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B2B Nation is a podcast from TechnologyAdvice that shares expert opinions and advice for B2B marketing professionals. Listen along as Director of Custom Content Mike Pastore sits down with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and thought leaders to learn about the complex avenues available to B2B marketers.

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B2B Nation is a podcast from TechnologyAdvice that shares expert opinions and advice for B2B marketing professionals. Listen along as Director of Custom Content Mike Pastore sits down with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and thought leaders to learn about the complex avenues available to B2B marketers.

    What’s the State of Measurement and Attribution in Paid Media Today?

    What’s the State of Measurement and Attribution in Paid Media Today?

    The great promise of digital advertising was the ability to measure performance and optimize programs. And unlike traditional forms of media, marketers using digital ads would have detailed visibility into attribution.

    Digital advertising has helped brands big and small reach their target audience using a number of platforms and networks. Self-service tools and reporting allow even part-time marketers to launch campaigns and track their progress. 

    But digital advertising hasn’t always lived up to its potential. There are a number of platforms where businesses can buy ads, including giant media companies like Google and Meta. Each has its own reporting tools, which makes cross-channel measurement a challenge for many marketers. 

    The ever-changing privacy landscape has also made it more difficult for marketers to get accurate attribution data and will likely get more restrictive moving forward.

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    In this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we talk to Clay Cohen of Measured. His company helps marketers make more-informed marketing decisions around their media spend with a special focus on incremental media contributions. 

    Join us as we discuss the importance of unified measurement of media, how privacy regulations and vendor moves to protect data impact digital media, and how marketers should approach an economic slowdown. 

    Episode Guide

    2:30: Are marketers properly understanding and using the vast amount of data generated by their media?

    5:33: Why are marketers reliant on last-touch attribution despite all of the tools and data at their disposal?

    9:16: What is the impact of privacy regulations and data privacy policies on media tracking?

    15:17: How will a down economy impact how Clay and his colleagues market their tools?

    19:22: What is Clay’s favorite tool?

    • 22 min
    Where Does ABM Go from Here?

    Where Does ABM Go from Here?

    Account-based marketing is such an integral part of the strategy for so many B2B marketing teams that it is hard to understand how marketing worked before ABM burst onto the scene.

    The early promises of ABM included increased efficiency and better alignment between marketing and sales. When marketing knows exactly which accounts it needs to target, there’s less wasted effort. And when sales and marketing collaborate to identify those accounts, they are (in theory) on the same page.

    Today, B2B marketing is in a new phase of ABM. Beyond identifying accounts to target, marketers are combining account names with other forms of data, such as intent, to fine-tune their list even more.

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    On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we talk to Randi Barshack, CMO of ABM platform vendor Rollworks, about the evolution of ABM, how her team works to stand out in the very crowded market for marketing technology, and how marketers should approach their work in a weak economy.

    Episode Guide

    1:52: Have we reached the point where ABM is now the standard for B2B marketing?

    5:13: Does Randi think ABM has helped align marketing and sales?

    8:33: How does Randi help her brand break through the noise in the crowded martech space?

    12:13: Randi’s advice for maintaining and growing demand in a down economy.

    15:58: What is Randi’s favorite tool?

    • 18 min
    The Rise of ‘Product’ as an Engine for Growth

    The Rise of ‘Product’ as an Engine for Growth

    Product-led growth is a go-to-market strategy that relies on your organization’s products to acquire and retain customers. With the demand for digital products and experiences at an all-time high, it’s not surprising to see product-led growth gaining popularity.

    Digital products and the experiences they deliver are significant differentiators for many organizations. Today’s consumers expect seamless experiences across channels that make it easy to accomplish their goals and get what they need without delay.

    This emphasis on product as an engine for growth puts roles like product management and product marketing in the spotlight for many businesses. It also requires businesses to maintain the resources required to continually create and improve products that deliver even when market demands shift.

    Product development agencies help businesses create products from conception to go-to-market strategy. They are, in many ways, the next generation of development shops that did the coding and testing to bring digital products to life. 

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    On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, Margarita Mangino, Chief Growth Officer at product development agency Uruit, talks about the rise of digital products and product-specific roles in organizations, the challenges of transforming your go-to-market message, and how marketers should approach economic instability.

    Episode Guide

    2:01: What’s the difference between marketing services and capabilities and marketing products?

    5:00: What’s the biggest challenge Margarita and her team face in their marketing today?

    7:57: How does marketing to product teams differ from marketing to IT roles?

    10:40: What is Margarita’s advice for marketers with economic stability on the horizon?

    13:44: The advantages of offshoring work to Latin America.

    17:19: What is Margarita’s favorite tool?

    • 21 min
    What’s Working for Marketers in B2B Healthcare Tech?

    What’s Working for Marketers in B2B Healthcare Tech?

    There has been a lot of attention on the healthcare industry over the past two and a half years, and it hasn’t all come from consumers and the news media.

    Healthcare is more complicated than it was 20 or 30 years ago. There are more specialists involved in care, more facilities, and more data. That’s one reason why healthcare is a popular area for technology companies that want to help the market innovate. It’s still widely seen as a sector where the information isn’t always widely shared, the data isn’t easily converted into decisions, and manual processes remain in place.

    Tech companies looking to market solutions to healthcare providers are also finding complexity and a high number of influencers behind purchase decisions. Roles like Chief Medical Information Officer and Chief Nursing Information Officer simply did not exist in years past.

    On this episode of B2B Nation, we’re talking to Wendy White, CMO of healthcare collaboration platform TigerConnect. We discuss how the pandemic played a role in Wendy’s move to healthcare tech marketing, what’s working in marketing for healthcare tech, and the role of virtual and in-person events in TigerConnect’s strategy.

    Episode Guide

    2:15: What was it like to move into the healthcare industry during the COVID pandemic?

    3:46: Why collaboration and communication present such a challenge in healthcare.

    5:13: What makes marketing to healthcare organizations different from other verticals?

    6:46: What’s the biggest marketing challenge for TigerConnect?

    7:58: What is the one tool Wendy cannot work without?

    10:35: How much are in-person events contributing to TigerConnect’s marketing?

    12:03: “We’re all about having quality conversations.”

    • 13 min
    Which B2C Tactics Will Help Improve Your B2B Marketing?

    Which B2C Tactics Will Help Improve Your B2B Marketing?

    People don’t remove their B2C hats when they’re researching products in their business life. That’s why B2B marketers are often reminded that some of the tactics and platforms that have the “B2C” label deserve a look in B2B marketing. It’s all marketing to people, after all. 

    But B2B purchases are still made by a committee of people, each with their own preferences around content and their own needs to be met. And that’s why B2B marketers are asking questions.

    Can one-to-one strategies work in B2B where no single person has purchase authority? Can personalization, which is a cornerstone of many digital experiences for consumers, work in B2B? Do social platforms other than LinkedIn influence members of the B2B buying committee? 

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    In this episode of B2B Nation, we’re talking to Chuck Moxley, CMO of digital experience vendor Blue Triangle and co-author of An Audience of One. We’ll look for the answers to these questions and more.

    Episode Guide

    2:04: Chuck discusses his book and the idea of personalized marketing vs. mass marketing

    3:53: The three major shifts in the way people consume media and choose brands today.

    4:54: How B2C concepts like personalization apply to the B2B world.

    7:53: What do B2B marketers get wrong about personalization and 1:1 marketing?

    12:18: “You’ve got to stop thinking ‘B2B and all the rules that used to be…’”

    12:40: How does buying by committee work with personalization efforts?

    15:28: What is Chuck’s favorite tool?

    • 17 min
    How Content Marketing Done Right Drives Your Revenue Organization

    How Content Marketing Done Right Drives Your Revenue Organization

    Content marketing is more than distributing thought leadership and offering eBook downloads to attract leads. Your organization’s content can continue to serve your revenue organization (and your customers) as they interact with your sales and customer success teams.

    But your content can’t serve anyone if your team doesn’t know where to find it or can’t be reasonably sure it’s up to date and on-brand.

    Sales enablement plays a pivotal role in making sure the entire revenue organization has the tools and content it needs, And when it’s working, the right content, at the right time, for the right customer or prospect helps create those “these people get me” feeling we all aim to achieve.

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    In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Nikki Dawson, head of EMEA marketing for sales enablement platform Highspot. Nikki discusses how it is that as much as 70 percent of the content organizations create goes to waste, what’s working in demand gen for Nikki and her colleagues around the world, and how marketing, sales, and sales enablement can better work together in an effective revenue organization.

    Episode Guide

    2:17: Investing in and creating content is just the first challenge

    5:14: How is Highspot helping its customers solve sales enablement challenges?

    7:58: What’s working for Nikki’s team in their demand gen efforts?

    9:00: How do different marketing tactics perform in different global regions?

    10:40: What is Nikki’s favorite tool (other than Highspot)?

    • 12 min

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4.9 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

saffronmusic ,

Learned a lot

Light but informative with great topics.

Arlie K ,

Insightful and engaging!

It's clear that Mike puts extraordinary effort into connecting his listeners with engaging and actionable content across the board. No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend B2B Nation enough. 🙌

honestmarketingreviews ,

The ultimate podcast for B2B marketers

Absolutely love B2B Nation! It truly is the podcast for B2B marketers by B2B marketers. This podcast is a must for any marketer in the B2B space. There are so many takeaways from every single episode. The host, Mike, always knows what questions to ask the guests and keeps us listeners engaged the whole time. This podcast also has a great theme song. Looking forward to hearing new episodes!

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