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Collective Insights is a voyage through topics and technologies revolutionizing human well-being.

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Collective Insights is a voyage through topics and technologies revolutionizing human well-being.

    Neurofeedback - Dr. Andrew Hill - Neuroscience

    Neurofeedback - Dr. Andrew Hill - Neuroscience

    This episode is all about the brain, specifically how to optimize cognitive performance and behaviors via neurofeedback. Research shows our brains are highly malleable (https://neurohacker.com/rewire-your-brain-science-backed-methods-to-boost-neuroplasticity) and neurofeedback is a cutting edge tool to help us safely train broad regulatory actions associated with mood, attention, self-regulation and self-control, sleep, energy, stress, anxiety, and much, much more. But how exactly does neurofeedback work? And for those with advanced knowledge in the field, can we objectively measure executive function? Dr. Andrew Hill, a previous guest on this podcast (https://neurohacker.com/the-science-of-better-sleep-brain-hacks-for-sleep-and-anxiety) who holds a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, helps us answer those questions. We break down the brain’s “languages” (think delta, theta, alpha beta brainwaves) in an easy to understand format while satisfying questions we all want answers to, such as:The difference between neurofeedback and biofeedbackWhy normal readings during brain mappings are overratedWhat neurofeedback reveals about the brain post COVIDCombining chemicals that boost brain plasticity with neurofeedbackWhat brain maps tell us about cannabis and the brainIf you love the brain like we do, this episode is for you. Listen in now. Full episode transcript: https://neurohacker.com/how-to-better-understand-and-optimize-your-unique-brain-with-neurofeedback-an-interview-with-dr-andrew-hill

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    HomeGrown Humans - Wednesday Martin, Ph.D. - Sexuality - Hosted by Jamie Wheal

    HomeGrown Humans - Wednesday Martin, Ph.D. - Sexuality - Hosted by Jamie Wheal

    In our latest episode, Jamie Wheal and Dr. Wednesday Martin are intent on taking us out of our comfort zones, changing the way we think about women and sex forever. Dr. Martin presents the case that “junk science” and regressive cultural narratives have shaped our beliefs about female infidelity for centuries and that female sexual autonomy is the most meaningful metric of gender equality. We spotlight:* Female non-monogamy across cultures and species* The case for a reclassification of the scientific term “alpha male”* Cultural shifts from plow agriculture to polyamory* Defining and exploring the Orgasm gap* The link between female sexuality and gender inequalityThe conversation is riveting and includes a nod to the work of our previous guest, Sexologist and anthropologist, Helen Fisher, Ph.D (https://neurohacker.com/homegrown-humans-helen-fisher-ph-d-sexuality-hosted-by-jamie-wheal-podcast). Buckle up, you’re in for a spicy conversation.Full episode transcript (https://neurohacker.com/how-junk-science-has-shaped-our-beliefs-on-female-sexuality-an-interview-with-dr-wednesday-martin).

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Deep Sleep - Dr. Dan Pardi - Neuroscience

    Deep Sleep - Dr. Dan Pardi - Neuroscience

    If there was ever an ultimate sleep episode, this is it. Dan Pardi, sleep researcher at Stanford and Leiden University and CEO of humanOS.me (https://www.humanos.me/), an application designed to promote health mastery, is here to unpack the exact science of deep sleep. And even better, how to get more of it. We discuss sleep stages, sleep physiology, the major causes of sleep loss in our society (think high reward activities and mistimed lighting environments) and the consequences of sleep loss, including decreased purging of toxic substances from the brain and damage to neurons that signal to the brain to stay awake. We also cover:* The physiological benefits of slow wave sleep* How sleep impacts eating behaviors and weight gain* The optimal amount of sleep and the importance of sleep timing* How sleep regulates the immune system and effects cellular senescence* Effects of light on circadian rhythms* Science-backed ways to optimize your “master clock”* Dan’s favorite routines and products to biohack your sleepIf you’re looking to get the most from your sleep, this episode is for you. If you want even more after listening you’re in luck. This is part one of a two part series. Listen in now. Episode transcript:

    • 2 hr 4 min
    Consciousness - Dr. Rick Hanson - Neuroscience

    Consciousness - Dr. Rick Hanson - Neuroscience

    Throughout history, people have sought the heights of human potential. Today psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Rick Hanson is here with us to explore how combining the latest neuroscience of awakening with ancient wisdom can help us tap into peak experiences, a sense of oneness, and even enlightenment itself. The discussion includes:* What we can learn from Buddhist explorations of consciousness * The fascinating neuroscience of peak experiences, and* Why we need both top-down and bottom-up processing for serenity in a changing worldGet ready for a conversation designed to help you cultivate an unshakable presence of mind, a courageous heart, and serenity in a changing world. Listen in now. Full episode transcript: https://neurohacker.com/how-science-and-ancient-wisdom-unlock-mysteries-of-consciousness (https://neurohacker.com/how-science-and-ancient-wisdom-unlock-mysteries-of-consciousness)

    • 53 min
    HomeGrown Humans - Daniel Schmachtenberger - Existential Risk

    HomeGrown Humans - Daniel Schmachtenberger - Existential Risk

    Daniel Schmachtenberger, founding member of The Consilience Project (https://consilienceproject.org/) and Director of R&D at Neurohacker Collective, is here with us today to shed light on the need for collective intelligence with which to navigate towards beneficial outcomes.We discuss:* The most important problems in the world today,* How technology and social media are undermining sense-making,* Why we need to reinvent democracy, and* How to maintain existential hope in an environment of crisis. If we're serious both as individuals and as humanity about improving the world, it's vital that we intersect around the reality of our situation and the radical solutions needed to create meaningful change. This is Daniel’s take on the situation.Episode transcript: https://neurohacker.com/why-collective-intelligence-is-vital-to-navigate-existential-risk-today (https://neurohacker.com/why-collective-intelligence-is-vital-to-navigate-existential-risk-today)

    • 2 hr 45 min
    Skin Health - Dr. Molly Maloof - Healthspan

    Skin Health - Dr. Molly Maloof - Healthspan

    Dr. Mark Tager and Dr. Molly Maloof are both members of the Medical Advisory Board at Neurohacker Collective and are here with us today to jam out on a whole systems approach to skin health. This is not your typical skincare podcast. We move right past the fluff and hone in on a science-backed approach to beautiful skin. Have you ever wondered how insulin resistance impacts skin health? We answer that. What about fatty acids, carotenoids, and ceramides - where do they fit into beautiful skin? We share the latest science surrounding that topic too. Here are few more subjects we spotlight during the discussion:* How mitochondrial dysfunction impacts skin health* How to eat for great skin* Collagen for your skin: healthy or hype?* How ceramides combat ‘leaky skin”* Cutting edge cosmeceuticals for skin healthChances are that healthy skin that feels good and looks radiant is on your health optimization radar. But to achieve those results you must start from the inside out. Tune in to learn exactly how to do that. Episode transcript: https://neurohacker.com/beautiful-skin-from-the-inside-out-a-whole-systems-approach-to-skin-care (https://neurohacker.com/beautiful-skin-from-the-inside-out-a-whole-systems-approach-to-skin-care)

    • 1 hr 1 min

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4.7 out of 5
399 Ratings

399 Ratings

AP4fit ,

Wednesday Martin

Intercourse being the most reliable path to male orgasm is linked to men having more (earning power?) and political than women. Give me a break. Sounds like satire 🤦🏽‍♂️

Aiko_HI_1985 ,

Unlocking and demystifying the mind

Neuroplasticity episode is all I have to say. Why do we not take a more holistic approach to BraincareTM? This podcast does and then some. Come to understand the most important organ in your body and leave with your mind blown.

m.i.n.i.m.a.l.i.s.t. ,

Where Cult of Personality Never Ends

⭐️ ⭐️ only for useful content. For example, guest Asprey does offer some tips around nutrition & fasting. Unfortunately, his ego is so huge, you need patience to filter out all the self referencing re: his idyllic lifestyle 🤩 which includes homegrown bacon 🥓 *bulletproof* 🧈 coffee. Enough already! If this lifestyle is being held as a standard, I think I’m ready to put that *bullet* through my own brain! You would think the lofty ideal of revolutionizing human consciousness would align with authenticity. But, apparently not. This still represents entertainment for the masses.

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