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BibleAsk LIVE is both a live show and podcast where guest hosts answer your Bible Questions submitted on our website BibleAsk.LIVE.

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BibleAsk LIVE is both a live show and podcast where guest hosts answer your Bible Questions submitted on our website BibleAsk.LIVE.

    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.30 (Season Finale)

    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.30 (Season Finale)

    This weeks questions include:

    What does the bible say about yoga?

    Moses died presumably around 1450 BCE, and Malachi existed around 400 BCE. During this period of 1000 years, hundreds of prophets must known to the Jews during this time period, but the Bible records the books of only 16 Hebrew prophets. What was the reason?

    The true interpretation of the "except for Fornication" clause in Matt. 5:32 and Matt. 19:9 is " except the marriage itself be unlawful," as was the case with Herod and Herodious, Philip's wife, and Phaltiel and Michal, David's wife.  It is a repentance clause, not an excuse-to-commit-adultery clause as the body of Christ teaches.  I can reach a few, but you can reach millions.  Please teach this truth as millions are perishing for lack of knowledge. 

    How many years was it between the birth of Ishmael and Isaac?

    God is all knowing and all seeing.  He knew the outcome of the events even before he created the earth.  Why did God create Adam and Eve knowing that both would sin after he created them?

    Please give me a summary life of Moses from birth to death and how old he was when he died?

    Does God care about how we feel?

    Does the Bible mention a special resurrection of some righteous before the Second Coming of Christ?

    You stated the soul ceases to exist after death I have to disagree with for the soul is our mind, will, emotions so if the body goes to the dust and the spirit goes back to God What is judged?  Hebrews 9: 27 states once a man is appointed to die then there is judgement. So the soul does not cease to exist. it is our mind will emotions which is judged by God when people die

    If a person accepts Jesus and doesn’t get baptized (submersion) , will that person have a chance to be in heaven with Christ

    I just read the reason why Jesus didn’t resurrect John the Baptist. So what was the centurion’s servant reason for being resurrected or Darius’ daughter’s reason for being resurrected?? Makes me feel that GOD favors people and picks and chooses who he wants to bless more.

    Do you believe that, at the culmination of God’s centuries of work with and for man, all but a few of us (Mt.7:14) will be annihilated?

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    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.29

    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.29

    This weeks questions include:

    What is the Bible's response to the LGBTQI+ society.  Approve or disapprove?

    According to Luke 12:4 - 5 (fear not them that Kill the body............), Could it be that just within the four (4) Bible gospels (MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN) there was someone or some people who were planning or intending to or threatening to Kill the twelve (12) disciples of Jesus Christ? Or doesn't Luke 12:4-5 confirm that there was someone or some people who were planning or intending or threatening to Kill the twelve (12) disciples of Jesus Christ? Was there any plan or threats to Kill the twelve (12) disciples of Jesus Christ in the four (4) Bible gospels (MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN)? please, please, help. Thank you.

    What was the purpose of Jesus baptism.

    What was the purpose of baptism I heard it was because in Noah's day there was no law. They were drowned for disobedience. In 2nd Peter Jesus set the captives free. He was drowned for their disobedience. And when He came up He fulfilled their disobedience so some of them were saved. He fulfilled the law for us. We get baptized symbolically for our disobedience.

    Was Adam and Eve married?

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    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.28

    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.28

    This week we answer the following questions:

    Did God create mythical creatures like the mermaid?

    What is the sabbath day?

    If Moses was the author of Deuteronomy, how could he have recorded his own death? I have read of three suggestions made by scholars. 1st. It was Joshua who inserted this particular sentence for Moses. 2nd. It was God who completed the sentence on behalf of Moses. 3rd. It was Moses himself who was suddenly aware of his imminent death, and recorded it with tears in his eyes, then he went to die. Furthermore, It is also stated that God secretly buried Moses and the location of his grave is unknown to this day. Many people would have been present at the time of his death. Did God suddenly snatched him from their sight, and took him to heaven and restored his life? In the New Testament, we see Moses appearing on the mount of transfiguration in the company of Elijah who went to heaven without dying. So, does that explain that Moses was instantly taken to heaven and became alive again?

    Can demons follow a person to a certain location to torture another believer? (That she has been hurt by?)

    And/or can demons have a believer in a prison as Rev 2:10 tells us?

    (A strong Bible believing Christian was under a demonic possession & felt she could not feel any love of God. She was at her wits end to leave Christian’s altogether.)"

    Do I have Freedom of religion in USA worship on Sunday??

    In your answer about 666 you mentioned it's Pope but how do you know it hence there was no such title used in his crown and uriah Smith was wrong about this.

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    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.27

    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.27

    This weeks questions include:

    Speaking in tongues is listed as GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. INTERPRETATION OF TOMGUES IS LISTED AS A GIFT AS WELL. It said, tongues of fire sat upon them and they spake with other tongues. This gift was poured out there, and didn't die there. I prayed for a whole year to receive the Holy Spirit thru speaking in tongues. After a year of bothering God in prayer. I Gave up and told him so. I just told him its ok, I love you anyway Lord. Heat came upon my body and I began to speak in what I believe is An Aramaic tongue. The Holy Spirit began to sing thru me and continued for 12 years. It isn't something that takes over your person, you can mostly choose to keep silent. It is for the edification of the Church and for guidance of the soul.

    In Ezekiel 45: verse 15 through 17, it says sheep will be offered to the prince. Is this referring to Yeshua? Is this when God sets up his kingdom on Earth? If so, why is an animal sacrifice still necessary since Yeshua gave himself as sacrifice for our sins? Thank you!

    I think the begats from David to Joseph are in Matthew, correct me if I'm wrong. Why does it follow the lineage through Joseph if Joseph is not Jesus's biological father? Shouldn't it follow the lineage of Mary instead? Thank you!

    Did God forgive the Devil, when he cast him out of Heaven?

    "God threw satan out of Heaven and said woe to the earth. Don't sound good.(Rev. 12 vs 7-12)". What does it mean?

    How does Jesus have innocent blood?

    • 1 hr 9 min
    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.26

    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.26

    This weeks questions include:

    What does the Bible say about life after death? Some tell me you sleep until the end of time? others say if your heart is right with god you go to heavan. Hearing so many different Opinions.

    Why is it that all things written by Moses and or the prophets must come to pass?  Does it have to do with God's foreknowledge, His foreordination or both?
    Luk 24:44. And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me.

    Who influenced lucifer to rebel against God?

    Where in the Bible does it talk about borrowing and lending money?

    "God doeth according to his will among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou? Dan.4:35 

    If God wants something and man wants the opposite, Who gets what He wants?"

    Micah mentions Judah and Israel.  Is he speaking of the 2 divisions of the nation or using the names as a synonym?

    After Stephen was stoned, where did the disciples flee to?

    What do you know about the Book of Jasher mentioned in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18?

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    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.25

    BibleAsk LIVE - Episode 3.25

    Join Tina, Wendy and Jay for another episode of BibleAsk LIVE. This week, they answer some of the following questions:

    I offended some people and now it is no longer possible to ask forgiveness from these people (I no longer have contact with these people), and in the bible it says that anyone who does not ask forgiveness from those who have offended will go to hell. What do I do? Will God forgive me?

    I blasphemed God I said (God forgive me) that I didn't want to see the face of God and that I would never go to church. Was it blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Will God forgive me?

    If there are at least two people against someone going to heaven, that person will go to hell. That's true?

    If a person does something disgusting that makes everyone hate him with all his might and doesn't want to be around him, will he go to hell? For no one will want to live with her in heaven.

    Will all suicides go to hell?

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