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A podcast on Ancient Rome and its influence on modern culture.

Ancient Rome Refocused Rob Cain

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A podcast on Ancient Rome and its influence on modern culture.



    The primary discussion is on her paper: PΩΜΑΙΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ ≠ ROMAN OCCUPATION: (MIS)PERCEPTIONS OF THE ROMAN PERIOD IN GREECE. A line from the paper sums up the direction of her research: "…very little has been written about modern perceptions of this period."This paper is available on Academia.edu.This is a fun and interesting discussion with an outstanding educator. The podcast includes the following topics:* What do modern Greeks think of their history after Actium?* Was it really that bad to live under the Romans?* As a Greek speaker Ms.Kouremenos provides an Ancient Greek and Modern Greek comparison.* Did the Europeans demonize the Romans in 18th Century writings?* Do our modern perspectives color the way we see history itself?

    • 31 min
    Boris Johnson vs. Mary Beard

    Boris Johnson vs. Mary Beard

    Anna Kouremenos (lecturer at Quinnipiac University) and Rob Cain discuss a debate between Boris Johnson, Mayor of London (at the time), and Mary Beard, noted Classicist, when they took on each other in a debate forum to decide what culture was better: the Romans or the Greeks? Ms. Kouremenos as a Greek Historical academic provides a courtside analysis.Listeners are recommended to see the full debate which is offered on YouTube at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k448JqQyj8&t=640sThe full debate is titled: Greece vs Rome, with Boris Johnson and Mary BeardAnna said, "I watched it twice." 

    • 13 min
    Roman Britain's Missing Legion

    Roman Britain's Missing Legion

    On the show Rob Cain interviews Simon Elliot the author of Roman Britain's Missing Legion: What really happened to the IX Hispana?Subjects covered in the podcast:* Evidence.* Citations in the records.* Possible solutions to the mystery.* The origins of the name Caesar.* What is the dream find for an archeologist to settle the IX Hispanamystery?* Decapitated heads discovered in Britain. What's up with that?* A favorite hypothesis of the fate of the IX Hispania.Do not miss the show, and be sure to pick up his book on Amazon.

    • 38 min
    The Roman Guide to Slave Management

    The Roman Guide to Slave Management

    Through alternating chapters of historical research, and a fictional account of the fictional nobleman named Marcus Sidonius Falx we read an owner's manual for keeping slaves. Falx is callous and brutal, but strangely engaging.According to Dr. Toner a new book is planned for his protagonist that may include a grand tour of the Roman Empire.

    • 27 min


    Hayley Russell, producer of Helicon Theatrical Productions, discusses the ancient concept of KLEOS.Kleos is the Greek word often translated to "renown", or "glory". It is related to the English word "loud" and carries the implied meaning of "what others hear about you". According to Wikipedia, a Greek hero earns kleos through accomplishing great deeds.

    • 4 min
    Don't Sacrifice the Storyteller

    Don't Sacrifice the Storyteller

    This story is about is interpreting a third century poem that puts Frogs and Mice into the characters of Ancient Heroes.Yes, this poem actually exists.Imagine you create a theater company. You decide to bring to life this ancient poem. You hold auditions, and you study the ancient storytellers called the Rhapsodoi. Picking out the best storytellers and musicians you travel to the 21st century version of the Dionysia, The Fringe, one of the world's largest art festivals in Edinburgh, Scotland. Amongst the hubbub of musicians, artists, jugglers, comedians you perform your play in the mayhem of an artistic frenzy. 

    • 50 min

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5
74 Ratings

74 Ratings

Tacitus9 ,

Very well done!

Some episodes are hit or miss, but overall Rob Cain does a great job of presenting Roman history in a very immersive and thought-proviking fashion. I like the show, but some of the subject matter, especially in later episodes, has been a little bit less exciting. Hopefully it’s not in a decline like Rome’s, and will resurge in all its glory!

elsevier ,

Love this cast

I really really wish this cast was still up. I always go back and listen to old ones. I cannot get enough. I guess life got in the way for Rob Cain. Its a shame. Miss his voice. I get stoned and wonder what the dude is doing now.?

strider_ramses ,

Excellent overall

I recently subscribed and listened to all ten of the episodes available on iTunes. Overall they have been highly entertaining, though if you're already a Roman history buff you won't be learning much that you didn't already know. That being said I found the dramatic narratives at the beginning to be riveting and the interviews keep my interest throughout.

Two small complaints however. First, please ditch the several minute long musical interludes as (for me anyway) they are highly annoying. You don't need to have an intermission, it isn't a live broadcast and I end up fast forwarding to the rest of the show. Second, if you're going to do a non ancient Rome narrative at the beginning please say so. I kept waiting for the ancient Rome connection (and sorry, the 'chick lit' didn't count, despite tossing in Virgil) and was wondering when he'd get to the point. If not for those I would rate five stars so take it as constructive feedback from a single listener and judge accordingly.

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