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The Curious Women Podcast is a place where hosts Meg and Kylie talk weekly about women's health topics, focusing in on the things you didn't know you didn't know. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/curious-women/support

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The Curious Women Podcast is a place where hosts Meg and Kylie talk weekly about women's health topics, focusing in on the things you didn't know you didn't know. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/curious-women/support

    023 Gut Rehab: A New Perspective on How to Be Successful in Healing Your Gut with Katie Lovitt

    023 Gut Rehab: A New Perspective on How to Be Successful in Healing Your Gut with Katie Lovitt

    Katie Lovitt is just the sweetest little Southern cinnamon roll with a TON of helpful tips to share on the often forgotten about part of any healing journey- personal responsibility & empowerment. Katie is a functional gut dietitian who is on a mission to empower women to get the answers they need in order to heal from chronic gut symptoms. She has seen conventional medical systems fail by not asking the "how's and "why's", especially around something so crucial as gut health! You can accomplish true healing with Katie's one of a kind program. Plus, it's fun and delicious! Katie currently resides in Texas with her husband, their three children, and fluffy puppy dog.

    You can connect wtih Katie on IG @the_healthygut_dietitian , listen to her brand new podcast The Nourish & Thriving Show or check out her FREE Dish on Digestive Enzymes training + symptom tracker & interpretation guide: https://nourishthrivewellness.com/free-training/ .

    TLDL action steps & takeaways:

    1) It's NEVER just about the gut! (Even if it seems like it)

    2) There are several unintentional ways people may subconsciously be "hiding" behind their illness and hindering their ability to be truly PRESENT in their own lives

    3) There's a difference between taking short-sighted action (like getting caught in the "root cause research" and waiting for the perfect expert or protocol to help you) and empowering action (like Katie's steps below)

    4) Accepting help + support vs waiting for that person to "rescue" you: Empowered action = asking yourself, "what do i need support with?" so I will look for a practitioner who can meet that need. Non-empowered action = reaching out to the first person you found on Google

    5) Benefits of taking empowered action towards your health:

        i. If you feel stuck in your health journey or feel like you keep ending up in the same place, you might need to add empowered actions to your regimen

        ii. Results led by empowered actions will be longer lasting, more sustainable and FEEL better for you personally 

    6) Katie's steps to taking empowered actions in your health journey:

        i. Narrow down what exactly your goal is. (spoiler alert, "I don't know" or "to feel better" are not specific enough. Questions to ask yourself further: "what does 'better' look like for me?" and "why?")

        ii. Think about what your unique gifts are. What are you good at, how can you use those skills to help you take action towards your goal?

        iii. Create that vision for your life. Go back to what 'better' looks like for you and figure out what skills you can use to take a small step towards that NOW

        *Katie notes this exercise takes TIME it is not meant to be a simple, quick exploration. Be patient & compassionate with yourself.

    7) If the information discussed in this episode resonated with you, check out Katie's Gut Rehab program, where you can get multiple levels of support to connect you to your ultimate goal and get you there in a supportive way.


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    022 Why You're Bloated and What To Do About It with Isabel Smith

    022 Why You're Bloated and What To Do About It with Isabel Smith

    This week Meg & Kylie talk bloating with the sassy, BDE (big dick energy) Dietitian entrepreneur Isabel Smith. Isabel Smith, MS RD CDN, Founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition, is a nationally recognized Integrative Registered Dietitian, Health and Lifestyle Expert, as well as a Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. At Isabel Smith Nutrition, Isabel and her team of dietitians work with clients of all ages (almost) and in most areas of wellness- though ISN specializes heavily in gut health, thyroid, hormone, autoimmune, and allergy. Isabel and her team help guide their clients towards true health and healing through helping clients identify and treat the root cause of their dis-ease. Isabel’s expert opinion is often featured in print and online and can be found in Elle, Mind Body Green, Readers Digest, Women's Health/ Men's Health and others.  Isabel is also an advisor, consultant and brand ambassador for various companies she loves, as well as an Angel Investor in the CPG space. In her spare time, Isabel can be found hiking in the mountains of the Adirondacks where she splits her time; or creating new recipes, painting and/or hanging with her two Yorkshire Terriers Sasha and Henry.

    You can connect with Isabel and her team on IG at @isabelsmithnutrition or via her website at www.isabelsmithnutrition.com . Or you can join her 6 week Bloat Free Blueprint Program!

    TLDL actionable takeaways:

    1) Biggest non-food factors that contribute to stress:

        i) Chronic stress (and no, we don't mean the goal is to not HAVE stress, but to make sure you are balancing it with nervous system resetting practices like deep belly breathing).

        ii) Hormonal imbalances (both in men and women)

        iii) The WAY you are eating or drinking- for example, swallowing too much air when eating or drinking, eating too fast, etc

    2) What the gut-brain connection ACTUALLY means: "there's a 'super highway' of communication between your gut and your brain" where your brain asks "is it SAFE for me to send blood flow to the gut to optimize digestion right now?". 

    3) Isabel's first line-of-defense tools for bloating you can practice on your own:

         i) 3-4 deep belly breathing (NOT puffing your chest out but actively puffing out your belly) a few times throughout your day and ESPECIALLY before eating

        ii) Regular BMs: for constipation people can try magnesium oxide or citrate, concentrated aloe vera, digestive bitters (herbs or foods/drinks like dandelion, coffee, arugula, dill, etc), self message, heating pads or even yoga twists. Hydration is also important here and Isabel recommends focusing on electrolytes like those in coconut water and vegetable juices

        iii) Avoid drinking through straws

        iv) Eat slowly and CHEW food WELL

        v) Avoid frequent consumption through aluminum cans (due to heavy metals which can add to toxic    burden)

    5) Common reasons for bloating you might find on a stool test: parasites, bacterial overgrowth, mold exposure, candida, H. pylori, low levels of digestive enzymes, etc.

    6) You can also register for Isabel's new 6 week program The Bloat Free Blueprint, which opens for enrollment on September 12th!


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    021 Ditching Diet Rules So You Can Participate in Your Life NOW with Shelly Najjar

    021 Ditching Diet Rules So You Can Participate in Your Life NOW with Shelly Najjar

    This week Kylie & Meg picked the brain of the brilliant & beautiful Shelly Najjar about the topic of intuitive eating. She is a Nutrition Mindset Coach, with thousands of hours of training as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, with a Master's degree in Public Health Nutrition. She uses an encouraging, practical, and non-diet approach to help busy women take care of themselves while meeting their goals. Her specialty is in addressing the why and how we eat, helping her clients develop a healthy and stress-free relationship with food, so they can have peace with food, themselves, and their bodies at any size.

    On this week's episode we discuss what intuitive eating is and where to start. It's a very liberating episode that just might change the way you think about food & eating! 

    You can connect with Shelly on IG @confidentnutritiontravels, join her Intuitive Eating for Busy Women Facebook Group or check out her website: http://confidentnutritionnow.com ! If you are someone who struggles with stress eating, you can also check out her Stop Stress Eating Now bundle!

    TLDL action steps & takeaways:

    1) Intuitive eating, according to Shelly, is changing the "rules" from external diet rules to rules you create based on your internal cues

    2) Internal body cues can range, but some common ones to indicate early signs of hunger and fullness are: hunger= mental slowdown or impatience/"on edge" feeling and fullness= less interest in food or eating slower

    3) The common response to intuitive eating is, "so does that mean I can eat whatever I want then?" Shelly says then she challenges her clients to ask themselves how they would feel if they did that. Would get tired of that food or enjoy it as much?

    4) A good place to start with intuitive eating is to just simply ask yourself what your favorite food is

    5) The difference, according to Shelly, between a craving and enjoying a food is that cravings are typically associated with an impulsive feeling, whereas enjoying foods truly comes with a more satisfying feeling

    6) Intuitive eating and mindful eating are similar but they aren't the same. There are still "rules" in mindful eating that may not apply in intuitive eating 

    7) Some of Shelly's tools for intuitive eating include taking a "mindful bite" during a meal, creating your own hunger & fullness "map" where you create your own personal "landmarks" or using Shelly's "My Custom Menu" strategy for when you need a little help!


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    020 Healing From Eczema: Getting Your Skin Clear with Christa Biegler

    020 Healing From Eczema: Getting Your Skin Clear with Christa Biegler

    This week, Meg & Kylie chat with Eczema expert Christa Biegler. Christa is an award-winning dietitian nutritionist, host of the Less Stressed Life podcast, and author of The Eczema Relief Diet & Cookbook. She helps health-savvy women beat bloat, burnout & eczema breakouts with her podcast, programs and private practice. She lives with her unicycling husband & kids in the Midwest. The Less Stressed Life Podcast & Nutrition mission is that everyone deserves a less stressed life without inflammation, food sensitivities and fatigue.

    On this episode, Christa breaks down some of the most common reasons people struggle with eczema and breaks down some actionable steps people can take either on their own or if working with a practitioner. We talk about mold, staphylococcus, how long it takes to heal eczema and her approach to heal eczema without restricting food!

    You can connect with Christa on IG @anti.inflammatory.nutritionist, listen to the Less Stressed Life Podcast  or visit her website at https://www.christabiegler.com/  !

    TLDL takeaways & action steps:

    1. Eczema is a result of topical staphylococcus infection/overgrowth on the skin- which also points to overgrowth in the gut as well.

    2. Mold exposure is a common reason for food sensitivities and eczema

    3. Christa has her own eczema typing system. If your eczema looks more dry and flaky you likely need liver support. If it's bright red you may be having a reaction to histamines in the diet. If eczema is primarily on your hands you're likely dealing with eczema from stress.

    4. Eczema is a SYMPTOM or RESULT of something else (like mold exposure, sluggish detox, stress, gut issues, etc)

    5. General healing time frame for eczema is 2-4 months

    Action steps:

    [A] Follow a high quality diet- in Christa's eyes, this means based on whole foods, 5+ cups of veggies daily & a ton of colors in your meals.

    [B] If you want to experiment with food restriction (i.e. cutting out the Top 8 Allergens, which are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soybeans, wheat, tree nuts and peanuts) - Christa doesn't recommend restricting for longer than 3 weeks.  

    [C] Follow Christa's process for eczema healing (aka "AWE"):

    1. AWARENESS: write out a timeline of when you started to notice eczema, what else was happening in your life at that point, etc. You can also fill out this questionnaire to see if you can make connections to what else is going on internally. Sometimes this step also includes getting specialized testing done.

    2. WORK: these are what you're going to DO with the information you discovered in step 1. If you're exploring this on your own that might look like implementing a detox or stress management regimen

    3. EMPOWERMENT: this means taking what worked well for you in step 2 and continuing to use those tools to support your body. 

    [D] Christa's favorite detox strategies: infrared sauna therapy, regular BMs, sweating, good hydration


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    019 Reconnecting to You with Amber Lilyestrom

    019 Reconnecting to You with Amber Lilyestrom

    This week, Kylie and Meg sit down with business mentor, branding expert, author and speaker with a plethora of incredible and inspiring stories. On the episode, Meg, Kylie and Amber discuss everything from Amber's experiences with (**TW) an eating disorder and sexual abuse to her transformation that started with listening to her intuition.

    Amber's work has been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mind Valley and Working Mother Magazine. She is the host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show podcast and author of books Master Your Money Mind and Paddle Home. Amber helps coaches & creatives help more people and make more money by changing the way they think and show up in their businesses. Her expertise as branding coach supports her clients in positioning themselves as sought-after experts and thought leaders in their fields. Her transformational mindset work sets her apart in an industry focused on a strategy-first, inner work later approach.

    You can connect with Amber and inquire about her programs or working with her on her website at www.amberlilyestrom.com or connect with her on IG @amberlilyestrom

    TLDL takeaways & action steps:

    1. If you receive anything from this episode, please receive the PERMISSION to let the hard stuff be OK and advocate for yourself when dealing with painful feelings & experiences.

    2. If you suffer from chronic health ailments that just don't seem to want to quit, you might want to consider including some work on the emotional pieces as a part of your journey. 

    3. "It's not anyone else's job to get your vision, it's YOUR job to get your vision. It's not anyone else's business" to validate the vision you have for your life.

    4. Lean on support- mentors, mental health professionals, friends and family. Women are designed to thrive in community and in support. If you don't feel supported, reach out to us and/or Amber, we can direct you to some resources!

    5. Amber doesn't claim to have answers to deal with difficult situations or really painful experiences but she does believe that it deserves our attention.


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    018 The Postpartum Relief Plan with Michele Duffy and Kate Van Es P2

    018 The Postpartum Relief Plan with Michele Duffy and Kate Van Es P2

    This week's episode is a continuation of our double part interview with Michele Duffy and Kate van Es on Postpartum Depression. They continue talking about Kate's battle with Postpartum Depression and share some practical tips straight from their Postpartum Relief Plan.

    SHE is a holistically-minded, functionally-trained, mother-daughter duo on a mission to transform women’s treatment in the medical community from inferior to superior. From our first experiences as young girls and throughout our final days, we are drastically under-educated about our bodies, medically misinformed, and lied to by the people we trust to take care of us and offer solutions to our pain, symptoms, and confusion. Often, our experiences as women are normalized when they’re anything BUT normal (and are actually symptoms that something is off/wrong and deserves care/attention)! They founded SHE Health to bring unfiltered education, truthful advice, and functional medical care and coaching to help women heal through every stage of their lives while delivering a superior health experience where women’s voices and needs are not only centered/prioritized but trusted.

    If you would like to connect with the SHE team you can find them on IG @she_health_ or head over to their website at she-health.net . You can also get started with their Postpartum Relief Plan by going to www.thepostpartumblueprint.com or download the fun "Fridge Macros" they created as a result of our conversation on THIS episode of Curious Women here!

    TLDL takeaways/action steps:

    1. Cortisol dysregulation is a huuuuge underlying contributer to postpartum depression along with nutrient and hormone depletion

    2. Four pillars of relief that SHE's Postpartum Blueprint are: a) blood sugar regulation; b) decreasing inflammation; c) addressing sleep hygiene and d) addressing mental/emotional stress

    3. Testing the SHE team uses to assess where you are depleted: a) full thyroid panel; b) hair mineral analysis; c) hormone testing including Cortisol, Estrogen, Progesterone and neurotransmitters (dopamine, etc)

    4. Action steps YOU can take at home right away are:

    i. SLEEP: we know this is an annoying one to hear, especially for new moms, but Kate & Michele say sleep is the ONLY opportunity the body has to heal and replenish, so it's VITAL to your recovery process. Their program focuses on QUALITY not QUANTITY. The team recommends consistency in bedtime routines (even when bedtime is not a consistent thing) and using tools like aromatherapy, calming activities, music, etc.

    ii. Restorative yoga: this helps put the body into the parasympathetic nervous state so your body can actually heal. It's been shown to reduce stress and may also be a great tool to add into your bedtime routine for sleep hygiene

    iii. Regulate your blood sugar: make sure you get a good quality fat and protein at every meal and don't skip meals! Eat every few hours, especially when breastfeeding and make sure you are eating ENOUGH. You can download SHE's helpful meal checklist (that was developed as a result of THIS episode!) here!


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11 Ratings

kelseyvanhorn ,

Valuable info + an exciting listen

Curious Women has been such an interesting listen so far. Even if the episode topic doesn't directly relate to me, I still learn something new and applicable to my health. Their energies are full of excitement and passion for what they do. The guests are true experts in their fields, and the hosts know how to ask the right questions and explain all the science-y things into normal person lingo. Can't wait to hear more!

scrssle ,

Curious Women

What a great way to discuss issues that concern all women! Love this podcast. ❤️

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