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Expand Online is a podcast for music teachers to discover and implement supplementary and replacement income through online products. Tune in weekly for trainings, musings and interviews.

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Expand Online is a podcast for music teachers to discover and implement supplementary and replacement income through online products. Tune in weekly for trainings, musings and interviews.

    194: On Social Media

    194: On Social Media

    When it comes to social media, it’s so easy to post things that don’t move your business forward and even easier to feel unsure of what to post. Let’s set the record straight with a few tried-and-true posts!
    There’s so many trends and so many things going on on social media that I am officially breaking my silence and sharing a few tips on posting… this is going to be run!

    If you’re wondering why I haven’t really talked about this before, it’s because I'm a techie and never let myself push too far outside of that box. Marketing felt so far outside… but I was wrong. I have thoughts and suggestions that are worth sharing (not to mention that I’ve been on social media longer than I have had my business and we’re already over a decade on that!)

    Here are three things that every music teacher can and should post on social media on a weekly basis and a couple of things to avoid.

    #1 Actionable Content
    My favorite thing to post and this is actionable content. We want to post things that people can actually do and take action on.

    Here’s some examples:

    If you work with kids and you are marketing to their parents and your social media feed is for their parents, give them some fun activities that they can do with their kids and then in the caption for that post, make sure to tell them what you want them to do when they are taking that actionable content- post to their story and tag you in that where they're now sharing the action that they took with their child.
    If you are working with adults, maybe the actionable content is to try a certain technique or to do something that allows them to test out actually play the instrument or try something that can then be shared back on their stories or on their Facebook page.

    The idea with actionable content is to have people associate what they see from you in their feed as something joyful, fun, and exploratory that they can do in their music space. I have a client who does a really great job with this. She works with young children and so her feed is for the parents and she posts things that they can do with their kids in the car.

    #2 Student Wins and Successes
    You can and should post your students wins, your students success, your students testimonials, and reviews. These are great because they are putting your work in someone else's voice. This is where you go from being, “Oh that music teacher who posts on social media” to “Oh that music teacher that I want to work with...” because it's in someone else's words.

    Think about it. How popular are Yelp, Google reviews, Podcast reviews and ratings. People want to hear what others have to say about you. When we can bring that into our feed, it just adds so much power to everything else that we are doing.

    #3 Authority Posts
    Make sure your posts are showcasing your authority. They should showcase that you really do care and that your business is thriving and growing. These are:

    anecdotal things that might have happened in your studio
    exploratory things that you are trying for yourself in your own music practice
    opportunities for you to say I'm not just the teacher- I am always learning, I am always exploring, I am always doing, and I can teach to you.

    We want people to look at you, not just as the piano teacher down the street, but the piano teacher who is constantly improving herself or himself to better their lessons to stay at the forefront of opportunity for their students to have successes unto themselves.

    Let’s work to have people see you as THE piano teacher or THE guitar teacher or THE voice teacher!
    Authority posts demonstrate that you know what you're talking about. We want people to know that you are truly an authority and that you're not just doing this out of rote practice.

    OK, you knew it was coming...
    I also want to note some things to avoid -- Don't shy away from sharing that you have openings or that you are offering a new program. Just make sure that we are not posting exclus

    193: Talking the Business of Music and UMBS!

    193: Talking the Business of Music and UMBS!

    In this week’s episode, I have three amazing guests with me (all at once) to discuss something really special happening in January -- UMBS, The Ultimate Music Business Summit!

    Find more info here: Ultimate Music Business Summit

    Topics we discuss:

    Their experiences with:

    All things that go into being a small business owner -- learning everything that goes into entrepreneurship, marketing, etc. Thinking “business-ly”
    The mindset of applying business concepts to what we do as music teachers.
    Finding value in our skill sets, pivoting, and knowing what you can offer your tribe
    Shining a light on your products, services and offerings.
    Charting their own journeys, but not having to do it alone!

    The upcoming Ultimate Music Business Summit! This is the second one they’re hosting, and they’re planning to make it even better than last year, and more valuable for people, especially people like YOU who are building your businesses, teaching music, and working to serve your students really well and then ultimately to make more money doing that.
    The major benefit and takeaways from attending the summit:

    Taking control of your own opportunities
    Scaling your offerings and serving your audience in new and innovative ways.
    Networking and collaborating and stepping out of your comfort zone and interacting for inspiration.
    How can you use those connections to gain new opportunities.
    The business mindset and thinking of yourself as a business (i.e. money mindset)

    The business space of music -- how we can learn from each other no matter where you are in the process or what your niche is.
    How musicians want to see other musicians succeed.
    Learning from others and applying it to your own business when you have an open and eager mindset to learn.

    We're not in a place where we have to stay still, especially with everything online!

    To learn more about the summit and see the list of presenters, head on over to Ultimate Music Business Summit and if you give enter your email address right now, they will send you the five steps that's necessary to make money in music.

    And our guests today graciously offered for you to shoot them an email and tell them what questions you have or what problems you're encountering in your business so that they can build this thing even better for you!

    Arthur: portlandcomposer.com for the composing site, firespike.com for the web development site, and on social media @arthurbreur

    Garrett: garretthope.com and theportfoliocomposer.com for the podcast.

    Heidi: heidikaybegay.com and on social media @heidikaybegay

    Today’s guests:

    Dr. Heidi Kay Begay is a self-employed flutist, educator, podcaster, and non-profit organizer. Heidi is the creator and host of the Flute 360 podcast, which delivers educational content (to the modern-day flutist) through various platforms. Since 2018, the podcast has produced over 170 episodes, received over 56,000 downloads from 70 countries, and has obtained numerous corporate sponsorships. Heidi’s mission is to help musicians reach new heights so they can feel empowered, confident, and have a life they love on and off the stage! Please visit https://heidikaybegay.com for more information!

    Arthur Breur (he/him) composes personalized, melodic music for live performance, for everything from solo instrument or voice, to full orchestra, concert band, and other large ensembles.

    His compositional style was shaped by three primary influences growing up: a strong church choir program, the great classic film scores of the 1970s, and children’s television programs like Sesame Street and The Muppets.

    Arthur is the Composer in Residence for the Tualatin Valley Symphony and the Tualatin Valley Community Band, and uses his role not just for his own music, but to promote the creation and performance of new music by other composers.

    Over the more than 35 years he has been composing, he h

    192: 3 Ways to Get Unstuck Fast!

    192: 3 Ways to Get Unstuck Fast!

    Today I decided to bridge the conversation from email marketing into what we're talking about in next week’s episode, which is an amazing interview with three other people!

    Before we get to that, as always I want to invite you to a quick call with me http://callwithjaime.com and let’s jam!

    Were you feeling overwhelmed when I talked about email marketing and email list growth over these past few weeks? Some people reached out and said that they were, and others mentioned that it's just easier to keep doing the lessons they’re doing and to go back to in-person lessons because that's what families are asking for. Do you want to keep doing things in a way that other people are running your business for you?

    I don't want that. I want you to be taking control of your business. I want you to say “no, I don't want to go back to in person” or “no, I am not teaching only one on one lessons.”

    Instead, let’s hear what you WANT.

    I want to teach a group program.
    I want to have an online course.
    I want to run cohorts through my course.
    I want to present at a summit.

    I want, I want, I want. The sky is the limit and you have the potential to take yourself there!

    Nobody else has to tell you what to do, but you have to be willing to move.

    I'm talking about getting unstuck from the easy.

    The easy is doing things when people ask you to do them (i.e. doing lessons when it's convenient for your students)

    The hard is saying I offer lessons on Mondays and Thursdays from 3 until 7, and if you can't fit into that time slot then you can be on my waitlist for when I open up additional times.

    The easy is yeah sure we can do in-person lessons.

    The hard or the difficult is no, my studio is now completely virtual so that I can teach you from anywhere and you can take your lesson from your grandma's.

    It is so easy to get stuck in the easy, but I'm here to tell you that we don't have to be stuck in the easy. We can reach for the stars. We can hone in on what our dreams truly are and find a way forward. I've been stuck. Every single one of my clients has been stuck. I'm sure that you have or will be or are stuck right now.

    I'm now going to share with you three ways to get yourself unstuck fast.

    The first way is to change your perspective.
    Sometimes it's really hard to see all the progress that we've made and all of the things that we have accomplished and our students have accomplished when we have so much that we actually want to do and that we're feeling stuck. But sometimes it's really good to just take a little bit of time to be grateful and to see how far we've come.

    Working with students one-on-one? Take a look at their progress- it's going to inspire you!

    Did you convert your entire studio from in-person to online and you're still working with students? You've got something huge to be grateful for!

    You have a foundation that you can use to springboard into whatever comes next. It's about changing the way we look in the rear view mirror so that we can see all of the things that we have accomplished and done, which will give us a little bit of an humph and a drive to go forward.

    The thing is you've got all of these people who trust you and know you and believe in you. They have put their trust and their music education goals and opportunities in your hands. It is a clear place to look and say, “I can do this, I don't have to stay where I currently am.” It's all about looking for opportunities to be grateful and to show gratitude. That shift in perspective of looking and feeling, it does so much for helping us get unstuck. It allows us to have nuggets of positivity and allows us to take a step forward or to double down on something that we were really wanting to work on, or really passionate about. It's about sending that email or picking up the phone and making a call to a person that we know will help us move forward.

    Changing our perspective and having gratitude provides us with a window into what we can

    191: Your Email List Questions, Answered

    191: Your Email List Questions, Answered

    Sometimes the best podcast episodes come from your questions! I am thrilled to bring this episode to you that includes me answering questions from the Expand Online community about email list growth, opt-ins, and more!

    Have questions you want answered? Book a call with me: http://callwithjaime.com

    Join the community let’s continue the conversation!

    Let’s get into the questions:
    First up there were a few questions about specific software tools.
    Four tools I get asked about the most are ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Flodesk, and MailerLite. I recommend most of my clients use ConvertKit. It’s a robust system that’s designed for creatives- a win-win situation. I recommend ConvertKit most often because of the integrations that it has with other tools. Integrations are vital versus the alternative of transferring content manually from one place to the next.

    My second recommendation would be ActiveCampaign. This is what I personally use here at Expand Online. I use it because it has more automation and customer relationship management functionality.  It’s a great solution but a bit harder to get started with. .

    MailerLite and Flodesk- these have fewer integrations from what I can tell on a surface level. So I can't bring any real concrete information here as to why to use them, but I know that they are very popular and very effective

    Whatever tool you decide to use, it's going to work if you put the effort in to get it organized and understand how it works, or hire somebody for a consult or to set it up for you.

    These tools, Email marketing systems  (EMS) are extremely powerful. When we use them anywhere beyond the surface level, they are going to have a really positive impact on your business.

    Next question: how do I start an email list?
    Start by setting up your EMS right. Don’t skimp out on setting the mailing address, from name and email address. Go through the tutorial — you’ll thank me later!

    But I know that the real question was how do I get people to start signing up for my email list? Most of my clients, and my top recommendation, is through some kind of freebie. Your freebie can be just about anything. Here are some ideas:

    it can be a downloadable
    it can be an add on to something that you've got out there for free- an additional piece
    it can be a quiz
    it can be a challenge
    it can be a virtual summit

    You can put just about anything at the front end of your email list building mechanism. Do your best to offer something that is in line with what you are ultimately going to want to sell or invite people to through this email list. If you are creating an online course, get people learning from you as quickly as possible. If your goal is for them to do some kind of live program with you, learning from you plus personal/location related insight. .

    We want to get that right off the top so that somebody can make an educated decision as to if they want to invest their energy in learning from you at this free level on your email list or if they're never going to be able to purchase for whatever reason. There is no need to nurture a non-start!

    When we are building an email list and starting to attract people to our list, it is crucial for us to provide them something of value and something of interest. There's a lot of valuable things, but they're not always interesting and there are a lot of interesting things, but they're not always valuable.

    It’s a different combination for each of us. The goal is figuring out what it is that you're best at providing and how you want to provide it.

    Next, and I alluded to this a moment ago… how do we nurture subscribers?
    Create an outline for your emails so that they follow the same general structure. This creates comfort in the inbox.

    Start with something personal or share something that's going on with you and your students,
    Share something of value,
    Provide a call to action,
    Sign off and let it be that.

    Share something that they can relate

    190: Your email list is a gateway to opportunity

    190: Your email list is a gateway to opportunity

    Email marketing is a subject that I covered in depth earlier on in the podcast… I would recommend after you listen to this episode that you head back to the series: https://techofbusiness.com/series/email-marketing/

    The episodes are 58, 59, 60, 61, 62 and 63.

    This episode is about using your email list in order to accomplish your online music studio goals.
    It's not a matter of just having an email list, it's a matter of using that email list effectively…what it means for you and what it means for the recipients!

    {Before we get into things… remember to book your free no-pitch call with me: http://callwithjaime.com)

    A few definitions:

    Email list is a list of email addresses (name, email address, and maybe some more info).
    Email marketing is the mechanism for sending emails out.
    EMS (email management system or email marketing system) is the tool that you're going to use to send your broadcast messages or your automations out to people who have said YES to your freebie or another product that you are offering.

    Action Item: Using an EMS is pretty much required at this point. No more Gmail or Outlook. If you’re not signed up for an EMS, sign up for ConvertKit right now. Your business growth requires these people to opt-in to your email list to say “YES, I want to receive marketing promotional and informational emails from you.” You run a business, an online business, and this is a hard line -- use an EMS!

    To help folks get onto your email list, reach out to them individually and say something like:

    “Hey, I'm moving my email communication out of my inbox and into a service. Do I have your permission?”


    “I have a brand new freebie! Click here to opt-in!”

    Add a link or button for them to click, they enter their email address right into the form that's associated with your email marketing system, and BOOM! They’re in.

    Now let’s talk about using your email list effectively.
    Using EMS, we can store a lot more information about our students and about our prospects than just their name and email address. You can store things like:

    what freebies they signed up for
    what workshops they have signed up for
    if they attended a trial class
    if they are in a program
    what instrument they play and
    they're self-professed abilities
    what desires they have
    what goals they have

    You name it, we can store it… seriously! Your EMS is a customer relationship database if you set it up that way, which is a whole lot more effective than just having names and email addresses and just sending out emails blind. We want to be smart about sending out emails.

    There are three different types of emails that we send through our EMS:

    Informational emails
    Sales emails
    Transactional emails.

    Informational emails
    These should be between 60 and 80% of the emails that you send. These are emails that are going to help them do more with their music study. This is also where we would send people to a YouTube video, something that's on IGTV, your Instagram feed, your Facebook group, or your Facebook page. You're sharing something in these emails that is for the entire benefit of the person who is receiving it. They are getting information from you. They are getting insight from you. They are gaining knowledge from your content.

    The marketers call these value-add emails.

    We want to be sending these emails regularly in order for people to have you as a constant presence in their lives. They can get the emails from you every single week or you could do them once a month. Having a regular schedule is a great way to make sure that we are getting the information out to them in a timely manner so that they continue to rely on you.

    Whether someone is an active or past student or they're just on your list and haven't paid you a dime, we want them to feel like they have an investment with you so that they are receiving from you so that when it comes time for them to make a financial investment or double their effor

    189: The Thank You Page; Valuable Online Real Estate

    189: The Thank You Page; Valuable Online Real Estate

    This episode is a follow up and continuation from last week where we talked about the landing page or sales page.

    A landing page can be used for a free or paid opportunity, anything that is transaction-oriented. And the page that comes after that landing page, well, that’s valuable real estate, so let’s make the most of it!

    If you want to discuss your specific landing page(s) and thank you page(s) or anything elsethen be sure to book a call with me at —> http://callwithjaime.com

    Just as with everything else on your website, make sure to hang your hat at the door and step into the shoes of the people who are there on your website. In this case, the person who completed a transaction with you. They might have just signed up for your program, or signed up for your freebie, who has just signed up to have a call with you, or a lesson with you.

    Let’s validate their decision to entrust their music education with you.
    The top of this page is super simple… something like… “Congratulations! You're in!” or “You're confirmed!” or “The freebie is on its way!” But that’s the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more that we can do on this page to begin to foster a real, wholesome relationship.

    We want to help our new student or subscriber get a win right away. Here are some ideas:

    The thank you page for a freebie is best used not only to point them to their inbox for the download but also to take action. If we can keep them in our sphere a little bit longer, it can really impact the trajectory of the relationship.

    Invite them to join your Facebook group if you have one!
    Embed a YouTube video that compliments the freebie right here
    Share your social media links and encourage them to follow you or share your freebie with their friends/network
    Share a testimonial
    Host a giveaway

    The longer that we keep them on our site and tuned in to that feeling of excitement, the more likely they are going to keep coming back to us to progress with their studies. It's as simple as that.

    In the best case, the thank you page from a freebie can immediately turn into a financial transaction -- it’s Thank you and Congratulations AND… something else :)

    “That is awesome that you signed up for my freebie! Now before you even jump off of your browser and go and look at the freebie, here's something else that I am giving you...!”

    There is a special kind of freebie that I want to call out real quick… virtual summits. They are completely free to attend and the thank you page after signing up for the free event is a sales page for the All Access Pass. It’s a rather long sales page most of the time, but with your freebies, it doesn’t have to.

    Now, if you head to https://techofbusiness.com/onlineproduct/ which is the freebie on my site, you’ll see that I offer a low-cost brainstorm session on the freebie thank you page. Instead of just downloading my freebie, I'm also giving you the opportunity to make an immediate connection with me.

    You could do something similar- maybe on your freebie thank you page, you could have them sign up for a mini-course which essentially is a guided tour through the freebie. You don't even have to charge a lot of money, it’s the process of going from lead to paying student that we are working towards here.

    On that thank you page, you've got plenty of real estate to be able to offer something else! And it’s going to set you apart from other teachers.

    The sooner in our pipeline that we have someone make a purchase with us, the greater potential that they will continue to make purchases from us.

    Now for the thank you page from purchases, what can we do here?

    We want to make sure that people feel validated by what they see after they complete the transaction. We want them to feel excited about the purchase that they have just made.

    A great thing to do- give new students a way to share their newest purchase on social media- whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter or via ema

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

So helpful and insightful! ,

Helpful and Supportive for Teaching Artists

I really appreciate how supportive Jamie is of artists who teach. I have learned some helpful tools and tips through this podcast and her encouraging words often speak to just what I am feeling.

Trina K K ,

The Podcast

Hi Jaime! I love your podcast. ❤️ You give great insight and useful tips. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have decided to niche down as a tech va and you are incredible to learn from. Thanks for a great podcast!!

C Gromer ,

Tech genius!!

Tech is involved in almost everything we do. If tech is not your sweet spot, this podcast breaks the strategy of your tech into digestible nuggets! It’s helping me with my fear and confusion on all the platforms out there.

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