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Thought-provoking talks on Philippine food history, traditions and culture from the diaspora looking in.

Exploring Filipino Kitchens Nastasha Alli

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Thought-provoking talks on Philippine food history, traditions and culture from the diaspora looking in.

    EP 29: Dispatch: Stories from Toronto

    EP 29: Dispatch: Stories from Toronto

    05:25 Food as a cultural marker
    10:10 An introduction to land acknowledgements
    11:55 "How a new generation is bringing Filipino flavours to Toronto"
    18:55 Regional cuisine and the Kusinera pop-up
    22:50 A city of neighbourhoods
    26:00 On festivals and community spaces
    30:20 A world in Nations and pandemic cooking
    34:15 Rural Ontario in the 60s
    40:55 Trips to the Philippines
    45:00 On artistry and hospitality
    50:00 We're not "just" having Filipino food
    56:20 Jollibees of Toronto
    58:55 Touring at local festivals
    1:04:15 Betamax on Instagram Live
    1:07:00 Delectable desserts (and their makers)
    1:11:30 On immigrant support networks
    1:13:30 Dad's backyard lechon and camping trips
    1:15:00 Making kinilaw
    1:20:15 Hamilton in the 90s
    1:22:40 On TOYO and the Philippine restaurant scene

    • 1 hr 28 min
    A Few Updates

    A Few Updates

    Show notes
    01:30 Why I started telling stories
    03:40 Working at the Culinary Tourism Alliance
    06:35 Talking Doreen's "Tikim" with Filipino Food Crawl x VICE
    08:50 Joining the Pinoys on Parliament conference
    10:20 I'm published in a literary anthology!

    • 13 min
    For the Love of Panaderia and Philippine Bakery Traditions

    For the Love of Panaderia and Philippine Bakery Traditions

    Show notes
    01:50 A snapshot of Philippine foodways
    04:45 Meet Amy and Jenny
    08:00 How the book started
    11:00 The neighbourhood bakery
    13:50 When hot pan de sal arrived
    16:50 90s pan de Manila
    19:30 An anthropological approach
    20:45 Field work: pugon
    22:30 "May kilala ka ba?" Do you know anyone?
    24:05 Categorizing and identifying breads
    25:30 How the project expanded
    27:50 Why it made me think about relationships
    31:10 More than just a travelogue
    35:00 Ensaymadas of Pampanga
    37:00 Maestro panadero's measurements
    39:35 Laoag's biscocho pasukin, two ways
    44:00 Batangas highway bonete
    48:00 At the heart of pasalubong culture
    49:30 Biscuits of Quezon, Cebu, Iloilo and Baguio
    53:30 A visit to El Ideal in Silay, Negros
    56:10 Does it have be something we grow up with...in order to survive?
    1:02:30 Ube cheese pan de sal: a historical marker
    1:06:10 Birthday mocha cakes and unfrosted chiffon with orange soda
    1:13:20 Meet Amelia
    1:16:10 A visit to TOYO Eatery's panaderia
    1:18:45 Making sourdough pan de sal at home
    1:21:25 Meet Tina
    1:24:40 Making over 200 ensaymadas
    1:26:20 All about enriched dough
    1:33:05 Maria's classic pan de coco

    • 1 hr 35 min
    On The Antiquity of the Ifugao Rice Terraces with Stephen Acabado

    On The Antiquity of the Ifugao Rice Terraces with Stephen Acabado

    Show notes
    01:15 The kinds of truths that set you free
    05:45 About Stephen
    07:20 Products of the Philippine educational system
    10:35 Change entails unlearning
    11:20 On Beyer's "Waves of Migration" theory
    14:15 A need to think critically
    15:00 2,000 year dating is not based on any scientific data
    18:15 (The perils of) clinging to romanticism
    20:05 On the centrality of rice
    23:45 Terracing is part of a larger system
    26:10 Perspectives on "kaingin" in farming
    28:40 Implications of the long history model
    30:40 Epics of the Philippines: "Hudhud"
    33:50 Taro was here
    35:40 Rice came with the Spanish
    38:45 Not much supports "Out of Taiwan" theory either
    39:55 Archaeology tests hypotheses
    41:35 Starting the Ifugao Archaeological Project
    42:10 The Old Kiyyangan Village
    44:10 Terraces are BUILT UP, not dug down
    47:20 Cross-section of a terraced field
    49:05 90 years by 5 people: Energetics study
    50:25 On terracing irrigation systems
    53:00 A typical day of excavating artifacts
    58:05 How old is this residue?
    01:02:20 "Identity is now"
    01:04:50 On local reactions
    01:06:05 How do we empower the Ifugao community?
    01:07:45 Rice, not isolation, prevented Spanish conquest
    01:10:55 An indigenous education centre at today’s Kiangan
    01:12:10 Takeaways
    01:13:50 Future projects

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Writing the Philippine Food, Cooking and Dining Dictionary with Edgie Polistico

    Writing the Philippine Food, Cooking and Dining Dictionary with Edgie Polistico

    Show notes

    01:40 87 entries on adobo
    06:25 Growing up in Leyte
    07:55 Edgie's high school
    10:00 On English instruction and summer vacations
    12:40 His first Cebuano-English dictionary
    14:50 An "accidental lexicographer"
    16:30 Moving to Tacloban
    18:50 Starting with source code
    20:15 Edgie's digital dictionary, circa 1995
    21:25 "It wasn't the time"
    22:10 On food and migration patterns
    24:00 "Why not promote our food?"
    25:50 What would it take to keep millions now home from COVID-19?
    28:55 Edgie's digital dictionary, circa 2008
    29:45 Trailing writers, libraries, markets
    31:30 Embracing our inherent diversity
    33:40 "We are regionalized"
    34:15 From the highlands, coasts and plains of Luzon
    36:00 Eastern and western Visayas
    36:40 Tawi-tawi as a microcosm
    40:45 Why Edgie goes to markets
    41:30 What it takes to make a dictionary
    44:15 Using ethnographic research
    45:45 On verbal vs. written names
    47:55 Pastil and Maranao cuisine
    49:30 Culinary homonyms: patis, adobado, aratiles
    51:55 "We are of different languages"
    52:40 Finding our value/s
    56:55 "What's been lost is still here"

    On Finding Voices That Speak To You

    On Finding Voices That Speak To You

    Show notes

    3:30 On a very tumbled feeling
    08:30 Seeing myself in a mirror
    11:25 Finding voices that speak to you
    13:20 Tiffany on stories that bridge a gap
    14:55 On representation
    16:00 Finding Cora
    16:35 Nathalie on starting Pilipinxpages
    17:20 Growing up in Vancouver
    18:10 Reading Elaine Castillo
    22:25 "Do Filipino kids see themselves as superheroes?"
    25:20 Restoring voices lost, through literature
    26:00 Joining Podcast.PH
    26:50 Meet Mike and Ham from Please Pause Podcast
    28:35 Hang out with Jeff and Rhea from Coffee Na Lang Dear
    32:05 Trivia with Carl from The Banyo Podcast Reflushed
    33:20 Talking sustainability with CK and Jones from Sustainarumble
    36:15 Chilling with Joal from Buhay Banda Diaries
    39:30 What I'm committing to

    • 41 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Betty Ann Quirino ,

Exploring Filipino Kitchens

Great podcast episodes on Philippine cooking, Filipino culture, stories & our people. The host, Nastasha is a wonderful storyteller and can bring out the best from those she interviewed. Worth subscribing!

APTlynamed ,

Will there be a Season 2? Please do a Season 2!

This is such a great podcast! I am going to re-listen to Season 1. I hope there will be more episodes.

congratulationjackiechan ,

Hidden Gem of a Podcast!

I'm so glad to have found this podcast. Just listened to the second episode and I'm hooked. The stories are personal, but well balanced with other sources to make it informative. The descriptions of the dishes made my mouth water, even the ones I've never tried before.

Did noticed that there's some gaps in the second episode full of dead air. Seems like there's supposed to be snippets from the trip to the Philippines, but I don't hear anything. Besides that minor flaw, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next episode. Thanks!

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