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Join Dr. Brady Smith as he interviews guests on dental topics. Demystifying dentistry one joke at a time.

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Join Dr. Brady Smith as he interviews guests on dental topics. Demystifying dentistry one joke at a time.

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2.4 out of 5
57 Ratings

57 Ratings

Jordyn336 ,

Please hire a hygienist

Dear Dr. Brady, I am appalled by your standards of care. For you to say that hygienist want to take awhile cleaning because they are paid by the hour is disturbing. A dental hygienist is sworn to an oath of care and to remove bacteria as diagnostic as possible. For you to say that we only perio chart when we have to is negligent. It is important to track disease through a perio chart and give a proper perio diagnosis. It is not just recession that diagnosis disease but pocket depths and bone levels and bleeding on probing. Bleeding on probing is the number one sign of active disease. A perio chart is tedious but it is necessary and gives the best assessment of oral health and let’s the hygienist know how far down in the pocket they need to scale. I hope you change your ways and learn more of why hygienist are important and that they are not just someone looking to get paid by the hour. You sound completely arrogant and hope that your patients find care elsewhere.

Also of recession is the only indicator of gum disease like you claim, maybe you should mark it in the perio chart. #TeamKaitlyn

Go talk to a periodontists please also to be better educated on periodontal disease.

Bakergirl57 ,


If Dr Brady was smart, he would have a dental hygienist on staff not only to increase production, as he should be spending his time doing restorative treatment, but also so his patients can be properly treated for disease. As a dental hygienist for many years, and a dental assistant prior to that, he is degrading us all. Do a cleaning in 10 min? No perio charting? I’m sickened. If it’s so mundane, leave it to the hygienists. Half of our patients, at a minimum, so some sign of localized or generalized gum infection. From gingivitis to severe perio, they should be properly diagnosed. Our mouths have MILLIONS of bacteria good and bad. Not to mention when we are “taking so long to clean”, we are also finding “lesions” or cavities the doctor may need to restore. That equals more treatment and production. To embarrass a patient for her reasonable request, and blast her on a podcast is icing on the cake! What a piece of work!

happyinhenderson ,

Helping Those in Need

I love that Dr. Smith is trying to help those in need by giving away free dental services through these podcasts. Keep up the good work you’re doing Dr. Smith!

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