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The humble pursuit of Enlightenment by a primate.

"Strong Opinions, Weakly Held" is the ethos of this show; free speech, reflection and reason are supported in here.

Change My Mind Alex Buxeda

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The humble pursuit of Enlightenment by a primate.

"Strong Opinions, Weakly Held" is the ethos of this show; free speech, reflection and reason are supported in here.

    Flow State, Joy and Absorption Vs Distraction

    Flow State, Joy and Absorption Vs Distraction

    We all know that state in which time seems to fly by while you are achieving at the highest rate, that is Flow State and it has a lot to do with not being aware of being aware of doing, it's just doing in the purest form, 0 abstractions from what you are doing.

    The State of Flow is highly joyful and makes what you are doing seem really meaningful. The opposite would be to be constantly hijacked by the hottest and newest trend that will perish in the following days.

    Absorption transcends the individual and the moment, distraction on the other hand produces petty outcomes followed by a sense of not having achieved anything and having your soul being emptied.

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    Explicitness Vs Mitigation

    Explicitness Vs Mitigation

    Modifying your speech deliberately in order to conceal a deeper intent, to gather further information about the state of other people or to adapt the message to the intended purpose is a widely used technique that is mainly used implicitly, in this episode Baer and Alex discuss the topic with a critical perspective.

    There are situations in which the existence of a conflict of interests leads us to not be as direct as we could be, misrepresenting reality to maximize our objectives(the example of a teenager getting hammered), others require mitigation due to the limited capacity of the other party to understand things to your level (either because this person is limited cognitively, is a child or because of the knowledge asymmetries that specialization requires)

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    What is Beauty?

    What is Beauty?

    Do beauty standards vary with time?

    If this is the case… What is the standard that encompasses all of them?

    Baer and I present here a theory that makes sense of the subjective sense of beauty, social trends and the status signaling through an evolutionary lens relating to the seeking of fitness maximization. Even if this is in the expense of collective fitness as long as it gives the individual more comparative fitness than it takes absolute fitness from the collective(A human’s Ferrari or a Peacock tail)

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    Imposter Syndrome, Life Coaching and Social Standards W/ Denise Garrett

    Imposter Syndrome, Life Coaching and Social Standards W/ Denise Garrett

    Why is it that we develop imposter syndrome? Why would nature equip us with the common feeling that we are not well prepared to deal with the situation we are facing?

    In this conversation with life coach Denise Garrett we discuss the origin of feeling inadequate, how society expects us to be consistent with previous performance, generating a self-fulfilling prophecy in which mediocrity is promoted and greatness penalized as a side effect of a natural trait we should be aware of. We also talk about how we have not been selected for capacity to be fulfilled but for capacity to reproduce, showing how brutal and ruthless natural selection is.

    If you found the episode interesting you can know more about Denisse and her professional life coaching therapy on:

    Denisse’s Web Page

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    Shakespeare was just a PEN NAME W/ Robert Boog

    Shakespeare was just a PEN NAME W/ Robert Boog

    Robert Boog, is the author of 7 books among which ''Shakey's Madness: Does a Mental Disorder Reveal the "Real" William Shakespeare?'' is located, he bravely posits the thesis that Shakespeare was only a pen name to avoid backlash from contemporary royalty, backed by rigorous evidence gathered by the aforementioned author.

    Boog started considering the story of Shakespeare as flawed by a diverse set of mutually exclusive facts that are held as true in the mainstream knowledge of the story relating to the worldwide-known author, he did a profound research in the last 2 years, pointing out to a specific person (Edward de Vere) as the most probable author of the works, backed by a richness of facts that makes the alternative story told by Boog as truly plausible and potentially Changing Your Mind.

    Check ''Shakey's Madness'' , Robert´s latest book available on Amazon for more in depth evidence: Shakey's Madness

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    The Moral case for Capitalism W/ Germinal G.Van

    The Moral case for Capitalism W/ Germinal G.Van

    Germinal G. Van is an author, economist, political scientist, and scholar. He is a member of the National Association of Business Economics and the Economic History Association. His works mainly focus on Public Choice Theory, Economic History, Econometrics, Statistics, and Mathematical Economics. He has written more than a dozen books in Economic History, Political Economy, Development Economics, Business Economics, and Macroeconomics. He has also written several columns for the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and the Mises Institute. Moreover, he published several scientific papers, notably in professional academic journals such as the Journal of Economics and Econometrics.

    In ‘‘The Moral Case for Capitalism’’ we discuss how capitalism is not only moral, but the only moral option, all the alternatives being bad economic philosophies, lead to human perishment. Although it must be noted that neither of us is anarcho-capitalist in the Rothbardian sense, both of us support the intervention of the government in the economy and think of it as a necessary evil due to what we consider inherent inefficiencies of the market, or failures of these as in free riders, the incapacity of a decentralized system to articulate a proper response to external centralized threats or the inability of the market to internalize costs and benefits in certain areas, leading to overproduction of negative outcomes and underproduction of positive outcomes.

    Geminal’s Instagram

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    Germinal’s Web Page

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    The Redistribution of Wealth YouTube video by Germinal (12minutes) 2019

    Why is the Redistribution of Wealth doomed to Fail? YouTube video by Germinal (33 minutes) 2022

    Buy Germinal’s books on Amazon

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