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Dedicated to the economic growth and development of Warren, Ohio. Negativity not allowed. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) all day. We will also be capturing stories of those who have lived and do live in Warren.

Defend Warren James F. Guy Jr

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Dedicated to the economic growth and development of Warren, Ohio. Negativity not allowed. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) all day. We will also be capturing stories of those who have lived and do live in Warren.

    Mike Lancey - McKenzie Chase Management Inc - Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    Mike Lancey - McKenzie Chase Management Inc - Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    This episode we continue to bring business development to the listeners. We cover the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  Hope this helps!

    I speak with Mike Lancey who is originally from Los Angeles.  He shares life growing up in LA.  Everything from running on top of the cinder block walls that enclosed the back yards to his humble beginnings growing up with 2 brothers and a sister,  in a very small home.  He also was an early skate boarder - his board had metal wheels.   He also shares some valuable lessons he learned playing high school football.

    He is now the President and CEO of McKenzie Chase Management, Inc.  based out of Seattle Washington.  They help employers navigate the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  The WOTC is a specialty that McKenzie Chase specializes in.  The WOTC is not something a CPA firm usually does because it is so specialized.

    MCM has over 38 years of specialization in employer tax credits, culminating with the creation of the "MCM Program" which is:
    -WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit
    - Empowerment Zones
    - Indian Employment Credits
    - COVID-19 Payroll Tax Credits and Audits
    - State and local tax credits and incentives

     The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a tax incentive program that motivates employers to hire and retain employees. For every eligible employee you hire, your business can qualify for a tax credit up to $9,600 during the first year of employment. Put our connections and expertise to work for you. Our team is backed by experience, technology and processes unmatched in the industry:
     ■ Over 30 years of industry experience nationwide
     ■ A full-support client service culture 
    ■ Customized reporting 
    ■ Integrated and seamless services 
    ■ Affordable pricing with money back guarantee. Mckenzie Chase (MCM) gets you the tax credits you’re entitled to. Employers.... you get all the credit, and MCM does all the work. 

    Michael Lancey, MBA | EA | 
    President & CEO
    Mckenzie Chase Management, Inc. 
    Seattle, WA 
    Office: (206) 547-8277 
    Toll-free: (866) 547-8277 
    US Mail: PO Box 30550, Seattle, WA 98113 
    Fax: (206) 524-7775 
    Scans: Apps@MckenzieChase.com
    Web: https://www.mckenziechase.com
    Admin: https://wotc.MckenzieChase.com

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    Jim Fogarty - 2 Ticks & The Dog

    Jim Fogarty - 2 Ticks & The Dog

    Jim Fogarty is the President and Chief Content Creator at the 2 Ticks & The Dog Productions, Inc., the award winning video production company and media agency founded over twenty ago in Warren, Ohio and currently located downtown on Courthouse Square.  When he's not producing video content or leading media campaigns for his clients, he's proud to have served his community in various capacities for over two decades as an outspoken activist, arts educator and motivational speaker. Jim has volunteered with several non-profits including as the former marketing chair for both the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts Any Given Child Warren arts learning initiative with Warren City Schools and The Trumbull Art Gallery, as well as past President for both the non-profit  W.D. Packard Foundation, and the W.D. Packard Park and Music Hall board of Trustees .  He currently serves on Kent State University's Trumbull Theater advisory board . His podcast, The ProdCast will enter its third season this summer of 2021 and has listeners in all fifty states and over forty countries worldwide.  The ProdCast is available on all major podcasting platforms or can be found at www.TheProdcast.net.

    2 Ticks & The Dog Productions, Inc.
    197 West Market Street (Suite 201)
    Warren, Ohio 44481
    (330) 720-7560

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    Matt Martin and Shawn Carvin TNP TCLB

    Matt Martin and Shawn Carvin TNP TCLB

    Matt Martin, Executive Director of Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership and Shawn Carvin Director of the Trumbull County Land Bank.  The amount of work that TNP has  done and is doing is amazing.   Everything from tackling blight, from organizing the Farmers Market, to addressing the issue of food desserts.   Come and here how and what they do.  There will be a part 2 because we couldn't cover nearly enough in one episode.

    Matt Martin -  has been the Executive Director of Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) since its launch in 2010. TNP manages the Trumbull County Land Bank and focuses on housing, food access, and community organizing in Warren, Ohio. A Cleveland native, he has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Master of Arts in Environmental Studies, both from Cleveland State University’s Levin College of Urban Affairs. He lives in downtown Warren  with his wife and 4 children.

    Shawn Carvin - is the director of the Trumbull County Land Bank in Warren, Ohio, part of the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP), a community development organization focused on the revitalization and empowerment of residents. Shawn volunteers his time to use his talents at a number of community organizations. Prior to his work at TNP, Shawn served in the United States Airforce as a meteorologist. He lives in downtown Warren with his partner and dog!

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    Bob Easton - Realtor ReMax/Pathway

    Bob Easton - Realtor ReMax/Pathway

    Bob is not from Warren but is a Defender of Warren, for sure.  This episode we discuss life growing up on a farm in Hubbard Township.  He went to Hubbard schools and  played football and ran track. After high school he went to Slippery Rock, YSU and graduated from  Kent State.  

    He is now a realtor with ReMax/Pathway.  We discuss Warren Real Estate and the potential that is here, in Warren.   He has a lot of good things to share about Warren and Warren Real Estate.

    Bob is married with 2 children who attend Warren JFK, where he is coach.

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    Emma Brown-Simpson Owner Naked Seamoss

    Emma Brown-Simpson Owner Naked Seamoss

    Emma Brown-Simpson was born and raised in Warren, Ohio.  Emma shares her story of growing up on Willamsburg street and attending Secrest elementary.  She was an excellent student until junior high school.  Thanks when things changed for her.  She was expelled in the 8th grade and had her first child 10 days before her 17th birthday. 

    She shares her journey post high school to eventually achieving her bachelors degree.  She worked for Warren City Schools (starting as a basketball coach) for 13 years and spent the last 3 years at Jefferson K-8. 

    Emma now has her own company called  Naked Seamoss.  www.nakedseamoss.com

    "Don't be afraid to stand for what you believe, even if it means standing alone..."

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    Jimmy Massacci

    Jimmy Massacci

    Jimmy shares life in Warren as well his adventures living in Florida and Las Vegas.  His ups and downs, successes and failures and how he got into art.   He has had some major accomplishments in the art world as  Berner Co-Founder of Cookies states:  "His art represents the real, his pieces are fire!"


    James L. Massacci, Jr. is one of the 21st century’s most captivating visual artists. Born and raised in Warren, Ohio, the “Bad Boy of Art” began honing in on his talent in 2007 when he was creating art for his own home. Massacci, the Founder of Massacci Art, is influenced more by hidden stories in society than other artists, resulting in ethereal pieces. The subject matter of his creations are unique and often ornamented with unsettling attributes or thought-provoking phrases. 

    Massacci’s art draws you into surreal moments, juxtaposing pop culture with subliminal messages to create provocative narratives. On both canvas and walls, his artwork can be found in private collections and galleries around the country. 

    Although he has maintained residences in Las Vegas and Florida, he opened his studio and a gallery in Warren, Ohio. It is here that he’s most inspired and can help revive the economy in his hometown. His artwork has been hailed by critics and celebrity collectors, as “Banksy-Esque” and reminiscent of the legendary Andy Warhol. Massacci recently had his most successful exhibit in Los Angeles in September of 2019. He has received praise from fans and gallery owners around the globe. He finds himself most humbled when someone approaches him to share how his artwork has made their life more meaningful and inspired them to start pursuing their passions.

    Massacci is currently working on his magazine cover series. It includes a 5’ x 4’ canvas covered in vintage TIME magazine covers. Across the center, he spray-painted ‘Never Enough” to reflect that there is truly never enough time. He states of the piece, “It’s inspired by how quickly we grow up, get caught up in the daily grind, and find ourselves aged. Only then do we realize, when we are truly wise, that there was never enough time.” 

    The Massacci family has been long time supporters of the St. Jude Foundation. James continues the tradition, in addition to donating to many other causes, events, and individuals. Massacci believes that helping others doesn’t fall on any particular day of the year, but rather all year long. Giving to those less fortunate than himself has always made him happy. He continues to contribute by setting aside several pieces each year for various organizations that are important to him. 

    In addition to gallery openings and expanding his collections, he has an exhibit backed by a major brand, and it’s scheduled for 2020. Massacci’s brands and his clothing line are slated for appearances on a major network television series this year. 

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