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Fatherhood is hard. Drinking makes it easy.

Dad Drinking Marcos Espinoza and Jim Cosgrove

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Fatherhood is hard. Drinking makes it easy.

    Episode 25 - Ben Wenk from Ploughman Cider

    Episode 25 - Ben Wenk from Ploughman Cider

    Recorded on location at Prohibition Tap Room in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    Special thanks to Ben Wenk for arranging and also providing a delicious array of ciders to sample. More info on Ploughman here and more info on Three Springs Fruit Farm here.

    • 59 min
    Episode 24 - The Dad Party

    Episode 24 - The Dad Party

    Becoming a parent means that your circle of friends evolves into primarily others who have children your same age, leaving you to grasp for any common ground whatsoever. Enter the Dad Party, an even that takes years to fully form. Once it comes into being, be sure to nuture it with such things as trophies and other random awards.

    • 47 min
    Episode 23 - The Tom Collins

    Episode 23 - The Tom Collins

    Initially used to clear the bar of stinking drunks, the great Tom Collins hoax of 1874 spawned this simple gin cocktail. Jim and Marcos riff on the classic to create the Tim van Collins, and even after experimenting with orange bitters and aperol, still couldn't get themselves to like it.

    • 49 min
    Episode 22 - Forest & Main Beers with Dan Endicott

    Episode 22 - Forest & Main Beers with Dan Endicott

    Dan Endicott is an artist, brewer, father, musician, entrepreneur, and one of the nicest and most generous people you'll meet. He brings a king's ransom of Forest & Main beers to sample in the studio and offers his take on the evolution of craft beer, a little bit of history on the British style of brewing, and answers some listener questions.

    • 56 min
    Episode 21 - Dumbass Pumpkin Beers

    Episode 21 - Dumbass Pumpkin Beers

    Thanks to a blend of nutmeg, allspice, and other secret ingredients that aren't actually pumpkin, the dads wind up taking a trip down memory lane while drinking the worst style of beer.

    • 46 min
    Episode 20 - The Mezcallion Stallion

    Episode 20 - The Mezcallion Stallion

    It’s always fun to welcome guests into the studio. This week, two Philly bar owners (Casey Parker and Joe Gunn) make us a Mezcallion Stallion, a bygone cocktail from their menu at Jose Pistola’s (and Pistola’s del Sur and Sancho Pistola’s) that will be making a triumphant return for National Mezcal Day (yes, that’s a thing, because there’s a goddamn day for everything now).
    In addition to running three bars, Joe Gunn and Casey Parker are also dads. How do they manage to do both? Listen and find out. Cheers!
    The Mezcallion Stallion(courtesy of Casey Parker and Joe Gunn)
    1-1/2 oz Mezcal1 oz Aperol1/2 oz Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth2 dashes Chocolate Bitters2 Amarena Fabbri Cherries in Syrup
    Combine mezcal, Aperol, vermouth, and bitters in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously, strain into a rocks glass filled with ice, garnish with cherries. This one is dead easy, folks.

    • 47 min

Customer Reviews

Keystone72 ,

Like hanging out in a bar with friends as you drive

UPDATE 2: The latest episode broke the plane into greatness. #teamseasontwo

UPDATE: The special guest episodes have been very interesting. The inside scoop on the Philadelphia restaurant business is excellent. So I am going 4 out of 5.

Still waiting for that Port episode to 5 out of 5. #frigidaire

Great chemistry between the hosts and I appreciate the focus on the challenges of fatherhood. Could use even more details about drinks and some more specific fatherhood strategies.

And where is the Port episode?

But a good listen. Check it out.

trapperjuan ,

some of the better dads

Have met a good amount of dads so I feel qualified in observing that these guys rank above average in both dad abilities and drinking takes

SteveyJo ,

Best Podcast Ever?

Yes. Yes it is. These dudes know how to throw down on a Monday evening. Fast Casual is my favorite part of the show, and gives you a look inside the brains of masterminds on topics from drinking in Disney to the proper way to order a Man-Treat. Ever want to know about Sesh-tails? This is the place. Have questions about being a Dad? You’ll find their advice indispensable.

Worst part of the show is that it’s not on a regular basis, and it’s slightly softer than other podcasts. So when it’s finished, turn your volume down or your next podcast will blow your eardrums out. Also, Jim won’t let you follow him on social media.

In closing... Jim! Accept my insta-request, man. C’mon. I just want to be best buds.


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