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Expand Online is a podcast for hands-on business owners to discover and implement supplementary and replacement income through online products. Tune in weekly for trainings, musings and interviews.

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Expand Online is a podcast for hands-on business owners to discover and implement supplementary and replacement income through online products. Tune in weekly for trainings, musings and interviews.

    Young Kids in your Online Studio - embracing the family

    Young Kids in your Online Studio - embracing the family

    In this episode, I share how to engage with the parents of your young students and why this is so important to their success with your online programs.
    We want to build bonds with our students and their parents for the benefit of progress and continuity. This starts with your website and goes through the registration process. It continues with effective and succinct communication throughout the program and forming a partnership with the parents.
    Online is different than in person. Group programs are different than one-on-one. But neither is better, just different.
    I encourage you to embrace a new culture as you expand online!
    Book a call --> http://callwithjaime.com

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    Adult Student Success with your Group Programs

    Adult Student Success with your Group Programs

    Adult learners come to the arts for a variety of reasons - realizing a lifelong dream, finding a new hobby, reconnecting to something they previously enjoyed and advancing their skills, among many.
    Unlike children, adults have a plethora of responsibilities outside of our online programs. They work, have families and are responsible for household tasks. The best online group programs fit into this chaotic lifestyle, because of their flexibility and clear expectations.
    In this episode, we go into a few strategies to help you set your adult learners up for success, including using gamification which we discussed in Episode 155 and using email or text automations.
    With group programs, we want to make our students comfortable becoming part of the group and feel included in the group through interaction, engagement and office hours/live virtual sessions.
    You are not responsible for your students success, you are responsible for setting them up for the best chance for success.
    I encourage you to look at the culture of your studio and create an environment rich with encouragement and motivation. This will take your students a long way!
    As always, I'm happy to discuss this or anything else going on with your online studio and programs. Simply go to http://callwithjaime.com or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook.

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    A Success Matrix for your Online Studio

    A Success Matrix for your Online Studio

    How do you measure the success of your online efforts? It is through facts and figures, feelings and emotions, income and impact or some combination of these?
    I believe that every single one of us is going to feel successful when there is a combination of what we can feel and what w can measure.
    Everything that we do in our businesses will fall into one of four quadrants in the Success Matrix for Online Studios... These quadrants are:
    Top Left: Not Measurable. Does not Evoke Feeling. Top Right: Measurable. Does not Evoke Feeling. Bottom Left: Not Measurable. Evokes Feelings. Bottom Right: Measurable. Evokes Feelings. For one studio, the act of receiving testimonials may be in the top right quadrant, it's a number but it doesn't make your heart sing whereas another studio may live for testimonials and doesn't actually measure how many come in!
    Your success matrix is YOURS. Nobody needs to define it for you, but your staff needs to understand what it means to be successful.
    Defining success is a step towards achieving it - if we don't know what we're striving for, success is going to be elusive. We'll think that we have it, only to turn around and realize that this "success" doesn't afford us what we desire.
    I love bringing these episodes to you each week. And I love all the amazing conversations I'm having with listeners like you -- want to chat? http://callwithjaime.com 
    And with that, create your success matrix and do something that will help your studio thrive online this year and well into the future!

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    The perfect students for your online studio

    The perfect students for your online studio

    There is one major difference between online and offline studios -- where students can and do come from. Offline, they come based on proximity and reputation whereas online, they come based on reputation and niche.
    With online studios, generalists don't win - specialists do. But how do we know what we're specializing in and who our perfect students are?
    Start by taking a closer look at the students you have most enjoyed working with and understand more about their drive and spirit. That's not enough though, the truth is, it's about introspection too -- we need to look at ourselves and make sure that we are creating a studio in line with our values, beliefs and passions.
    The awesome thing about online studios is that you can specialize in ways that are just not possible in the brick and mortar space... so who are your perfect students? What do they care about? What do they value? How do they learn? Why are they signing up for your programs?
    I would be happy to connect with you on this -- book a free call http://callwithjaime.com or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.

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    A website gut check

    A website gut check

    Want an unbiased opinion of how your website feels to a visitor? For the first 5 people to send me a message on Instagram --> https://www.instagram.com/jaimeslutzky/ I'll do exactly that, take a video as I visit your website for the first time.
    In this episode, we discuss the four most foundational pages of your website, why they are there and how you can make sure that they are doing their job! They are:
    Contact About Services Home Your website needs to help your visitors go from *thinking about* to *taking action* and give them an easy way to become a client/student/customer :)
    Questions, message me on Facebook or Instagram and of course you can book a http://callwithjaime.com anytime!

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    Making It Fun

    Making It Fun

    Whether you teach kids or adults, gamification is a great tool to bring into your online programs.
    Gamification is the concept where we encourage students to learn and apply what they learn to earn rewards. The two most popular forms of gamification with online programs are "B-I-N-G-O" style and points.
    For "B-I-N-G-O" students work to complete 24 or 25 tasks that pertain to applying the knowledge they learn in the program, or tangential/fun tasks.
    And for the points system, it's all about the PRIZE BOX at the end... prizes can vary from digital stickers and social media shout outs to physical trinkets and gift cards and books.
    For kids, I often suggest a collective reward, so that they can develop community and all be working towards the same objective rather than it being a competition.
    Have fun with gamification -- it can turn first time students into lifelong students and friends.
    Want to talk gamification or your online program? Book a call at http://callwithjaime.com

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4.7 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

So helpful and insightful! ,

Helpful and Supportive for Teaching Artists

I really appreciate how supportive Jamie is of artists who teach. I have learned some helpful tools and tips through this podcast and her encouraging words often speak to just what I am feeling.

Trina K K ,

The Podcast

Hi Jaime! I love your podcast. ❤️ You give great insight and useful tips. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have decided to niche down as a tech va and you are incredible to learn from. Thanks for a great podcast!!

C Gromer ,

Tech genius!!

Tech is involved in almost everything we do. If tech is not your sweet spot, this podcast breaks the strategy of your tech into digestible nuggets! It’s helping me with my fear and confusion on all the platforms out there.

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