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Bruha Baddies is a Filipino/a/x podcast meant to create a space of healing, and discussion. It is our mission that through conversation and narratives that we may help develop solutions for the Filipino/a/x community

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Bruha Baddies is a Filipino/a/x podcast meant to create a space of healing, and discussion. It is our mission that through conversation and narratives that we may help develop solutions for the Filipino/a/x community

    Kapit Sa Gabi: Brew-ha Baddies Drunk Season 3Finale

    Kapit Sa Gabi: Brew-ha Baddies Drunk Season 3Finale

    In today’s episode, we invite y’all to raise a glass, plastic tumbler, or hydroflask with us as we close out season 3!


    Show Notes: 


    Jean was on UNLV’s We Need to Talk

    Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

    So you don’t miss it:

    Co-Zi Zine Makin Hangout


    Hoping for a Filipino poetry night in the next year

    Hoping for a theatre presentation on Filipinos in the next year

    Grateful for Co-host commitment


    Writing poems: let your guard down and be a whirlpool of wordz

    Cortisone-10: it’s cold dry skin season

    Reading books out loud w/ your kiddos


    Fuzzy socks to keep your toesies warm

    New ABBA music! “Don’t Shut Me Down”

    • 50 min
    The Intersections of Andrea Darby: Scientist, Blerd, Biracial, Leader, Advocate

    The Intersections of Andrea Darby: Scientist, Blerd, Biracial, Leader, Advocate

    Co-host Jean and Andrea (Drea) Darby go back to UNLV Days circa 4 years ago. Jean initially met Drea as a student leader attending NEW Leadership Nevada 2018. Since then Drea has gone off to get a PhD at Cornell back east, far away from her home. She was born in The Bay Area but was raised in Nevada. They reconnected after Jean’s zine release, “Are You Filipino?” and fruitful conversations about being biracial were shared. Today, we honor and appreciate Drea for her time and the time difference to record this episode. We hope our BB listeners gain and grow from this conversation today about identity, Filipinos response to anti-blackness, and the importance of fandom in creating joy!



    Asia Jackson - Black Filipina influencer

    Unapologetic- Charlene Carruthers

    Anime- Marimashta Iruma-Kun



    Urban Nation- @bianca.jpeg

    Godzilla versus King Kong

    Free Zines-Professor Munson



    Afterparties (Anthony Veasna So) --- short stories

    Trying out new recipes --- like wine in stew

    Block spam callers


    Vogue Robinson - Local Black poet and educator

    Follow Cozi cus some cool shit going down

    Kapwa Comics- new comic collab crew on all things Filipino

    • 59 min
    Multidimensional Medium: Krisell Valenzuela on Psychic Ability

    Multidimensional Medium: Krisell Valenzuela on Psychic Ability

    Bruha Baddies co-hosts Nicole and Jean discuss with Krisell an in depth look at her work as a spiritual practitioner. She is the first to come on to our show regarding this topic! For our curious listeners, this conversation aids on how we perceive ourselves culturally as Filipino/a/x s in relation with energy and spirituality. 

    Helpful Links on reaching Krisell

    Website: https://www.krisellcan.com/

    Instagram: @krisellcan.medium

    Her services: https://www.krisellcan.com/offerings.html



    Psychic Playlist from getting on mailing list

    Monthly drop in play circle

    Group experience on past life regressions


    Luna Li @lunaliband



    1984 Graphic Novel: Original novel by George Orwell and Illustrations by Fido Nesti

    The Good Asian Graphic Novel: Written by Pornshak Pichetshote (Thai American), Drawn by Alexandre Tefenkgi


    • 1 hr 16 min
    Filipino Guilt Trips: Shaming into Obedience

    Filipino Guilt Trips: Shaming into Obedience

    Last episode we talked about Guilty Pleasures: Loving and Liking things without shame. That’s a practice in itself. Some days will be easier and some days will be harder. We’re extending this conversation about shame. Today on BB, we are talking about guilt tactics. What have we experienced, specifically within our Filipino culture that are ways of shaming us? Find out with us today!




    Audiobooks at 1.25x speed.

    Collard greens cooked in bacon

    Bob’s Burgers


    Kettle Brand Chips Korean Barbecue Flavor

    Rest over Coffee

    Curry Gatorade Comic @jeaniebeanmarie

    • 53 min
    Guilty Pleasures

    Guilty Pleasures

    Tune in to this talk about the Bruha Baddies' guilty pleasures! What's a guilty pleasure you have that our culture could potentially shame you about? Nicole, Jean, and Daniel open up in a WALANG HIYA way!


    3 Recommendations


    Charleston Smiles Dentistry on E Charleston & Nellis

    Anne Carly’s | My Feelings Shop

    Sweet Tart’s Rope


    Donors Choose


    Mini desserts


    Lazy Dog Restaurant


    Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Budjette Baddies: TRESE Co-Creator Special Guest

    Budjette Baddies: TRESE Co-Creator Special Guest

    Today’s episode is part four of a multi-part series where we hardcore nerd out about TRESE, the Netflix Original is based on the Filipino komik series by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. Team BB is hashtag blessed to have a legendary Pinoy comics hustler, founding member of Alamat Comics, award-winning writer, co-creator, editor and partly responsible for this Trese nerd fest...BUDJETTE TAN.

    Prepare to laugh & be inspired!!

    Budjette episode resources:

    Hans Christian Anderson Ties with Jose Rizal

    Whilce Portactio (Marvel Filipino Comic Book Writer & Artist)




    Penlab.ink-website 300 titles comics creators in pandemic for Filipino

    Sound Comics Anthology - Comixology South East Asian stories Difference Engine

    Manila Noir - Acashik Press (Trese’s in there)

    Please pick up a Lego set today and build something


    Ep 24 of Komiks Kwentuhan on YouTube was really informative for me as someone who is an outsider to Pinoy comic history and more broadly, Pinoy nerd pop culture (PINERD). The 52 minute mark might be my favorite. *this video is primarily in Taglish*

    “Hatinggabi” by The Bed Bites is an antidepressant.

    Pick up your trash when you’re hiking.


    Lola (graphic novel) by J. Torres

    DuoLingo? I’ve been learning Korean!

    Trese-mé (Kambal Fanart)

    Jean (Thinking of other sweet comics to consider that are filipino related)

    Petro and the Flea King by Ken Lamug

    Whirlwind Wonderland by Rina Ayuyang 

    Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, and Me by Lorina Mapa


    • 1 hr 35 min

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5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Keetana.FT86 ,

American Pinay

I just started listening to your podcast and ya’ll mentioned being cut-off since you’re the youngest sibling (bunso). As I am too. My parents came to the US in the late 70’s leaving 5 of my siblings behind to be raised by my grandmother on my mom’s side. I then was born, and only one born in the US. I too was then raised by my grandma (on my dad’s side) in the Bay Area. During that time though, my parents were hella hustling - finding work all over California. My siblings were brought here to the US in the mid 80’s and by the early 90’s I was cut-off by not understanding my siblings and the way they were raised. My dad and mom would always say, “you wouldn’t understand because you’re the only one born here.” Again, I grew up without knowing my siblings very well. I felt alone. I didn’t want to be in the medical field after high school, I was shunned. I wanted to be in the architectural and engineering industry. I put myself to work, bought my own house when I was 24. Been living alone until I became engaged. Dude, my parents or my siblings never even spent a night or a weekend at my house! Where are they now? Living in the same city as my parents. I repeat history, I lived on my own again. “Cause I’m an American, I wouldn’t understand.”

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