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    212 Stuart Moore and More AHOY Comics

    212 Stuart Moore and More AHOY Comics

    Thou demanded more and ye shall have it!  
    Stuart Moore joins me to continue exploring the world of AHOY Comics. We focus on two titles he is writing: Bronze Age Boogie (art Alberto Ponticelli) and Captain Ginger (art by June Brigman).
    Stuart explains the challenges of building creative teams and keeping things running smoothly. 
    How did one whimsical illustration of cats by June Brigman ignite a creative spark that lead her joining forces with Stuart to tell the story of Captain Ginger?  
    Stuart is suspicious of nostalgia and explains why Bronze Age Boogie is not just a nostalgic trip. But there are some delightful 1970s references. We discuss a few of them, Chris busts out a few of his old 45s (singles records, that is :) and we share our memories of the 1970s.
    Next we turn to the Bronze Age of comics.  We have a pretty good idea when it ended, but what marked the beginning of the Bronze Age of comics?  Stuart and I share our thoughts on the subject. 
    We discuss some comics from the 1970s including one Stuart was particularly fond of Marvel Previews #4.  Why was that one so special?
    We also talk about Stuart's experience of working with one of the best editors ever, Archie Goodwin. 
    In closing I Kick Back With The Creator and ask Stuart his island book, about one comic project that got away and Bronze Age technology he misses most. 
    Creator Talks Theme Song: "Jazz Relax" by LoopsLab
    Interview Closing Song: "Everyone's a Winner" by Hot Chocolate
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    About Bronze Age Boogie
    About Captain Ginger

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    211 Terry Dodson on Adventureman and X-Men/Fantastic Four

    211 Terry Dodson on Adventureman and X-Men/Fantastic Four

    Extra! Extra! A bonus episode to kick off the holiday weekend, because we could all use a little fun during this difficult time.
    Terry Dodson, artist known for his artwork on X-Men, Spider-Man, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman joins Creator Talks.
    Terry discusses his creator own series Adventureman (Image Comics) written by Matt Fraction and his work on the  mini-series X-Men/ Fantastic Four (Marvel) written by Chip Zdarsky.
    We dig into the genesis of each series. Why did the first issue of Adventureman need to be super-sized? And will the fall out from the events of the X-Men/Fantastic Four mini-series matter in the grand scheme of Marvel universe?  
    Rachel Dodson, Terry's wife, inks both series and most of Terry's other comic work. We discuss the joys of working from home with our spouses and the secret to making it work. 
    Terry pulls double duty by penciling and coloring Adventureman.  Why did he decide to take the series palette into his own hands?
    Terry was a co-founding member Mercury Studios (now Helioscope Studious) and he explains how it remains an invaluable resource for him. 
    With no convention appearances planned this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, how is Terry still able to connect with fans? 
    We share our thoughts and concerns about comic book shops surviving the double whammy of the Coronavirus pandemic and DC's split from Diamond. Is the end of comics nigh (again)? 
    I close the interview by Kicking Back with the Creator when Terry answers the question: What was his comic career high, low and adventure!
    Creator Talks Theme Song: "Jazz Relax" by LoopsLab
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    The Official Terry Dodson Page
    About Adventureman (Image)
    About X-Men/Fantastic Four (Marvel)

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    210 Tom Peyer EIC of AHOY Comics

    210 Tom Peyer EIC of AHOY Comics

    Tom Peyer, Editor-in-Chief of Ahoy Comics, joins Creator Talks.
    We begin highlighting some of Tom's past work admired by Ye Podcast Host, including Hourman,  Marvel Team-Up, and Magnus Robot Fighter. I ask Tom about working with Mark Waid, his co-writer on Captain Kid (Aftershock).
    Learn the reason for founding AHOY Comics in 2018 and some of the titles published in the past, present and future.  
    Comics spotlighted in our interview include Edgar Allan Poe's Snifter of Terror, High Heaven, The Wrong Earth and Captain Ginger.  Taking a deeper dive into High Heaven, we sink our teeth into the subject of L-Meat.
    What is the common thread that runs throughout all Ahoy publications? 
    Why are the series written as seasons?
    What does the future hold for publishing AHOY Comics post-pandemic?
    How will the comics industry be changed, forever, post-pandemic?
    During the signature feature of the podcast Kicking Back With the Creator, I ask Tom what was the one project that got away and what book changed the way he thinks.
    After the interview, get out your calendar and follow along as I cover the Summer 2020 release schedule for AHOY Comics!
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    About Tom Peyer and AHOY Comics

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    209 Adam Wallenta of Ringo Award Winning Punk Taco

    209 Adam Wallenta of Ringo Award Winning Punk Taco

    Adam Wallenta is the co-creator of Punk Taco, the 2019 Ringo Award winner for Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel.  His co-writer is son Makana who was just five years-old when the book was written.  
    Who is Punk Taco? 
    "... a lovable, sentient, alien-taco, who rocks out across the galaxy with his band of misfits whom he calls family. Together they spread peace and love through the power of their music, help those in need and battle bullies and evil tyrants wherever they may be.
    Written by Adam Wallenta and his 5-year-old son, Makana, Punk Taco is a brand new all-ages sci-fi, humor, adventure, graphic novel series meant to encourage kids to read, laugh and love. Punk Taco is appropriate for libraries, schools and great for kids to read with their parents" -  Comixology.
    Adam is busy at work on volume two and three of Punk Taco. What were some of the difficulties he faced distributing volume one before winning the Ringo Award and what challenges did he encounter during the Covid-19 pandemic during the temporary closure of Diamond Distributors?
    I discuss with Adam his study of art in the 1990s and his subsequent internship at Marvel Comics working as an assistant editor. We also talk about the importance of communication and follow-up with creators, his love of original art and hip-hop music.
    Adam wrote a mini-series about a ground-breaking hip-hop group that he would open for at concerts.  Why did Adam turn down Marvel's offer to publish the series? 
    Learn about these subjects and more as I conclude our interview with the podcast's signature segment Kicking Back With The Creator.
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     More about Adam Wallenta and Punk Taco

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    208 Brent Schoonover artist of Devil's Highway

    208 Brent Schoonover artist of Devil's Highway

    Brent Schoonover (artist on Batman '66, The Phantom) visits with Creator Talks to discuss his new comic book project coming in June titled Devil's Highway.  
    This five-part comic series is written by Benjamin Percy (Green Arrow, Nightwing) and colored by Nick Filardi.
    It's being published by AWA Studios, a new business venture captained by former Vice President of Marvel Bill James and former Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alanso.
    Why did the did they decide to launch a new comic book publishing company?
    What makes AWA Studios different from other publishers, and why have they decides to release Devil's Highway digitally first then print later?
    Other comic book publishers have been reluctant to release their titles digitally in advance since the Covid-19 pandemic which forced the closing of non-essential businesses including our beloved comic book shops.
    How did Axel's editorial experience influence Devil's Highway and how did Brent's suggested changes to the script add to the first issue's stunning cliff-hanger? (Not to worry - no spoilers revealed during the interview).
    I discuss with Brent some of his other work outside of mainstream comics including a movie house festival poster, a rock legend's concert tour poster, and connecting covers for a television-based comic series. 
    During the Kicking Back With The Creator segment, Brent reveals his favorite form of recreation, beverage of choice and the ones that got away...the comic projects that almost happened.
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    More about Brent Schoonover
    More about Devil's Highway and AWA Studios

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    207 Benito Gallego artist of The Life Bob Marley, Tarzan and The Creeps!

    207 Benito Gallego artist of The Life Bob Marley, Tarzan and The Creeps!

    Not going anywhere this three-day weekend?  Let's visit Spain for this special edition of Creator Talks to meet artist Benito Gallego.
    Benito studied art at Faculty of Fine Arts in Spain and is a huge fan of legendary Silver Age and Bronze Age artist John Buscema (The Avengers, Silver Surfer, Savage Sword Conan, Tarzan).
    Having a style which harkens back the powerful style of John Buscema, Benito has illustrated comics and strips scripted by the great Roy Thomas including the World War II super-hero team Anthem and The New Tales of Tarzan.
    Benito also illustrated the entire run of the Bronze Age flavored super-hero comic Apama, The Undiscovered Animal. This multi-talented artist who also has colored and lettered his own work has made many contribution to horror tales in The Creeps! written by Don Glut, including one of Benito's personal favorites Maciste Against Dracula!
    The work that Benito is most proud of is The Life of Bob Marley, which he drew, colored and lettered. 
    We learn from Benito what is the fate of the Anthem series, hints about new projects in the works, and the one project that got away!
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    About Benito Gallego
    Heroic Publishing fund raiser for Anthem #6
    More about The New Adventures of Tarzan

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51 Ratings

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Must Listen Comic Creator Interview Show

There are a lot of podcasts centering on interviewing comic book professionals. Unfortunately, the majority of the hosts can’t help but make the show about them rather than their guests. Christopher Calloway has a knack for speaking to his guests in a conversational way without turning the spotlight on himself. His questions are thoughtful and fun yielding entertaining answers and insight into the worlds of his guests.
This is a must-listen, top-of-the-playlist show and I suggest you subscribe. You may discover your next favorite comic, graphic novel, and/or creator without even realizing it. Five stars all the way.

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There are a number of good podcasts that interview comic book creators but this one tops the list with a little something extra special: more heart and more focus. A must subscribe for listeners who are fascinated with the comic book art form.

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Excellent podcast and interviewer!

I’ve been on Creator Talks twice now, once on my own and once with my Partner Matt Knowles, and talking with Chris is always easy, fun, and evokes intelligent conversation. He asks great questions and does an amazing job of blending informative questions for the creator to talk in-depth about their projects as well as the fun ones at the end. Definitely a must-listen for anyone wanting to know more about comic creators.

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