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We cover Atari news, reviews, and a special feature each show for the Atari 8-bit line of computers (400/800/XL/XE/XEGS)

ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast Randy Kindig, Kay Savetz, Brad Arnold

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We cover Atari news, reviews, and a special feature each show for the Atari 8-bit line of computers (400/800/XL/XE/XEGS)

    ANTIC Interview 384 - Fandal: Atari programer and archivist

    ANTIC Interview 384 - Fandal: Atari programer and archivist

    Fandal: Atari programer and archivist

    Frantisek Houra is better known to the Atari community as Fandal. He's an Atari computer programmer and long-time archivist of European Atari software. He has created many original Atari games and conversions from other platforms: including Fruity Pete, Mashed Turtles, Crescent Solitaire, and Diamondz.

    This interview took place on August 28, 2019, during the Fujiama Atari conference in Lengenfeld, Germany. Roland Wassenberg sat in to assist with the interview. Shortly after, Fandal and I and several other attendees hooked up a multijoy and played some rounds of Mashed Turtles with six players (up to eight can play), and it was so. much. fun.

    Fandal's web site

    Mashed Turtles

    Xenophobe game for sale at Video61

    • 43 min
    ANTIC Interview 383 - Gregg Squires, Atari Manager of Hardware Engineering

    ANTIC Interview 383 - Gregg Squires, Atari Manager of Hardware Engineering

    Gregg Squires, Atari Manager of Hardware Engineering

    Gregg Squires was a Manager of Hardware Engineering at Atari from 1982 through 1984, working from their New York office. He was project manager for Val, a cost-reduced version of the Atari 2600; and project manager for the Atari XL computer series. He was co-designer of the 65816 microprocessor architecture.

    Greg sent me a scan of an Atari 600XL Product Status Meeting handout dated January 1983. It's an impressive 45 pages and paints a clear picture of the timeline, costs, and issues involved with creating that computer.

    This interview took place on February 13, 2019.

    Atari VAL photo

    Atari 600XL Product Status Meeting Handout

    The Working Clock-Timer by Joel Moskowitz

    ANTIC Interview 65 - Steve Mayer, 400/800 Designer

    • 1 hr 52 min
    ANTIC Interview 382 - Rik Dickinson, Encore Video Productions

    ANTIC Interview 382 - Rik Dickinson, Encore Video Productions

    Rik Dickinson, Encore Video Productions

    Rik Dickinson is founder of Encore Video Productions, a company that rented Atari 8-bit computers to hotels for use as character generators. The computers would show information about the hotel on channel 2 of guests' televisions. This was part of a service that Encore offered to provide in-room movies that ran off videotapes. The tape machines ran on a timer, and when the movie ended, the video feed switched back to the text information displayed by the Atari.

    This interview took place on April 20, 2020.

    Forum about Encore Video Productions Display System

    Encore Video Productions

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    ANTIC Episode 67 - Still Socially Distant

    ANTIC Episode 67 - Still Socially Distant

    ANTIC Episode 67 - Still Socially Distant
    In this episode of ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Computer Podcast...Randy forgets to call the artist, formerly known as Kevin, as Kay about 100 times, we continue discussion on AtariFests and World of Atari, we help you with your free time by telling you about papercraft computers and RetroPie, and help you navigate what’s happening with vintage computer shows; plus a whole lot more Atari news!
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    ANTIC Interview 381 - Youth Advisory Board: Tracey Cullinan

    ANTIC Interview 381 - Youth Advisory Board: Tracey Cullinan

    Youth Advisory Board: Tracey Cullinan

    This is the seventh in a series of episodes featuring the kids of Atari's Youth Advisory Board. In 1983, Atari formed a Youth Advisory Board, selecting teenagers from around the United States to share their opinions about computers and video games, test software, and promote Atari's computers at events. The group consisted of kids aged 14 through 18, including Tracey Cullinan.

    Tracey worked as a salesperson at the ComputerLand store in Los Altos, California — starting at the age of 12. He started a software company, Superior Software, which produced custom software for local businesses, as well as a couple of games for the Apple II computer. At 14, Tracey was invited to be a member of the Youth Advisory Board. As part of that job, he went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago to demonstrate Atari computers. The next year, as a 15-year-old, Tracey was interviewed on the "Today" show as a young entrepreneur.

    There's a chapter about Tracey in the 1984 book "Computer Kids" by George Sullivan. (His picture in on the back cover of the book.) I'm going to read several passages from that book, quotes from Tracey.

    ...A Computerland store opened
    in a mall near my home. I made friends with the people
    who worked in the store, and they let me use the computers

    The store happened to be within walking distance of
    where I live, and I'd go there after school and on week-
    ends, or almost anytime I had free time. I often wrote
    game programs on the computers, and I bought a disk on
    which to store the programs. They let me keep the disk
    at the store.

    When customers came into the store, I'd sometimes
    help out by showing them what a computer could do.
    They'd be amazed. "What’s this nine-year-old kid doing
    showing me how a computer works?"

    I’m now working at the store. I started as an employee
    when I was twelve. I was in sales at first but later I shifted
    over to computer repair...

    I now know five or six computer languages — BASIC,
    Pascal, LOGO, plus three machine languages: 6502, the
    one that’s used on the Apple and Atari and the one I use
    the most, Z-80. I’m starting to learn 8086, the language
    for the IBM Personal Computer...

    The company that I operate is called Superior Software.
    I prepare custom programs for businesses in the
    area. One program involves inventorying and invoicing
    for a company that sells charcoal fire starters. I’ve got
    another program that gathers stock market prices from a
    computer, and then correlates them and prints them out
    for a local stockbroker.

    A third program I wrote for the Los Altos Little
    League. It’s a mailing list program. They use it in sending
    out notices about tryouts, practices, and things like that.
    I became a member of the Atari Youth Advisory Board
    because someone at the consulting firm that was getting
    the names of kids together for Atari happened to know
    my dad. When the consulting firm found out that I was
    into computers, they put my name on the list. Then the
    people at Atari picked me.

    We've been giving Atari advice mostly on their home
    computers. Later, I think they're going to ask us for advice
    on their video games and arcade games...

    I also use the computer to write game programs once
    in a while. One that I’ve written is called Glutton [for the
    Apple II.] You, the shooter, are armed with little missiles
    and positioned on the right side of the screen. You can
    move up and down only. You shoot to the left.

    The glutton moves back and forth across the screen.
    The glutton likes to eat. Different kinds of food fall from
    the top of the screen. Some of it is good food, like apples,
    carrots, and chicken drumsticks. But some of the food is
    junk food, like cupcakes and soda pop. The object of the
    game is to keep the glutton well fed, but healthy, You try
    to elimi

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    ANTIC Interview 380 - Atari Speed Reading: Karlyn Kamm and Brad Oltrogge

    ANTIC Interview 380 - Atari Speed Reading: Karlyn Kamm and Brad Oltrogge

    Atari Speed Reading: Karlyn Kamm and Brad Oltrogge

    The Atari Speed Reading software package was released by Atari in 1981. It was a self-paced program, for use with the Atari computer and a cassette drive, that promised to teach you to increase reading speed and comprehension with 30 days of practice. The package contained a workbook and five cassette tapes.

    This is an interview with two of the people who created the Atari Speed Reading package. Karlyn Kamm created the speed reading educational material at the University of Wisconsin with Dr. Wayne Otto. In 1975, she and Dr. Otto published a book titled "Speedway, the Action Way to Read." Dr. Otto died in 2017.

    Brad Oltrogge is president of Learning Multi-Systems, the software publisher that was contracted by Atari to turn Kamm and Otto's speed reading material into a product for the Atari home computer.

    This interview took place on April 16, 2020.

    Atari Speed Reading Workbook

    Atari Speed Reading at AtariWiki

    Dr. Otto obituary

    Speedway: The action way to speed read

    The Study Skills Component of the Wisconsin Design

    Learning Multi-Systems

    • 55 min

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4.9 out of 5
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90 Ratings

TwoThumbBob ,

Get your 8 bit out of the closet

The podcast is a joy to listen to. I learn new things every show and relive great memories. I put my 130xe away years ago because floppies and hardware were getting scarce. I will be setting it back up now that I know about all the new hardware that makes this wonderful machine useful again. Thanks guys, will be a longtime listener.

gyachts ,

Love reliving my old 8-bit days

Love the show, got a late start and found it after I started building up my 8-bit Atari computer collection again. I really enjoy the review and interviews.

Dneedham ,

Thoroughly enjoyable

I'm binge listening to all of the episodes now. Great show and brings back a lot of fond memories of my 800xl. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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