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America is a country based on mindsets, and it's about where you're going, not where you came from. In this podcast series, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young avoid the limitations of identity politics and explain how you can become a better American through eight mindsets.

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America is a country based on mindsets, and it's about where you're going, not where you came from. In this podcast series, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young avoid the limitations of identity politics and explain how you can become a better American through eight mindsets.

    At Odds With America

    At Odds With America

    Throughout the history of the United States, there have always been empires confronting the country. Currently, that is The Chinese Communist Party, and there are many aspects of the regime’s history and way of doing business that most Americans aren’t aware of. Dan Sullivan and Mark Young discuss China’s history, its current motivations, and how things have changed now that Trump is no longer in office.

    • America always gets stronger from taking on empires that confront them.
    • The Chinese Communist Party sees themselves as the rightful heir to run the world.
    • Quality of life in China has improved, but it’s nowhere near the quality of life in the U.S.
    • China is often desperate because exports represent their entire economy.
    • There’s no history of China interacting positively with the rest of the world.
    • America is the best investment in the world right now.

    Oprah’s interview with Donald Trump (1988): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEPs17_AkTI
    The Accidental Superpower by Peter Zeihan:
    Ballotpedia: https://ballotpedia.org/Main_Page

    • 40 min
    Why the Biggest Corporations Have Many Enemies: Episode #35

    Why the Biggest Corporations Have Many Enemies: Episode #35

    Why The Biggest Corporations Have Many Enemies

    Now that Donald Trump has announced a class action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter, a lot of facts will come to light about how these enormous companies profit from their users. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young explain
    how these corporations use their users’ attention to make money and reveal other practices you might not have been aware of.

    • Personal liability: In filing a class action suit against not only           companies but their CEOs, Donald Trump is trying to attach           personal liability.

    • Creating control: By creating a class action suit, Donald Trump       has made himself the lead plaintiff, which means he’ll have             control even if there are many other plaintiffs.

    • Selling your data: While they’re free to use, Facebook and               Twitter make money by selling their users’ data.

    • Misusing your attention: A cause of bother that you might not       have identified is that other people are misusing your attention.

    • Causes depression: Facebook can cause depression by making       you think your life isn’t as good as other people’s.

    • Long-term disintegration: The Democratic Party is in a state of       long-term disintegration now because they don’t have a single     issue that’s popular with the public.

    • 44 min
    The Unhealthy Mind when Gratitude Goes Missing Episode #34

    The Unhealthy Mind when Gratitude Goes Missing Episode #34

    The Unhealthy Mind When Gratitude Goes Missing
    Despite Democrats winning the presidency, the whole party is still wildly unhappy and dissatisfied despite having total control. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mark Young theorize why this is, and why things have become so politically polarized in the U.S.
    Even unhappier: Not being able to blame Trump for all the world’s problems anymore has made Democrats even more insufferable and unhinged.
    Angry combination: The combination of narcissism, envy, and a lack of gratitude makes for an angry person.
    Sooner or later: If you hang out with angry, unhealthy people, sooner or later you’ll catch the bug yourself.
    Availability bias: The trend to believe everything Democrats claim is because of the overwhelming bias of the socialist media.
    Confirmation bias: Social media platforms use algorithms to deliver information that matches your belief system, keeping you from seeing other points of view.
    Envious wants: Envious people often don’t want what the other person has; they just want the other person to not have it.

    • 38 min
    American Checklist #33

    American Checklist #33

    Despite the abundance and opportunities that come with living in the United States, many Americans are hopelessly unhappy. The reason is not external factors, but rather their mindset. At a certain point, every one must decide to either make the best of what they have, or complain that everyone else has it better. Join Dan Sullivan and Mark Young as they launch the American Happiness series and learn what it takes to break free of negative thought patterns and find true fulfilment in your life.

    • 50 min
    A Constitutional Crisis Episode 32

    A Constitutional Crisis Episode 32

    A Constitutional Crisis
    The problems of 2020 have continued with the federal election, but the story is not over.  Mark Young and Dan Sullivan discuss how the election results do not make sense and share predictions for what will happen over the next four years.
    Inside a republic:    All U.S. states are democracies, but they are democracies inside of a constitutionally limited republic.
    Irregularities:  We might see proof of the following voting irregularities: systematic disposal of votes for one candidate, and massive amounts of votes for one candidate that came in beyond the time of the normal polls closing.
    Odd states:  In certain key states where Trump was far ahead, they stopped counting the votes with no logical explanation whatsoever.
    Why it’s there:  The very reason the U.S. has a constitution is to protect against the ways in which election results could be manipulated.
    Misuse easier:   Misuse of new technology is easier than the detection and the countermeasures for it.
    After 8:    The Supreme Court might rule that no vote cast after 8:00 local time will be counted, and most of the suspected irregularities happened after that time.
    Still loyal:   If Biden gets seated, we will have “two presidents” over the next four years, because over 70 million people will stay loyal to Trump.
    Now open:  Trump’s personality will not allow him to come out on a loss, and he is now open to use his media power to criticize Biden’s policies, and to fundraise or campaign.

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    The Problem With Victimhood Episode # 31

    The Problem With Victimhood Episode # 31

    The Democratic Party places all importance on one’s group memberships and none on individuality. Dan Sullivan and Mark Young explain how seeking victimhood status only serves to make people unhappy.
    Victimhood status: There’s an order of importance amongst the left that’s based on victimhood. The more of a victim you are, the more status you have.
    Won’t make you happy: If you’re determined to find proof that you’re a victim, you’ll find it, but none of it will help you achieve your goals.
    Disintegrate and collapse: During the 2020s, the Democratic Party will be the first major American political party since 1856 to disintegrate and collapse.
    European thought: Social justice is a European thought that has parts of socialism, fascism, Nazi-ism, and communism in it.
    News is nothing but opinions: You used to watch the evening news to form your own opinions, and now you listen to opinions and try to figure out what is actually news.

    • 22 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Criminal 89 ,


Perfect for today. Thank you


American and happy about it ,

Expand your thinking

I am glad the podcast is back. The conversation does a great job of helping me identify and understand mindsets that are at the foundation of success - my own and others.

Jdsewhite ,

Excellent. Highly Recommended, Even for Kids.

So glad I started listening to Dan and Mark here. This is the clearest discussion of the philosophy and underlying mindsets about what has made America America that I’ve ever come across.

Warning, it will likely infuriate those who hold opposing philosophical viewpoints who are not able to discuss these ideas on their own merit, let alone face their real historical outworking, both past and present.

It’s extremely refreshing. I plan to have my kids listen, too. Incredible wisdom here for living well if you want to be a value-contributing, emotionally and psychologically (and economically) mature member of society.

Thank you Dan and Mark!

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