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Dr. Rubin not only focuses on chiropractic, but also helping others strive to live a healthy and positive lifestyle.

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Dr. Rubin not only focuses on chiropractic, but also helping others strive to live a healthy and positive lifestyle.

    Episode 528: Evidence-based?

    Episode 528: Evidence-based?

    Two recent non-chirorpractic science articles that I read are both 'evidence-based' but the big question in my mind is not the 'evidence.' Rather it is the understanding of the concept: science can do something, but SHOULD they? Should they create brain organelles? Should they teach neurons to do tasks? Yes... science now has the technology to do so, but at what future cost?

    • 8 min
    Episode 527: Tallest Tree

    Episode 527: Tallest Tree

    Some things never change. What lessons can we learn from that concept? The climate crisis didn't really start in the 1900's but with the beginnings of 'modern civilization' and the creation of cities. It accelerated with the rampant use of fossil fuel but it's been going on for centuries!

    • 9 min
    Episode 526: Honoring Jimmy Buffett

    Episode 526: Honoring Jimmy Buffett

    Jimmy Buffett, one of my favorite musicians and a legend in the music industry, passed away recently. Always been amazed by Jimmy Buffett's incredible ability to create something out of an idea. Imagine all the brain power behind taking 1 hit song, Margaritaville, and literally turning it into a mega-business worth $1 Billion! He turned his business into a brand, something chiropractic needs to learn! Hope you are having 'cheeseburgers in paradise', Jimmy!

    • 15 min
    Episode 525: "Polyvagaling"

    Episode 525: "Polyvagaling"

    The Polyvagal Theory is critical to learn and understand especially in a pediatric based practice. It is about setting up a zone of safety and then basing your examination and adjustment technique on where they fall on the Polyvagal Scale.

    • 11 min
    Episode 524: The Big Idea

    Episode 524: The Big Idea

    "With it, nations rise. Without it, nations fall. This is the biggest idea I know of." So wrote BJ Palmer in his 1949 text, 'The BIgness of the Fellow Within', one of the famed 'Green Books.' Even though its called 'chiropractic philosophy', it is really more than that...it is vitalistic, it is about living life to the fullest because you have and live by a philosophy!

    • 13 min
    Episode 523: Awe and Wonder

    Episode 523: Awe and Wonder

    A rainbow. Stars in the night sky. A sunrise or sunset. How many of us sprint through the day and forget to look up or look around us? One author calls it "Nature Deficit Disorder." Are we so fixated on moving fast that we forget that there are moments of awe and wonder all around us?

    • 14 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
66 Ratings

66 Ratings

yalitzaly ,

Dr. Rubin is a great teacher!

I go to Life University and I have had the pleasure of being a student of Dr. Rubin, he is truly a passionate human being for helping kids and a great teacher ! God bless him and his wife and family!

Drsmeyers ,

Great Chiropactic podcast by a GREAT Chiropractor

Great info, great insight and time well spent listening to Dr Rubin!
His knowledge, expertise and experience are clearly evident.
I can’t believe I only now discovered this podcast but now I am looking forward to going back and binge listening to the rest!

Dana6626 ,

Principled chiropractic!

My favorite podcast to listen in my way into work to get my mind grounded and energy up. Thank you Dr. Rubin!

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