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For Music-First Audiophiles.

    Hifi World vs. Studio World with Jules Standen

    Hifi World vs. Studio World with Jules Standen

    Gearslutz (soon to change its name) is one of the most popular forums on the web for anyone wanting to discuss how music is made in a 'professional' or home studio.

    In this episode of the Darko.Audio podcast, Gearslutz founder Jules Standen and I chat about the differences between the hifi world and the studio world.

    PATREON: www.patreon.com/johndarko

    Gearslutz: https://www.gearslutz.com/

    Producer: Nick McCorriston
    Music: Ben Pitt

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Alessandro Cortini & John Tejada talk Rosson RAD-0 + more

    Alessandro Cortini & John Tejada talk Rosson RAD-0 + more

    PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/johndarko

    Backstory and background info:

    Mentioned in this podcast...

    Rosson Audio RAD-0:

    Pole - Fading:

    John Tejada - Year of the Living Dead:

    Scape Mastering:

    Alessandro Cortini Bandcamp:

    Carl Craig - Landcruising:

    Scion Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks:

    Kraftwerk - 3D The Catalogue:

    Producer: Nick McCorriston
    Music: Ben Pitt
    Photo of RAD-0: Alessandro Cortini

    • 1 hr 29 min
    #22 - Ego-boner!

    #22 - Ego-boner!


    With Twittering Machines' Michael Lavorgna.

    Back story: https://darko.audio/2020/12/ego-boner/

    Further listening:

    Why isn't digital audio simply a matter of ones and zeroes?

    EXPERT OPINION: Bruno Putzeys (Purifi, Mola Mola, Hypex, Kii)

    What is electrical noise and how does it affect your DAC?

    EXPERT OPINION: Paul McGowan (PS Audio)


    Produced by Nick McCorriston
    Music by Ben Pit
    Photo by Cameron Pope

    • 2 hr 8 min
    Tom Vek's Sleevenote (and the joy of cover art)

    Tom Vek's Sleevenote (and the joy of cover art)

    Tom Vek is a multi-instrumentalist with a solid music career in the indie-dance-punk field. In 2020 he has released a new album *and* become an audio hardware developer. Sleevenote is an app, a web player and a digital audio player that aims to put the cover artwork front and centre in the listening experience: https://sleevenote.com/

    Music: Ben Pitt
    Producer: Nick McCorriston

    Tom Vek photo: Kat Green

    • 1 hr 47 min
    Ken Ball on Campfire Audio's Dorado 2020, Vega 2020

    Ken Ball on Campfire Audio's Dorado 2020, Vega 2020

    With Campfire Audio's Ken Ball whose IEM designs are like no other manufacturer's. In this episode, Ball discusses his company's return to ceramic earshells and the differences between dynamic and balanced armature driver designs.


    Backstory: https://darko.audio/2020/10/campfire-return-to-ceramic-for-dorado-2020-vega-2020/

    PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/johndarko

    Producer: Nick McCorriston

    Music: Ben Pitt

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
59 Ratings

59 Ratings

nrcyclist ,

Tighten it up...

Your content if fun, but the pace is so very lethargic compared to you peers. It comes off as no outline, no script, and is less entertaining as a result. And the transition music... can’t you get anything more lifeless? Especially from you; someone so I tune with electronica. BTW: I'm a fan. You are one of my go to sources for info. And I really appreciate your focus on the rest of us rather than the 3% who spend $100,000 on a rig.

Tjfont ,


Very enjoyable and informative. My favorite of podcasts geared towards audio enthusiasts.

Bikrrr ,

Good content but low production values

Love the different perspectives both hosts bring to the table but lowering my rating to one star due to the annoying beeping in the background that's started a couple episodes ago. Plus thesound quality on Jeff’s side of the conversation has always been bad. Ironic as the topic is audio hifi!

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