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Podcast and social platform for Black queer femmes and Black dimensionalities.

Black Matter Chaz Antoine

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Podcast and social platform for Black queer femmes and Black dimensionalities.

    10. Fi-nali-tea: The gays vs queers

    10. Fi-nali-tea: The gays vs queers

    What sound does an eagle make? (You'll have to listen to get it). This is the final episode of season 1. Gurl. 🙃 I brought y'all 10 episodes of both intimate and fun "critical kiki’s”  wit creative,  unapologetic Black/queer gurlz from around Richmond and beyond. It’s been a joy production and it’s growing! 🖤💁🏽‍♂️
    Listen to Muva, madison moore and friend to the show Aaron McIntosh for this light-heated chat about public storytelling, gay vs queer, and figuring  how to take up space and be loud wit your dreams. *Quick guest appearances by Amber Esseiva and Wes Taylor. And (!) be sure to listen up to my  "words of wisdom" at the intro + check out our RVA MAG ARTICLE (first one! Yaz). Cheers to a full season!  We will be back *but with a Patreon account cuz reparations are real...Black Love! 

    Sunday Skate in Golden Gate by Otis McDonald 
    song (before amber and wes): Darksides by Coyote Hearing
    Song after Amber & Wes: Thirty First Dream by Otis McDonald
     (Last song) Black Matter Main Beat. produced by @Aureliobabbit & @Gersonbonilla,

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    9. Practice Wucha Preach

    9. Practice Wucha Preach

    Join Felix d’Eon, (and the gurlz) for a cute kiki about art, theory, and living how we wanna live through our creative practice. 

    @FelixDeon's interdisciplinary career as an artist and maker is extraordinary, unapologetically sexy, and remixes "traditional" notions of representation (aka we're here, we're queer). He and his artsy-crew parade the streets of Mexico city and worlds beyond, pushing queer-erotica to the center and cultivating space where we can be, just Be. Felix is down for a Black Matter kiki & given the current moment where just having a kiki around the table wit the gurlz feels far away, wrapping season 1 has been about celebrating memories and love between my friends and myself. Re-listening to this convos from last year Spring break inspires me to keep the joy up and find new ways to stay close wit friends because we give each other live in darkness. Hit PLAY. SUBsCribE. ShaRE. POST a review. 

    music; (1). Intro/ "Black Matter Main Beat" produced by @Aureliobabbit & @Gersonbonilla, (2). "Realism" By Text Me Records/GrandBankss, (3). closing beat: "Come On In" by Silent Partner.

    ****Somethin More: Suggested Reading----For the geeks listenin! pair with this EP: Black Looks: race and representation by bell hooks +More on felix

    • 1 hr 4 min


    Since we’re home a lot more (you better be!) waitin out COVID19, I've been missin brunch and kiki wit the gurlz! Soo, this episode is a compilation of 2 kitchen table talks wit reoccurring cohosts, muva madison moore and sis kadeem fyffe. Plus a surprise new guest, Chris Brown! (Not that one but just as cute!)...He's a sweet Black queer aspiring model-and-zaddy in training who we met out at the gay bars in Orlando and drunkenly invited to chosen family thanksgiving (2019). Hope this episode brings you joy and makes you reminisce the good times with ya gurlz, shooting the shit, pre-corona. This is Black Matter episode 8 Betches!!!

    Cohost; Chaz Antoine (host), madison, kadeem, and Chris! 

    *****Music shout-outs (in order)*****

    Black Matter Main beat: https://soundcloud.com/darklightblue and https://soundcloud.com/gersonbonilla232
     Beneath the Moonlight by Aaron Kenny
     Sudden Vision by Chasms
    (After “Flippy flipflop"} Come on in by Silent Partner.
    Black Matter Main Beat

    • 1 hr 19 min
    7. Chile con mango

    7. Chile con mango

    Owner and chef, Polo Abram of PDX based, Mis Tacones 🌮🌮🌮 https://www.facebook.com/mistaconespdx/ shares tea on things 💋 Queer 💋 POC 💋 Vegan Taqueria 💋. You'll hear what it's like living in the Portland queer POC scene while kiki-ing it up with me in their home country (Mexico!!!) for a well-deserved spring break trip. Polo is an artist, activist, and all around home-maker that believes a real kiki must have food made right from the home, blending together the flavors of being both queer and Mexican. 

    PS. Richmond! While Mis Tacones is way in PDX (far af) dont forget we got @soultacorva right in Jackson Ward AND Shockoe! Check them out in honor of this episode. 

    There's vegan queer vibes COAST TO COAST!!! 

    • 1 hr 7 min
    6. #SchoolGirlHussle wit the Dr. Ki(ara)

    6. #SchoolGirlHussle wit the Dr. Ki(ara)

    From Lizzo to colorism Blackademics, Kiara Lee-Hart and I talk all things that interests us while keeping our loud and everlasting friendship in the mix. 

    Kiara is a passionate writer, with two children’s books exploring colorism and parental incarceration (Light-Skinned, Dark-Skinned or In-Between? and Be a Man Tyrone: What Happens when Daddy Goes to Prison), a long-running blog (theblackertheberry.org). Kiara owns a t-shirt line called #SCHOOLGIRLHUSTLE. Its mission is to promote girls and women staying in school and proceeds go toward school supplies for local women and girls in need. In 2016, she was selected as one of Style Weekly’s 2016 Top 40 Under 40. 

    She's a warm friend and represents everything the Black Matter platform well brining LOTS of dimentionalities to the mic. 

    • 1 hr 14 min
    5. We Need to Heal: Black Men and Black Matter.

    5. We Need to Heal: Black Men and Black Matter.

    This is a raw recording from a Black Men's Retreat I attended in ATL put on by: https://kemeticyogi.com/ with a group of very diverse Black males, some gay and some straight identifying. 

    To follow along check out the text reviewed in this episode: 

    Random Acts of Flyness, Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYadBZIace4&has_verified=1
    Flying Lotus, Until the Quiet Comes by Kahlil Joseph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pVHC1DXQ7U
    Fabulous, The Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric. by madison moore: Prince Excerpt 

    • 1 hr 8 min

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5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Polo Abram ,

“you think you know but you have no idea”

Much love to Chaz for this podcast! Y’all need to subscribe to keep up. I love the Conversations that happen here because I literally feel like I’m there having a Kiki with my gurls. The guest feel real, genuine and approachable so it feels good like I’m there contributing to the topics and conversations. Thank you for this GEM

Prince_kf ,


Love this podcast!! Great topics, great conversation and good laughter!

Mikeyola ,

Honest conversations about gender and race

Just finished #Schoolgirlhustle and loved the conversation moving from learning, to teaching, to cultural criticism. Thanks for letting us into your friendship and honest conversations about how you both interpret and move in the world. Keep it up!

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