, The White Rabbit, Allison is determined to keep the world she loves safe. No matter how deep that rabbit hole may go.

    • 4 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Hexia_Grimari ,

I love it!

I love this mother-child actual play podcast! The dynamic between them both is great and the 1980's town setting creates some fun chaos. Lack of technology makes certain things hilarious. I definitely recommend it!

FennecWolf ,

A delightful podcast

I am listening to the first episode as I pen this. It's wonderful to me to see that not only a child-parent podcast, but one where they get to play a game together and go on this adventure together. It's wonderful to see Tessa craft this wonderful world for their kiddo and I can not wait to see where it goes :3

DandyLitigator ,

Incredibly Sweet and Enjoyable

I love the dynamic between this parent-child DM-player pair. Their laughter is infectious. They obviously have a lot of mutual love and respect. Tessa deftly uses this game as a teaching opportunity to give Kendall a view into a time and place near to her heart. Kendall brings equal parts action and comedy to the production. The story ramps up in episode two and I find myself needing to know what happens.

No seriously. What's gonna happen?

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