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Business with Purpose takes you “behind the scenes” with some of the world’s most generous entrepreneurs with host Molly Stillman of "still being molly blog - stillbeingmolly.com." From the CEOs of mission-driven brands, to directors of small, community non-profits, and everything in between, Molly is sitting down with men and women who believe in changing the world through not only their personal lives, but also their professional careers. We believe that every person was created with a purpose, for a purpose and this podcast gives inspiration for how we can all make an impact by supporting businesses with purpose.

Business with Purpose Molly Stillman - Blogger, Speaker, Believer, and Social Change Agent

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Business with Purpose takes you “behind the scenes” with some of the world’s most generous entrepreneurs with host Molly Stillman of "still being molly blog - stillbeingmolly.com." From the CEOs of mission-driven brands, to directors of small, community non-profits, and everything in between, Molly is sitting down with men and women who believe in changing the world through not only their personal lives, but also their professional careers. We believe that every person was created with a purpose, for a purpose and this podcast gives inspiration for how we can all make an impact by supporting businesses with purpose.

    Living and Leading with Impact | EP 201: Miracle Olatunji, Founder of OpportuniMe

    Living and Leading with Impact | EP 201: Miracle Olatunji, Founder of OpportuniMe

    There is nothing more encouraging to me than seeing young people making a difference and pursing entrepreneurship; being the change-makers. They push me to do more and be better. My guest today is an incredibly inspiring young leader named Miracle Olatunji. Miracle is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and the author of the book, “Purpose: How to Live and Lead with Impact.” In high school (yes, high school), she founded OpportuniMe, an education startup that connects high school youth to summer experiential-learning opportunities for passion, career, and self-discovery. Miracle is absolutely that. She is an incredibly inspiring young leader and you’re going to love my conversation with her today!
    2:27 - The Miracle 101
    Miracle’s story starts before she was born. The fact that Miracle is alive today is exactly why she got her name. When Miracle’s mother was pregnant, she started having premature contractions and doctors told her that the changes of her baby surviving prematurely were pretty much non-existent. Despite that grim statement, Miracle was born full-term and healthy. Her path to entrepreneurship started in a program called The Diamond Challenge, a entrepreneurship contest for high school students. Miracle decided to try it out and pitched an idea with her friends. That experience gave her the confidence to never limit herself based on her age, gender, or anything else. Through the Diamond Challenge, Miracle started her first organization, OpportuniMe. OpportuniMe helps people realize and reach their full potential through connection to opportunities and resources to explore different career paths and connect with other young people. Miracle’s first book “Purpose” was published in the summer of 2019. 4:25 – The Diamond Challenge
    The Diamond Challenge that Miracle participated in is a competition run through the University of Delaware but is specifically for high school students. The program gives students access to video courses about entrepreneurship and the process of turning an idea into reality. There are two tracks to the competition, the business side and the social enterprise side. Various colleges, high schools, and churches all over the world host “pitch sites.” Students can also pitch their ideas virtually. Miracle participated in the follow up event after the Diamond Challenge. While in her first year at the follow-up event, she was inspired by the closing keynote speaker who said that one of the key parts of entrepreneurship is solving problems. When she returned to school in the fall and talked about her experience with the Diamond Challenge, she realized how many of her peers didn’t know about the opportunities out there for them or that these programs existed. Miracle learned that your passion must be cultivated. It doesn’t fall from the sky and into your lap. She knew her peers simply didn’t have the same access to opportunities that open the doors to interests and passions. 9:05 – OpportuniMe
    Miracle started OpportuniMe when she was just 17 years old. Since then the biggest lesson she’s learned is the power of her mindset. She didn’t know a lot in the beginning. She had to work on herself push through the fear of rejection when starting things she’d never done before. She realized that if you don’t ask for anything, you don’t even have the opportunity for a “yes”, “no”, or “not right now.” Miracle is realizing now in college, that many college students are experiencing the same feelings of trying to discover what they are passionate about and that they are also trying to find purpose. She has extended the mission beyond high school students to also include people who are going to be entering the workforce soon, are entering it now, or have been in it for a few years. 15:37 – Purpose: How to Live and Lead with Impact
    At the start o

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    EPISODE 200 CELEBRATION with Special Guest: my husband, John!

    EPISODE 200 CELEBRATION with Special Guest: my husband, John!

    It’s Episode 200, and today’s guest is the one and only John Stillman, my husband! I knew for this episode I’d have to invite my special guest back to the show. His first appearance was Episode 100, and since my listeners loved it, I thought it was about time I brought him back for another interview! It’s hard to believe we are here at 200 episodes. It was a different time when I launched this show in the summer of 2016. I certainly didn’t think then about being at episode 200. We have some fun things planned including listener-submitted questions, a review of the top 10 episodes, and more!
    4:31 – Kicking things off with the first user-submitted question which is actually a question that many of you asked: “What have things been like for us over the past few months?” We’re both self-employed. John has a financial advising business and media company and went from working in an office to working from home with me! During quarantine 2020, we’ve developed some habits and routines that John enjoys very much, especially getting Chipotle for lunch every Monday. We don’t know what we were doing on Saturdays before Covid-19, but we’ve finished a number of house projects that have been waiting for us to complete them and enjoyed leisurely prepared breakfasts and slow mornings. Since I’m working at home and home-schooling, implementing true rest on the weekends became important too, which led us to examine our Sabbath and really for the first time, intentionally carve out a time for rest on the weekends. John’s weeknight habits have changed too. He’s much less inclined to do any work on his laptop in the evenings, compared to when he was working all day in the office. He’s been more disciplined in keeping his workday confined to regular business hours because he’s already home all day. We both feel much more efficient, too. It’s been really nice to be home together. When John started returning to the office for half days, it was actually much harder than either of us thought it was going to be! The biggest adjustment for me has been recording podcasts at home. I usually go to the recording studio, but moving all of that into well, basically my closet, has been a big transition. 10:19 – User Submitted Questions, Let’s Dive into the Q&A! 10:40 – Question One: “What is your favorite quality about the other person?”
    12:57 – Question Two: “John, you have edited nearly all of Molly’s podcasts episodes. Which one, or which ones have stood out to you. Do you have any particularly favorite interviews?”
    14:12 – Question Three: “How do you build your business as a woman without losing your marriage?”
    21:03 – We’re going to take a quick break from questions to recap the top 10 episodes of the first 200 of the Business With Purpose podcast! These are the most popular episodes based on the highest number of downloads + a few honorable mentions of my personal favorites:
    21: 30, #10 –Episode 129: Chris Solt, Executive Director at Fair Trade Federation
    21:47, #9 – Episode 149: Llenay Ferretti, Ten Thousand Villages & Bhava World Project
    22:04, #8 – Episode 100: The 100th Episode Spectacular with Guest – My Husband!
    22:22, #7 – Episode 110: How To Know If A Brand Is Ethical
    22:41, #6 – Episode 139: Mark Choyt, Reflective Jewelry
    24:04, #5 – Episode 136: Fair Trade Federation Conference Recap
    24:26, #4 Episode 130: Solo Episode, So You Just Marie-Kondo’D Your Life? What to Do with All Those Things That Don’t Spark Joy
    25:37, #3 Episode 137: Rebecca Smith, Better Life Bags
    26:20, #2 Episode 135: Kat Eckles, Founder of Clean Juice
    26:38, #1 Episode 71: Devan Kline & Morgan Kline, Founders of Burn Boot Camp
    27:25, Honorable Mentions: These are some of my all-time favorites in no particular order:
    27:36 Episode 165, Santiago, “Jimmy” Mellado, Comp

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    The Sustainable Alternative for Single-Use Items | EP 199: Isabel Aagaard, co-founder of LastObject

    The Sustainable Alternative for Single-Use Items | EP 199: Isabel Aagaard, co-founder of LastObject

    Over the last couple years, I’ve been on a slow but steady journey of becoming somebody who is less wasteful. I may not get to the point of being able to fit all my trash from the month into a mason jar, but I have been making slow, intentional choices to reduce and use less waste. Along this journey, there have been certain items that have made me wonder, “Could there be a zero waste option for this?” Especially for bathroom products like Q tips and tissues. There have not been many options on the market…until today! My guest this week is Isabel Aagaard, founder of Last Object, a Danish design trio who have chosen to tackle some of the least sexy objects out there like cotton swabs and disposable tissues. They are addressing the problem of single-use items and looking past the highly visible culprits like plastic bottles and straws. Last Swab is the reusable alternative to cotton swabs, which replace the need for the 1.5 billion single-use Q tips produced daily, only to be thrown out after one use. Last Tissue saves 2 liters of water per tissue and has become wildly popular on Kickstarter. Prior to founding Last Object, Isabel designed the first reusable chemotherapy bag to reduce waste in the medical industry, and it is now being used all over Denmark. I was fascinated with this conversation with Isabel and know you’re going to love learning about these unique designs that’s changing the world!
    4:22 - The Isabel 101
    Isabel was born and raised in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. She has an IT background and obtained a master’s degree in collaborative design. That background brought her to where she is today, along with her passion for the environment and startups. All of Isabel’s focus combines sustainability with collaborative design efforts. She loves exploring how to create and make things that are usable in collaboration with the people who will be using them. Isabel’s worlds meet at the intersection of anthropology and collaboration and is referred to as Co-design. It’s a field that’s grown in the last few years and has started to spread through other countries. As an example, when working for hospitals, instead of looking at patients and creating a design solution for them, Isabel creates tools to help patients design their own solutions. It takes people, interactions, and their abilities into account, instead of being a designer who decides what they think is best for the design. 8:29 – Last Object
    Last Object’s mission is to create an alternative to single-use items. They started with Last Swab and Last Tissue as the first two products. There are three designers (one of whom is Isabel’s brother). When Isabel was working in design for hospitals, the idea for starting a sustainable design business started over lunch one day with her brother and a designer named Cole. In doing various research on the contributing facts to pollution with single-use items, they found that Q tips were one of the 10 biggest contributors to waste on the planet. They also knew they wanted to tackle issues that have not been tackled already (like alternatives to plastic straws). They also wanted to look at single-use items that are frequently used, so that cutting down of those products would make a huge impact. Last Object starts the design process by thinking of the simplest way to recreate a reusable product. It has to be something you would know how to use just by looking at the design. There are many iterations that happen before a final product comes to fruition. The team continues prototyping, using different forms, scaling up, scaling down, and testing with 3D printing, and experimenting with paint palettes. Last Object debuted in April 2019. The initial reactions in the marketplace started about 50/50 on social media. Some loved it, others thought it was gross, but the most important thing t

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    Prioritizing Profit, People, and Planet | EP 198: Jessica Mah, CEO of inDinero

    Prioritizing Profit, People, and Planet | EP 198: Jessica Mah, CEO of inDinero

    As a business owner, often one of our biggest pain points are taxes and accounting. My guest today is especially passionate about helping social entrepreneurs tackle this aspect of their business in a purposeful way. Jessica Mah is the founder and CEO of inDinero and loves helping entrepreneurs run better businesses. She has grown the company from zero to over 250 employees and has been featured in the Forbes & Inc “30 Under 30 list.” Jessica left high school at age 15 to attend Bard College at Simon’s Rock, studied computer science at UC Berkeley, went through Y Combinator, and is a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). I loved talking with Jessica! She is brilliant and can take concepts like taxes and accounting, do them with passion and purpose, and even make others excited about them! Join me for this inspiring conversation with Jessica Mah.
    2:17 - The Jess 101 Jess Mah is the founder and CEO of a company called inDinero. inDinero does accounting and taxes for small businesses with the idea that there’s a better way to deliver a more delightful accounting experience for business owners through technology and automation. Jess found a way to create sustainable and ethical finance for businesses working on social issues. B Corps are certified purpose-driven organizations, but it is an extremely difficult process to be certified. It can take years to prepare for, and Jess and her team help their customers who have purpose-driven businesses make a greater impact right away rather than getting bogged down in years of certification processes. 6:07 – Purpose-Driven Organizations in a Time of Crisis. During this unprecedented time of a global pandemic, the work of inDinero can help businesses tackle the difficult questions that may initially arise like “How will we pay our rent”, or “How do we deal with payroll when our employees are not working?” Once that painful part has been addressed and tackled, the next steps are finding ways to recalibrate and innovate for a “new normal.” It can be hard to see the other side of the hard times or the breakthrough that can come from a challenging season in our businesses or personal lives. Jess is using that mission-driven motivation from both her personal and professional life to rally with other organizations (like c19coalition.org) and raise working capital to provide PPE for hospitals and other businesses. 13:39 – Prioritizing Profit, People, and Planet Jess had an epiphany while attending a CEO summit series. She initially got into accounting because she believed it could be turned around from something that’s typically boring to something that’s sexy. She wanted to help companies feel like they’re doing something impactful for business and the world at large. While speaking with a very successful global business owner at the summit series, Jess told him that she loves her business and would like for it to be more helpful and impactful. The conversation helped Jess consider how doubling or tripling a company’s bottom line, helping them manage their giving program, and lending to other non-profit organizations could allow them to do more good overall. 17:15 – Purpose Along the Way Jess’ first goal was to make an entrepreneur’s life better because accounting and financial management is so painful for entrepreneurs. What she found over the years was that it didn’t feel as impactful as she thought it could and knew she could help business impact scale up to 80-90%. So many entrepreneurs are or have been in Jess’ shoes where they start making a profit and realize they want to be able to do good as well. That process is challenging because once they’ve started growing profit, they don’t have as strong of a cultural pull to make a difference. The products being sold may not be directly tied to impact. Jess started being more ca

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    Before You Quit Your Job (& Other Life Lessons) | EP 197: Keenya Kelly

    Before You Quit Your Job (& Other Life Lessons) | EP 197: Keenya Kelly

    I am so excited to welcome Keenya Kelly to the show this week. Keenya is an incredible, powerhouse entrepreneur. We connected a few months ago and I knew I wanted to have her on the show. We had such an incredible conversation and I know you're going to be encouraged and inspired!
    ABOUT KEENYA KELLY: As an accomplished business executive, teacher and inspirational speaker, Keenya Kelly found her voice by writing & speaking about understanding your God-given purpose and living up to your fullest potential. She captures her audiences by conveying powerful lessons of overcoming fear, self-doubt, & divorce to creating successful six-figure businesses.
    Keenya believes that when you identify with who you are at the core of your being, begin a journey of overcoming obstacles and self-doubt, you can achieve absolute greatness.
    Keenya Kelly leaves audiences with a sense of empowerment and a call to action that encourages them to reach their full potential. She believes that everyone is equipped; people can do and become anything they put their minds to despite their starting points. Keenya has helped countless individuals and entrepreneurs realize how to finish strong. Her proven strategies will show you how you can be NEXT!
    BOOK: Before you quit your job With the rise of social media entrepreneurship at an all-time high, the rise of making irrational life-changing decisions such as quitting your job is as well.
    We believe that there comes a time in your career where you have to choose the next  stage for you, however, that change can be calculated, full of wisdom and not irrational spontaneity.
    Before You Quit Your Job is a step by step guide for individuals that desire to build businesses while working full-time on their jobs. It teaches you all of the ways to train yourself, your mind and those around you, how to adjust to the new life you are embarking upon, while building a sustainable, profitable business.
    Keenya's Podcast: Life and Business with Keenya Kelly Facebook Show: The Keenya Kelly Morning Show  Connect with Keenya: https://www.instagram.com/keenya_kelly/ https://www.facebook.com/keenyakelly https://twitter.com/keenyakelly https://www.keenyakelly.com/ https://www.youtube.com/keenyakelly

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    Bonus Episode: A CONVERSATION ON RACE, INFLUENCE, HOPE, & ACTION | Marissa Williams, Shiquita Hyman, & Tiffany Moon - Content Creators & Founders of Our Shades of Influence

    Bonus Episode: A CONVERSATION ON RACE, INFLUENCE, HOPE, & ACTION | Marissa Williams, Shiquita Hyman, & Tiffany Moon - Content Creators & Founders of Our Shades of Influence

    I am honored to welcome to the show Marissa Williams, Shiquita Hyman, and Tiffany Moon - all amazing content creators and also founders of "Our Shades of Influence." Our Shades of Influence is a group of three diverse women within the influencer community. Their goal as influencers is to inspire, educate, and empower people of all shades, shapes, and sizes. They strive to improve the visible shortage of partnerships between businesses and influencers/bloggers of color. As women of color, they  will partner with businesses to represent their brands with integrity while helping to tap into the buying power of the minority market, because there is beauty in color.
    One of the things I love about hosting this podcast, Business with Purpose, is the fact that I get the privilege of having the opportunity to have important conversations that will challenge, encourage, convict, and inspire you. I want to have conversations that educate you (and me!) to know better and to do better.
    I've had a lot of important conversations on this podcast about racism, but honestly, probably none more important than this conversation we had right here.
    This episode is a bonus episode that is outside of my normal weekly content for the show... but I pray that you take the time to sit and really LISTEN to this week's episode and my conversation with Marissa, Shiquita, and Tiffany. I pray that this conversation would be one that would give you space to learn and grow in your anti-racism journey... and equip you with steps to move forward to take ACTION. Because I believe when we are living lives of purpose, that includes taking action where it's needed most.
    Contact Shiquita Hyman:
    Ig: https://instagram.com/unconventionalsouthernbelle
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/unconventionalsouthernbelle/
    Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/ShiquitaHyman
    Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Unconventional_Southern_Belle/
    Contact Marissa Williams: 
    https://www.shabbychiccheap.com/ https://twitter.com/ShabbyChicCheap https://www.instagram.com/shabbychiccheap https://www.facebook.com/shabbychiccheap https://www.pinterest.com/shabbychiccheap Contact Tiffany Moon: 
    http://thenorthernbelleofthesouth.com/ https://twitter.com/tiffturnermoon https://instagram.com/thenorthernbelleofthesouth https://pinterest.com/thenorthernbelleofthesouth https://www.snapchat.com/add/redlipredbottom

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5.0 out of 5
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95 Ratings

Clarisse Gomez ,

Awesome Podcast!!!

Molly, host of the Business with Purpose podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Susan 8808 ,

Prepare to be inspired!

If you are the owner of a social impact business or a consumer who wants to shop more responsibly, this is a must listen to! Molly is very relatable and funny and has the most inspiring guests. Her guests are small business owners changing the world!

WritingWhisperer ,

Loved Listenening To This Podcast

This podcast is fun to listen to but also sharing such an important message. Not only does this teach you aabout the businesses changing the world, but it also helps you learn how to BE one of those businesses. Very inspiring stories and messages.

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