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Profiling ordinary people living EXTRAordinary lives. I search out people I admire that have chosen a different path to live a more compelling life. I’m your host Nate G and it is my mission to share stories and experiences that make each of us, EXTRAordinary.

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Profiling ordinary people living EXTRAordinary lives. I search out people I admire that have chosen a different path to live a more compelling life. I’m your host Nate G and it is my mission to share stories and experiences that make each of us, EXTRAordinary.

    Preparing for Adventure with Trenter Bugg

    Preparing for Adventure with Trenter Bugg

    If you follow him on social media, you know him as Trenter Bugg.  But if you roll with any group in Atlanta, you will inevitably meet Parker.  Regardless of what you call him or what you know of him, once you meet him you will never forget him.  Another force of nature to be featured on this show, Parker goes harder than anyone I know. 
    Struggling with ADHD as a kid and still managing it to this day, you can kind of understand where his energy level comes from.  How he learned to channel both through his gift of skating is a fascinating story.  Struggling with so many of the issues we all did growing up, Parker took some time to balance his lifestyle.  It wasn’t easy and he is still working through the process.  But in that process, he has accomplished some insane feats in the world on in-line skating.  And he has used his ADHD to his advantage modifying and designing skates and accessories that will allow him to go faster, harder, and longer.
    I first met Parker getting ready for A2A which was a daunting feat, in itself.  He took me (like so many others) under his wing and showed me the tips and techniques on how to survive the 87-mile grind.  And as you will soon hear, that is ultimately his most admirable quality despite all his crazy accomplishments.   Parker has been able to turn his challenges into assets, and he is always prepared for adventure, as long as his friends are down for the ride.  Buckle up and strap in for my wild ride with Parker aka Trenter Bugg.
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    World Domination with DC Gomez

    World Domination with DC Gomez

    At the Extraordinary podcast, we have been blessed to have some amazing guests.  We have had a few authors with new books and amazing stories to tell.  But DC Gomez is a different breed.  Yes, she is an accomplished author, writing everything from novels to children’s books, to devotionals, but it’s her infectious energy that makes her stand out.  After our conversation, Hurricane Gomez seemed like a more fitting title.  Now she hosts a podcast and Facebook live feed every week where you can feel that energy firsthand. 
    DC brought that energy to our interview, and I noticed immediately.  It was so uplifting.  I even found myself smiling when I listened back to edit.  She grew up in the Dominican Republic and immigrating to the United States with her family as a teen.  Going from a tropical paradise to Salem, Mass was a shock in many ways, but it gave her this perspective on life that is so refreshing.  Learning all about service from her family, DC has found the answers to a happy life that so many of us are seeking.  And it is obvious when you hear her speak.  Her morning habit of being fearless at 5 am, has had some impressive results as well.  This amazon influencer is pumping out literature and providing service through groups like the Rotary Foundation.  Hear how she does it all and pulls in others along the way in my incredible conversation with Sil aka DC Gomez.
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    The War of Resistance with Steven Pressfield

    The War of Resistance with Steven Pressfield

    Resistance.  Resistance is the War every artist must face.  Resistance is the War we all face.  It is the battle that must be won to achieve success.  Overcoming resistance is what turns the amateur into the professional.  Resistance takes many forms and fashions its way into our weaknesses.  It knows exactly how to stop you.  It knows just how to make sure you fail.  Give up.  Miserable and alone.  Resistance is what keeps most people from ever realizing their full potential.
    Steven Pressfield spent the first part of his life losing that war to Resistance.  Failing all along the way.  Lost, aimless and hopeless at times, Resistance had his number.  The amount of pain and suffering he endured; I find unfathomable.  Why and how he was able to persevere through rejection after rejection is something I can’t understand.  But endure he did.  And in the end not only did achieve his goal of becoming a distinguished author and novelist, but he also wrote the War of Art.  His first non-fiction work was published specifically for authors and artists.   This bible for creatives has gone on to influence and shape some of the greatest writers alive today.  The impact of this and the follow-ups like “Do The Work” and “Turning Pro” have become gospels to those looking to realize their dreams and ambitions.  While he directly appeals to the artist and more specifically the writer, the message and process for overcoming resistance apply to anyone with a vision or mission.  The principles all work. 
    Along with his influential nonfiction, Steven’s novels also dive into a code of values through the spartan principles of ancient times.  These stories encapsulate the warrior ethos while giving great perspectives into the lives of those who endured resistance centuries ago.  The most recent novel “A Man at Arms” does a magnificent job of this.  After reading all that these ancient people had to go through, you realize the resistance and challenges we face now may not be so bad.  And maybe that’s really the point.  Perspective.  Perspective makes any resistance manageable.  Something that can be overcome.  A war that can be won.  And Steven Pressfield shows us the way.  Learn how with the man at arms, a warrior artist, Mr. Steven Pressfield.

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    Wise Words From Andrew Weiss

    Wise Words From Andrew Weiss

     Conferences and trade show events were the mainstays for virtually every major industry from cars and computers to comics and cosplay.  These expos brought together like-minded enthusiasts and curious fans to one place to connect, network, and share the latest and greatest.  I have repeatedly talked about Podfest and the impact that podcasting conference has had on this show as a perfect example. 
    But right as that event was concluding, Covid came along and changed everything.  It literally shut down that industry among several others.  My brother-in-law was one of many whose job vanished overnight.  Those in the networking space had to look to the virtual space as the new platform for connecting everyone.  Despite the lack of personal connection, the virtual conference was the only option at least for a while.  Thankfully that tide has turned and in-person events are officially back.  But those that navigated that digital trial are now poised to excel in this new hybrid environment.
    Andrew Weiss is the perfect example of that.  Leaping on board as one of the Emcees for Podfest Global Summit, he had no idea the challenges he would face as Covid arrived simultaneously.  Thinking he would be spending his time on stage, he found himself on camera.  Andrew and the Podfest team had to pivot in ways they never expected.  Hosting multiple world-record-setting events, Andrew, Chris, and their team, did what almost no one else was able to do, not just survive, but thrive.  Hear how he came on the scene and learned invaluable wisdom along the way.  Here are Some wise words from Andrew Weiss. 

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    Inspiring My Audience with Justin Schenck

    Inspiring My Audience with Justin Schenck

    How do you create a movement?  How do you change the world? For starters, you have to inspire your audience. If you can inspire people, you can motivate them in a new direction. A better path. While inspiration is not sustainable, it can be the spark to initiate growth.  It can be the moment that changes someone’s life. 
    But what inspires people? That answer is different for different types of people.  So, the only way to find out what inspires them is the try, try, and try again.  Keep trying. And through the process of figuring out what doesn’t work, we begin to find out what does work. 
    That has been Justin Schenck’s philosophy and key to his success.  His Growth Now Movement Podcast has inspired just that…  a movement.  It has been recognized as one of the top podcasts for entrepreneurs.  Justin interviews some of the most fascinating and successful people in the world.  He is and does what I aspire to be.  Just an ordinary guy growing up in the middle of Pennsylvania, Justin now lives an extraordinary life bouncing around the country.  He has created a live event, a mastermind, and a virtual group of the best and the brightest in their industries.  His guests are the best at what they do.  From Ed Mylett to Bert Kreischer, Hear how he connects, coaches, and counsels some extraordinary people. He’s been kind enough to come to inspire my audience, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Justin Schenck.   

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    Cultured Conversation with Jamison Smallwood

    Cultured Conversation with Jamison Smallwood

    What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light.  How we spend those twilight hours, determines our destiny.  All the practice we put in when no one is watching.  All those early mornings when everyone else is sleeping.  All those late-night hours staring at a screen.  Those efforts pay off in the long run.  While everyone else is watching Netflix, you are realizing your dreams. This podcast started and continues in that same fashion.  Recording interviews after the kids are in bed.  Early morning editing and mixing to make a deadline before exercise or starting the workday.  If you want to be extraordinary, you have to make the time. 
    Jamison Smallwood has been making the time for his podcast Culture and Conversations for a minute now.  While a successful software engineer by day, Jamison put in the time and effort to build a podcast and a production platform that poised him for success when Covid hit.  While it hurt his traditional job, it created a whole new set of opportunities as his church and so many others went digital.  Jamison’s love of the gospel and gift of communication gave him a new, more rewarding calling to compliment his career.  Sharing the word, his passion for good food, and a low country lifestyle we can all appreciate, Jamison is a joy to your ears.  Learn how to make fish and grits, bring together a community, and plate your food from the pride of south Georgia.  Or learn to Art of Podcasting from this Georgia Southern alum.  Hear my conversation with Jamison Smallwood.
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4.9 out of 5
64 Ratings

64 Ratings

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Great podcast

Really enjoy this one. Nate is fun interviewer with interesting guests. Definitely worth the listen.

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Ehh ok

Ash81409 ,

Great attitude!

Nate has a great personality and attitude! The people he talks to in his podcasts are amazing! Definitely a need to listen to podcast!!! Check it out!!!!

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