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Design The Simple Life - A podcast for you who desire to create a simple, healthy and harmonious life and home. Website: http://www.ylvamariadesign.se

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Design The Simple Life - A podcast for you who desire to create a simple, healthy and harmonious life and home. Website: http://www.ylvamariadesign.se

    The most common thoughts about to make your life easier

    The most common thoughts about to make your life easier

    In this episode I'm talking about the most common thought I hear about to make your life easier. We're going to talk about fear, overwhelm and when you get stuck in the decluttering process.
    The enrollment for my course Wardrobe Code 101 is open for enrollment. That course I will help you declutter your wardrobe and find your personal style. I also have a module packed with knowledge on how to organize and store your clothes in a simple and beautiful way and so much more. Head on over to my website www.ylvamariadesign.se to read more about the course.
    Download the Free audio training: "How to get amazing mornings" here!
    In the FREE audio training you'll learn 3 strategies to make your mornings work and set the foundation for the day. The audio also include an amazing meditation, which will help you change your morning habits into something new and positive.
    Join the waitlist for Academy of Simplicity here!
    I hope that you like the episode. Feel free to share it with your friends.
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    Boost your health by improve your morning routines

    Boost your health by improve your morning routines

    We have so much to do on our daily basis and I’m always working on to simplify my life more and more.
    A good idea could be to take a look at the morning habits and routines. Simplify and add just the good things that feels good. I know there are many ways and for me it has been my wardrobe. I have minimized the amount of my clothes and the results of that is stress-free mornings. I know what’s in my wardrobe and I also know what to wear. I don´t have to stay there too long and choose anymore, because I know my outfits very well. I have also implemented to write in my note book every mornings and listen to some nice meditation to set the foundation for the day.
    So, this is something I have done for myself and I know there are many who have struggles in the mornings to make time enough for everything, so I have made an audio training:
    How to get amazing mornings 
    It’s free and it also includes an amazing meditation. I hope you will like it and please send me your thoughts about it in a private message on instagram. 
    The audio includes my 3 proven strategies to get calm and nice mornings.
    Amazing morning Audio training
    Wardrobe Code 101 - 3 weeks online course
    Instagram: @ylvamariadesign 
    Join my fb-group: Simplicity inspirational group
    Guest speaker in this episode: 
    Zuzana Novotna - We deliver well-being
    Join her Masterclass 13th or 14th of April:
    3 essential strategies for back pain relief without breaking a bank
    20 % discount of Zuzanas upcoming course:
    "Painfree Academy"use this code: Simplicity
    Join her FB-group: Holistic wellness group
    Instagram: @wellbeingzuzana
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    How to create a balanced life

    How to create a balanced life

    Let´s talk about health and a healthy lifestyle. What is it actually? Is it just the food we eat or what is it? If you would like to know how to start to create a balanced healthy lifestyle this episode is for you.
    Years ago I started to minimize my home and my belongings and I have learned a lot during this time. When you minimize your belongings you´ll be aware of the things that really mean something for you and I think that’s interesting to know that all the clutter could hold you back for years.
    What I also learned is that when people starts to get rid of things they don’t need, like or use anymore they often starts to declutter the wardrobe, and that’s my favourite space. As I always have worked with clothes in different kind of ways in my life I wanted to dive into it a little bit more. I created a course:
    Wardrobe Code 101 which includes:
    How to find you personal style
    How to get rid of the clothes you don’t need, like and use
    How to organize and take care of your clothes 
    Wardrobe Code 101 is now open for enrollment. For now I have an early bird price, so if you feel this is exactly what you need, go to my website www.ylvamariadesign.se/wardrobecode101.se and sign up.
    The early bird price will disappear on Sunday the 4th of April 12 pm CET.
    The course will take you from overwhelm to stress-free mornings and you will feel relieved over that your wardrobe isn’t over full anymore. There are so many benefits of having a smaller wardrobe. Read more at my website. You can also find the link in the description for this episode. I can’t wait to see you inside of my course.
    In this episode I have a conversation with Jennifer Lynn who is holistic health coach. She has very interesting thought on how to create a balanced life. You can find her at Instagram:

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    How to choose the right wall paper for your walls

    How to choose the right wall paper for your walls

    Big announcement!!!
    WARDROBE CODE 101 Online course is open for enrollment!
    I´m so happy to announce this today and I hope that you're going to like it. 
    Wardrobe code 101 is a 3 weeks course about create your wardrobe you love and also get calmer mornings, because after this course you know what to wear every single day. I think that's amazing.
    Go to my website www.ylvamariadesign.se and sign up today and get the EARLY BIRD price. 
    Today I have a wall paper designer guest. Her name is Julie Campbell and she gives so many great tips and also talk about the interesting design process to create a wall paper.
    Link to Julies website: https://pastedpaper.com
    Last week I was guest speaker in Kicki Westerbergs Cirkeln podcast talking about simple living. That was very fun. Go and listen and get inspired HERE! OBS! In Swedish.

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    Essential oils for wardrobe cleanse

    Essential oils for wardrobe cleanse

    Essential oils are amazing. You can use them in so many different ways. I have used them for many reason and especially to give my home a refresh.
    In this episode I have a guest who is aromatherapist. Her name is Gladys Tan and she will give you some tips on what kind of essential oils you can use when you declutter and tidying your wardrobe.
    If you haven´t visited my website, it's time for you now and look for "The Simplicity kickstarter-guide" and it is a guide that will help you to get started into a a simplified home and life. There are some fantastic tools waiting for you there.
    For the moment I am working on a wardrobe declutter course and plan to start it very soon. I know there are many who have too many clothes in their wardrobes. So stay tuned... I hope I can give you more information next week.
    FB-group Simplicity Inspirational Group
    The Simplicity Kickstarter-guide
    Here can you find Aromatherapist Gladys Tan:
    Website: https://www.luffbotanicals.com (Coming soon)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luffbotanicals
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luffbotanicals
    Email: hello@luffbotanicals.com 

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    # 29. How to build a sustainable wardrobe with Isaüra Tsama

    # 29. How to build a sustainable wardrobe with Isaüra Tsama

    In this episode I have a conversation with a personal brand stylist based in Paris. Her name is Isaüra Tsama 
    and she has a decade of expertise in the fashion industry.
    She previously worked as a fashion Buyer for well-known international companies where she sharpened her sense of how dressing with intention influences public perception.  
    After listening to 100’s of people complain about what to wear in the workplace, That’s Intrinsic was born in 2016, with the aim to help global women entrepreneurs and professionals to have a signature style that screams success and stop worrying about finding the clothes that match their personal brand, prestige and audience. Since then, she has been working virtually with women from all over the world.
    When you have decluttered and cleaned up your wardrobe it’s so valuable to know how to style and build up your personal wardrobe. I hope you liked this episode. Links:
    Join the epic giveaway here:
    Simplicity Inspirational group
    Isaura Tsama:
    Instagram: @isaurastylistparis

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