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5 seasons of honest talk for healthy living

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5 seasons of honest talk for healthy living

    When is the best time for Asian Americans to talk about mental health?

    When is the best time for Asian Americans to talk about mental health?

    Japanese-American therapist Robyn Tamanaha talks with Erasing Shame co-host DJ Chuang during the month of May—AAPI heritage month and mental health month about those 2 themes. We chat about what helps Asian Americans most to get that first appointment with a therapist or counselor, the difference between Bipolar Disorder I and Bipolar II, some books Robyn’s reading, and how she hosts 2 podcasts, and more.
    See the show notes at https://erasingshame.com/when-is-the-best-time-for-asian-americans-to-talk-about-mental-health/

    • 30 min
    A Woman's Spiritual Journey of Finding Her True Self

    A Woman's Spiritual Journey of Finding Her True Self

    Are you worn down from trying to fulfill your parents’ expectations? Your Asian community’s expectations? Your manager's expectations? Even God's expectations?
    On this special episode of Erasing Shame, Eunice Lee (author of "More Christ, More Me: One Woman's Spiritual Journey of Finding Her True Self") talks with co-host Hannah Lee Sandoval about her experiences of erasing shame and feeling not enough, towards a fulfilling life of healing, health, and freedom.
    Eunice Lee website https://www.byeunicelee.com/

    • 48 min
    Season 5 Finale: Highlights & Reflections

    Season 5 Finale: Highlights & Reflections

    • 29 min
    Lament and Thanksgiving

    Lament and Thanksgiving

    What does lament and Thanksgiving have to do with shame? That's what our four co-hosts explore and discover on this November episode. You'll have to watch and listen to see how it unfolds!
    Plus, you can support the work of Erasing Shame with your tax-deductible donation - go to erasingshame.com/donate

    • 39 min
    Why are we afraid to talk about our fears?

    Why are we afraid to talk about our fears?

    What is the deal with our fears, phobia, anxiety, and shame?

    • 52 min
    Erasing shame about sex and sexuality

    Erasing shame about sex and sexuality

    Erasing Shame pulls back the curtains and talks with Tara Teng, an Embodiment Coach who works in the intersections of spirituality and sexuality. Co-hosts Leah, George, and DJ chat with Tara for over an hour about a whole bunch of things, too many to name, here’s some of the topics we explored: how we learn about sex, men and women, fetishes, desires, why the body matters more than we’ll ever know, compare & contrast between sex and sexuality, how it affects everything in life, mental health, and so much more. Oh my!

    • 1 hr 25 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

deconstructed ,


So glad I found you ! Thanks!

Courageous Asian ,

This podcast changed my life!!

For so many years of my adult life, I struggled with so many questions and internal conflict of who I was as a person and the thoughts/feelings I had as a 2nd-gen Asian American. I carried so much shame that I didn’t even know that I felt certain things or why I did what I did, as well as why my parents did what they did. It helped so much to know I am not alone in my struggles/feelings, as well as to be able to put healthy productive language to my pain & hear from therapists & experts about something that is so hidden from society and excluded from normal daily conversation. The more I learn, the more I can bring things to consciousness in order to raise awareness and step towards healing rather than sitting in a constant cloud of confusion, depression or doubt, thinking what is wrong with me and why do I feel what I feel. I never thought to seek out help in the past because I didn’t know I needed it, and this podcast gave me courage to begin my healing journey and take back control in my life. Thanks so much DJ for having the courage to start this podcast!

robbuchanan ,

Semper Fidelis

Being a white American I am very oblivious to the Asian culture and the lack of discussion regarding mental health. It’s truly inspiring what you are doing through your podcast. I’m learning so much. Stay the course and keep saving lives. Y’all Rock!!

Semper Fidelis


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