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Stories about climate action from the bottom up.

Cool Solutions Wendy Ring

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Stories about climate action from the bottom up.

    Funding Cool Communities

    Funding Cool Communities

    3 stories about the power of community to raise and multiply funding for climate action.  A town taxes itself for free transit. Communities crowdfund for composting (and more).  A Green Bank spurs 400 MW of solar.  

    Robert Pollin-Political Economy Research Institute,
    Clark Gilman- Mayor ProTem Olympia WA 
    Ann Freeman Manzanares- InterCity Transit, 
    Abe Salorio- Sustainable CT,   
    Bryan Garcia- Connecticut Green Bank

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    Land for New Farmers

    Land for New Farmers

    There's a lot of farmland about to change hands. We can make sure it's distributed fairly to good stewards. This show looks at agricultural land trusts and conservation easements aimed at helping young and under-resourced farmers get access to land, and at the history of Black land loss and the Justice for Black Farmers Act. We also explore an anti trust provision in that land grant bill that would break up consolidation in the meat packing industry.
    Holly Ripon Butler,  National Young Farmers Coalition
    Suzan Erem, Sustainable Iowa Land Trust
    Jordan Clasen,  Grade A Gardens Farm
    Michelle Sheehan, Rhode Island Farm Land Access Program
    Savi Horne,  North Carolina Black Land Loss Prevention Project
    Austin Frerick,  Thurman Arnold Project 

    00:58 Young farmers need land
    03:05 Sustainable Iowa Land Trust
    10:37 One farmer's SILT story
    14:37 Rhode Island buys farm land to save it.
    17:23 A history of Black land loss
    20:16 The USDA "the last plantation"
    22:30 Justice for Black Farmers Act
    23:16 Carver and Whatley: Regenerative pioneers
    24:18 Breaking up meat packer monopolies




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    This Is My Home

    This Is My Home

    Meet the women defending their Texas and Louisiana communities from petrochemical pollution; in the courtroom, on the water, and in the streets.

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    Stories from the Great NJ Plastic Ban

    Stories from the Great NJ Plastic Ban

    When Teaneck NJ Girl Scouts saw pictures of birds tangled in plastic bags, they got to work and sparked a movement that led to the strongest state plastic ban in the US.
    This is an engaging story about how big change happens when local efforts add up; with side trips into the chemistry of plastics, the importance of plankton poop, and comics as a metaphor for life.

    Judith Enck Beyond Plastics
    John Weber Surfrider Foundation
    Steve Jasiecki Sustainable Downbeach
    Monica Coffee Sustainable Downbeach
    Eliza Stilletto NJ Girl Scout Troop 19
    :11 How big a deal is plastic for climate?
    1:46 Science nerd minute: the chemistry of making plastic from fossil fuel
    2:26 Ocean plastic’s impacts, from plankton to people
    5:15 The dramatic rise in plastic production and greenhouse gas emissions
    5:44 Why giving up your straw won’t solve the problem.
    7:55 Monica and Steve in Downbeach, NJ decide to work on a bag ban
    10:35 Political pushback and a detour by balloon
    12:32 Victory in Downbeach
    13:11 Teaneck Girl Scout Troop 19 gets passionate about plastics
    15:26 Girl Scouts go to Teaneck City Council and get a pat on the head.
    18:48 Victory in Teaneck
    19:11 Municipal bans spread to other towns and the campaign for a statewide ban begins.
    21:00 The girls’ Plastic Bag Monster meets a real plastic lobbyist, and they do some lobbying of their own.
    25:52 Monica and Eliza share the big lessons
    Beyond Plastic 
    South Jersey Surfrider, Rise Above Plastics
    Banning Plastic Bags Town by Town, a guide 

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    Re-Localizing Food: Transforming US Agriculture, Part 2

    Re-Localizing Food: Transforming US Agriculture, Part 2

    Food hubs are not just for foodies. These homegrown networks provide markets for farmers moving beyond corn,soy, and CAFOs to regenerative modes of farming. This past spring, when supply chains failed, those lifelines kept communities fed. Founders of two Virginia food hubs tell their stories.    

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    Healthy Soils for a Healthy Planet

    Healthy Soils for a Healthy Planet

    How do we turn farming from climate pollution to climate solution?  In Part 1 of this mini-series we learn how changes in farming and ranching could remove gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere. A carbon farmer and rancher tell their stories and we begin our search for ways to spread these farming innovations across the country. First we talk with the directors of two startups helping farmers sell soil carbon credits. But farmers and soil carbon experts tell us that turning carbon into a commodity crop won't create the change we hope to see. In Part 2 ( the next episode) we'll be looking at the Green New Deal and the Farm Bill, and breaking up the power of Big Ag.  Episode One includes interviews with rancher Chris Prevatt, winner ofe 2020 Carbon Cup, Jeff Creque of the Carbon Cycle Institute,  Aldyen Connelly of Nori, Ed Smith from Indigo Carbon,  Jim Goodman of the National Family Farm Coalition and Steven Woods, a soil ecologist at the Nature Conservancy. 

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