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We bring you all the latest in Craft Beer from the local Cincinnati Community, via the voices of the owners, the brewers, and the drinkers that make it all come together. Beer releases, events, tappings and the daily happenings all make up a show unlike anything else!

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We bring you all the latest in Craft Beer from the local Cincinnati Community, via the voices of the owners, the brewers, and the drinkers that make it all come together. Beer releases, events, tappings and the daily happenings all make up a show unlike anything else!

    The 2023 Oktoberfest Quest Fest Finals, Live At MadTree

    The 2023 Oktoberfest Quest Fest Finals, Live At MadTree

    After a long season, with 35 different packaged Oktoberfest beers battling it out to see who is the best this year... we're finally there.  The finals were recorded live at MadTree Brewing Company (last year's winners), and it was a really, really tough decision.  The decision was so difficult that I had to call on help from Marco and Julia from Truth, Beer, Podsequences to help me judge - AND had to get help from DIPA Josh to make sure that the contest was all on the up and up by helping us with the pouring.

    In the end, though, as always - there could be only one winner, and this year Sonder took home the Golden Gnome as the first-ever double-winner of the contest.

    It was fun, it was chaotic... it was a good episode!  Enjoy!

    Guests This Episode

    * Marco Penilla - Truth, Beer Podsequences

    * Julia Rohs - Truth, Beer Podsequences

    Special Appearances By:

    * Danny Herold - Sonder Brewing Company

    * Caroline Ludwig - Craft Parenting Pod

    * Joe Ludwig - Craft Parenting Pod

    * DIPA Josh - He does drink other beers that aren't DIPAs

    From The Beer Fridge

    In order of this year's final results!

    * Sonder - Oktoberfest

    * Wandering Monsters - Ludwig Festbier

    * Braxton - Oktoberfuel

    * MadTree - Ziegler

    * Third Eye - Drittes Auge Festbier

    • 1 hr 13 min
    The Common Beer Company Is Anything But Common

    The Common Beer Company Is Anything But Common

    I love the folks at Common.  I love what they've built in Mason, Ohio.  I also LOVE every chance I get out to record an episode of the Brewcast with them.  I headed out to hang out recently to see how things have been going, as they settle down after their fifth anniversary and to hopefully show you exactly why a small neighborhood brewery like theirs can 100% stand out, even in a busy beer city like Cincinnati.

    This is definitely the type of show that makes me remember why I enjoy Cincy Brewcast - and I hope you have as much fun as we did!

    Guests This Episode

    * Mark Lortz

    * Amy Lortz

    * Mike "Mikey P" Parsons

    * Mark "Quick Trip" Miller

    From The Beer Fridge

    * This Dark Cloud Won't Get Me Down

    * Festicuffs

    * Wheat You Talkin' About Willis?

    * Caramel Mikey

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Big Cis Live at Darkness Brewing

    Big Cis Live at Darkness Brewing

    This episode is always a blast, bringing with it more than its fair share of chaos! Big Cis is a collaboration beer that we brew every year in memory of Mike Cisneros, who helped start this show back in 2015. To be fair, the show was his idea, and I was just along for the ride until he passed away only a year and a half after we had been making it.

    The beer honors him. It honors who he was and represents a lot of what drives me forward as a beer blogger here in Cincinnati.

    This year we brewed the beer down at Darkness in Bellevue, KY - so I sat down with owner Eric Bosler to chat about Mike, about Big Cis, about their journey... it was a ton of fun, even if the recorded sound is a little rougher than you're used to. I'll nail the whole live event thing one of these days!

    Guests This Episode

    * Eric Bosler - Darkness Brewing

    * Mike Almoslechner - Bellevue Education Foundation

    From The Beer Fridge

    * Darkness Brewing - Big Cis

    Show Links

    * Bellevue Education Foundation - Facebook

    • 37 min
    Raising Boats And Tides At Sonder And Friends Oktoberfest

    Raising Boats And Tides At Sonder And Friends Oktoberfest

    I LOVE this event every year. Sonder and Friends Oktoberfest perfectly represents what I love about craft beer, and I make sure to fire up the podcast every year to celebrate. I sat down with Justin and Danny from Sonder and friends Mark (and Amy later) from Common Beer Company and Brian from BC's Brewing Co.

    We drank a bunch of Oktoberfest beer and just sort of let the conversation take us wherever it wanted to!

    Guests This Episode

    * Danny Herold - Sonder

    * Justin Neff - Sonder

    * Mark Lortz - The Common Beer Co

    * Brian Brownlow - BCs Brewing Co

    * Amy Lortz - The Common Beer Co

    From The Beer Fridge

    * Sonder - Oktoberfest

    * Common Beer Co - Festicuffs

    For the full video version of this episode - head over here to YouTube!

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Lebanon, Ohios Neighborhood Craft Brewery

    Lebanon, Ohios Neighborhood Craft Brewery

    We keep hearing it repeatedly: the future of breweries lies in the neighborhood spots. Lebanon Brewing Company understands that very well, and when they opened their space last year, they worked their butts off to become part of Lebanon in every way possible.

    On this week's episode, I headed up to Lebanon to chat with owner/brewer Jake Borsvold about how all of those pieces come together for them. We spend some time learning how Jake's story got him to where he's at, now - and of course drinking a few beers along the way, too!

    If you are curious about Lebanon Brewing Company, make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram - but more importantly - make sure you visit them at 20 W Silver Street in Lebanon, Ohio.

    Guests This Episode

    * Jake Borsvold - Lebanon Brewing Company

    From The Beer Fridge

    * Lebanon Brewing Company - Cedar City Pils

    * Lebanon Brewing Company - Amigo

    * Lebanon Brewing Company - Lebanhosen

    * Lebanon Brewing Company - Ales For ALS

    * Lebanon Brewing Company - DeadBeat

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Streetside Brewery Turns 7

    Streetside Brewery Turns 7

    As we head into Streetside's anniversary week, it seemed like a great chance to sit down with Garrett Hickey. Garrett is one of the owners, founders and a great person to talk to if we want to get a picture of how things have changed with the brewery over the last seven years.

    I'm always fascinated with how Streetside has developed its personality, even while a few different head brewers have managed to put their own spin on things during the same timeframe.

    We talked about a lot of things, from the brewery's stance on collaboration and why it's important from a professional and a personal level to what we think craft beer drinkers are looking for in 2023.

    Of course... you know that we also opened up a few beers while we chatted!

    Guests This Episode

    * Garrett Hickey - Streetside Brewery

    From The Beer Fridge

    * Streetside Brewery - Rainy Day Clubhouse

    * Streetside Brewery - On The Cloud of Unknowing

    * Streetside Brewery - Tame The Demons, Single Barrel

    * Streetside Brewery - Tame The Demons, Apple Funnel Cake

    Show Links

    * Streetside Brewery - Website

    * Streetside Brewery's Anniversary Party Event Page

    • 1 hr 38 min

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5.0 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

RKoney ,

The Gnome knows

I look forward to every episode so that I can plan a visit to the Brewery featured. The Gnome gives great insight about the different beers and their breweries. Keep up the great job! RK

Swhitey22 ,

Truly the “voice” of Cincy Craft Beer

The time and effort required to keep up with a weekly podcast is massive, but Cincy Brewcast delivers - even during a pandemic! The Gnarly Gnome guides you through the Cincinnati Craft Beer scene by going straight to the source. From visits to breweries, to key figures within the Craft Beer industry, to being on-site and live during major events - this podcast delivers. Do yourself a favor and subscribe now!

JDoodle2011 ,

Great podcast

Met these guys at Dogberry, checked their podcast, and burned through 2 episodes already. They’re very aware of the beer scene, and have a genuine love for the industry!

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