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Welcome to the podcast of The Analytics Show. We will learn from the leading industry experts using data and analytics to solve the problems and create values in practice.

We will also learn where their industry is heading to and how data and analytics will shape the industry in the future. Most importantly, how they are preparing their business for digital transformation and disruptions in the future.

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Welcome to the podcast of The Analytics Show. We will learn from the leading industry experts using data and analytics to solve the problems and create values in practice.

We will also learn where their industry is heading to and how data and analytics will shape the industry in the future. Most importantly, how they are preparing their business for digital transformation and disruptions in the future.

    E7 Luke Halliday - Laying the Foundation for a Future of Innovation in the Australian Airport Industry

    E7 Luke Halliday - Laying the Foundation for a Future of Innovation in the Australian Airport Industry

    Luke Halliday is a dedicated problem solver who believes in making the impossible possible with a driven passion to transform technology explicitly into tangible business values. Most recently, he has been doing it for the Australian airport industry.

    He was previously an Executive Technology at Australia Pacific Airport Corporation, the operator of Melbourne and Launceston Airports, Where he is transforming airport technology and shaping the organization’s future trajectory by building a real-time, predictive data analytics capability and enterprise data platform.

    In his role as CIO, Luke has combated cost challenges, redesigned the operating model of technology to integrated outsourced and internal teams and set a strategy that is modernising technology across the airport. He is passionate about how data analytics and AI will improve overall airport operations and security.

    He completed his Executive MBA at Bond University, graduated from the Australian Institute of company directors as a qualified director and acquired a range of expertise in business management, marketing, IT infrastructure and systems engineering.

    In his early 20’s he co-founded an IT services business which went on to be listed twice in the top 10 fastest growing IT service businesses in Australia - Mercury IT. Through a journey which included merging two other IT businesses into mercury, establishing a management team and eventually stepping out of the daily operations of the business to take move into a director role, he has remained steadfast in his ambition to help organisations improve their business through the intelligent use of technology.

    This talented man has won several awards such as a Technology Innovator, Owner Manager of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur for his brilliant contributions in business insights, IT intelligence, and data analytical acumen. 

    In this episode, Luke shares with us the challenges he overcame to achieve the technological transformation in Melbourne Airport and how data analytics was the biggest part of the job. He shows us with some real-life examples of how data made the passengers’ journey easier, faster, and more comfortable and enabled the airport staff to better assist the passengers, as well as creating great customer experience.

    He also sheds light on the best strategy for a data infrastructure for any kind of business and discusses the enormous use of enterprise data platforms and predictive analysis to enhance the customer journey and help everyone involved. 

    Apart from that, we also get to learn how he found out the right resources to use and companies to merge with while building his own company Mercury IT. And, much more! 

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-halliday
    Mercury IT: https://www.mercuryit.com.au
    Melbourne Airport: https://www.melbourneairport.com.au
    One book that he would gift it to his younger self: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/629.Zen_and_the_Art_of_Motorcycle_Maintenance 

    Published Articles: 


    Licenses & Certifications: 

    Cisco Sales Expert, Issuing authority Cisco
    Certified Executive Coach, Issuing authority NS-NLP, Power + Training
    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Issuing authority Australian College of IT 

    Mentioned in the interview:
    Luke Halliday's coach: Geoff Wade (https://www.linkedin.com/in/geoffreywade) at Onirik (https://www.onirik.com.au)

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    E6 - Prashant Natarajan - Healthcare Analytics and the Ever-changing Landscape of Analytics Vendors

    E6 - Prashant Natarajan - Healthcare Analytics and the Ever-changing Landscape of Analytics Vendors

    Could it be that we are living in revolutionary times? We are on the crest of a wave coming for the last 40 or 50 years… data and analytics have the potential to make a massive impact in all industries.

    One of the reasons why The Analytics Show works so well is because it has some of the biggest experts in data and analytics as guests. By sharing their knowledge and expertise, they help our views learn more and advance their careers much faster.

    This is why it’s my great pleasure to present our newest guest on the show, Prashant Natarajan, and I hope you enjoy this episode.

    Prashant is a technology and product executive with expertise in data, analytics and machine including financial services, healthcare, government, and manufacturing.

    He has worked in many important roles, such as business and technology leadership at Deloitte, learning applications. In addition to this, Prashanat has demonstrated his professional abilities across multiple verticals at  H2O.ai, Oracle and Siemens in the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia Pacific.

    What is also amazing is that Prashant is a lead author or contributor to 5 books on software development, AI, ML, big data, and business intelligence. He is a Co-Faculty Instructor at Stanford University, guest lecturer at Monash University, and an Advisor at Louisiana Tech University. But the list goes on, doesn’t stop there: he is an industry advisor at Pistoia Alliance, University of California at San Francisco, and the Council for Affordable Health Coverage in Washington DC.

    When someone like this drops us a visit and accepts to be a guest on the show, it proves we are doing the right thing promoting leaders in the field of data and analytics. If you’d like to learn much more about technology, life and approach to business, I strongly suggest you have a listen and see for yourself why Prashant is one of the top experts in the industry.

    Why is empathy so important in working with colleagues? And why is it very important that you have a supportive partner by your side?

    Prashat will also talk about being a good leader, and the attributes a good leader needs to have; why and how he decided to come to Australia; how he finds time to write his books - even against his super-busy work schedule; how he sees product management and development in the months and years to come, and much, much more…

    Connect with Prashant on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natarpr/

    To learn more about Prashant:

    Demystifying Big Data and Machine Learning for Healthcare, by Prashant Natarajan, John C. Frenzel, Detlev H. Smaltz
    Implementing Business Intelligence in Your Healthcare Organization, by Cynthia McKinney, MBA, FHIMSS, PMP, Ray Hess, RRT
    Chapter 11: Communicating through Robust Reporting
    Prashant Natarajan on Google Scholar
    What exactly is Precision Medicine?  Prashant Natarajan
    Healthcare IT Today - https://www.healthcareittoday.com/tag/prashant-natarajan/


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    E5 - Dr. Alex Antic - Mission to Train the Next Generation of Data Scientists

    E5 - Dr. Alex Antic - Mission to Train the Next Generation of Data Scientists

    Dr. Alex Antic is a trusted and experienced Data Science leader, with a proven record of delivering innovative, successful and sustainable projects in government, industry and startups (including Sports Analytics), that leverage data and Machine Learning/Deep Learning capabilities to deliver actionable insights.

    Dr. Antic is currently serving as an Academic at ANU, whilst also being a Principal Data Scientist for Federal Agency. Before his current role at ANU, Alex was a quantitative analyst at hedge fund and investment bank. He has also worked with the actuarial teams in the marketing analytics. Because of this unique career path with the commercial experience, he understands the business needs well as well as able to be pragmatics with the commercial perspective whilst working at different environment. Dr. Antic is currently also helping ANU to set up an institute of analytics to help bridge the gap between the PhD students and commercial / government sectors.

    In this interview, we discussed how an organisation can build up its data science capabilities and what to look for when interviewing candidates. Due to his unique work history, I asked him about his view on data scientist vs quantitative analyst vs actuary. Finally, Dr. Antic also shared with us about this research focuses on the subjects like confidential computing and natural language processing.

    LinkedIn Profile URL: linkedin.com/in/alexantic

    Blog Site: https://impartiallyderivative.com/

    Official Site: https://cecs.anu.edu.au/people/alex-antic

    Human Services Australia: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/

    Meetups that Alex runs:


    Alex's blogs that you should read

    10 hidden challenges of working as a Data Scientist, and how to overcome them to advance your career
    7 questions you need to ask before taking on a Data Science role.

    Featured Interviews:



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    E4 - Eric Axelrod - Analytics in the Cloud and How the Future of Web Conference is Shifting

    E4 - Eric Axelrod - Analytics in the Cloud and How the Future of Web Conference is Shifting

    Eric Axelrod is the President and Chief Architect for DIGR. DIGR is a BI & analytics consulting company based in the USA, & they help organizations become more agile with end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions. Examples of some of the services DIGR offers are Cloud Data Platform Migrations, Data Architecture, Data Warehousing, Database Design, Data Integration, and Business Intelligence tool deployment.

    He is also the founder of for Cloud Data Summit (CDS). CDS Is the premier web-based summit for cloud data technology. Through CDS, you can learn from companies which have migrated data platforms from on-premise to the cloud. You can then see how these companies redesigned to take advantage of endless storage & compute power of the Cloud Computing.

    CDS has some extremely talented speakers lineup. Few notable speakers are as follows:

    Jay Natarajan from US AI Lead and Lead Architect at Microsoft will talk about the world of AI and how getting your data strategy right would help you to transform your organization and unlock new use cases for AI and ML.

    Dan Linstedt, the inventor of Data Vault, teaches about how to use the infinite capacity of cloud DW platforms make true agile data architecture possible and many more.

    Scott Clendaniel from Harvard and Legg Mason explains how to tune AI models in the cloud.

    Kurt Cagle from Cognitive World (and Forbes Contributor) is covering how cloud transforms Enterprise Data Management.

    About Cloud Data Summit

    Conference Date: 16-17 Oct 2019

    Regular Registration: www.clouddatasummit.com/registration

    Coupon Code: 1MXTASSDC

    Special offers to students.

    Student Registration: www.clouddatasummit.com/student-registration

    FAQ about Cloud Data Summit: www.7wdata.be/event/cloud-data-summit-october-2019

    Apart from his day to day jobs, Eric also plays the role of advisor on the following companies:

    GLG - the world’s leading platform connecting business to insight. 

    10X Factory - #1 Community for CEOs & Founders Looking to 10x Their Growth

    Advisory Cloud - provides professionals the platform, exposure, & tools to monetize their knowledge as an advisor. 

    Alpha Insights - a professional services firm employing several hundred ambitious professionals in 9 offices around the world.

    LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/ericaxelrod

    Where you can also find Eric:

    www.quora.com/profile/Eric-Axelrod-1 -
    www.slideshare.net/EricAxelrod -

    Places where Eric goes for new knowledge:

    Favorite blogs

    CB Insights -
    CIO Magazine -
    InformationWeek -
    7wData -
    KDnuggets -

    Favorite podcasts

    Salesman Podcast -
    Joe Rogan


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    E3 - Andrew Swindell - Information Architecture and the Data Ecosystems in Energy companies

    E3 - Andrew Swindell - Information Architecture and the Data Ecosystems in Energy companies

    Andrew Swindell is a TOGAF qualified Enterprise Information Architect and with over 20 years’ experience in the field of information technology and enterprise architecture.

    On top of the years of consulting experience in enterprise architecture and data analytics, he is also a speaker and an author. Andrew has domain expertise in asset management using technology across different asset intensive environments. He has previously delivered consulting services and projects in a number of companies including NSW Transport and BHP Billiton.

    Currently, he is helping Origin Energy to move into a modern data architecture and upgrade its gas business portfolio with modern technological capabilities.

    Andrew does this through applying architecture disciplines, engaging stakeholders at all levels including Boards and Executive Teams and driving a strong focus on collaboration and business outcomes.

    Today, Andrew will share with us how data, analytics and enterprise architecture are applied in the gas and energy industry.

    Andrew explores the role of Information Architecture, the opportunities it presents and the value generated from focusing on your data assets.

    Please enjoy.

    Favorite book: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't, by Jim Collins.

    LinkedIn Profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewswindell/

    Published papers & past presentation:


    Want to become a certified enterprise architect like Andrew? You can find out more about TOGAF Certification:   http://www.togaf.info/togaf9/index.html


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    E2 - Dr. Warwick Graco - The use of Data Science in Government

    E2 - Dr. Warwick Graco - The use of Data Science in Government

    Dr Warwick Graco is a senior director in data science at Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He previously worked for what is now called 'Medicare Australia' and was manager of a team that built machine-learning and multivariate statistical models to help identify fraud and abuse within Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefit schemes. During his career, he has also worked in Australian Defence Force as an army officer and served in a variety postings including time spent assisting with development and delivery of command support systems . Over the years, he has published a number of papers and other publications involving topics such as defence, strategy and analytics.

    Dr Graco has been a practicing data scientist for 26 years. He was previously the convener of the whole Government Data Analytics Centre of Excellence, was a founding member of the Institute of Analytics Professionals-Australia and was a member of the 1st analytics team to be established at a Federal level in the early 1990s.

    His current interests include knowledge acquisition, partitioning of populations and digital profiling. He is also interested in management decision making and the different styles of managers.  

    In this episode, Warwick shared how data science is applied in government to help with meeting business outcomes. This includes, but not limited to, some of the special task forces setup at the ATO to combat the black economy and serious non-compliance. We also exchanged views on the future of a cashless economy and how it has the potential to increase revenue collection. In addition to the above, he also discussed the use of statistical techniques to identify different classes in the community such as different types of medical practitioners. One point he emphasized is how important it is for organizations, especially governments, to 'dig the eyes' out of data in order to improve decision making, to develop effective policies and programs and to deliver services to the community. 

    Current Favorite book: The Second Machine Age Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies, by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.

    LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/warwick-graco-4a27044/

    Publish papers:

    An Application of Time-Changing Feature Selection

    YouTube Video: Data Mining in Public Sector

    Past Presentation:



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