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A bunch of idiots, drinking and talking about conspiracies.

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A bunch of idiots, drinking and talking about conspiracies.

    Music Conspiracies Part 2!

    Music Conspiracies Part 2!

    This week we're talking clones, dopplegangers, magical instruments, and the mysterious 27 Club!

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    Here's the link to the AI 27 Club Lost Tapes: https://www.engadget.com/over-the-bridge-lost-tapes-of-the-27-club-223000315.html




    • 47 min
    Drunk Theory Promo

    Drunk Theory Promo

    We finally got a promo! 

    • 57 sec
    Watergate Salad!

    Watergate Salad!

    Well.... we're supposed to be talking about Presidential Conspiracies, but we end up with a bunch of movie quotes, some singing, some dick jokes, and a recipe for Watergate Salad. We tried. We really did.

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    • 18 min
    Hot Mess!

    Hot Mess!

    This week we're talking all about FIRE conspiracies! Spontaneous Combustion, Fire Walking, the Sodder Children? We've got it all!

    We're coming in hot with our nonsense this week, but we may have actually solved the Spontaneous Combustion mystery.

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    • 1 hr 3 min
    Broadcast Conspiracies!

    Broadcast Conspiracies!

    This week we're talking about Broadcast Conspiracies! We've got Number Stations, Channel 37, Max Headroom, and Tin Foil Hats!

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    • 44 min
    Royal Conspiracies!

    Royal Conspiracies!

    This week we're talking about The Tower Princes, Charlie Chaplin, The Black Dinner, and King Tut...

    We also go off on a bunch of wild tangents about... well, everything!


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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Neatcast Jay ,

Who can’t get behind this?

First of all, even if you don’t buy in, conspiracies are fun. Add a themed drink and a lot of laughs and you’ve got a great show. Can’t turn them off! Love it.

MarieFran24 ,

Great Laugh

These three are such a laugh! This is a super laid back podcast and I really enjoyed hearing about the conspiracy theories. I learned a lot but it wasn’t stuffy or slow at all! Definitely a good listen

themamaBrii ,


Okay so conspiracy + alcohol is all I ever needed! These guys keep me laughing and feed my conspiracy theorist soul! Tons of giggling from start to finish. Definitely recommend and there’s a little something for everyone 🥰🥰🥰🥰 highly recommend there music conspiracy’s episodes! Here for it all!!
-Brii (Labpartnerspod)

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