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Explore missional conversations from global leaders in the Bible translation community.
Discover their stories and why they‘re passionate about putting God’s Word in the hands of people around the world.

Essentially Translatable Lutheran Bible Translators

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Explore missional conversations from global leaders in the Bible translation community.
Discover their stories and why they‘re passionate about putting God’s Word in the hands of people around the world.

    Prayer as the Strategy | Emily Wilson

    Prayer as the Strategy | Emily Wilson

    In this episode of Essentially Translatable, co-host Emily Wilson is interviewed by Rev. Rich Rudowske to discuss prayer as the strategy for the Bible translation movement. Emily works in the prayer working group for Lutheran Bible Translators and acts as the prayer point person for the illumiNations collective impact alliance. She shares valuable insight into why prayer is transformative to our lives and is exceedingly pleasing to God. 
    Join us to hear testimonials from both Rich and Emily about the profound impact prayer has had on their faith. For Emily, the importance of prayer became apparent at a young age during a family fishing trip. Throughout the highs and lows of life, Emily has kept prayer a key focus and accepted the answers God has given to her. 
    Prayer as the strategy is one of the Missiological Imperatives at Lutheran Bible Translators. Rich shares his intuition of making Lutheran Bible Translators a more prayerful organization before he realized the organization would take on specific prayer initiatives. To accomplish set goals, the prayer community is encouraged to have an ACTIVE prayer life: 
    T- thanksgiving 
    V-vanquishing Satan 
    E-extreme prayer 
    The discussion highlights prayer-centered initiatives taking place within the organization, as well as the possibilities for those who would like to receive resources to pray alongside the organization. For Giving Tuesday 2023 we are raising prayer instead of focusing on financial gifts. If you would like to join us in raising 2 million yearly prayers, sign up below to become a Prayer Partner and join a global community of supporters! 
    The Lord longs to hear our prayers, no matter how big or small. By practicing strategies that equip us for extreme prayer, we can feel confident God will answer us by doing “immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).  
    Episode Resources 
    Extreme Prayer by Greg Pruett: https://www.amazon.com/Extreme-Prayer-Impossible-Prayers-Promises/dp/1414386249  
    Become a Prayer Partner: https://lbt.org/pray  

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    A Conversation about A.I. | Dr. Rich Rudowske and Paul Federwitz

    A Conversation about A.I. | Dr. Rich Rudowske and Paul Federwitz

    Join us for a “fireside chat” approach in this episode, where Rich Rudowske, Executive Director + CEO, is joined by Paul Federwitz, Director for Fields Programs, for a vital conversation about the intersection of cutting-edge technology and the enduring practice of Bible translation. 
    The heart of our discussion lies in the relationship between human wisdom and AI's capabilities. While acknowledging AI's potential to enrich the translator's toolkit, our hosts dive further into the irreplaceable value of the human touch and community involvement in rendering Scripture's profound messages. 
    The conversation steers clear of technical jargon, offering a clear view of AI's role as a supportive ally rather than a replacement for human expertise. We address the excitement around tech advancements, alongside the careful considerations they demand, all in an accessible chat that will resonate whether you speak tech or are simply intrigued by the potential AI has in a variety of fields. 
    Tune in for a balanced discussion that weaves together the human experience, technology in communication, and the promising avenues of AI in Bible translation. 

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    Back from Liberia | Rev. David Federwitz and Calvin Inman

    Back from Liberia | Rev. David Federwitz and Calvin Inman

    In this episode, we are joined by two staff members of Lutheran Bible Translators - David Federwitz, Regional Director for West Africa, and Calvin Inman, IT coordinator, who recently returned from Liberia. They discuss the importance of being physically present in their work and how technology is a tool for spreading God's truth. 
    The focus of the trip was to work with our partner, the Liberia Translation and Literacy Organization, LIBTRALO. LIBTRALO is working in a number of different languages focused primarily on literacy and Scripture engagement. 
    It’s challenging to keep up with the rapidly evolving and expanding technology landscape, even for IT professionals. In his IT role, Calvin interacts with a lot of our partners. To best serve partners, IT needs an intimate knowledge of the working environment, the equipment, the people, and more. Without that insight, it’s difficult to assess the best course of action when IT issues arise.  
    Cultural differences play a role too – Westen society is time-based and African society is often relationship-based. Technology and approach needs to adapt to each context. For this reason, it was critical to be there in person. 
    Calvin shared that the first day of the trip was simply getting to know the team, their background, where they live, their family, and more. Once the group opens up with each, it’s easier to open up about the issues they’re facing with technology. By the end of the trip, issues that have never been raised over the phone, we surfacing and Calvin was able to walk alongside them in fixing the issue. 
    It’s important to remember that behind every computer in the IT world is a person who is deeply loved by God. Technology is often associated with individuals sitting behind desks in isolation, but in reality, all aspects of IT involve working with people. Whether it's networking, software development, or PC support, the ultimate goal is to serve and support individuals. This perspective shapes their perception of IT work, it’s a means to serve and support God's people in their mission. 

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    A Lifetime in Nigeria | Rev. Chuck and Karen Tessaro

    A Lifetime in Nigeria | Rev. Chuck and Karen Tessaro

    In this episode, we sit down with Rev. Chuck and Karen Tessaro, missionaries who have been serving in Nigeria since 1985. The Tessaros share their experiences working on translation projects and their transition to a role of consulting and equipping the church. They discuss the importance of putting God's word in people's hands (having served with Lutheran Bible Translators since 2003) and how it has led to new insights and a deeper understanding of faith.  
    The Tessaros are an inspiration in their reliance on God through prayer. Prayer is so much more than an individual practice; prayer can foster unity and acts as a collective effort to address challenges that arise in translation ministry. 
    Throughout their time in Nigeria, the Tessaros have lived amongst the community – going to market, sitting in conversation with, and praying with them. Nigeria has encountered significant times of suffering through war and food scarcity, and yet the Tessaros and many others they’ve impacted were able to stay mindful of the Lord’s presence and His provision. 
    Discover the power of God’s Word, the value of building relationships, and the impact of prayer in this enlightening episode. 

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    Teaching TCK's | Deanne Gochanour

    Teaching TCK's | Deanne Gochanour

    Did you know? The number one reason missionaries leave the field is the lack of quality education for their children.  
    In this episode of Essentially Translatable, we welcome Deanne Gochanour, Lutheran Bible Translators missionary to Ethiopia. She teaches Bible and assists in the athletics department at Bingham Academy in Addis Ababa. Bingham serves missionary, local, and other expatriate students from KG1 (pre-K) through grade 12. By teaching at Bingham Academy, Deanne helps keep missionaries on the field by providing quality education for missionary kids. 
    Educating children of missionaries requires its own unique approach. The term “third culture kids” (TCK) refers to people raised in a culture other than their parents' or the culture of their country of nationality and also live in a different environment during a significant part of their child development years. 
    Deanne elaborates on her experience supporting TCKs, including creating the space for open expression of struggles, joys, and challenges. 
    Dive into this episode to learn more about missionary service as an educator and the unique experience of TCKs. 

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    Let's Talk Trauma | Ali Federwitz

    Let's Talk Trauma | Ali Federwitz

    In this episode of Essentially Translatable, Ali Federwitz, Member Care Coordinator for Lutheran Bible Translators, joins the hosts to discuss the subject of trauma. We often refer to traumatic events that occur, but trauma is what we experience as a result of the event. There are “big T” traumas that are easier to recognize, but for many of us, especially missionaries and their families, there are “little T” traumas that can often go unnoticed.
     As a blogger for A Life Overseas explains, “Trauma results from any event, series of events, or set of circumstances that is experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or life-threatening, and that has lasting negative impacts on a person's mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being.” Knowing that – we can all see that we have experienced multiple traumas throughout life.
     Dive into this episode to understand how to recognize trauma in your own life, but also understand the ways in which trauma can be processed – in good ways and bad.
    Finally, let’s acknowledge that avoidance carries repercussions. Tune in to learn how member care and self-care are critical means toward applying healing to our life stories.
    Resources mentioned include:
    What is EMDR? https://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/
    Book: The Grief Tower: A Practical Guide to Processing Grief with Third Culture Kids by Lauren Wells - https://www.amazon.com/Grief-Tower-Practical-Processing-Culture-ebook/dp/B08TRWY12R
    Podcast Archive: Sabbath Rest https://lbt.org/sabbath-rest/
    Podcast Archive: Healthy Approaches to Transition https://lbt.org/healthy-approaches-to-transition/

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5.0 out of 5
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11 Ratings

Msrudowske ,

If they ever run out of content ideas …

… Emily really could just read the phone book for 40 mins. Her voice is so soothing!

Ghanzi Momma ,

Must listen!

These hosts are really good and they have a wide range of guests and topics related to God’s mission.

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A wonderful way to hear how Christ gets to the nations. Very personal connection

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