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The Brain Fuzz art podcast hosted by artists Joe Camoosa and Matthew White was born of the conversations between two people that both consume and create art. Topics include the creative process, art exhibitions, managing a studio, travel, bands, vinyl record collections, and whatever else might come up. We’ll call that culture.

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The Brain Fuzz art podcast hosted by artists Joe Camoosa and Matthew White was born of the conversations between two people that both consume and create art. Topics include the creative process, art exhibitions, managing a studio, travel, bands, vinyl record collections, and whatever else might come up. We’ll call that culture.

    Esteban Patino And The Illusion of Language

    Esteban Patino And The Illusion of Language

    Joe and Matthew visit Esteban Patino in his Atlanta studio. A book recommendation is passed along, and ancient cultures are considered. His personally developed system of symbols is explored. A strategy for making art in an artist residency is offered. The merits of a clean studio are celebrated. And, a question is examined: What is making “Colombian art” supposed to look like?

    (Un)Required Resources For This Episode

    * esteban-patino.com* Atlanta Art Week* The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston at Bookshop.org* GlogauAIR Artists In Residence, Berlin* “Craig Drennen And The Hijacking of Bandwidth,” Brain Fuzz Podcast* “Marc Brotherton At The Temporary Art Center,” Brain Fuzz Podcast

    Who Is Esteban Patino?

    Born in Medellín, Colombia, Esteban Patino’s work explores the multitudes of language creation and perception. Spanning sculpture, collage, painting and murals, the concepts of transmission, reception, communication vs. miscommunication, and semiotics permeate his work.

    In order to consider these questions he created a system of symbols that are based on 6 characters, each of which rotate on their own axis 4 times to make a total of 24 characters. With these shapes—which are an alphabet that creates the illusion of language—he plays with word structures by creating palindromes, speech bubbles, heaps of language, and metaphors to represent how we understand written and spoken language.

    Bio (excerpted) and image from Spalding Nix Fine Art.

    • 59 min
    Mike Stasny Cares Deeply.

    Mike Stasny Cares Deeply.

    Artist dynamo Mike Stasny hosts Joe and Matthew in his creative space in Underground Atlanta. Serving as a venue, gallery, studio, and performance space, the three explore the idea that the space may actually be a walk-in version of his brain. The conversation spans the DIY aesthetic to graphic design, marketing, and even the nature of conversation itself. And, it all begins with the topic of karaoke.

    (Un)required Resources For This Episode

    * David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” on Wikipedia* Moonage Daydream on IMDb* Underground Atlanta* “What What (In the Butt)” on Wikipedia* “Portmanteau” at Merriam-Webster* Primetime Glick at IMDb* Gilles Deleuze on Wikipedia* The philosophical concept of the rhizome on Wikipedia

    Who Is Mike Stasny?

    Inspired by the intrinsic learning achieved by a state of childish “flow” while at play – Mike Stasny often refers to his work as “the same thing I was doing at 4, but on the scale of a 42-year-old”. He is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician, producer and curator from the midwest working and based out of Atlanta for the past 10 years. His primary focus is “creative place making” or “creative space design” in which he activates under-utilized locations with imaginative experiences that activate community in time, culture, the economy, and space.

    Find out more at mikestasny.com and on Instagram @extremely_michael.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Artificial Curation

    Artificial Curation

    Joe and Matthew explore the results of an experiment using ChatGPT technology to curate contemporary art shows. Sharpen that pencil and get your notepad ready: Three concepts and batches of artists for shows are fleshed out – all using AI. Joe offers up the Brain Fuzz Audio Pick of the Day. Mores in karaoke culture are unpacked. A future episode is foreshadowed.

    (Un)required Resources

    * Trevor Paglen at PaceGallery.com* Joe Fig at JoeFig.com* Karen Dalton at AllMusic.com* Andy Shauf at AllMusic.com

    • 38 min
    Institutional Fatigue

    Institutional Fatigue

    Joe and Matthew discuss both positive and negative museum experiences, paving the way for a wider discussion of recent events in the contemporary art world. An arts reading assignment continues. The Brain Fuzz news segment returns, and an arts-related experiment is teased.

    (Un)required Resources For This Episode

    * SCAD Museum of Art* Mika Rottenberg at hauserwirth.com* Rachel Feinstein at gagosian.com* Laney Contemporary* Christy Bush* Tabitha Soren* Authority and Freedom by Jed Perl* “Poetry in the Expanded Field” by John Yau at HYPERALLERGIC* “Former Tom Sachs Employees Detail New Allegations of Meager Pay and Dehumanizing Work for the Artist and His Wife, Sarah Hoover” from artnet* “Portland Art Museum’s treatment of Karuk mother who wore Indigenous baby carrier echoes past harm, mom says” from The Oregonian* “OpenAI’s former top safety researcher says there’s a ‘10 to 20% chance’ that the tech will take over with many or most ‘humans dead’” from Fortune

    • 33 min
    MaDora Frey And The Search For The Sublime

    MaDora Frey And The Search For The Sublime

    Artist MaDora Frey joins Joe and Matthew at her 2023 installation in whitespec at Atlanta’s Whitespace Gallery. They discuss her journey from painting and the influences on her work, including the unique environment of her youth. Mirrors are front and center. Personal news is shared. Art speak is kept to a minimum.

    (Un)required Resources For This Episode

    * MaDoraFrey.com* Whitespace Gallery* Review of In Plein Air by Pam Longobardi at Burnaway* Robert Smithson at the holtsmithsonfoundation.org* “Incidents of Mirror-Travel in the Yucatan” at Artforum* “Ab-Ex and Disco Balls” by Amy Sillman in Artforum* Katharina Grosse at Artnet* “Why A.I. Artist Refik Anadol was the Real Breakout Star of the 65th Grammy Awards” at Artnet

    Who Is MaDora Frey?

    MaDora Frey, originally from Georgia, employs a diverse artistic practice to explore her romantic regard for both the natural and built environment and her search for the sublime. Frey’s work takes the form of temporary installations created outdoors, of which only a photograph remains, large-scale public works, and studio works.

    She received her MFA in painting, magna cum laude, from the New York Academy of Art and her BFA, with a concentration in drawing and printmaking, from Auburn University. Additionally, Frey studied at the Florence Academy, Florence, Italy. Her work is held in numerous private collections.

    Bio excerpted from MaDoraFrey.com. Images courtesy of the artist.

    • 55 min
    . . . And We're Back

    . . . And We're Back

    In their triumphant return for a fourth season, Joe and Matthew review an art review, discuss some shows, and hit some high points of a cultural fact-finding mission. Trends in interior decorating are touched upon. Summer arts reading is referenced. Matthew takes the Brain Fuzz Audio Pick of the Day.

    (Un)required Resources

    * Review by Ben Davis at Artnet: “An Extremely Intelligent Lava Lamp: Refik Anadol’s A.I. Art Extravaganza at MoMA Is Fun, Just Don’t Think About It Too Hard“* Authority and Freedom by Jed Perl* Antler Beer & Wine Dispensary at thrillist* bitforms gallery* Freight + Volume* Merchant, Mistress, and T at Freight + Volume* Edward Hopper’s New York at the Whitney* Coltrane: The Story of a Sound by Ben Ratliff at Amazon* Bitches Brew at AllMusic.com* Head Hunters at AllMusic.com

    • 35 min

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Joe & Matthew’s scholarly & humorous approach to podcasting is entertaining & educational, shedding light in the sometimes dark, mysterious & misunderstood corners of the art world, it’s surrounding ecosystem, and even ancillary matters that may seem irrelevant, but actually play a role in our everyday lives. Brain Fuzz has become an important venue for artists, curators, others who have chosen to live art centric lives, as well as, from time to time, opening our eyes to the road less traveled.

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