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There are plenty of shows out there that claim to be "conservative" or "Republican," but many of them are just RINOs, Neo-Cons, and swamp dwellers playing for attention from the GOP Establishment. This show is for America-First patriots only.


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There are plenty of shows out there that claim to be "conservative" or "Republican," but many of them are just RINOs, Neo-Cons, and swamp dwellers playing for attention from the GOP Establishment. This show is for America-First patriots only.


    "Educatin' With Satan": Corporate Media's Attempt to Normalize After School Satan Clubs Is Dangerous

    "Educatin' With Satan": Corporate Media's Attempt to Normalize After School Satan Clubs Is Dangerous

    The recent surge in "After School Satan Clubs" popping up in public school districts across the country has sparked outrage among conservative and Christian parents. As a result, corporate media is doing whatever it can to make the demonic indoctrination groups seem harmless and even beneficial.
    An article over at KOIN, Portland's CBS affiliate, positioned the actions of The Satanic Temple in the most positive light imaginable. I discussed this for an upcoming episode of The JD Rucker Show.
    According to the news outlet, there's nothing to worry about because The Satanic Temple isn't really about Satan. It's just an advocacy group:
    First, some background: The club is a project of The Satanic Temple (TST), which, despite its name, doesn’t worship the Biblical figure — or even believe Satan exists. Instead, TST says Satan is a literary figure representing “rejecting tyranny over the human mind and spirit.”
    The organization operates as more of an advocacy group, saying it aims to “encourage empathy, reject tyrannical authority,” in addition to promoting “common sense” and “opposing injustice.” The group has made many court challenges to (often conservative) laws that may only protect or promote Christianity, as The Hill reports.
    They really think we're stupid. At least they hope we are. This corporate media outlet and the Temple itself want us to believe they picked Satan to be their mascot because he was the best representation of "rejecting tyranny." The statement itself is insane because the tyranny they're referring to is the sovereignty of God.
    It's like opening up a restaurant called "The Chicken Place," but when you go in they say they don't actually serve chicken. They serve "flightless foul" because they don't actually believe that chickens exist but since chickens represent scrumptious protein, they named their restaurant after the fictional birds.
    But they're not just trying to normalize The Satanic Temple. More importantly, they're trying to normalize the "After School Satan Clubs" administered by the Temple. And while they claim this is not a religious organization, they are doing this in response to OTHER religious organizations. According to the article:
    According to TST, After School Satan Club chapters are opened at public schools in response to other religious groups opening or operating clubs at schools. (The Chesapeake club was opened after an Evangelical Good News Club began operating at B.M. Williams.) The organization says After School Satan Clubs “provide a safe and inclusive alternative” to Christian-based groups that may seek to “convert school children to their belief system.”
    TST says its After School Satan Clubs encourage critical thinking, rationalism, creative artistry and science. Children ages 5-12 are allowed to attend with parental permission, the Temple says.
    “Proselytization is not our goal, and we’re not interested in converting children to Satanism,” writes TST. “We prefer to give children an appreciation of the natural wonders surrounding them, not a fear of everlasting other-worldly horrors.”
    They want our kids to appreciate nature but to disregard eternal damnation in Hell. Unfortunately, this makes sense to far too many people.

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    Will a Full-Blown Global Economic Collapse Strike in 2023?

    Will a Full-Blown Global Economic Collapse Strike in 2023?

    It's important to know something up front. I have NOT been a "Chicken Little" who was screaming about economic collapse for years. I didn't panic for Y2K. I didn't panic during the economic downturn of 2008-2009. I didn't freak out over Obamacare, at least not from an economic perspective. I believed that we could recover from the 2020 lockdowns. But by mid-2021 I finally started getting truly concerned and throughout 2022 I've been monitoring the nation's economy very closely.
    Now, I'm ringing the alarm bells because the threat of full-blown global economic collapse is real as we go into 2023.
    On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I covered several stories that highlight the dangerous trends we're seeing. Unfortunately, the Biden-Harris regime seems bent on making things even worse and the new Republican majority in the House doesn't seem willing or able to do much to stop it.
    One of the prevailing stories giving people hope for the past couple of months is better-than-expected stock performance. Is this a sign that the tide is turning? According to Bloomberg and Zero Hedge, no. It's just a sign that markets expected good things to happen. Since they haven't, we shouldn't anticipate a stock market that continues to overperform:
    Two Great Months for US Stocks Promise Too Much for Own Good
    The markets have been front-running the idea of a Fed pivot for some time now. While that is far-fetched, one must still admit that a Fed pause after its funds rate reaches circa 5%-5.25% is very much on the cards. While pretty much everyone in the markets is primed for the idea of a US recession, November’s non-farm payroll numbers (and perhaps even more importantly, the hourly earnings rising at twice the forecast pace) suggest that this inflationary episode may be around longer than realized.
    And that is a worse denouement than any stock investor would wish. Not only do you have a scenario where inflation is corroding the nominal coupon on stocks, but you also have to factor in a slowing economy where presumably there is also a drag on earnings. A scenario that weighs on both the numerator and denominator (a high interest-rate recession) is hardly a prescription for a stellar rally month after month.
    At current levels, the S&P 500 offers an estimated earnings yield of around 5.40% and the Nasdaq 100 around 4.32%, hardly anything to write home about in an environment where you can invest in two-year Treasuries that offer 4.27%.
    Yes, there may be something to be said for being a part of that smart-money brigade that has made a grand return of 20%+ within a quarter and fleeing to where the honey is next, but that is predicated more on getting the timing right -- an iffy proposition even with the most seasoned investors. For every one idea that works out as per plan, the nine that follow come a cropper. [read more]
    Costco Reports Large-Scale Shortages as Essential Items Are Impossible to Find at Stores
    On the second segment of today's show, I turned to the "Epic Economist" to deliver a dose of reality about Costco. It's a financial indicator some use to see what's really happening with the supply chain and the retain market. Here's a transcript followed by the individual video I played during today's show:
    The pantry of most American families today is probably looking a lot different than it was just a few months ago when grocery prices were lower and we still could find the majority of the products we usually rely on in our day-to-day lives. But now, shoppers are increasingly noticing the ongoing shortages at their favorite stores. With supply chain problems still impacting the production and delivery of goods, and mass migrations of employees searching for better wages resulting in labor shortages in the food sector, many of our favorite staple items are becoming harder to find. And that’s especially true at Costco.
    In fact, new reports reveal that Costco warehouses are facing many different shortages, and dozens of products are

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    12 Reasons Why It Is Impossible for Any Rational Person to Be Optimistic About the U.S. Economy at This Point

    12 Reasons Why It Is Impossible for Any Rational Person to Be Optimistic About the U.S. Economy at This Point

    Editor's Commentary: A reader on one of my Substacks asked a question that I haven't really thought about answering until now: "...when to get out of the traditional market for those still clinging to the idea that the market will normalize." I'm often guilty of assuming everyone's seeing things that I believe are crystal clear. In this case, it's as close to 100% as possible that there will NOT be a normalization of the markets anytime in the near future. And by near future, I believe it would take an act of God to reverse the course of western economies, including ours, before we reach a sustained and deep recession, possibly even a depression.
    Possibly even a full-blown economic collapse.
    The reason this is so clear to me is because I see the actions of leaders across the globe, including the Biden-Harris regime, and realize they are NOT going to do anything to prevent the collapse from happening. They WANT it to happen. Only when the system is irreversibly broken can the globalist elite cabal achieve The Great Reset.
    Some point to the midterm elections as a way to reverse course. At best, a red wave will slow the bleeding. Even if they take both the House and Senate, they will not be able to pass meaningful economic legislation that doesn't get vetoed by Joe Biden. They can prevent new legislation similar to the Inflation Reduction Act from getting through, but that's about it. And unfortunately the feckless Republican Establishment will still be in control with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy calling the shots, so anyone looking to a post-election economic surge is missing the point.
    This is why I'm so bullish about moving investments, wealth, and retirement to precious metals. Those who are familiar with my past work know that I was never big on gold and silver until about a little over a year ago. In the past, I had panned gold and silver because I believed the Trump economy would remain strong, rebounding well after Pandemic Panic Theater ended. I did not expect Biden to "win," nor did I realize just how rapidly his regime would act to destroy the economy. I'm late to the precious metals game, but I'm trying to make up for it by recommending three America First precious metals companies.
    The vast majority of companies that sell gold and silver are either donating to Democrats, working with proxies of the Chinese Communist Party, or both. This is why I only found three out of the two dozen that I vetted that I can recommend because they're ideologically aligned. As fate would have it, they come in three sizes. Our Gold Guy is a small, family-owned precious metals shop that offers personal service. Genesis Gold Group is mid-sized and is the first one I found that focuses on Christian fellowship. Goldco is the big one.
    On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into what to expect with the election. But the portion pertinent to the economy was the final segment, which you can see here if you don't want to watch the whole show. I referenced the article below by Michael Snyder over at The Economic Collapse Blog...
    Things haven’t looked this bad for the U.S. economy since 2008.  We are in the midst of the worst inflation crisis in decades, the housing market has started to collapse, some of the largest companies in America have begun laying off workers, and economic activity is slowing down all around us.  Of course Joe Biden is telling us that our economy is “strong as hell”, but that is just because he wants his party to do well in the upcoming elections.  Ultimately, anyone that takes a truly objective view of things is forced to admit that the outlook for the months ahead is incredibly bleak.  The following are 12 reasons why it is impossible for any rational person to be optimistic about the U.S. economy at this point…
    #1 According to a recent Gallup survey, two-thirds of Americans believe that economic conditions are getting worse.  When such a large proportion of the population starts behav

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    The REAL Story Behind the Konnech CEO Arrest and the NY Times' "Embarrassing" Article

    The REAL Story Behind the Konnech CEO Arrest and the NY Times' "Embarrassing" Article

    One of the keys to discernment is to question everything. And by everything, I mean we shouldn't just question what happens but why it happens in the first place. Those of us who know there is a cabal of globalist elites and their numerous proxies who are trying to destroy America and take over the world are often the ones who need discernment the most. We're good at getting on the right track but we can be easily made to miss the real point.
    Such is the case of Konnech, the tiny election logistics company out of Michigan. Their CEO, Eugene Yu, was arrested Tuesday for storing sensitive personal data of around two million election workers on servers housed in China. This was, of course, big news because it partially confirms what many have been saying for a long time. More on those details later, but I want to talk about the wrinkle in the story first.
    Just a day before the arrest, the NY Times posted an article attempting to debunk claims that Konnech and their CEO were storing confidential data in China. Conservative media pounced on the story, as we are wont to do, because it was a total embarrassment for the leftist news outlet. It's standard operating procedure for conservative journalists to "own the leftists" whenever they make such embarrassing mistakes. Conservatives on social media were virtually chuckling, offering each other high five emojis.
    In reality, we were conned once again.
    I'm discussing all of this on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. Here's what really went down. The arrest was made on orders of LA District Attorney George Gascon, an embattled disciple of George Soros. While nearly every conservative and alternative media outlet out there howled in delight that not only was a massive voter fraud conspiracy theory partially confirmed, but that the NY Times owned itself by publishing a "debunking" story the day before. "What a crazy, awesome, inexplicable turn of events," one conservative journalist noted in her article on the subject.
    As I noted in the beginning, conservatives in media desperately need discernment. The powers-that-be know how to manipulate us. They can practically write our headlines for us through their selective leaks and perfect coordination between corporate media, the Deep State, and other proxies of the globalist elite cabal. The timing of the NY Times story was not fortuitous. It does not benefit conservatives or America one bit. It served two very important purposes. And yes, it was dropped exactly when it was supposed to be dropped and said exactly what it was supposed to say based on orders from the Cabal.
    The first purpose was to get ahead of the arrest that the NY Times knew was coming. We have to remember how the vast majority of Americans, even many conservatives, operate. Once a piece of "news" is relayed into their minds, it's hard to convince them of anything other than the original narrative. The notion that Konnech and their CEO were involved in a massive voter fraud scheme by working with the Chinese Communist Party was declared a "conspiracy theory."
    If recent history has taught us anything, it's that this huge story about potential election manipulation will be swept under the rug by corporate media. But it's worse than just corporate media ignoring it. The NY Times story planted the seed that not only is Konnech's involvement just a conspiracy theory, but that "election deniers" like True the Vote are somehow dangerous. That's going to be the takeaway from many who even hear about the story at all. Unfortunately, not many Americans will.
    The second purpose is more important. Like I said, conservatives in media are easy to manipulate. This is a perfect example of the Cabal switching the focus of those of us who are trying to pay attention. Go to your favorite conservative news outlet and search for Konnech. You'll probably find two stories. One will be about the arrest. The other will be about the NY Times and their "humiliating" story the day before. Both sto

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    A Revolution of Truth

    A Revolution of Truth

    Look around you. Something very wrong is happening to our nation. It's as if most Americans are lost and the people who are supposed to be helping them find their way are leading us toward oblivion. It's not just government. It's media. It's Big Tech. It's doctors. It's clergy. The vast majority of political, cultural, and spiritual leaders in this nation are either oblivious to the real challenges we're facing or they're willfully conspiring to bring our nation down.
    There are plenty of excuses we can make and villains at which we can point our fingers. We can blame Covid. We can blame Democrats. We can blame globalists, climate change fearmongers, or groomers. We can blame China or Russia. We can blame bad policies, stolen elections, or tough luck. But at the end of the day this is OUR nation and WE must take responsibility for the disastrous direction we are be heading.
    My name is JD Rucker, and I'm done with simply pointing fingers.
    I am a Christian. I'm a husband and a dad. I'm an America First patriot born abroad who came to this nation legally. I've always voted for Republicans, but there are more members of the GOP that I wouldn't support today than those that I would. The Republican Establishment is a big part of the problem.
    I'm a journalist, though I'm reluctant to admit that considering how corporate media has tarnished the profession. I became a journalist to help bring the truth to light, but I've found that I am the exception to the rule in today's corrupted and oftentimes radical media landscape. Everyone with a newsroom and corporate money backing them is propagandizing the agenda du jour that their puppet-masters instruct them to regurgitate.
    We need better and we need it now. We need to expect more from the supposed "good guys" in media, the ones who are patriotic, the ones who love this nation. We need to expect more from Christian media as well. It seems many have either gone "woke" or they're no longer willing to speak the Biblical truth for fear of being canceled.
    This nation and this planet face more existential threats than we've ever faced. Even during World War II when 80 million people died, there was hope that if the enemy could be defeated, then normalcy could return. Today, we're having a hard time identifying exactly who the enemy is and we do not have a clear picture of the plans they have for the world. We have ideas. We can look at Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, George Soros, Bill Gates, and others who seem bent on depopulation and seizing complete control over those who remain. At this stage, I'm not even sure if the known powers-that-be are really at the top of the food chain of evil. Are they answering directly to Satan? Are there principalities and powers who are managing them? We do not know for certain, though we have a pretty good idea that the forces behind The Great Reset and other machinations are demonic in nature.
    Some will tell me that I go too far with my accusations, but I often think I don't go far enough. Evil must be called out for what it is. Do I believe those grooming children to enter the LGBTQIA+ lifestyle are just misguided, or do I think they're evil? Anyone who has read or heard my feelings on the topic before knows that I consider it to be driven by pure evil. These groomers want to separate people from their connection with God and hitting them at as early of an age as possible is the path of least resistance. If they can convince a young boy that he's actually just a girl in a male body, they can convince that young boy that God either made a mistake when He created him, or there is no God at all. That's the ultimate goal of those driving the LBGTQIA+ supremacy agenda. So, no, I do not think they are simply misguided. I believe they are driven by evil whether they realize it or not.
    That's just one example. We can look at the Covid agenda, the stolen 2020 election, climate change hysteria, the massive invasion at our southern border, manufactured food shortages, a

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    John Fetterman's Radical Marxist Wife Is the REAL Play They're Making for the Senate

    John Fetterman's Radical Marxist Wife Is the REAL Play They're Making for the Senate

    Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman isn't really running for U.S. Senate. He's on the ballot. He's doing some campaign stops. He's dodging a debate against Dr. Mehmet Oz. But he's just a placeholder. The real candidate that nobody outside of the powerbrokers in the Democrat Party know about is his radical leftist wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman.
    The official candidate has been making the news lately with his odd behavior. Just before the primary election, he suffered a stroke and was away from the public eye for over a month. But now that he's back on the campaign trail, a whole lot of people have a whole lot of questions. He was even featured on Tucker Carlson's recent show, and more specifically, the odd lump on the back of his neck was featured.
    Democrats are doing everything they can to keep him out of the spotlight. It's the Joe Biden campaign technique — stick him in the basement and hope his proxies and advocates can con enough people to make the race close so they can cheat their way to victory. This is Pennsylvania, after all, where it takes a couple of weeks to manufacture the votes Democrats need to win, as they demonstrated during the 2020 election.
    But John Fetterman is just a placeholder. The real person they intend to make Senator is his wife. Gisele Barreto Fetterman is the ultimate representation of the worst parts of the Democrat Party. She came into this nation as an illegal alien, a "Dreamer" before such a term was coined by the Obama regime. She got her green card, became a citizen, and married John Fetterman.
    Since then, her entire career has been built around woke activism and race-targeted philanthropy. She has built a resume that people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ilhan Omar could only dream of having. According to the candidate's website:
    Gisele has devoted her life to helping others, with a focus on nutrition, food equity and meeting Pennsylvanians’ basic needs. With just an empty shipping container and an open lot, Gisele opened the Free Store, distributing household goods, baby items and bicycles to those in need. In addition, she co-founded 412 Food Rescue, which sends volunteers to retailers who have surplus food that risks going bad and delivers it to nonprofits that serve the hungry. Gisele also co-founded the nonprofit For Good PGH which drives numerous initiatives on inclusion including “Hello Hijab,” which produces miniature hijabs for dolls, promoting tolerance and diversity. Most recently Gisele founded The Hollander Project, a business incubator for female entrepreneurs.
    If the Democrats are able to win in Pennsylvania, they will likely win both the Senate seat and the governorship. They need to win both for their plan to work. If John Fetterman wins, he will quickly resign due to health reasons. If Josh Shapiro defeats Doug Mastriano in the gubernatorial race, it will be on Shapiro to pick Fetterman's replacement and I'll tell you with 90% certainty that pick will be Fetterman's Neo-Marxist wife.
    I discussed this in some more detail on today's episode of America First Report.
    If you have the means, please help us to continue to spread the truth with a generous donation or by purchasing a premium subscription.

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