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    Blood & Rain Episode 55: At Long Last

    Blood & Rain Episode 55: At Long Last

    Six Weeks ago

    I drove to Oklahoma on my way North.

    I met @nature.pilled2.0 @evolacademy and @thesteadfastalliance for the first time.

    That weekend, the largest assembly of satanists in human history, and the spiritual warfare was evident then and is still evident now.

    I had received notice of nightmares and attacks from many.

    Prayer however, is more powerful,

    My journey North from Texas was something that bore more prayers and more spiritual strengthening than any other point in my life.

    This stop along the way was a conversation amongst brothers that was worth its weight in gold to each of us.

    We hope it serves you as well.

    The Blood & Rain Podcast

    Episode 55

    At Long Last

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    Blood & (T)Rain Episode 1: Colin Zastrow

    Blood & (T)Rain Episode 1: Colin Zastrow

    Blood & (T)Rain Podcast Episode 1 Text

    “I don’t care how I get there, but I’m going to get there.”

    You’re the young aspiring lifter walking into a gym having no clue what you’re doing.

    You take a machine for a spin for a set of 20.

    You do Dumbell curls for 10 sets.

    You do the Stephen Amell “Arrow” workout from a 2014 issue of Muscle & Fitness and assume you’ll have that body in six weeks despite already making a habit of going to your breaking point in a Muay Thai gym on top of a noodle shop or in a high school swim team setting in the chilled waters of Wisconsin.

    You go harder than anyone in the gym, especially when your body is telling you that you shouldn’t.

    But then, you meet a mentor.

    You meet a high school coach with a default setting of investing in young men.

    Or you meet a sage of strength in an unlikely setting of [insert sanitized commercial chain gym here] and ask to be taught.

    You walk into a strongman gym and get taught how to Turkish getup by a Bellator middleweight.

    Or you start a podcast on YouTube and interview some of those that chose the path of strength before you.

    You start learning the why of programming through lessons of elders and the research of your own accord.

    Suddenly, you’re not that confused, skinny kid making up for his ignorance with pure fury anymore.

    Suddenly, you’re a mentor.

    Suddenly, it’s your turn to pass on the knowledge and to be kind.

    “To teach a man to be strong is to be kind.”

    The Blood & Rain Podcast Presents:

    The Blood & (T)Rain Podcast

    Episode 1

    Colin Zastrow


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    Blood & Rain Episode 54: “Every man must be mentored.”

    Blood & Rain Episode 54: “Every man must be mentored.”

    How can you trailblaze, if no one has shown you where the wilderness begins?

    Why would you go through what is known without a mentor?

    “I needed to learn it the hard way.”

    How would you know if there was no one to tell you whether that mantra was truth or illusion in your latest use of it?

    To the self-deprecating, they feel unworthy of such a service. Yet mentoring served the mentor as much as the student.

    To the loner, the prospect of a mentor can be terrifying, as a distorted view of autonomy can be shattered.

    Some have a will to carry them on their own to where they aim to go, but much of that energy could have been channeled to go even further had it been guided by a mentor.

    Every man needs that mentor.

    The Blood & Rain Podcast

    Episode 54

    Every man must be Mentored.

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    Blood & Rain Episode 53: God is Beyond Words

    Blood & Rain Episode 53: God is Beyond Words

    Blessed is this Theophany

    As is every Theophany

    To try to place faith into words is impossible.

    To try to quantify the goodness of a God who blesses beyond measure is fruitless.

    To contemplate the grandeur of His plan is an endless pursuit.

    It is a war being on this Earth.

    God grants us many comforts and times of peace.

    But there is a constant struggle of word, and deed, and thought we must engage in at all times.

    Every word, deed, or though is either a victory for death and dust.

    Or a victory for life and God.

    Whether voluntary or involuntary.

    We can speak on this in thousands of ways.

    Here are a few of them in humility from two brothers in Christ.

    The Blood & Rain Podcast

    Episode 53

    God is beyond words.



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    Blood & Rain Episode 52: “Onward”

    Blood & Rain Episode 52: “Onward”

    It’s been 1 Year of the Blood & Rain Podcast

    I was blessed to learn from my guests.

    The experience has served me, and it hope the podcast has served many of you.

    Things are very different a year later, and are about change even more.

    Here’s all I have to say.


    The Blood & Rain Podcast

    Episode 52


    #bloodandrain #afuryunrivaled

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    Blood & Rain Poetry Podcast #3

    Blood & Rain Poetry Podcast #3

    Don’t talk to me about what this man stood for.

    I personally don’t care.

    Link him with whatever you want, I won’t look it up and will probably say “you’re right.”

    Do you know why he wrote this?

    He’s dead, and I can’t ask.

    What did I hear when I first listened to it?

    I heard all of THIS:


    For better or for worse.

    Not evil.

    Not innocent.

    No nation is innocent.

    Self-destruction being “cool” is on its last legs.

    Hating your country is three steps away from hating yourself.

    Hating the external can lead to the hatred the internal.

    The fractal nature is far more bidirectional that your parents ever told you.

    The nature of most things is.

    The principles on paper need a far greater execution.

    If you’re outsourcing it to the Olympic cycle of the ballot box, you’re a shill for oligarchical eclipsing.

    Execute these principles in the world around you,

    So Democracy can come to the USA.

    The Blood & Rain Poetry Podcast

    Episode 3

    “Democracy” by Leonard Cohen

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11 Ratings

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