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Fellas in sheet masks chatting skincare routines, meme culture and beauty news and tips with the world's online beauty elite.

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Fellas in sheet masks chatting skincare routines, meme culture and beauty news and tips with the world's online beauty elite.

Get in touch: dewydudes@gmail.com

    21. Boys Chat Volume 2

    21. Boys Chat Volume 2

    The pod is moving to Manhattan. That means we’re trading in our Brooklyn-podcaster neckbeards for chain-smoking, it-girl ennui. In this banger of a boys chat ep, the fellas review the Hunter Viben’ selfies, dissect the retreat from status-symbol skincare shelves, explore incel mewing, and uncover a hypothetical bulging forehead vein removal operation to help men achieve ultimate chadified himboification. Some light required reading:




    • 41 min
    20. Doomscrolling featuring Arabelle Sicardi

    20. Doomscrolling featuring Arabelle Sicardi

    The fellas engage in a thought-provoking conversation with legendary beauty writer Arabelle Sicardi on surveillance capitalism within the beauty industry, what inspires their unique approach to beauty writing, and what readers can expect from the writer's upcoming “weird baby” of a book, “ The House of Beauty,” which argues beauty as terror while critiquing the billion-dollar beauty industry and the technology and political power that maintain it.

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    • 1 hr 5 min
    19. Finsta Forward Featuring Julie Schott

    19. Finsta Forward Featuring Julie Schott

    Wherein the dudes zoom in co-founder and CEO of Starface Julie Schott to discuss the acne-care brand, her pivot from beauty editorial to product, and the desire for finsta aesthetics in the age of filters and algorithm-induced dopamine rushes. Ingredient of the week gets Starface-specific. Julie revisits a Katy Perry interview in which she was made up to look like Katy Perry. Before logging off, Julie sends the boys off with a little prayer for their journey towards making a couple of bucks of the memes.

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    • 1 hr 10 min
    18. Square Jaw Privilege Featuring Paul McCallion

    18. Square Jaw Privilege Featuring Paul McCallion

    Wherein the fellas join writer, performer and aspiring New York darling Paul McCallion for a socially-distanced rooftop hang. Paul graces the boys with a 40-minute rundown of the four products in his Kiehl’s Dopp kit while discussing Jameela Jamil’s skincare privilege, what’s absent in the Paris Hilton doc, and navigating our virtual bubbles. Ingredient of the week heats up. Paul gives the boys ideas of how to monetize the pod and how to turn online clout into real word substance. And for once, the fellas don’t fumble their way through the Dewy Do’s and Dont’s.

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    • 1 hr 11 min
    17. Boys Chat

    17. Boys Chat

    Boys Chat. The boys do as good Brooklynites do: rise and shine, stuff their faces with bagels, and head to Greenpoint’s Transmitter Park to pull out the old 1s and 2s.

    Emilio gives a play-by-play recap of his desperately needed post-Covid facial. Evan works through Em Rata’s new bone-chilling piece for The Cut, discussing exploitation and privacy in the age of no privacy. Somehow the two manage to work in Hyram for the millionth time, thanks to his recent profile in the New York Times as the Gen-Z Whisperer, before recapping GQ’s video interview between Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, wherein ASAP absolutely fumbles his way through his “skincare” routine. And before sending you off with the Dewy Do’s and Dont’s, the boys indulge their narcissism by discussing the recent Dewy Dude’s shoutout in Business of Fashion.

    Buying Myself Back — by Emily Ratajkowski — The Cut:

    New World of Indie Media — by MC Nanda — Business of Fashion:

    • 38 min
    16. Reporting the Dews featuring Darian Harvin

    16. Reporting the Dews featuring Darian Harvin

    Wherein the fellas embarrassingly ask beauty reporter Darian Harvin to womansplain the cultural weight of last week’s Brandy vs Monica battle on Verzus before walking them through the nuances of reporting, curating and editing beauty stories during uncertain times and within an ever-changing creator landscape. We also chat the beauty industry’s response to police brutality, Fenty Skin, men’s skincare lines, hair’s role in our post-Covid lives , as well as the importance of actively working to better include trans voices into beauty conversations.

    Subscribe to her newsletter, Beauty IRL, at http://darian.substack.com and follow her on instagram at @Darian to tune into her IGTV series, Beauty Headlines, a weekly update of what's going on in the beauty industry and how it affects you — even when you don't realize it.

    Other links mentioned:

    Darian’s living excel doc of beauty brands’ responses and actions to police brutality:


    Shoutout mentioned in the Dewy Do’s and Dont’s:


    • 1 hr 19 min

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61 Ratings

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