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An English-language podcast about arts, culture, and ideas in Denmark — Scandinavia's smallest (mostly) island nation.

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An English-language podcast about arts, culture, and ideas in Denmark — Scandinavia's smallest (mostly) island nation.

    Introducing... The Recipe

    Introducing... The Recipe

    Say hello to a brand-new food podcast.
    It’s called The Recipe — and it's all about the new generation of restaurants and the people behind them.
    If you heard the Mad World episode of Archipelago, in which we took a look at the Copenhagen restaurant scene, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what The Recipe will be like.
    We’ll be exploring what it takes to run a successful restaurant — and taking a closer look at some of the ingredients.
    Along the way, we’ll be meeting the food world’s most forward-thinking individuals — and finding out how they think, how they work, and how they’re shaping the future of the industry.
    Brought to you by Superb, The Recipe is a show for anyone who’s ever had a great plate of food put in front of them and wondered how it got there.
    Episode 1 drops on Sunday 31 October — but the only thing that’s scary about it is how inspirational it is.
    Follow us now wherever you get your podcasts.

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    Stories Behind Bars

    Stories Behind Bars

    Danish "song kindergartens" hit the right notes, while a 19th-century prison provides an unsettling location for an overnight stay.

    In this episode, we visit Trekroner Børnehus, a kindergarten outside Roskilde, to hear about Sangglad — a scheme to "increase and improve" singing in Danish pre-schools.

    Then we head to Horsens Prison Museum, in Jutland, to discover how a notorious jail has been transformed into a popular tourist attraction.

    Further reading:


    Horsens Prison Museum
    Archipelago is produced for Mothertongue Media.

    The sound design is by Squares and Triangles and Scenery.

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    Right-On Green

    Right-On Green

    Two Danish institutions have discovered eye-catching ways to go green.

    From Greta Thunberg’s school strike to the Fridays for the Future movement, there’s no shortage of children taking a stand against climate change.

    But while their activism takes place outside the school gates, some say that what kids are taught while they’re at school is just as important — if not more so.

    In this episode, we visit the Green Free School, in Amager, and talk to co-founder Phie Ambo about how the school is preparing pupils for an uncertain future and teaching them to build a sustainable society.

    Then we head to Bellahøj Kirke, in Copenhagen's northern suburbs, to see how Denmark's burgeoning "green church" movement is helping to spread the climate gospel.

    Further reading:

    The Green Free School

    Bellahøj Kirke
    Archipelago is produced for Mothertongue Media.

    The sound design is by two local artists: Squares and Triangles and Scenery.

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    The Light Fantastic

    The Light Fantastic

    In the bleak midwinter, the sun scarcely seems to rise in Denmark at all.
    Is it any wonder, then, that the Danes are so obsessed with good lighting? That Denmark has produced many of the world’s most iconic lights? That Danes have the world’s highest consumption of candles? Or that light is fundamental to the country’s best known cultural phenomenon, hygge?
    In (hopefully) the most illuminating episode of Archipelago yet, we discuss the light fantastic with three Danish design devotees: artist Morten Ravn, who turns scrap metal into sculptural lamps; interior designer Hannah Trickett, whose rare health condition means she avoids what she describes as “visual chaos”; and author Malene Lytken, whose new book, Danish Lights: 1920–Now, tells the stories of 100 lamps and the Danish designers who created them.
    Further reading:

    Strandberg Publishing / Danish Lights: 1920–Now
    Lumière Bricoleur
    Hannah Trickett
    Archipelago is produced for Mothertongue Media.

    The sound design is by two local artists: Squares and Triangles and Scenery.

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    Blixen En Pointe

    Blixen En Pointe

    “Those who wish to relive their lives, never lived them in the first place.”

    The words of Karen Blixen — the acclaimed Danish writer whose life story is the basis of a brand-new ballet created exclusively for the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen.

    Blixen sketches the writer's life story from her childhood years in Denmark through her unhappy marriage to her half-cousin Bror Blixen, her years running a coffee plantation in Kenya—where she embarked on a doomed love affair with Denys Finch Hatton—and the final years of her life, back home in Denmark, when she found global fame at last.

    To discover how to tell the life story of one of Denmark’s best-known writers through that most expressionistic yet wordless form of storytelling — ballet — we speak to three of the people behind Blixen: dancer and choreographer Gregory Dean; principal dancer Kizzy Matiakis, who plays Blixen; and costume and set designer Jon Morrell.

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    Memory Palace

    Memory Palace

    Meik Wiking is one of the world’s leading happiness experts.

    The founder of the Happiness Research Institute, he’s also the author of two New York Times bestsellers — The Little Book of Hygge and The Little Book of Lykke — which have been translated into more than 35 languages and sold over a million copies worldwide.

    Little wonder, then, that he's been dubbed “probably the world’s happiest man”.

    But when Meik turned 40, he realised that, statistically speaking, as a Danish man, he’d lived half his life.

    Which got him thinking: how many of the 14,610 days he’d lived could he remember?

    So he decided to start researching memories, culminating in his latest book — The Art of Making Memories, a lighthearted but thought-provoking series of tips about how to create and remember happy memories.

    We discuss the book with Meik and discover why Andy Warhol changed his perfume every three months, why we should take more photos of our cereal boxes, and how to memorise the order of a deck of card in just minutes.

    Further reading:

    Happiness Research Institute

    The Art of Making Memories, Penguin Random House

    Archipelago is produced by Mothertongue Media, a home for English-language podcasts in Denmark. Visit mothertongue.dk to find out more.

    The music used in Archipelago is produced by two Copenhagen-based artists:

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5.0 out of 5
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6 Ratings

CPH burro ,

Thought provoking missives from Denmark

Interesting guests, well-edited recording, and a subject that is of broad interest while drawing on perspectives local to Denmark.

Looking forward to hearing more from the fellows at Archipelago!

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