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Have you found yourself experiencing a lot of stress recently? Do you want to be more creative? Stewart Alsop interviews successful creatives to find out how they work with and manage the stress that is inherent in creative work. He investigates the questions: "What is the connection between stress and creativity?"

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Have you found yourself experiencing a lot of stress recently? Do you want to be more creative? Stewart Alsop interviews successful creatives to find out how they work with and manage the stress that is inherent in creative work. He investigates the questions: "What is the connection between stress and creativity?"

    What Are the Metaphysics Behind Socialism? - Francis Pedraza

    What Are the Metaphysics Behind Socialism? - Francis Pedraza

    Francis Pedraza CEO and Cofounder of Invisible
    How was 2021 NYC like 1929 NYC?
    Is your business prepared for this recession?
    How did you prepare for the recession?
    How does profitability change your business?
    How do you buy back shares from investors?
    Ownership pizza pie: how do you convince an investor to buy back shares?
    How does the Golden age apply to partying on the internet?
    What is the Xeno paradox?
    You buy back equity with debt, and fInance with profits. This gets around the “bootstrappinig dilemma”.
    How does thinking in terms of buying back change the game on what you want to get out of your company? It gets investors aligned.
    What do you think about debt versus equity? Equity is expensive.
    How did you make it a deal for your investors?
    Why do people think about equity wrong?
    How did you set up the Finance 101 course?
    How does Heidegger think about the unsaid or the implied?
    How can I turn this into an online course (12:00)?
    What do you think about cryptocurrency?
    How can we uncover abuse, both subtle and not?
    What is a cashless loan?
    What is a strike price?
    What is art in business?
    What is the downside of loans?
    What does it mean to have a full recourse loan?
    How much do people believe in you? 
    How can you make sure that a particular value is aligned?
    Where do most of your ideas come from?
    What do you mean by “paternalistic”?
    What are some maternalistic tricks?
    How do maternal downsides show up in companies?
    How does one become financially sophisticated?
    How do the VC’s abuse management teams?
    How do you verify if your agents come in full alignment?
    Selective informance versus neutral informance.
    What is Invisible’s social media policy?
    Do you have any agents in Russia?
    How have you adapted to remote work?
    What are the edge cases for non-violence?
    What is ESG?

    Do weapons manufacturers get ESG money?
    The road to serfdom Hayek (30:00)
    Grannys lost their money on the stock market, like what is happening to crypto right now.
    The rule of accredited investors started with FDR.
    Insider trading created collusion for investing in private companies.
    50 million to 100 billion; Theil made a shitload.
    What are the unseen problems?
    What are your thoughts on Urbit?
    What are the metaphysics behind socialism?
    Why does utopia always require intervention?
    Whack-a-mole socialism
    Will technology ever be a full magic wand? It is similar to the question of eternal life.
    What is the Persian holy epic book?
    Bhagavad Gita
    Reminds me of King Ashoka..
    Who are the Shatriya?
    Brahmans are the priests.
    How can we be warriors for the truth?
    Am I changing or just progressing?
    How do I mix this perfection and becoming?
    What are your thoughts on purgatory?
    Why does being want to be?
    Why are there these realms of time?
    How did you learn how to manage your calendar?
    Do you like management?
    God got bored being one thing so he made many things.
    How do you determine the integrity level of another individual?
    Who are the Pre-Socratics?
    Who is Parmenides?
    There are no clear-cut lines between things. What is that an artifact of?
    What is New York-ness?
    Are you using virtual machines?
    What is the Numerai?
    Visionary Ventures
    2024 profits
    Why does the world need another venture firm?
    Turing test is the paradigm for Silicon Valley.
    A test for humans to see how well they adapt to technology.
    Slurping slushees on a spaceship with Wall-E.
    How did such a platonic ideal get done by matrix?
    Da Vinci Test
    When will the average person be able to defeat Da Vinci in a creativity contest?
    How do you measure productivity?
    The rise and fall of American growth.
    Some people are productive and some are not.
    The Wizard and the Wand
    The relationship between the wizard and the wand instead of the wand destroying us all.
    Are you going to become a digital warlord?
    How do you reduce the distance between thought and action?
    How does someone stuck in UBI mindset underst

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    How can we trust anything anymore? - Sam Patten

    How can we trust anything anymore? - Sam Patten

    A distant cousin, a writer who lives in Maine, and a former political consultant.
    Why is 1957 a bad time to get stuck in a honey pot?
    1962 is when the Cuban missile crisis occurred.
    What is Mr Jones?
    Is Russia a threat to the United States?
    What does a great policy towards Russia look like?
    What is the policy towards Russia?
    What is the policy towards China?
    What are the forms of leverage that China has on the US? How about Russia?
    Who is Peter Splitzer and his book?
    What is going to happen to Europe when it comes to alliances with Russia and the US?
    What does the Monroe doctrine look like from a Russian perspective?
    What is NATO doing?
    What is the role of nuclear power?
    NATO Article 5 was only used after 9/11.
    Why do you disagree with?
    What does a desperate Russia look like?
    Who is Gerhadt Schroder?
    Is the Ukraine War a civil war?
    What is the role of the UN in the New World Order, which is essentially a lack of order?
    The planes never arrived.
    Who were the victims of Joseph Mcarthy?
    What is the future of the American political experience?
    How can the Republican Party stop being reactive?
    Column for three newspapers Village Soup (Crossfire Hurricane)

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    Who was the Bitcoin Jesus? - Bernardo Oliveira

    Who was the Bitcoin Jesus? - Bernardo Oliveira

    His business is like Jack Mallers’ Strike, but  in Brazil.
    What is the Bitcoin scene like in Brazil?
    What is Bitcoin Maximalism?
    Which cryptocurrency is the most reliable?
    Is there a better alternative to democracy?
    What is a hardware wallet?
    What is the Lightning Network?
    What is Bitcoin Beach?
    What is the effect of hyper-inflation on bitcoin?
    Who was the Bitcoin Jesus?
    What were the Block-Size Wars?
    What are your favorite psychedelic substances?

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    What is the Tirrel Corporation? - Christian Langalis

    What is the Tirrel Corporation? - Christian Langalis

    Christian Langalis is the co-founder and C.E.O. of Tirell Corporation
    What is Orbis Tertiary?
    What is the Orbis Ledger?
    Are there any cyberpunk references for Urbit business?
    What is the distinction of cyber-punk? Dystopia.
    What is cypher-punk?
    Who are Timothy May and Satoshi Nakamoto
    What is the overreach of instrumentalization?
    What is the atomization of the social?
    How did computers atomize humans even further?
    In what ways has studying culture informed your world view?
    What is the ultimate holy grail for Tirrell?
    What is an interregnum?
    What is the role of Urbit in the Web 3.0 ecosystem?
    How do you maintain legacy systems on an entirely new system that is censorless?
    What is a Spot ETF and why is it important?
    What is Bitcoin’s fifth pillar? (15 minutes)
    What is a cantalon insider?
    What is the New World Order that George H. W. Bush setup and how does it work now?
    What is the Minsky Moment?
    What is the Austrian tendency when it comes to economics?
    Who are Larry White and George Selgen?
    What is synthetic commodity money?
    What is the New Wyoming Bank Charter? 
    What are Full-Reserve Cryptocurrency Banks?
    What is the difference between a bank and a bitcoin wallet?
    What are interbank clearing systems?
    What is the difference between a deferred system and a credit card settlement?
    What is unchained capital multisig?
    What is an FBO?
    What are extant regulations?
    What is the Nick Land quote (“in the mouth of madness”) (25 minutes)?
    How did science fiction inform your life?
    Who is Phil Monk?
    Urbit strives to have a system that is human scale, that will never require the long-term intervention of a specialized third party.
    Why do people call Curtis Yarvin an authoritarian?
    What is peer discovery?
    What is the contained podcast and who is Barret (36 minutes)? 
    What are your favorite exclaves?
    How do I use Tirrell?
    Download the thing (find the thing).
    What is landscape (groups) programming language?
    What is the future of NFTs when it comes to fan groups?
    NFT’s can be digital cellophane wrappers for an album.
    How many people are in the Tirell corporation?
    What should someone know about the Urbit foundation?
    What is Hoon School?
    Do you have any insight into the people aspect of doing business?
    How is Tirell corporation set up?
    What church do you belong to (55 minutes)?
    What is the correct view of Urbit? 
    What is the Jungen?
    What is Cottage Core?
    What is the relationship between Solipsism and being a Luddite? 
    Who is Junger?
    What is the naming scheme?
    ~tirrel corporation

    • 1 hr 9 min
    How can we minimize conflict and maximize collaboration? - Erik Newton

    How can we minimize conflict and maximize collaboration? - Erik Newton

    Erik Newton is the C.O.O. of tlon.io which is the web development service for Urbit. Urbit is a place where you can speak your mind without worry of being censored. He used to be a lawyer, researching how humans can be removed from the execution and enforcement of contracts. 
    He also had a podcast which attempted to pinpoint the causes of conflict in human relationships.
    Urbit is 3 pieces of technology:
    A virtual server built from the ground up; very secure, durable, and simple.
    A peer-to-peer encrypted network connecting all of the servers.
    A decentralized verification system.
    Data is not harvested on the Urbit network as it is on other social media networks.
    Humans can’t put genies back in their bottles. Get ready for Web 3.0!

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    What is it like to become part of the outgroup rapidly? - Steve Kirsch

    What is it like to become part of the outgroup rapidly? - Steve Kirsch

    If you are interested in the info on the podcast please make sure to verify yourself the information that is presented

    You are on your own now for determining what is true. No trusted groups are now responsible for it. You can't outsource it.

    The best way that I have found to find what is true is to ignore what the mind wants to be true and relentlessly attack your own notions of what is true.

    Ask is that true? Over and over again until you find out
    If you verify it yourself please find Steve Kirsch on Substack here:

    For reference from the audio on the debate between two trained experts:
    James Lyons-Weiler on Substack: https://substack.com/profile/40349055-james-lyons-weiler

    • 55 min

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64 Ratings

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