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Dedicated to the economic growth and development of Warren, Ohio. Negativity not allowed. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) all day. We will also be capturing stories of those who have lived and do live in Warren.

Defend Warren James F. Guy Jr

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Dedicated to the economic growth and development of Warren, Ohio. Negativity not allowed. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) all day. We will also be capturing stories of those who have lived and do live in Warren.

    Ken MacPherson - Councilman at Large

    Ken MacPherson - Councilman at Large

    Ken MacPherson City Council Bio:
    2022 Ken MacPherson grew up in the Warren area a short distance away from his current residence and has represented the citizens of Warren’s 5th Ward as Councilman on the SouthEast side from 2018-2021. Ken was elected city-wide Council-At-Large in 2021 and loves the richness, demographic diversity, backbone, and historical charm that the City of Warren has to offer. Ken has a successful career of helping organizations fix and improve institutional processes, his main goal is to modernize and implement technology initiatives across the Ward and City to improve the communication and delivery of critical services to the citizens. 
    Mr. MacPherson’s diverse experience in business, technology, science, community service, and farming, provide a unique perspective to help guide the City of Warren into the future. Mr. MacPherson has a lifetime experience in advanced technology, software development, and business startups. 
    EXPERIENCE: 1. Member of Warren’s Community Development Board (2 years)
     2. Consultant to State of Oregon ACA HealthCare Website 
     3. Consultant to City of Austin, TX – Citizen Portal 
     4. Consultant to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Portal 
     5. Consultant to US Depart of Transportation (DoT) Citizens portal
     6. Created the City of Cleveland Community Portal
     7. Consultant for Suez Canal Water & Sewage System engineering 
     8. Consultant to GM, McDonalds, and numerous fortune 500 companies 
     9. Traveled and visited 100s of cities around the World 
     10. Advisor to Youngstown Oakhill Collaborative (technology outreach) 
     11. Wife & I manage the Lena Mason Christian Memorial fund to help children 
     12. Member of UN International Standards Committee (OASIS) 
     13. Rotary International – Paul Harris Fellow 
     14. Boy Scouts of America - Eagle Scout 
     15. Certificate Ohio SERB on Public Sector Fact Finding 
     16. Engineering & Technology Degree – Case Western Reserve University
    Any resident of the City of Warren is welcomed to contact Mr MacPherson via email, tweet, call, SMS, or morse code with your ideas, issues, concerns, questions, or complaints. 
    Email: ken@KenMacPherson.com
     Phone: (330) 219-3564
     Website: http://kenmacpherson.com/
     Twitter: @kenmacpherson
     Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenmacpherson/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kmacpher

    City of Warren Annexation Policy
    City of Salem annexation policy.

    Article: Annexation and Mayor Sensenbrenner.  The Story of How Columbus Grew to be the Largest City in Ohio. By Alexander Tebbens.


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    Brandon Giovannone - Owner MDI Studios

    Brandon Giovannone - Owner MDI Studios

    We talk about all kinds of things.  Everything from the Warren Raiders 2003 football state title game to his adventures in the woods near his home.

    He shares his life post high school.  Brandon didn't go to college but worked various full time jobs till he decided to go all in with MDI Studios.

    Brandon Giovannone,  Warren Born and Raised and A 2003 graduate of Warren Harding. Owner of MDI Studios, a Web Design and Stadium Entertainment company. Celebrating their 10th year in Warren, creating College/Pro stadium video productions and entertainment for NEO Ohio High School Football Stadiums. And it all started at Warren’s own Mollenkopf Stadium!  

    A strong passion and commitment to be part of the evolving renewed energy of Downtown Warren. MDI Studios has been located on courthouse square for over 6 years!

    Happily married to his wife Katie, and father of  2 beautiful daughters! Brandon looks forward to continue his drive to defend warren by creating inspiring video productions of Warren, Warren City Schools, and Downtown for years to come, While growing his stadium entertainment side to more NEO high school stadiums.

    MDI Studios
    145 West. Market St.
    Warren, Ohio 44481


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    Tom Duma - Owner of Thom Duma Jewelers

    Tom Duma - Owner of Thom Duma Jewelers

    Learn what Tom's dream career was and what ended it.

    Hear how Tom met his wife and how he asked her to marry him.

    Tom shares his experience with the JFK/Howland rivalry.

    Hear the struggles Tom had in the jewelry business and the risks he took to grow his business.  He also shares how his father, Thom, got started in the jewlery business.

    Tom shares his views of downtown Warren over the years.

    Tom also shares how he got his business, Thom Duma Jewelers, up and running.  Also the vision he had for the store.

    Thom Duma Jewelers does repairs on site. 

    Looking for Rolex.  They have them.

    Thom Duma Jewelers
    (330) 393.4696
    115 WEST MARKET ST. WARREN, OHIO 44481 Downtown Warren

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    Lana Kontos, ND, LDHS

    Lana Kontos, ND, LDHS

    This episode I have the pleasure of talking with Lana Kontos. ND, LDHS.  She was born and raised in Warren and a graduate of Warren Western Reserve High School.

    We talk about life growing up in Warren and she shares memories of Raider - Panther rivalry.

    This episode is useful for anyone with health issue, especially digestive health and immune system issues or would like a stronger immune system.

    Lana is  a Board-certified naturopathic doctor.  Trained and certified diet and lifestyle intervention practitioner and a digestive health specialist.

    Get board – certified naturopathic doctor Lana Kontos’ gift to you - 
    “The 5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Weight Loss, Boosting Immune Health and Avoiding Mid-Life Symptoms and
    How to Help Protect Your Family from Colds, the Flu and Viruses!” 
    And learn more about her affordable programs for weight loss, immune health, acid reflux and helping college students and senior citizens stay healthy as well as her signature talk …“The 4 things you can do to boost your immune system in minutes a day and the 3 questions you must ask your health care provider before taking a medication or vaccination.”
    Please visit  her website https://inspiredbywellness.com  to learn more.

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    Owner - Buena Vista Cafe - NIck Frankos

    Owner - Buena Vista Cafe - NIck Frankos

    Come and listen to the stories of Nick Frankos.  We discuss life growing up on the east side of Warren.  We talk WGH Panther football and the talent that came from Warren.  

    He shares stories of the Panther/Raider rivalry.  Hear about the egg  throwing story.

    Nick shares what his plans were, post his U of Cincinnati football career - and it wasn't the BV.

    We discuss WGH Raider football.

    Learn how Mr. Frankos (Uncle Nick) got the money to add on to the restaurant - Nick cleared up the story for me.

    Learn how Uncle Nicks fried chicken came into existence. 

    Of course we discuss Warren business and how to grow Warren as well as some Entrepreneurship.  

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    Mike Lancey - McKenzie Chase Management Inc - Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    Mike Lancey - McKenzie Chase Management Inc - Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    This episode we continue to bring business development to the listeners. We cover the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  Hope this helps!

    I speak with Mike Lancey who is originally from Los Angeles.  He shares life growing up in LA.  Everything from running on top of the cinder block walls that enclosed the back yards to his humble beginnings growing up with 2 brothers and a sister,  in a very small home.  He also was an early skate boarder - his board had metal wheels.   He also shares some valuable lessons he learned playing high school football.

    He is now the President and CEO of McKenzie Chase Management, Inc.  based out of Seattle Washington.  They help employers navigate the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  The WOTC is a specialty that McKenzie Chase specializes in.  The WOTC is not something a CPA firm usually does because it is so specialized.

    MCM has over 38 years of specialization in employer tax credits, culminating with the creation of the "MCM Program" which is:
    -WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit
    - Empowerment Zones
    - Indian Employment Credits
    - COVID-19 Payroll Tax Credits and Audits
    - State and local tax credits and incentives

     The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a tax incentive program that motivates employers to hire and retain employees. For every eligible employee you hire, your business can qualify for a tax credit up to $9,600 during the first year of employment. Put our connections and expertise to work for you. Our team is backed by experience, technology and processes unmatched in the industry:
     ■ Over 30 years of industry experience nationwide
     ■ A full-support client service culture 
    ■ Customized reporting 
    ■ Integrated and seamless services 
    ■ Affordable pricing with money back guarantee. Mckenzie Chase (MCM) gets you the tax credits you’re entitled to. Employers.... you get all the credit, and MCM does all the work. 

    Michael Lancey, MBA | EA | 
    President & CEO
    Mckenzie Chase Management, Inc. 
    Seattle, WA 
    Office: (206) 547-8277 
    Toll-free: (866) 547-8277 
    US Mail: PO Box 30550, Seattle, WA 98113 
    Fax: (206) 524-7775 
    Scans: Apps@MckenzieChase.com
    Web: https://www.mckenziechase.com
    Admin: https://wotc.MckenzieChase.com

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