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Podcast by Blizzard Watch

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4.6 out of 5
114 Ratings

114 Ratings

Randomnamerandomredditor ,

My go to wow podcast

I love this podcast as well as their lorewatch! It’s always full of great information and highly entertaining. All the hosts are extremely knowledgeable, so their opinions and perspectives typically have a lot more meat to them.

Compared to other podcasts, this is great because hey aren’t biased towards one faction. They play and level on both sides and have thoughtful insight for both sides of the conflict.

pandasrdumb ,

knowledgable, but...

...the blizz d*ck-riding is strong with this crew. Blizz never does wrong-- ever. Even when they blow it at blizzcon with that diablo immortal crap, these unpaid schills will carry blizz's water. And oh dear God-- the fixation over what could be a potential 'SPOILER ALERT!' is rather annoying.

Statman2596 ,

Do you like puppies?

Do you like puppies? Do you like laughter? Do you like that happy feeling of when the you share your favorite food with your favorite people? That’s what Blizzard Watch feels like every week, just in your ear... and heart.

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