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Expat experiences, information and advice for anyone moving or living abroad. Visit Expat Focus at expatfocus.com for more.

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Expat experiences, information and advice for anyone moving or living abroad. Visit Expat Focus at expatfocus.com for more.

    Expat Life In Croatia

    Expat Life In Croatia

    When American Sara Dyson moved to Croatia in 2012, she couldn’t find any local resources in English to help her. So as she figured things out - like residency and healthcare, Croatian culture and learning the language, she posted about it on her website, expatincroatia.com, to help other foreigners. Close to a decade later, Expat in Croatia is a full-blown business, and Sara is about to become a Croatian citizen.
    In this interview, we talk about why Sara moved to Croatia, the ‘one giant grey area’ that is local bureaucracy and how to work through it, and what she loves about the Croatian way of life.

    • 44 min
    Living And Working In Rwanda

    Living And Working In Rwanda

    The continent of Africa is our destination today. We’re going to be talking about living and working in Rwanda with Italian expat, Giulia, who decided to take a leap away from her life in Europe to follow a job opportunity.
    Giulia talks about her first impressions of the city of Kigali, and why it’s known as the ‘Switzerland’ of Africa. We also talk safety, work opportunities and local workplace culture, Giulia’s experience with the health care system, choosing to ‘not’ learn the local language, ordering warm beer, and the personal growth that happens when you leave your comfort zone.

    • 44 min
    Finding A Better Work-Life Balance In Berlin

    Finding A Better Work-Life Balance In Berlin

    Have you ever visited a city in a foreign country, and just felt immediately at home? That was Laurel Wright’s experience whilst on a solo European holiday from the USA. Wanting to escape the hustle culture of LA, she decided to pack up her life, and move to Berlin.

    We recorded this chat a couple of months back, and talk about what Berlin is like in the summer, how she found a job and navigated German bureaucracy, freelancing in Berlin, workplace culture and making friends with locals. Laurel also explains the ways in which her quality of life - and perspective - has changed for the better since her move abroad.

    • 52 min
    The Realities Of Life In Rural France

    The Realities Of Life In Rural France

    Do you have your eye on a rundown old property in the French countryside? Are you planning to leave your big city life behind for a simpler one? Do you really know what to expect? Best-selling Author and Editor Janine Marsh gave up her city life in London and made the move to a neglected farmhouse in Northern France more than a decade ago.
    Find out what attracted her and husband Mark to the Seven Valleys, the creature comforts they had to leave behind in the big smoke, what they’ve learnt in their many years of renovating their home and trying to be self-sufficient, and the point at which they truly started feeling like locals.

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    An American Girl In Italy

    An American Girl In Italy

    Today’s guest is an accidental social media influencer. American, Kacie Rose Burns has amassed a community of over one million people across TikTok and Instagram. And it all started with a little video she posted on her way to her new life in Italy. When I told a friend I was going to interview Kacie, she said “I just want to meet her in Italy and eat gelato together.” And that’s exactly the vibe you get watching Kacie’s social media videos.
    We chat about what led her to leave her career in New York and move to Florence, Italian culture and food, including what you should never do to pasta, and some of the opportunities that have come her way thanks to her social media fame.

    • 45 min
    Living And Thriving As A Black Woman In Spain

    Living And Thriving As A Black Woman In Spain

    Joining me today is award-winning podcaster and Business Strategist, Christine Job. She has spent the past five years living in Valencia in Spain, and her podcast, Flourish in the Foreign, celebrates the voices and stories of black women, and women of colour, who are - just like her - living and thriving internationally.
    We talk about Christine’s own journey abroad, passport privilege, and how her experiences differ as a woman of colour in a foreign country. Christine also discusses how life in Spain has healed her, and helped her to become the person that she is today.

    • 53 min

Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

220volt1974 ,

Great content that is ruined with audio quality

The content is great but the uneven sound volume make it barely listenable. The host's sound level is always much higher than that of the guest so I find myself constantly fidgeting with the volume knob going up and down trying not to destroy my hearings. Not good while driving.
So if I could make any constructive criticism would be to invest in better editing, mic placement, and volume leveling software. Uneven sound levels are one of the biggest podcast killers.

Crich2010 ,

Overall delightful, only small critiques

I have thoroughly enjoyed about 5 or 6 episodes so far over the past 2 days. Some of the older ones have volume discrepancies between the speakers, which can be a little annoying. Most of them have been great & relatively natural interview type conversations. Some feel a little too short, as it seems difficult to really explain all of the aspects of certain parts of moving or living in another country without rambling, but the grittty details are some of my favorite parts. I usually come away with more questions that I started, so this podcast can be a great instigator to spur deeper investigations into a variety of topics.

dbertram1 ,

Living Abroad 101

This podcast has is crammed with a wealth of information pertaining to an expat experience. If you are even slightly considering a life abroad, then this is the podcast for you. My only wish for this podcast would be to have a higher frequency of episodes. 1-2 episodes per month just isn’t enough for me! :)

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