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Learn wisdom by extraordinary creative people from around the world.

Collective Genius Code with Gil Petersil Gil Petersil

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Learn wisdom by extraordinary creative people from around the world.

    14. Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans (with David Meerman Scott)

    14. Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans (with David Meerman Scott)

    Covid-19 has changed marketing especially for small businesses. During this interview Gil and David will talk about video content and its importance. David will share real examples of how companies attracted customers and fans just by being generous and serving to people. And of course some hints on what can entrepreneurs expect after covid is gone.

    0:00 Introduction

    3:50 What did Covid-19 change in the world of marketing?

    13:47 A must for keeping your customers

    17:25 Do your business need to be as big as Apple to have fans?

    20:40 The BIGGEST MISTAKE you probably make as an entrepreneur

    24:40 Attracting customers for a small business

    31:22 Post-Covid marketing trends

    36:53 Simple hack for social media

    • 41 min
    13. Health and Business Upgrade (with Eric Edmeades)

    13. Health and Business Upgrade (with Eric Edmeades)

    What we should pay attention to when it comes to health? How your business may grow when you improve your health? How to easily stay resourceful no matter what’s happening around? Eric will share his answers to these and some other questions during the interview. Health is always a priority so stay tuned!

    0:00 Introduction

    2:23 Has Covid been a blessing?

    4:01 Eric’s journey in health industry

    8:13 Simple steps towards health improvement

    12:01 How to encourage our loved ones to pay attention to their health?

    17:11 Health priorities (food is not one of the top 3 of them)

    36:31 Connection between your health and business health

    39:25 How to stay resourceful?

    44:40 Eric’s life hack for going through transitions in life, work, business, etc.

    50:18 The definition of success

    52:23 Why Eric likes masterminds?

    57:15 How to get in touch with Eric?

    • 1 hr 3 min
    12. Ironman Secrets for Entrepreneurs (with Vladimir Voloshin)

    12. Ironman Secrets for Entrepreneurs (with Vladimir Voloshin)

    Did you know that you can use your favourite sport activity as a networking tool? Or that it may even help you to get a new job? These and some other questions are being covered during this interview with Vladimir Voloshin.

    0:00 Introduction

    2:02 Vladimir’s journey

    10:44 From working at alcohol industry to Ironman and marathons

    16:44 Sport as a networking tool

    25:33 Running and talking?!

    26:48 3 fundamental questions to ask your future employees

    32:00 Bad habits

    35:19 About role models

    38:30 Future of sport industry

    44:12 Wearing a mask during running

    46:22 Find out how to get featured in Vladimir’s upcoming book

    48:48 Join Vladimir for a morning run

    52:16 Important question for 2020

    • 57 min
    11. Happiness Ecosystem (with David Verdesi)

    11. Happiness Ecosystem (with David Verdesi)

    David had a long journey to happiness himself and now he shares how anybody can reach it easily. During the interview David tells how can we take full responsibility for our happiness and obtain it like a skill. Don’t forget to try at least one of the exercises he gives us. It may completely change your life.

    0:00 Introduction

    2:06 David’s new project

    8:22 David’s journey to happiness

    15:30 The most beautiful and the scariest thing about humans

    17:10 Three powerful exercises to change your life

    31:34 Happiness as a skill

    36:45 David’s opinion on use of some substances for reaching happiness

    42:30 The opposite of happiness and how to get out of it

    48:50 Happiness - internal and external impact

    • 56 min
    10. Exploring Human Creativity (with Fredrik Haren)

    10. Exploring Human Creativity (with Fredrik Haren)

    If you think creativity is something only small amount of people have you definitely should listen to this podcast. Fredrik Haren shares where he learns creativity himself and what super easy steps each of us can do to increase it. Be ready to learn about the unexpected creative updates from several industries and the story of how his kid came up with the The Creativity Explorer title.

    0:00 Introduction

    2:58 Fredrik’s message to the world

    5:28 Companies’ creativity during crisis

    9:48 What Creativity Explorer means

    13:01 Why Fredrik likes to write 2-3 books at the same time

    14:15 Creativity for entrepreneurs

    17:04 Waking up our creativity everyday

    20:57 Fredrik’s experience in slums of Mumbai

    27:24 Does your age plays role during world changes?

    32:32 How to switch a problem into opportunity?

    37:57 What kills creativity?

    41:35 Creativity and drugs?

    45:14 Food industry and its creative potential?

    48:30 How the least creative industries can increase their creativity?

    53:00 The Idea Book story

    57:45 Question to ask in order to move forward during challenging time

    1:01:03 Masterminds for creativity

    1:04:41 Creativity when raising children

    1:09:09 An amazing tip to increase children’s creativity

    • 1 hr 16 min
    9. Building an Inspiring Leadership Brand (with Brenda Bence)

    9. Building an Inspiring Leadership Brand (with Brenda Bence)

    The crisis might become one more reason to work on your leadership brand as an entrepreneur, CEO or business owner. Throughout the interview Brenda gives us golden nuggets on how to use your personal brand for company’s growth. And don’t miss a simple but very useful exercise you can do everyday to understand what your personal brand is about.

    0:00 Introduction

    2:50 Changes in company’s brand strategy lately

    4:51 Connection of customer service, sales and branding

    7:07 Balance between leader’s personal branding and company’s branding?

    9:49 The EXERCISE for building your personal brand strategy

    15:56 Personal branding of a leader and corporate branding - what’s the priority?

    16:45 MUST Do to strengthen personal brand during crisis

    19:03 Where to start developing your personal brand?

    21:38 A big mistake when it comes to a leader’s branding during crisis

    27:15 Key benefits of learning how to build personal brand as a leader

    29:20 Tools for building your personal brand (EXERCISE from Brenda)

    34:52 Simple inexpensive activities to develop your brand

    37:30 FAQ

    40:48 Brenda about Masterminds

    43:56 Masterminds during crisis

    • 49 min

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