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Atypical people; atypical stories. Late-Night Talk Podcast Show.

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Atypical people; atypical stories. Late-Night Talk Podcast Show.

    #37: Birddog!

    #37: Birddog!

    Jeff "Birddog" Lane joins me for a Music Mythos episode where we discuss his life as a professional musician, what it was like sitting in with Widespread Panic at Radio City Music Hall, and we discuss the good old debate of "Widespread Panic or Phish?" 

    • 22 min
    #36: Mysterious Guest 4, when Math becomes Mathematics

    #36: Mysterious Guest 4, when Math becomes Mathematics

    As promised, Mysterious Guest is back for two episodes in one week! In this one, she discusses her love for Math and other Mathematically related topics. 

    All opinions are my own.




    • 10 min
    #35: Mysterious Guest 3, Hamburger Sandwich

    #35: Mysterious Guest 3, Hamburger Sandwich

    This week I'm bringing you a Mysterious Guest double-episode. Here's the first one...next one coming soon.

    Is a hamburger a sandwich? MG drops some knowledge.

    • 2 min
    #33: Justin Nave, NYE Special!

    #33: Justin Nave, NYE Special!

    Happy New Year! The DarkSkyTwelve NYE Special features a return appearance of one of our most downloaded guests, the utterly original Justin Nave...Tattoo Artist and owner/operator of Sick Boys Ink in Chattanooga, TN and Dunlap, TN. 

    One of things we discuss...sweat lodges. Hear his take on them and much more...including the story of how I came to have a human skull in my possession.

    Happy 2021 everyone, from DarkSkyTwelve!


    All opinions are mine and the guest's


    Insta/Twitter @ darkskytwelve


    • 1 hr 3 min
    #32: NES games with Mysterious Guest

    #32: NES games with Mysterious Guest

    Mysterious Guest comes back for a second episode! We discuss the Nintendo Entertainment System (the NES) and classic games. Which is Mysterious Guest's favorite game? 

    Check out this episode to find out! 

    Check us out on Twitter and Instagram @darkskytwelve.

    All opinions are mine. 

    • 4 min
    #31: Jessica Ann York

    #31: Jessica Ann York

    Welcome to the Dark Sky Twelve Christmas Eve Special!

    Horror Writer, Jessica Ann York, joins me to discuss all manner of spooky things...her career, horror literature, the ghost story at Christmastime tradition, sleep paralysis, and much more. 

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all from DarkSkyTwelve!

    All opinions are my own and the guest's. 

    See our info and links at DarkSkyTwelve

    Big new things coming in the New Year...starting with the New Year Eve special on...well, NYE!

    See you back here for NYE/DS12. 

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

the1jaybird ,

Great Atmospheric Podcast for Late Nights 🖤

The topics have a wide range, from the slightly weird to the straight up spooky. Likewise, the guests are really diverse, and I love how some of them are folks the host has directly worked with or taught.

The sound quality is amazing, and the host has a calming voice that makes these episodes great to play as you’re winding down for the day.

Awesome for late nights when the dark and the unknown are tugging at you.

P.A.G. ,


Love the conversation, super easy to listen to! Far too easy to binge. Can’t wait for more.

cha.oticneutral podcast ,

Great podcast

If you want something to listen to that has wonderful commentary and topics this is the one. 👍

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