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dHarmic Evolution features in-depth interviews of Indie Music Artists from around the world, along with Authors, Speakers, Thought Leaders, Original Comedy sketches, and Spiritual Shows. All shows feature strong entertainment-based messaging and promote undiscovered talent, along with all original music created by James, and or his guests. The show was designed to lift, promote, and showcase the creative future "dHarmic stars", and to entertain and inform the listening podcast artistic community. Your dHarmic Evolution host is Christian Nashville recording artist, James Kevin O'Connor, aka, "The Master Story Teller"

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dHarmic Evolution features in-depth interviews of Indie Music Artists from around the world, along with Authors, Speakers, Thought Leaders, Original Comedy sketches, and Spiritual Shows. All shows feature strong entertainment-based messaging and promote undiscovered talent, along with all original music created by James, and or his guests. The show was designed to lift, promote, and showcase the creative future "dHarmic stars", and to entertain and inform the listening podcast artistic community. Your dHarmic Evolution host is Christian Nashville recording artist, James Kevin O'Connor, aka, "The Master Story Teller"

    The Return of English Bob, as he “Retires from Retirement”

    The Return of English Bob, as he “Retires from Retirement”

    The Return of English Bob, as he “Retires from Retirement”
    We are in for a real treat today! My guest is one of my dearest friends. We thought he already “packed it in” since he has not been on in a few years, but today he is back with a roar. He is retiring from retirement and has now turned into a Tik Tok and Instagram star. Please welcome back my dear friend, English Bob!
    English Bob hails from the Northern part of Southeastern Lower Ipswich on West Waffle Street in the UK. He lives a generally quiet life, but also loves creating instructional training videos, sips tea, loves Fencing, Running, eradicating Bigfoot from his and other neighborhoods, and of course, he loves Mama Bob! He has helped me for years with special projects and I’m so excited to have him back here on the dHarmic Evolution Podcast!
    We’re going to hear his amazing and interesting stories especially about growing pumpkins and see what he has been up to and what he is currently doing. Let’s all strap up our seatbelts as we go to lower Ipswich today with English Bob!
    More about English Bob
    Check out what English Bob is up to. He is on Instagram and Tiktok, look for @englishbob5, and don’t forget to follow and support him. All the links are provided below. Also, if you need a little backstory on English’s life, take a look at the previous episodes that he has been in. You just simply need to search “English Bob” on the search bar of dharmicevolution.com.
    “Congratulations on your book, 7 Steps to Mental Freedom. This is one of the reasons why I decided to get back in the saddle and help you along your quest to help others who suffer from melancholiaminamia, anemia, anxiety, and depression?”
    -English Bob congratulating James for his book.
    “As far as satisfying I’m as pleased as a pheasant at a grouse convention doing this kind of work.”
    -English Bob on growing pumpkins
    “That my dear James, that's how I came to love, cherish, and farm my dear pumpkins, forevermore… After that experience, I knew I would be a pumpkin farmer most of the days of my life. And I have been pumpkin patching ever since.”
    -English Bob talks about his history of growing pumpkins
    04:01 Introducing English Bob
    05:00 Welcome English Bob
    09:01 What has English Bob been up to?
    10:43 What was English’s life like in the countryside and the farm when he was not retired?
    12:25 How did English get into pumpkin growing and has it been satisfying for him?
    12:50 The interesting history on how English started growing pumpkins.
    17:02 How did English survive the attack as he continues on with his backstory in growing pumpkins.
    20:53 English chooses this episode's outro song as a tribute to, retiring from his retirement.
    21:56 Where can people find and connect with English Bob? On tik tok, and “Instant Gram”
    23:07 Listen to “Tango On” by James Kevin O’Connor
    Spotify Playlist:
    This is some cool news that I need to share. We just released our third playlist on Spotify, named Lyra. That means we have a total of 90 amazing artists and songs to listen to. I shared my top five in each list and you can also let me know what yours are by posting it on your comments! Check out the links and share them with your family and friends, too!
    dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila
    dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion
    dHarmic Rising Stars: Lyra
    dHarmic Evolution links:

    Have you tried searching through dharmicevolution.com? The search bar on the top makes it easier for you to see your favorite artists that have been on the show. The player and the blog will show up so you can listen to them anytime. Also, while you’re there, don’t forget to sign up on your favorite platform. There are a lot of platforms to choose from but I

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    Kiana Corley’s Amazing Style of Music, Soul Pop Meets Folk Alt Rock, and Great Songwriting!

    Kiana Corley’s Amazing Style of Music, Soul Pop Meets Folk Alt Rock, and Great Songwriting!

    Let's head out to Lancaster Pennsylvania today, where soul and pop is not on everyone’s playlist. But, we’ve got a truly original artist who treats her lyrical composition and vocal delivery with the same respect as an artist taking their brush strokes to a fresh virgin canvas. This makes perfect sense as her influences include Corinne Bailey Rae, Tori Kelly, and Stevie Wonder. We’re never put in a genre-exclusive category, so why should her music be?  She is soulful, with a youthful overlay of pop but also intertwined with her love of folk music and alt-rock.  We’re going to hang out with none other than Kiana Corley!
    Kiana is a multi-instrumentalist. She started at the early age of 12. She alluded to the fact that, if you play different instruments, it gives you a different perspective on songs, songwriting, and production.
    In Kiana’s most recent album, the songs follow a storyline of a young romance, which started on shaky ground with two people pretending it was solid. She's extremely motivated by helping and inspiring others through her authentically original music. Her music video premiered on Celeb Secrets this year, and she also signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records.
    Get to know more of her, and get to listen to a solid, wonderful style, and an eclectic mix of all of the best stuff ever heard on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution with Kiana Corley.
    More about Kiana Corley
    Kiana is mostly on her Instagram, but all the links on how you can find here are provided below. Check out and support Kiana and her amazing music.
    “ I just feel like if you make music that good, it's always gonna just resurface in some way, just for the years to go on. Like, I think they definitely deserve to be forever growing. “
    “I'm really blessed to be able to have that ability to share things in my life with people. Especially because I'm definitely not a person that talks about myself in a regular sense. I'm not going to tell you my whole life when we first meet, but I will share that with you if you listen to things that I wrote. That's kind of my way of teaching people about myself.”
    “I try to just take care of my body as much as I can. Because I think that if you don't do some sort of movement, or some sort of meditation, or journaling, or anything like that, it can catch up to you. Your mental well-being and your physical well-being are definitely connected I believe, and they're both equally as important.”
    “Just really pursue the honest opportunities and be honest with yourself about what you want as an artist and what you can bring. Be confident too, because everybody brings something different and all of it is needed. There's a space for all of it. There's a place for literally every artist, I really truly believe that, as well. So, keep going.”
    01:28     Introducing Kiana Corley
    04:04     What did Kiana listen to growing up that got her into classically written songs?
    09:33     Listen to “Chestnut” by  Kiana Corley
    12:40     Kiana tells us about the song “Chestnut.”
    14:05     Kiana took us back to the time when she felt in her heart that she is becoming a songwriter.
    18:42     When did Kiana feel like she was growing as a songwriter, and embraced and owned it?
    22:57     Listen to “Lukewarm” by  Kiana Corley
    26:35     The metaphor behind the song “Lukewarm”
    28:12     When did Kiana realize that she has lasered on the sound, timbre, and style that she has now?
    30:24     What music school did Kiana go to?
    31:22     How did Kiana become a multi-instrumentalist?
    32:31     Kiana shares the people she works with, the production, and how her songs are born.
    37:34     Outside of music, what does Kiana do in her downtime?
    39:24     Kiana’s message and words of wisdom for the younger musicians and the best place to connect.
    42:39     Listen to “

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    316. Crystal Mcgrath, A Multi-Passionate Woman, Inspires All Through Music and Coaching

    316. Crystal Mcgrath, A Multi-Passionate Woman, Inspires All Through Music and Coaching

    Crystal Mcgrath, A Multi-Passionate Woman, Inspires All Through Music and Coaching
    We are going all the way up to Calgary, Canada today as we meet with a musician, activist, podcast host and inspirational influencer. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, inspiring individuals to live to their highest potential. Let’s welcome to the show, Crystal McGrath!
    Crystal’s latest single “About a Boy” was released last June 2021. She blends a pop drum beat with a traditional country backing band to create a sound that is all her own. It tells the story of a confident girl who still longs for the connection from a relationship and finds herself distracted with the memories of her past. Her style blends two different musical flavors into something that any music fan would enjoy!
    Crystal does not only do music, she's also an advocate for women's empowerment, and wants women to feel that they can go after any goal that they hope to achieve. To promote this message, she founded “Live with Love,'' an online platform with the mission of helping women live their best life through movement and mindset. She also has a podcast, “Crushing Chaos,” and she can also be seen regularly hosting her video podcast, “The Artists Behind The Music.”
    Crystal lives by the words of poet John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem “Don’t Quit” to which she also shares with us in this episode. Her personal mission statement is to inspire individuals to live their best life and she does it through many different ways. We are about to learn more about this here on the dHarmic Evolution with Crystal Mcgrath.
    More about Crystal Mcgrath
    The best way for Crystal to paint the whole picture, share stories, and connect is through her Instagram, but you could also check out all her social media links below to see how she inspires people in many different ways.
    “It was nice to have something positive to focus on during this crazy time, just constantly pivoting and being creative with how we can still do music in a way that we're affecting people but not leaving this space.”
    “It's okay not to be okay and just acknowledging that those days will happen and just taking care of yourself through those moments allow you to really succeed and shine on the days where you're feeling good.”
    “My personal mission statement is to inspire individuals to live their best life. And I really try to do that through my music, through my coaching, through my fitness company, through my podcasting, through conversation, and connection, and through social media.”
    “It's just so important to be healthy and fill your body with healthy things…”
    “I love combining music coaching with movement coaching and meditation coaching. I love combining all of them for clients just to have a really well rounded experience on how I can show up as my best so I can perform my best?”
    “It's been a long journey of really being okay, with this is who I am and it doesn't matter what other people are doing. It doesn't matter what other people are saying, or thinking, or feeling. Let them be them, and let me be me. Really giving myself permission to step into my powers has really been a big thing for me the past few years.”
    01:42 Introducing Crystal Mcgrath
    04:34 Crystal tells us about her experience in touring and visiting Australia.
    06:23 How did Crystal survive the pandemic and where did she spend most of her time?
    08:06 Crystal shares her timeline in releasing her songs in the midst of the pandemic.
    09:35 With all the depression with artists, how would Crystal rate where she is emotionally?
    12:51 Listen to “About a Boy” by Crystal Mcgrath
    16:19 How was “About A Boy” made?
    18:23 The sense of freedom that she felt having another artist write a song for her.
    20:59 Crystal takes us to her studio experience while producing “About a Boy.”
    23:07 How did she sta

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    Gabe Baker, inspiring everyone he connects with using Christian Leadership and Music!

    Gabe Baker, inspiring everyone he connects with using Christian Leadership and Music!

    We have a special young man on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution and he is coming from Houston Texas to Nashville, Tennessee. Gabe Baker is a passionate leader that possesses profound abilities to effectively communicate, create, and problem solve in a variety of environments due to his wide range of working and interpersonal experience. 
    Gabe is currently focusing on his career as a singer songwriter and a cellist. He formerly served as a policy advisor and community engagement strategist for the Harris County Judge. He has a driven heart to serve, organize and inspire through his leadership roles in Christian ministry and community engagement work. He is a former technical roadway engineer at the engineering consulting firm HNTB. He graduated from the Houston Graduate School of Theology with a Master of Theological Studies degree, a former engineering student, athlete, and captain of the football team at Rice University, and a skilled public speaker. Gabe is committed to learning and growing as an individual keenly focused on impacting the lives of those around him and capitalizing on any opportunity that comes his way.
    Today, we’re going to learn more about Gabe’s music, his influences, his family, and life stories that inspire him, and his songwriting. In this episode, we featured his songs titled “Mother” and “Upside Down.” Get to hear his music and the stories behind it as we go to Nashville with Gabe Baker.
    More about Gabe Baker
    Support Gabe Baker and check out all the links provided below. Find out more of what he does by visiting his website, Instagram, and all other social media pages.
    “My music journey now means so much more to me because I really do feel so inspired to do it…”
    “I guess my musical expression was like picking on my guitar in my dorm room at nights and helping lead some worship at church. So, it was still there. I'm singing all the time in the shower, and all around, and having fun with that, because you never stop being a musician.”
    “The song was made, it was really inspired by, just this whole new season of emotions and feelings and situations that I was going through and found myself in. It was just a very simple, simple, concept, a simple expression of where I felt I was like, “Yep, I'm flipped upside down.””
    “Don't be afraid of passionately pursuing what's on your heart. That's a huge thing. There's definitely a lot of fear and anxiety, because of the risk that whatever that means to follow what purpose you feel called to pursue, what passion you have to develop, but you're never wrong pursuing the passions that God's put on your heart.”
    “The enjoyment of pursuing any dream is the process of getting there. So, I think the more you really, really, love growth, love practicing, the more you're going to enjoy the journey.”
    02:50 Introducing Gabe Baker
    05:09 How was Gabe’s transition to Nashville?
    06:33 Gabe shares the loss of his mom
    08:43 Listen to “Mother” by Gabe Baker
    12:25 How did Gabe start playing the cello?
    14:03 Is your family all still doing music
    19:29 Did Gabe have to make a choice between music and football?
    22:13 When did Gabe start songwriting?
    26:04 Who are Gabe's musical influences and the artists that he listened to?
    27:07 Listen to “Upside Down” by Gabe Baker
    30:31 The story behind the title and the song “Upside Down”
    36:02 How did Gabe feel when he started going to church?
    38:07 Where does Gabe see himself going in the next five years? 
    40:52 For Gabe, what is his best representation live?
    43:41 Some pearls of wisdom from Gabe Baker to the younger singer, songwriter, artists, musicians who are listening to the show
    47:39 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor
    Spotify Playlist:
    We’re about to start our third Spotify playlist, but while waiting, you can check our Orion and Aquila playlists that cons

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    Katie Knipp is Comin’ at ‘Ya, Singing the Blues, She’ll Be Your “Chamomile and Cocaine,”

    Katie Knipp is Comin’ at ‘Ya, Singing the Blues, She’ll Be Your “Chamomile and Cocaine,”

    We’re going all the way out to California today as we hang out with a woman with the rarest of gifts –her own voice. This Northern California Blues Americana siren is equipped with powerful pipes and an outstanding ability on numerous instruments from piano, to slide guitar, to harmonica. Whether she is performing solo or accompanied by her full band, she unfailingly captures the audience's hearts from the first note. Get to hear this amazing and talented singer-songwriter from California, Katie Knipp!
    Katie has opened for Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan, Joan Osborne, The Doobie Brothers, Tim Reynolds, Jon Cleary, Ruthie Foster, Joe Louis Walker, The James Hunter Six, William Duvall of Alice in Chains, among many others.  She played the 2019 Mammoth Blues Festival as the only solo female act that included headliners Buddy Guy, Trombone Shorty, Charlie Musselwhite, and more.
    She has won two SAMMIES-2020 and 2019 (Sacramento Music Awards) for Best Blues Artist and was nominated Artist of The Year by The Sacramento News and Review.  She has been honored Female Artist of the Year 2020 by the Country Folk Americana Blues Music Realm.  She has gained worldwide radio support, putting both "The Well " and “Take it With You" on the Roots Music Report in Top Contemporary Blues Albums spun for 2018-2021.
    We will get to know her stories, and hear some of her great music from her album “The Well” like, “Chamomile and Cocaine” and “The Gospel of Good Intentions” on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution with Katie Knipp!
    More about Katie Knipp
    Listen and support Katie and her music. We listened to some of her tracks and she shared a lot of great stories, but there’s definitely more to hear from her, so don’t forget to check out all the links provided below!
    I always, always write the song first, to the point where I can perform it as a solo act. If those things can't happen, the song isn't ready. I’m not just all about the studio stuff. The saxophone and all the great musicians that I add to it are just icing on the cake, but I feel like it's so important to make sure that the song stands on its own.
    I felt very depressed. I was like, pray, and the words just came. He said, in my mind, it just came to me. He said, “Do you see how much you love it now? Do you see that music is love? Just like my love for you is never-ending. You can trust that your music is love and is never-ending and will never leave you or go away.”
    There have always been some stories, I've had some experiences that forced me into, “Why to write a song in the first place?” And I feel blessed by those experiences, even if they were hard at the time.
    I think about that a lot of the time. Because, I'm like, “I don't care what you think. I'm old. I'm here. I'm doing this. If you don't like it, move aside, because these people do. It's totally fine.”
    When you think about a voice, it's like a thumbprint. First of all, it's unique to everybody. If you don't like somebody's voice, that's perfectly fine. To me, it's like wine or food. You have a specific palate for what you like to hear from somebody's mouth. I completely get that I'm not for everybody. So that's a huge thing that transformed my “balls out”, way of going about singing. It's like, “Oh, I don't care anymore.”
    00:20     Introducing Katie Knipp
    03:12     What was Katie’s defining moment when she finally found her voice and style.
    05:57     Katie shares what came in first in terms of playing instruments.
    08:50     Listen to “Chamomile and Cocaine” by Katie Knipp
    12:34     Katie takes us into the studio to the experience of “Chamomile and Cocaine”
    15:07     How long has Katie worked with the musicians in her band?
    16:56     As a mother of two little ones and with her career choice, how is Katie working things out?
    20:55     What are the writing habits and

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    Know The 411 of Podcasts and Podcasting with Rob Walch

    Know The 411 of Podcasts and Podcasting with Rob Walch

    Today, we have an awesome guest who will be sharing his knowledge on the subject of podcasting. If you are a podcaster, an aspiring one, or someone who really loves podcasting, this is for you! In this episode, we’ve got Rob Walch, the Vice President of Podcaster Relations for “Libsyn” (Liberated Syndication).
    Rob was inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame in 2016. Prior to joining Libsyn in 2007, he was President and founder of podCast411, Inc. He is also a Co-Author of the book “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters” - Que 2006, an editor’s pick as a Top 10 Reference book for 2006 by Amazon.com. Rob was listed as the 5th most influential person in podcasting according to the book “Podcasting for Dummies” – Wiley Press 2005.  
    To name a few, Rob has consulted on podcasting for eBay, Jack Welch, Tim Ferriss, Senator Edwards, Governor Bill Richardson, Dr. Mark Hyman, Noah Shanok (Stitcher), and the Sacramento Kings/Monarchs. He is also on the editorial board and a columnist for the Podcast Business Journal. Rob was Chair of the Education and Outreach Committee for the Association of Downloadable Media and on the committee for the IAB Podcast Metric Guidelines. 
    Rob started podcasting in 2004 and is the host of the award-winning podcast called, “podCast411,” where he has interviewed such prominent podcasters. Rob is also the host of Today in iOS (iPhone) Podcast, the first and largest podcast about the iPhone. the KC Startup 411 podcast covers the Kansas City Startup scene and is a co-host of “The Feed” Podcast - which is a bi-weekly podcast covering Podcasting. 
    Since 2004, Rob has presented at well over 100 events on the subject of podcasting and New Media. Now, on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution, we have the privilege to listen to his insights, valuable experiences, and wisdom that we can definitely learn from. We’re still in the music city of Nashville, but we’re going to dig deep into the podcasting world with Rob Walch! 
    More about Rob Walch
    If you find today’s episode appealing to you, and you want to learn more about podcasting, you can connect with Rob Walch with all the links provided below.
    “I thought it was going to be “BIG” early on. I mean, before Apple even supported it, I quit my day job and went podcasting full time. So that was April 2005, I left a six-figure income to do podcasting. Early on, I  thought this had potential to be really big.”
    “Where podcasting comes into play, and the strength is it's a distraction medium. It's something you can listen to while you're doing something else – while you're walking the dog, working out, doing yard work, driving to work, to and from, at work. It's something that you can have going as a distraction, as getting your mind off of the task at hand that’s chewing up all your time. This just helps pass the day, and audio has always had that capability.”
    “…when I got to that point where I wasn't worried about the recording anymore, I found it easier to concentrate more on the content of what was going on in the interview, and that helped me really find my voice.”
    “I mean that's what we try to do. We try to help you get out everywhere because you never know where your show is going to take off.”
    “I think everyone should podcast. Everyone has a voice. I think the biggest impediment to getting people into podcasting is always that they don't like the way their voice sounds. I just say, “Well, remember this, Gilbert Gottfried has a podcast, and if he can have a podcast, anybody can have a podcast.”
    00:50     Introducing Rob Walch
    02:44     The Genesis of Podcasting, and how Rob started in this space
    06:52     Who are the influences at the beginning of podcasting?
    08:10     When did Rob realize that podcasting will be big?
    10:09     Did Rob have a monetization plan when he began in podcasting?
    12:03     Ther

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4.9 out of 5
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178 Ratings

Chris Nola Bassist ,

Absolutely Enjoyable Podcast!

James is a gracious host with a knack for asking deep questions that really get to the heart of his guests. The show exudes positive energy and has such a welcoming feel
That is refreshing. Always looking to the next episode!

Katie Knipp ,

James is deep!

I really love how genuine James gets in his interviews. The flow is really great too.

CCharmed ,

Great mix of culture, music, and fascinating guests

James brings a variety of people, music, and stories to his show. If you’re looking to enlighten, inspire, or simply change the mood of your day this is your podcast.

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